Company Christmas Party

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Note: This story has a bi-male component. If that’s not your thing, don’t read this story.


One of my buddies asked me to go to his company Christmas party with him. I wasn’t really interested until he told me that there are some really hot women there, all the booze you can drink and it sometimes gets the women to loosen up a little bit and I might get laid. That was enough to do it for me.

He wasn’t kidding. There were several really hot girls. I danced with several of them and they were doing some serious bumping and grinding. I was getting a raging hard on and hoping I was going to be able to leave with at least one of them, but was hoping to hook up with two.

That was until she walked in. The other women paled in comparison to her. She was slightly taller than average and a body made to be savored. She had one of those hairdos where most of it was put up, but a few precarious pieces hung down and grazed her shoulders. I imagined what it would be like to have my hands tangled in that hair while her mouth was on my cock. She wore a red dress that clung to every curve of her body. It was a halter style, tied behind her neck, plunging deep in the front showing the full curve of her tits. The back was cut low, just above her ass. It was clear she was not wearing a bra. There was no way she could. The dress fell all the way to her ankles, but was slit high up on each leg, exposing most of it. The spiked heels she was wearing made her legs look even longer. I stared at her legs and tried to figure out if she was wearing panties or not. So much of her leg was showing, I thought there was no way she could have any of it. I was seeing most of her hip as well.

I asked her to dance and my hands explored every inch of bare skin I could get my hands on. I wanted to slide my hands into the slits on that dress and grab her ass and find out if she was wearing panties. Her nipples were hard and straining the thin fabric of her dress. It felt like silk as my hands ran over it. Whatever it was, I wanted it off of her and on the floor next to my bed. I told her that I felt she was the sexiest woman in the room and I’d love to be able to leave with her. My hopes were deflated when she said was there with someone else. When she completed the sentence my cock sprang to life. She said if I was interested in a threesome I was welcome to come home with her and her partner. I hadn’t seen who she came with but I knew this was my lucky night.

She walked away and I went to get my coat. She returned with a man she introduced as Tony and told me her name was Karen. This was not what I expected and I thought about backing out. Then she told me that Tony was a submissive and only did what she told him to. This might be interesting after all.

The three of us walked to the car together. She stopped and kissed both of us long and hard while she ran her hands over our crotches. She told Tony to drive and I got in the back seat with her. As we drove she told Tony that he could watch, but he was absolutely not allowed to touch himself. Then she told me that I could do whatever I wanted. Having someone watch me with Karen added new excitement. I told her that I wanted her to untie her top. She undid it and lowered the top so her tits were completely exposed. I couldn’t restrain myself. I dove in licking, sucking and pinching her nipples. They were harder than they felt through her dress and she was moaning as I worked on them. She arched her back, pressing her tits into my mouth. I slid my hand under the silky material covering her legs. As my hand slid farther up, she parted her legs for me. When I reached her pussy I discovered she was not wearing panties and my fingers found her freshly shaved snatch dripping wet. I pushed a couple of fingers into her and wiggled them gently, which caused her to start moaning.

I told her to lift her hips and pushed the fabric out of the way so that I could lick her pussy. Her clit was protruding and waiting for my tongue. Karen moaned as just the tip of my tongue passed over her clit the first time. She was as excited as I was. With one hand I worked my fingers deep inside her as I licked her and continued to tweak her nipples with my other hand. Her moaning turned to panting and she groaned that she was about to cum. I worked her just a little faster and was rewarded with a face full of her juice. She tasted sweet and smelled musky and sexy. She kissed me and licked her juice from my mouth.

When I looked up I saw Tony glancing from the road to the rear view mirror and back again. It was clear that he had been watching us. Karen looked at him and said, “I bet you wish it was your tongue on my tits and pussy.”

“I love eating your pussy and making you cum,” Tony replied.

Karen’s hand was gliding over my pants and she commented on how hard I was. She started to unfasten my pants and my cock finally sprang free.

“You can watch as I suck this nice big cock,” Karen told Tony.

Her mouth was on me before I knew what happened. Her mouth was hot and wet and felt so damn good. I had a hard on most of the night and this was pure ecstasy. I could see Tony looking into the backseat. He adjusted the mirror so he had a better view. Karen’s mouth worked slowly at first. I needed her faster and started to fuck her face. She took me in, swirling her tongue around me as she applied gentle pressure. Her hand grabbed my balls and massaged them gently. I had been waiting for this all night and wasn’t able to hold back any longer. It was my turn to come and I unloaded down her throat. She swallowed as I shot, which is damn hot to me. I love it when a girl swallows. I could hear Tony groaning as Karen pulled away from cock and licked her lips. She told me that we had arrived at her house.

She didn’t bother to fasten her dress and walked across the yard with her beautiful tits hanging out. I was in a hurry and barely zipped up my pants so I could follow her. Tony brought up the rear.

When we got into the house, Karen told Tony to strip and he did so without question. He stood in front of both of us completely nude and I was impressed with what I saw. He was in good shape, but he had an impressive cock. He was long and thick. Karen grabbed it and gave it a few jerks. He let out a moan and she stopped. She removed the rest of her dress, got on the bed and instructed Tony to eat her pussy. He didn’t ask any questions or protest. He just did as she asked.

This submissive thing was kind of interesting. I asked Karen what it was all about. Between groans, she told me that Tony was hers and he could only do as he instructed. He was not allowed to make decisions or do anything that she hadn’t told him to do. She then told me that I could command him as well. I told Tony to work on Karen’s ass while he jerked himself off and to come on her tits. He pushed Karen’s legs back so he had access to her ass. His tongue worked around the rim of her tight hole, probing gently in as her moans grew louder.

I had met a few women who let me take a shot at their tight asshole. Karen seemed as if she would be in that category. Tony’s tongue went to her clit and he pressed a finger into her ass. Watching them was getting me hard again and thinking about getting into her ass was really getting me going. I told them how hot it was to watch them and to be able to command Tony. Karen had a wicked orgasm as she bucked hard and ground her pussy into his face. Tony continued to work her as instructed while furiously jerking his dick. Karen continued to ride his face until he was ready to come. He quickly straddled her tits and shot all over them. She looked so sexy with cum sticking to her. I told Tony to lick it off of her. He did exactly as instructed until there was nothing remaining.

Karen looked at me and saw the bulge in my pants. She got on her knees in front of me, pulled my cock out of my pants and went to work with her mouth again. I put my hands in her hair, just as I had thought about earlier, and held her head while she gave me a great blowjob. She stopped and told Tony that he was going to finish me off. Faster than I could think, Tony’s mouth replaced Karen’s.

I had been with a few women that had played with my ass. While I enjoyed the sensation I hadn’t given much thought to being with another man. I struggled with the thought as to whether or not I should allow this to continue as Tony’s tongue danced over my hard cock. He must have done this before because he was a good cocksucker. Karen got behind me and started playing with my balls. I felt her tongue begin to lick my ass. The combination of her tongue working at the same time as Tony’s was incredible. She slid a finger into my ass and began to pump it. I was getting damn close to blowing again when she slipped a second finger in. She finger fucked me faster. When I groaned that I was about to come, she instructed Tony that he was to swallow my cum and make sure that none spilled out. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I was cumming, Tony was swallowing and Karen was fucking my ass. When Tony had drained my cock, Karen came around and sucked it a few times to make sure that Tony had done as she told him. She rewarded him with a kiss and told him that he could fuck her.

She told him to get on the bed so she could get on top of him. He did as she told him and lowered herself on top of him. Her pussy stretched to take him in. I bent down behind her to get a good view of her sliding up and down his shaft. I had never been able to watch a woman fuck another man before. It was amazing. I stood behind her and worked her tits and her pussy. I told Tony to watch as I made her come on his cock. I worked her clit and eased a finger into her ass. She let out a loud groan and pushed down onto his cock and my finger. She screamed and drenched Tony’s cock with her cum. She told me that she wanted me to fuck her ass while Tony fucked her pussy. I wasn’t hard until she said that.

She told me there was lube in the nightstand. I lubed up my cock, giving it a couple of good yanks to make sure I was hard and ready. I wanted to be in her tight little ass. She bent over to give me better access. I stared at her hole, knowing I was about to fuck it. It was enough to make my cock rock hard. I gently probed the entrance and began to slide in. She moaned as the head of my cock made its way into her ass. She told me to give her more and I was happy to oblige. I slid further and further in until I was up to my balls in her ass. It was so tight and feeling Tony’s cock in her pussy made it even tighter. I started with slow strokes to see how much she could take and allowing myself to feel the tightness as I slid in and out. I slowly increased with each stroke until I was banging her ass as fast I could. Tony picked up his pace as well and fucked her with a fury. She was screaming that she was cumming and she tightened around my cock. I couldn’t handle it anymore and I unloaded in her sweet ass. Tony was still fucking her but apparently wasn’t close to coming yet. I was amazed at his stamina.

After I pulled out, Karen climbed off Tony, gave my cock a few strokes and told me to lie on the bed. She straddled me and once again I stuck my tongue into her wet pussy. She wasn’t as tight anymore after having Tony’s monster cock inside of her. I heard her tell Tony to lube up his cock. I wondered what was coming next and then I heard her tell him to fuck me.

“Now wait a minute,” I thought. “Having him suck my dick was one thing, but taking it up the ass….That’s something totally different.

Tony spread the lube across my ass as Karen slid her pussy back and forth over my face. Tony’s fingers spread my ass open. It felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop. I thought a little longer about him fucking me, but I thought there was no way in hell was I going to be able to handle Tony in my ass.

Tony’s fingers were larger than Karen’s and spread me just a bit farther. I was already groaning from his fingers. He added a third finger and stretched me open more. I still didn’t think I’d be able to handle his cock, but I realized he was about to try. He pushed my legs back, lifting my ass into the air a little bit, giving him a better angle. He pushed at my hole and I tensed a bit as I prepared for the invasion of my ass. Karen told me not to worry. Tony was quite skilled and would be gentle with me. As she talked to me, I relaxed a little but was still nervous about what was happening.

I went back to work on Karen’s pussy and let Tony press into me. Karen began to talk to me and tell me how hot it made her when guys got fucked. Hearing her made me loosen up a bit more and I was able to take more and more of Tony into my ass. It was so tight and it was like I could feel every vein on his cock. The further he went in, the faster I licked Karen. She was grinding on my face and moaning about how hot she was getting. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and Tony began to slide in and out of my ass. I slid my tongue back to Karen’s ass and tasted my come in her. I slid a couple of fingers into her ass and started to fuck her as I licked her clit and pussy.

My ass felt like jolts of electricity were going through it as Tony stroked in and out of me. I couldn’t believe my cock was hard again. I wanted to fuck someone and told Karen to get on top of me. She didn’t hesitate, sliding down my body in a smooth transition.

Tony stroking in and out of my ass and Karen riding my cock was a combination that had me ready to pop. Tony’s moans were coming faster and he said he was about to come. I felt him grow harder and tighter in my ass. Tony cumming was enough to push me over the edge and I came as well. Karen told Tony to shoot on my face so I could taste his come. He quickly pulled out and was over my face before I knew what happened. I was covered in come in short order. Karen rode me with a fury and came hard as she watched Tony shoot on my face. I tasted some of Tony’s come as it hit my face. Karen leaned down and kissed me as she licked my face clean.

We were in a heap on the bed. This was not the way I had expected the night to end, but it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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