Coach Uses Daughter to “Help” Team

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“Daddy, do I really have to do this? It’s embarrassing,” Alexis whined, clenching her fists.

Alexis’ father, coach Kelly, patted the training table, “You do, little girl. Hop on up here. You may be eighteen but until you move out, until you graduate high school, you’re going to do as I say.”

Coach Kelly wore a red hat and a gray shirt that said “Predator Proud” across the chest in big red letters. He had a whistle around his neck and wore pleated khaki shorts. His tube socks were pulled up over his calves and his sneakers were double knotted. Even with all that it wasn’t him that had Alexis embarrassed. It was the football team, dirty and sweaty from a long practice, all standing around the trainer’s table staring at her.

“That’s it, Alexis. Hop on up and listen. The men are going to talk, now.” Her father petted Alexis’ head. She tried not looking in the eyes of all the guys in the locker room, but she focused on one of them. It was her twin brother, Ryan. She frowned at him and he shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok, gentleman,” the coach continued. “Let’s be honest. We had a shitty year last year.” Some of the players grumbled and groaned. “No, no, it’s true. Last year we sucked. For those of you seniors who were on the team, it was painful going 1 – 8. Especially knowing talent wise we were better than our opponents. We were better prepared. We worked hard. For some reason we didn’t have the confidence we needed to get over the goal line. The last thing I want to do is put more pressure on you guys, but I’ve been informed that this season I’m playing for my job.” This news was followed by more groans. “Now, now, it’s alright. We all need to be held accountable. You do, I do, our friends and classmates, the faculty, even our families all have a role to play on a winning team. So, we can either take that news and cry about it or we can stand up and fight! Are you boys criers?”

In unison the team shouted, “No!”

Kelly put his hand on his daughter’s thigh without looking at her. “Are we going to fight?”

The crowd yelled, “Yes!”

“I knew you boys had my back. I’d run through a brick wall for you, men.” Coach Kelly choked back tears and cleared his throat. Standing up straight he made a fist before raising it up towards the ceiling. “This season will be different. This season will be the greatest time of our lives. I’ll tell you right now, we’re going undefeated, 9 – 0, baby! Then we’re headed to the playoffs; then on to state!” The team clapped and cheered, no one louder than his son, Ryan. “We have the talent. We have the drive. There’s only one thing the other schools have that we don’t. I’ve given this a lot of thought, men. We have everything we need save one thing. What’s that we’re missing you ask? We’re missing pussy.”

All the football players furrowed their brows at one another. Coach Kelly continued. “Pussy, I tell you. It’s not your fault, men. We’re Palmetto Christian. That means all the girls in this school are little tight-cunted prudes. I’ve been to Southeast High. I’ve seen the whores at Bayshore. Those teams are getting three blow jobs a week, win or lose. Any of you men getting your cock sucked by these saving-myself-for-marriage-twats around here? I don’t think so.”

Coach walked over to the quarterback, eighteen-year-old Randal McDuffy. “Duffman. Duffinator. You’re dating that hot little thing, Amy Trout. Is she letting you get your dick wet?”

Randy looked down to the floor. “No, sir.”

Coach stomped his foot. “Of course she isn’t! Son of a bitch!”

Pointing at the starting defensive end, Duncan Williams, coach asked, “How about you, Dunk? Tell me that bitch Tiffany is letting you tap that ass.”

Shaking his head, the eighteen-year-old Duncan answered, “No, sir. I’ve been with her for eight months and so far, we’ve only done hand stuff.”

Kelly yanked his whistle off from around his neck and threw it across the room. “Hand stuff? Hand stuff! HAND STUFF! You’ve been with her for eight goddamn months (sorry, Lord) and all that bitch has let you do is hand stuff? No wonder I can’t field a winning team! Jimini H Christmas! All you boys are eighteen now! You’re men! You’re warriors! You can’t live off hand stuff!”

Coach flopped his hand around at his daughter, keeping his back turned to her. “Alexis, take off your panties.”

Despite the whole team watching the last thing she wanted was for her father to lose his job. She wanted her brother to get a football scholarship and go to college. So, she rolled up her school girl skirt and slid her panties down, letting them fall to the floor. All the boys watched her sitting there with her legs spread, her pussy in full view. It made her want to hide her face in her shirt. Until that day, no one had ever seen her naked before, at least not since she was a little girl. She had no idea this was what her father had in mind when he told her he needed some help with the team.

“I’m going to let you men in on a little secret.” Coach Kelly went on. “It’s Beylikdüzü Escort been true since the beginning of time. All. Women. Are. Whores,” he said wagging his finger at his players. “All women. In fact, in the entire history of mankind there’s only been one women who wasn’t a whore. That, of course, was the mother of baby Jesus herself, the Virgin Mary. All your mothers, all your teachers, your sisters, your aunts, even your old wrinkled up grandmothers are whores. My daughter’s a whore. Your girlfriends are whores. Trust me men. They want you to fuck them. Your problem is, none of you know how to turn a girl on. So, today you’re all going to learn. Ryan get your ass up here.”

Ryan double-timed up to his father. Standing next to him he stared at his sister’s young hairless pussy. It looked so smooth and tight. He licked his lips without realizing it.

“Son, I want you to walk up to your sister,” Coach said to Ryan. Then he looked over his shoulder at the rest of the team. “Men, gather round. Pay close attention to this. Coach Kelly isn’t only good at calling plays on Friday nights, you hear me?” Talking to his son again, he said softly “That’s it, boy. Get closer. Now, I know when you’re eighteen all your hormones are going crazy and you probably have a boner half the day. So, when you see a whore’s pussy your instinct is to start ramming your dick in it.” Looking back over his shoulder again, coach said to one of his players, “It’s like with you, Jackson. Remember how you always wanted to try and ram through a hole that wasn’t there? What did I say to you? I said you got to let the o-line set up their blocks. That way you’ll be able to just glide on through to the end zone.”

Coach Kelly unbuttoned his daughter’s shirt exposing her black bra. Then he pulled her bra down below her tits, revealing her small pink nipples. “I don’t care how tightly a whore’s coochie is locked up. You start playing with her tits and that shit will open up real fast. Go ahead, Ryan,” coach said, motioning with his head. “Massage your sister’s tits.”

Ryan reached out and Alexis pushed her chest out closer to him. He cupped a breast in each hand and slowly moved them around. “Good job,” Ryan’s father encouraged. “Hopefully when you boys are doing this to your girlfriends their tits aren’t so small and pathetic looking. I know these aren’t much more than a half handful but that’s why we practice on training dummies before we play a real game. Think of this as a scrimmage with the third string.”

Coach took his daughter’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “See what I’m doing here, Ryan? See what I’m doing here, men? I’m twisting her nipples. Whores love this. But you can’t just stand there and silently rub some slut’s nipples without saying anything. You got to multitask. You can’t just read the linebackers. You need to read the DBs and d-line, too. Talk to her when your massaging them titties. You might be wondering what you should say? Well, let me tell you all what not to say. At all costs, no matter what you might be feeling or thinking, the last thing you want to say is the truth. Never let it slip that you want to fuck them, understand?”

Alexis noticed a bulge growing in her brother’s pants. She had always wanted to see his pecker. When he took showers, Alexis though about maybe accidentally walking in on him when he was drying. She had a sense that he had something nice, something really thick and big. Even though she wondered, she knew she’d never go through with it. How could she? They were born minutes apart. They both grew up feeding from the same breasts. They took baths together. They shared every birthday party. On road trips he’d pull her hair and steal her snacks. And now, a little over eighteen years after their birth, her brother had a hand on each of her almost b-cup tits. His dick grew harder by the second.

“You see that, men? Ryan’s dick is getting hard. You got to keep that shit under wraps. You got to lie to them. Say you respect them too much to try and have sex. Say, ‘even if you were down, I’d say no. No woman is taking my virginity until I’m married, no matter what.’ That shit is like a drug to these whores. You’ve thrown down the gauntlet and made the decree. You. Can’t. Have. This. Not now. Not ever.” Coach said wagging his finger at his daughter.

“Ryan, tell your sister ‘You can’t have this.”

“Alexis, you can’t have this,” Ryan said in monotone.

“Dammit, son. You got to do better than that. You got to visualize it. Just like in football you see the tackle you make the tackle. You see the ball going into your hands you make the catch. This is the same damn thing. Come on, son. Try again.”

Ryan cleared his throat and spoke much clearer, “You can’t have this, Alexis. I’m waiting for marriage. You understand? No way, no how. This high school senior is closed for business.”

“Amen, son! Damn, boy! You’ve made your old man proud. You really set that worthless whore straight. You see, men? If you’re Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan convincing, everything will change. Those little floozies will try and test you. Alexis grab your brothers cock.” Alexis stared into her brother’s chest as she reached down between his legs. “No, you dumb whore, don’t you know anything? Don’t just put your hand on it, reach into your brothers shorts and pull out his dick. God, you’re worthless.”

Not wanting anything more from life than making her daddy proud, Alexis reached into her brothers shorts and wrapped her hand around his cock. Grabbing it at the base and moving up his shaft, she wondered if it was ever going to come to an end. Every new inch she discovered seemed to lead to another inch.

“Now, ask your brother, ‘Do you really mean it? You don’t want to fuck me even if I start stroking you cock?'”

Alexis began repeating what her father said but almost immediately he interrupted her. “Goddamn you’re stupid (forgive me lord). Good-ness you’re a dumb slut. Don’t just say it to him. Tell him. Whisper in his ear. I know you know how to do this. Your mother is the biggest slut I know. There’s no way you didn’t get the whore gene, too.”

Alexis leaned in and pressed her lips on Ryan’s ear. She whispered, “I want you to fuck me, brother. I’ve wanted you to fuck me my whole life. Use your sister’s body. Use me like a little whore.”

“Jeebus, Alexis… That might be a little too convincing. All women are whores, but I didn’t raise you to be that big of a whore. Try not to disgust your daddy.”

“Sorry, daddy. I just want to do my part to help make this a winning team.”

Coach swallowed hard. “See that, men? You tell a girl ‘no’ and it activates their whore switch. Look at my daughter. She’s ready to let her brother plow her. Now, remember, just because you’ve gotten this far, that doesn’t mean you’ve sealed the deal. You still got more work to do. This will put it over the top. All you got to do is rub her clit a little. Alexis, spread your legs so all these boys can see your dirty nasty cunt.”

Alexis, spread her legs and put her feet up on the trainer’s table. “That’s it. Now use your fingers and spread those lips. Show all these boys your pussy hole.”

Alexis used her middle and index finger and slid them between her slit, feeling her warm sticky juices. Then she spread her fingers using them to hold back the folds in her cunt. “See that, men. That’s what the inside of a slut’s pussy hole looks like. As appetizing as that might appear that isn’t what you want to focus on. There’s a little button just above that dirty little hole. It’s what I like to call the whore button. It’s something God gave to every Slut who’s ever lived. It’s how we know all women are whores. If they weren’t whores they wouldn’t have a clitoris.”

Coach Kelly stretched his hand out and pressed his fingers to his daughter’s clit. At first, he moved around in slow circles. Alexis ground her hips into his hand and made soft little moans. “Good Lord, men. Look at my disgusting slutty little daughter. Ryan, take a good look at your twat of a sister. See how she can’t help herself? You find this little button on a tightly wound, pussy hoarding, married-to-Jesus-little-cunt, and she will simply spread her legs and beg for your cock.”

Coach Kelly, moved his hand around and around faster and faster and Alexis’ moans grew louder and louder. “Yee, doggie! She loves it. She might be an even bigger whore than her mother. Look at this slut daughter of mine. Gentlemen, she’s a cock hungry little school girl who’s too dumb to ever turn down a random dick. It’s just not in her nature. She was born to service men. All women were. Never forget it. You boys are the kings of this school. If you can’t get these sluts to open up their cunts then we don’t deserve to wear the Predator uniform. Ryan, put your dick in your sister’s whore-hole.”

Ryan gripped his fat, meaty, football player’s cock in his hand and rubbed it on his sister’s cunt. “That’s it son, give the head of your dick a taste of that sweet nectar. Move it all around. Good. Now, ease it into her. Can you feel it? Can you feel your shaft spreading your sister’s lips? Can you feel how her whole body is tensing up? It’s because she’s addicted to cock. It’s because your sister is a sick little whore who wants nothing more from life then to make cocks ooze with cum.”

Ryan kept pushing deeper into his sister. She felt so tight, so warm, so wet. He could feel her body trembling and those vibrations resonated inside his balls. Alexis grabbed his wrist and moved his hand to one of her tit. Ryan squeezed it and pinched her nipple, like his father taught him to do. “Damn, son… if you aren’t a chip of the ole block with that firehouse cock of yours. Can you feel how much she likes it? Listen to her breathing. Hear her moans. She’s so wet you can even hear Ryan’s dick sloshing around inside of her. Would she get that wet if she wasn’t a nasty little whore? Escort Beylikdüzü Would she be moaning like a porn star if she didn’t crave her brothers cock?”

Coach Kelly wrapped his hand around his daughter’s throat. “Look at your father, whore. Look right into my eyes. You’re a disappointment to the Kelly name, do you know that? I understand you were born this way but do you have to be enjoying it this much? Do you have to be such a dirty, nasty, little slut?”

Breathing heavily Alexis panted her words. “I’m sorry, daddy. I don’t mean to be. I can’t help it. All day I fantasize about having my holes filled. I know it’s wrong. I’m so ashamed of myself. It’s just- it feels so good having my dirty pussy stuffed by my brother.”

“Is that so, little girl?” Her father asked as he unzipped is fly. “You want all your holes stuffed?”

“Yes, father. You’re right about me. I’m a sick little cock craving whore. I try not to be. I try to be a good girl. It’s so hard when you spend your whole day rubbing your clit and imagining being filled by ev-“

Coach Kelly grabbed his cock and pressed it to his daughter’s lips in mid-sentence. “Hush now, whore. No one likes a Chatty Cathy.” Forcing his member into his daughter’s mouth, she opened wide accepting all of it. “That’s it, daughter. Take your daddy’s cock all the way down the back of your throat.” Looking at his son, coach said, “Pound away at your sister’s hole. Use her up. She’s nothing but a piece of garbage, anyway. Use her up and throw her away when you’re done. That’s what girls like your sister are good for. She’s nothing. She’s a piece of meat that’s warm enough to fuck. Go on, son. Use that twat. Carry that ball over the goal line. Trust me, she wants nothing more in this world then to feel you explode inside of her.”

Slapping his daughters face, Kelly asked, “Isn’t that right, whore? Do you want to get filled up with all your brother’s cum?”

Alexis mumbled “Mmm-hmm” still feeling her father pressed against the back of her throat.

“Come on, Ryan. You can do it. Let loose. Let it go. Your sister is shit. She’s nothing. Use her as your cum dumpster. Deposit all that man spunk deep inside her. She needs it. She wants it. You’re doing her a favor, isn’t that right, honey?”


“See. It’s time, son. Cum inside your sister.”

Ryan groaned and violently jabbed is cock in and out, sliding the table across the vinyl floor. “You like that, sis? You like being your brother’s whore? You’re a sick little bitch for getting off on this, do you know that?”


“Fuck, dad. I’m cumming. I’m cumming inside my sister. Fuck, she feels so good.” Hot spunk surged up through Ryan’s cock and exploded into Alexis’ cunt. Pulse after pulse filled her up, leaking out around Ryan’s shaft. Alexis’ body shook and trembled. Vibrations ran through her body from head to toe, but she never let her father’s cock slip out of her mouth.

Ryan pulled away and watched as his sperm dribbled out of his sister. Alexis wasn’t having that, though. She quickly reached down and grabbed as much as she could in her hand. Starring into her father’s eyes she licked her fingers.

“Jesus Christ (sorry, Lord). Look at what this sick little whore is doing, now. She can’t help herself. She’s eating her brother’s nasty creampie. Pay close attention, men. What you see here is what all your girlfriends are truly like deep down on the inside.” Alexis’s father furiously jerked his cock off over his daughter’s face. “If we work hard, if we train hard, if we prepare, we still won’t win state unless we have confidence.” Coach Kelly and his daughter’s eyes were locked as she kept eating her brother’s cum, playing with it in her mouth. “We need to make sure we get that confidence and it starts right her, right now. This is the moment when we decide to be champions.”

Coach Kelly groaned right after he said the word “champions,” shooting cum all over his daughter’s face. Alexis opened her mouth catching much of it, but there was so much she also got some on her eyes, in her hair, on her cheeks and chin. “That’s it, daddy. Drench your little girl. Cover your daughter with all of your sperm.”

It seemed endless, how much spurted out of Alexis’ father’s cock, but it kept cumming, and his groans grew louder and louder. Alexis laid there rubbing it into her skin and playing with it in her mouth as her father regained his composure. Until that moment she had just been a stupid girl who sat in the back of class and never spoke up. She was the girl who spent lunch alone in the library. She never really understood why she felt so out of place, but now she did. Now, she knew the reason for her existence. Feeling all that sticky warm jizz on her skin showed her she is a whore. She is a slut. She is a good for nothing cum rag that deserves to be used and degraded by every man she meets. In that moment she knew she wasn’t going to college. She wasn’t going to have a career. She knew that she was going to stay in Palmetto for the rest of her life, sucking cock and getting fucked outside of dive bars by random men. Smiling as her father’s cum began to dry a warmness took over her whole body. I am a dirty disgusting whore. I’m addicted to cock. My daddy’s right. All I want from life is to be filled up over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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