Cheerleader vs. Lesbian Bully Pt. 01

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All characters are over the age of 18.

My name is Maryann Hughs and I’m the new transfer student at Glenwood High, which for me turned out to be a horrible night and day difference from my old school ‘North county farm’.

Back in Nebraska we only had a total of 205 students in my rural School and now I’m in a big Chicago inner city school that had over 4000 kids..

The first day at Glenwood high was a total disaster for me, after crying my eyes out Beth my young recently divorced mom told me to deal with it and try to fit in so I tried out for the schools cheerleader squad and to no surprise I was easily accepted, probably because of my long blonde hair and fresh innocent country girl look which made me stand out like a sore thumb from the other girls in school, who by the way weren’t anywhere as pretty as me.

I was pretty sure my sexy good looks was going to get me in trouble with some of the other girls who were obviously very jealous of my long toned legs especially this one African American girl named Natasha. She was nasty to everyone but she seemed to really have it in for me. Every chance she had she would deliberately bump into me in the hallways and then she would call me terrible names the istanbul travesti kind of curse words we would never use back in Nebraska.

When I complained to my mom she told me to try and make friends with her maybe offer to help her with some school work after all you are in some of her classes.

Help her with school I dreaded the idea of having to spend any time with her, beside being a nasty bully Natasha had terrible body odor but I have to admit that my mom was right the minute I offered to help her in Mr Johnson’s Math class her whole attitude towards me changed for the better, she couldnt wait to sit next to me during study period. Natasha would tell me how pretty I was, one time she put her rather meaty hand on my thigh just above my knee and then told me how smooth and silky my legs were. I was getting very uncomfortable with her hand still on my thigh and for some reason she starting licking her lips as she kept telling me how sexy I looked that’s when I thanked her for the compliments and then crossed my legs hoping she would get the hint and remove her hand but instead she kept her hand on my thigh and that’s when I felt her fingers go under the hem of my blue and white pleated cheer istanbul travestileri skirt.

It was like a bucket of ice cold water being dumped over my head as her fingers were now only inches away from my cotton panties. Of all days this was the one where my cheer panty was back home in the wash and I had to make do wearing my white bikini panties, after all the only thing the cheer squad was doing today was promoting Saturdays big game it wasn’t like I would be doing any splits on the football field.

I pushed Natashas hand off my thigh and told her in a gentle but firm tone that I don’t like being touched like that. Before I knew it her hand was back on my thigh trying to get it back under my cheer skirt so I used my left hand to smack her hard across her face.

That’s how I found myself sitting in Principle Howards office with Natasha. I tried to explain what happened but as I was about to break down in tears my Mom entered the office dressed in a short black skirt and a white satin blouse. Mr Howard couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, my mom Beth was only 34 because she had me when she was young and now she looked more like my older sister rather than my mother. Like me she had travesti istanbul long blonde hair but where I considered myself as the prettiest girl in school Beth was absolutely beautiful and when I saw the way Natasha was looking at her my blood began to boil and one thing led to another as we both were cursing at each other, that’s when that big black girl attacked me accusing me of flirting with her and leading her on.

I soon myself found myself on the floor having a catfight in Mr Howards office with me calling her a degenerate pervert and her calling me a cunt teasing bitch. My mom tried to separate us but found herself in a tangled mess on the floor with Natasha and myself all the while Principle Howard was enjoying himself as my moms short skirt rode up her legs exposing her white satin panties. Meanwhile fighting with Natasha wasn’t going well at all as she out weighed my mom and I by a good 35 pounds but unlike us who were both toned but still soft and she was all muscle just as it looked like that black bully was going to over power both of us Mr Howard stepped in and broke up the fight needless to say Natasha was expelled from school.

Later that day we were both back home my mom took off from work to make sure I was alright after having that embarrassing fight with that crude lesbian bully. As we were both having a good laugh about todays events the door bell rang. When my mom opened the door Natasha and her mother Tanya were standing there facing Beth and myself.

to be continued in

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