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“Wait, relax. You’re trying to do too much again. It’s okay; take your time.”

Megan tried to regain her senses. Her body settled and her vision cleared; she was suddenly sitting back on her heels, gasping. She blushed as his hand reached out slowly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. He stroked her cheek lovingly and Megan could feel his eyes on her, but she kept her gaze lowered; she was still shy and knew she’d lose composure if she met his dark eyes. He ran his thumb over her bottom lip, pulling it down slightly before his hand moved to the back of her neck and his thumb stroked gently. Her eyes fluttered closed and she took a deep breath, willing her nerves to disperse so she could relax and take her time.

“Don’t worry about your hand, don’t use it to stroke or anything. It’s there to hold it up. Focus on the head.”

She adjusted the cushion under her knees then slid her hands up his thighs. She reached into his lap with deft movements as delicate as the nighttime breeze and tightened her grip around the base of his shaft. The surrounding candles cast mysterious shadows across the walls that seemed to perform a ritual dance as she went along kissing his thighs.

She enjoyed the feeling of his skin under her lips; and her nerves grew as she made her way up the insides of his thighs. The sensual flames licked the air as she got closer and closer to his most sensitive area. He started breathing hard as the loud kisses and tingling sensation slowly crept up his thighs. The tip of her tongue laced out and tenderly swiped across his delicate crown jewels, darting them around like pinballs.

Megan worked her way up and down his sensitive manhood, teasing him with long, slow licks. Her breasts rubbed against his inner thighs and she savoured the jolts of electricity that sparked as her tightened peaks grazed his coarse, ticklish leg hair.

She licked her lips as she came face to face with almanbahis his swollen glans. She took a deep breath, and his thumb traced circles on the back of her neck. His other hand held hers reassuringly, as he always did whenever they made love.

She pressed her pursed lips against the tip. She kissed it repeatedly, massaging the pink head with tiny and delicate kisses. Her moist kisses increased in passion until she was licking and sucking at the head of his cock and he was shivering in pleasure. Pushing forward, she engulfed his head, opening her mouth slightly to slide his shaft past her lips and tongue.

The feeling of him in her mouth was delightful. He was rigid but soft-skinned, and she was instantly intoxicated with him, swirling her tongue around his fullness and groaning in pleasure as his smooth, firm shaft filled her mouth. She parted her lips further to take him deeper into her warm, wet mouth and his head fell back as he let out a grateful sigh.

Her mouth clamped down on his expanding member, and she pulled back then slid forward again, taking him deeper and letting the tip of his cock bump slightly against the back of her throat. She gagged a little and her mouth welled with spit.

Just as she started to swallow him down and pull him deeper into her throat, she felt his hand stroke her head and neck, soothing her, and she realised that she was doing it again. He swiped over her knuckles with his other hand and moaned, not in arousal, to calm her; a wordless note to take her time.

His warm, deep reverberations were soothing, and as he comforted and reassured her, she calmed down. Megan took a deep breath and slowly, patiently returned to the length of his long shaft. Her lips blazed across him lightly, leaving erotic embers searing on his sensitive skin in their wake.


His hand trembled.


His grip at the back of her head tightened, almanbahis giriş and Megan felt the sexual dominance flowing through her veins as he called out.


His breathing grew erratic, his hips started to buck as she swirled the tip of her tongue wildly around the underside of the head, flicking back and forth across his sensitive slit. He clenched his ass and grunted an erotic chant in response.

She pulled back with a wicked grin, taking a firm hold on the base of his cock. She stuck her tongue out and held it still, using her right hand to smack and roll his dick all over it. As it landed across her tongue, she felt the heavy weight of his manhood.

His cock jumped in her hand and a thrill shot through her, encouraging her to redouble her efforts. He brushed his hand against her cheek and she looked up to meet his eyes, finding them glazed with his thick arousal. Megan’s breath caught in her chest at his lustful glare and she found herself blushing; a rush of womanly pride swelled inside her, and she wanted to make him cum more than she wanted her next breath.

She engulfed her lips around him, using her tongue to press him against the roof of her mouth, and sucked. Hard. Her mouth tightened around the base of his organ and created an unbreakable suction seal that made him shudder as her lips slid over the sensitive rim of the head.

The thrill of pleasing a man ran hot in her veins as she saw his thighs and abs tense involuntarily. She could feel the heat between her legs going up a notch, reflecting how much she liked it as she continued to push and pull her soft lips around his head, bathing him in the wetness of her mouth.

His fingers gripped her hair so tight that she was afraid he might pull it out, but she ignored the thought and focused on the exotic, muscular man moaning below her.

His shaft was throbbing now; she could feel it shaking. Her lush almanbahis yeni giriş lips peeled into a wicked smile, and excitement careened through her as she visualised the hot white cum building up, getting ready to squirt hard.

Megan strokes her hand, slick with spit, up and down his member, locking it to her mouth. Naturally, her head began bobbing up and down on the head of his cock; she was in sync with her stroking hands on shaft. She could taste his essence leaking from the tip and she wanted to smile, but her mouth was full.

She can feel his pulse skyrocket directly through the sensitive nerves connecting his dick to his heart.

“Don’t stop,” he rasps out, and she rewards him with faster, tighter stroking and sucking. His body started shaking like he was in the midst of an exorcism. His head tossed violently; his chest was heaving off the bed. A wave of off-brand pride swept over and wrapped around her as every muscle and vein in his neck stood out threateningly, and he gripped the sheets for dear life.

Megan refused to let up. She released her hand from his cock and used both to coax the climax out of him, continuing at a maddening pace. As if connected, she could see the tingling signals travel from his brain through his rolling eyes, down his strained neck to his heaving chest, past his clenching abdomen, and finally to the base of his cock where it hit like an explosion.

The ferocity of it was intoxicating. Powerful.Possessing. It permeated the thick air and overtook her; seized her. Freed her.

She instinctively flattened her tongue as he expelled a steady stream of cum into her mouth. The first spurt hit the roof of her mouth, but soon her tongue was swimming in it. Her slender fingers were still wrapped tight around his shaft, slowly guiding the dregs of his orgasm out his tip.

Megan brings him down gently, swallowing the tongueful of semen, enjoying his salty, earthy taste. It reminded her of the rainforest, so raw and uninhibited. She leans down and places a little kiss on the slit then looks up at him,

“Like that?” She asks cutely. His eyes were flashing with heat and bewilderment.

“Y– Yes…” he swallowed. “Like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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