cheating wife 2

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My wife is in her 40’s but she is in great shape. She works out all the time, eats right and takes very good care of herself. Many people say she looks like Heather Locklear except my wife; Sally has a much nicer ass.

After I allowed her to have sex with a co-worker she has been coming home from work an hour or so late, a couple times a week. It very obvious that she is still fucking this guy; his name is Matt. Matt is in his mid-twenties, he is about 6’2” very handsome and very muscular.

My wife admitted to me that she has a crush on him. Since I was the one that allowed her to screw this guy I have to take some responsibility for what is happening. But I cannot take it any longer and I decided to confront Sally about this and tell her to break it off with Matt.

I heard her car pull into the garage about 4:10. This is the normal time she gets home from work so I know she didn’t get laid today. When she came in I seen she was upset. I said “what’s wrong?”
Sally said “Matt has a new girlfriend. She is about his age and beautiful. I know nothing was going to become of our relationship but it made me feel young and wanted. I felt like I was needed.”
I said “you are my wife and you have been acting like a fucking whore. I was going to tell you today its either him or me. I no longer want you fucking this guy. I’m sick of it.”

Sally said “then why didn’t you say something? I thought you didn’t care. I felt like you no longer wanted me, so you pretty much gave me away.”

She started to cry. I walked over to her and hugged her and kissed her lips. I told her I loved her.

She told me she loved me but had one request. She said “matt asked if we can get together one last time. But he wants you to join in and have a three way.”

I said “Sally I’m not bisexual and don’t want to stand next to this guy naked. It’s bad enough I watched you two fuck that time. He makes me feel like a little whimp because he is so much more man than i am in every şişli escort way.”

She said “he’s not bisexual either but he wants to you and him to screw me at the same time. To tell you the truth that really turns me on thinking about both of you fucking me.”

She started kissing my neck and rubbing my hard cock. I told her yes. But after this, she and Matt are all done. She agreed and was so grateful she got on her knees, pulled my zipper down, reached in grabbed my cock and sucked me off good. It only took a couple minutes before I exploded in her mouth.

She called Matt and set up our three way sex fest for the next night around 7:00 pm. I was nervous the whole day. I was worried about being naked in a room with my beautiful wife and this huge guy. I’m only 5”6” tall. I weigh about 150 and my cock is half the size as Matts. Matt is 6’2” and about 225. I’m going to look like a little boy next to him.

When he arrived Sally wasted no time she said “let’s go up to the bedroom boys and see what you guys got for mama.” She led the way while I followed her and Matt followed me

When we were all in the room she called me and Matt over and started rubbing both our dicks through our pants. Matt said let’s get naked and they both took off their clothes in seconds. I was just standing there very nervous. Sally said Tom take off your clothes. Don’t be shy

So I did. There I was with a limp tiny dick. Matt is standing there with his huge cock full erect and my wife’s had wrapped around it. Sally said “come here Tom me suck it so it’s hard and ready for mama”. Sally got on her knees and took my little cock in her mouth while she stroked Matts cock. To my surprise I got hard instantly.
She stood up facing me and kissed me then Matt, standing behind her pushed her forward to bend her over. When she did this she once again took my cock in her mouth. Matt took his cock in his hand and shoved it up her pussy. He began fucking her hard. She was taking my whole cock in her mouth. She couldn’t help it, every time Matt rammed her he sent her forward onto my cock.

I have to admit watching this stud fuck her and making her moan really turned me on. I was trying not to cum because I wanted to have my turn at her too.

Then I said lets switch. Sally turned around. Now I was fucking her pussy and Matt was fucking her mouth. My god this was such a turn on I thought I was going to explode. Matt Said” now I want us both to fuck her at the same time. You fuck her ass ill fuck her cunt. You ready for this Sally?” Sally said “I’m ready baby fuck me boys.”

Matt said “Tom you lay on your back and Sally you get on Tom face up. Let him get his dick up your ass first and when he is in the entire way ill shoving it up your cunt.” “Ok” Sally said.

I lay on my back; Sally straddled me with her back to me then lowered herself on my well-oiled cock. She grabbed my cock and guided it up her sweet ass. It took a few minutes before I could shove it all the way in. Her sweet ass is so tight. Finally it was all the way in ad she was squirming on me.

Matt said “now it’s my turn. Ready baby? “Yes I’m ready honey give it to me baby.” Matt got on her and guided his member in my wife. I could feel his dick going in her pussy. It was such a weird feeling as it was thrusting in and out of my wife’s cunt.

She took his huge cock in all at once. She was grunting asking him to go easy. But he was excited and so was I. I will admit I was fucking her as hard as I could too. Matt and I were banging my wife and she was saying she made a mistake she can’t take it to please stop. This must have really excited Matt because he was moaning so I can tell he was about to cum. He pulls out of my wife’s cunt and starts stroking his dick. Then all of a sudden he pulls my wife out of the way and cums on my chest.

I was furious. I pushed my wife off of me and jumped off the bed. I ran over to punch Matt in the mouth. But he blocked my punch and grabbed me by the neck. He was choking me so hard I started to black out. I could hear Sally yelling at him to leave me alone. Then all of a sudden he let me go and I fell on the floor. Sally slapped him across the face and called him an asshole.

When I started to regain my senses I said” Matt you are a sick fuck and I want you to leave my house. I’m going to shower this shit off me then when I come out I want you gone.”

I went in the bathroom that was in our bedroom. I got in the shower cleaned up. It took just a few minutes. When I got done I walked out and I see Matt mounted on my wife while she is lying on her stomach. Matt’s huge cock was up Sally’s tight ass. He was giving her a pounding like I never could.

He was fucking her hard and I can hear her muffled moans. He is fucking her faster and faster. His huge member pulling all the way out of my wife’s asshole and then ramming it in as deep as it can go. He begins to moan again. I can tell he is going to cum. Sally’s feet are pounding on the bed. Matt is fucking her so hare I can hear his pelvis slamming onto my wife’s ass cheeks. I hear her muffled screams as his hand is covering her mouth. I was in shock and excited at the same time.

Then Matt thrusts hard and deep in Sally. Spewing his hot cum deep in her rectum. Then they both lie still.

When he got off her he looks at me and says” thanks for stretching her ass out for me. I could never even get the head of my cock in that tight little hole before.”

I said “ok Matt leave we are all done here. No more. You come around here again ill shoot you.”

“No problem little guy. Bye Sally. See you at work.” Said Matt. Then he left.

Sally just laid there on her stomach with cum dripping out her asshole. I said “nothing to say you fucking whore?” She said “I think we are going to have to move. He just raped my ass. I couldn’t stop him he’s to strong. And he said he would be back and the next time he will fuck us both.”

“I think you are right; time to move.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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