Context and Coping

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Am about halfway through this time in my life depending on how much I want to tell, but thought this would be a good time to give some background about our situation and how we dealt with it.

In the early 80s there wasn’t a strong les or bi movement here in the States. And Jeannie and I had gone to a football mad school in a southern state. And being a southern state university it was steeped in tradition that went back generations. And few of those traditions matched what Jeannie and I were doing together.

Our classes were integrated-I mean not just racially, but also by sex, which doesn’t sound earth shattering but it was in a way.

Even though it was a major public university, there had been an arrangement in years past that coeds would take at least some if not most of their classes at a companion “girls” school. The girls would go to the university for classes that school didn’t offer. So while that practice had ended several decades before and girls could fully go to our school, there was still a lingering sense that the administrators would just as soon go back to the “good ol days”. As a matter of fact the girls dorms were at the “girls” college and that was a 20 minute walk. It was great to be Greek and live right next to the main campus!

And Sorority rush was a genteel thing that involved tea or party dresses, conservative heels and even accessories like gloves as well as hats for us girls if an event were held outside. Nylons were a must have accessory regardless of the temperature.

Now, I truly loved how beautiful and sexy the look was-how it made me feel, really-and to this day I will tend to favor the romantic and girly look in my every day appearance.

Anyway, jewelry and makeup likewise were a must have for all of us everyday and had to be understated but showed that your family had resources (code word for money, and preferably old money) and good taste. Ha-not from this girls family but I faked it well!

Tailgating at football games if you were Greek involved silver candlesticks, linen table cloths and redjacketed servers under sycamore, oak and maple trees that were very old. Almost as old as the trees were some of the alumnae we had to make small talk with and their husbands who flirted shamelessly with us in varying degrees of seriousness. That reminds me of one old guy and his wife at a tailgate and game that story is not for now.

If you went on a date your date as often as not would wear a sport coat and tie. A young lady would wear a knee length dress-no shorter.

Jeans and shorts were fine for class and labs or if you were going out for a pizza date or something with your girlfriends. Unless you were a senior, there was a curfew.

Our house mother would actually give us a brief once over to make sure that we were appropriately attired for the evening. We were never allowed to wear shorts and tennis shoes on real dates-had to be a sandal of some kind.

And being gay, les or bi were not in the accepted norms of the state, university, or town except for Mardi Gras when all morals were thrown to the wind and scattered about. Then it was 6 weeks of drinking, drugs, sex and debauchery, sort of like what would happen after we’d won a big game-haha!

Jeannie and I weren’t brought up in that culture. I was there on a partial athletic scholarship with the remainder being made up with several grants otherwise I’d have ended up at Cal St Long Beach or Cal Poly SLO as we weren’t wealthy or anything like that.

It was a different world for me although I reveled in being able to shop for all kinds of new clothes for every kind of social occasion-and while it wasn’t cheap, my parents indulged my lifestyle. Seriously though I enjoyed most all of those traditions and what seem like silly rules but somehow it made my life there memorable.

Jeannie was the daughter of Catholic parents in a small town in southern Illinois where her dad was the president of the local savings and loan. Except for one week when I went to visit her, I really didn’t know that part of her life.

So in short we were a bit on the outside of things but school work, athletics and Greek life were much needed integrators in that cloistered society.

But we faced obstacles

If we were found out, our lives wouldn’t be ruined but we’d be shunned by those we’d come to know and be friends with…so we had to hide from our sorority sisters first, then our house mother, and then last but not least, our male relationships.

So here are some of the ways we’d cope.

The bathrooms

We’d have short make out sessions in one of the bathrooms under the guise of sharing limited bathroom space with a house full of girls. I remember her straddling me on the floor. I pushed her t-shirt up over her breasts and were pinching both nipples while we kissed. Jeannie liked me to be rough with her boobs. They were small, and her nipples were always firm and hard. She liked me to do more than a gentle tug- what she really wanted me to do was apply enough force that I would at times cause a faint bruise I was so rough casino siteleri on them. And she also liked me biting them hard when we were making love. She would literally squeal when I bit them just right. I always worried that I’d hurt her but she never seemed to have a limit on how hard I’d pinch or bite them.

It was fun, exciting and a bit dangerous. The downside was that we’d be able to do little more then get each other hot and bothered.

The les bars in town

There were two of them by the way.Jeannie and I would sneak out at separate times, meet up as she had a car and we’d drive to one or the other. Both were fun places. We weren’t regulars at either but we were able to let our hair down and have fun. Pretty much anything was ok as long as you didn’t take your clothes off so it was drinking, pot smoking, kissing, hugging, fondling and finger fucking if either of us were wearing a dress. And it wasn’t just between us as we had developed several playmate type friends whom we might kiss and play with too. A couple of times I had to grip the bar while rocking my hips as one girl in particular seemed to relish taking me to the edge several times before letting me cum. She was a mistress at fingering me and she was a true Mistress as she wanted to dominate me at all times. All I know is that she just seemed to know my vag better than I did and she would play with my pussy almost mercilessly.

One time Jeannie and i got so hot playing in the bar that we couldn’t stand it anymore. We spent the night with each other, with other girls at the bar, dancing drinking showing off kissing fondling. We felt free and were totally and completely in love. It felt good to be in a place where you were understood.

We ran to the restroom, rolled our nylons and panties down to our knees or ankles and finger fucked each other to several orgasms while kissing passionately. Jeannie had shown me just how she liked being finger fucked. She like me to start by rubbing the pubic hair next to her pussy lips. Then she liked to have each lip rubbed separately between my thumb and index finger. Next, my fingers would separate her lips and I would slide one or two fingers vertically up and down before penetrating her her vag with a finger, then two and then three. I would have her juices on my fingers. Her pussy always smelled very fresh. She never had a musky smell.

After that I’d go and start paying attention to her clitty. Jeannie’s would poke out from the folds of her lips. It was like she was saying “here I am, come and get it!” Hitting on her clit after the foreplay was more than enough for Jeannie to orgasm.

Jeannie was mostly very gentle with me but when she was really hot and bothered, she would pound me with her fingers. At times like these, I thought I was being fucked by a guy as she had a way of thrusting her fingers inside me in a rhythm and intensity that reminded me of how cock felt when I was being fucked. Totally different feeling from when she was gentle and soft.

It was a gross bathroom but we had great sex!

Even though we were in a safe place, we were nonetheless afraid of getting caught by someone we knew so we didn’t go but a couple of times.


There were several to choose from, but we only went to spend the night a couple of times. Neither of us had cash to stay frequently plus we’d have to have a cover story for where and why we were both gone at the same time.

That said, Jeannie turned me onto vibrators, dildos and even a Hitachi wand our first time at a hotel. We got pizza one time and even Krystal burgers another and along with a 6 pack of soda and some weed we’d disappear from the world for a short time.

We’d kiss for hours, then play with each other and then turn the toys on. I lost count of how my times Jeannie climaxed when I used one or more of the toys on her. And I remember having to stop her after many orgasms as my clit and ass became sore to the touch after hours of her fingers, mouth, tongue and electronic aids.

And we’d shower with each other and make love with the water running down our bodies. I loved eating out Jeannie’s puss in the shower most of all and she seemed to have some of the most intense orgasms when I’d munch her out naked with the warm water cascading down us.

Getting back to the toys, I loved them all, especially the hitachi-the other products were fun but poorly made so the experience was up and down, but I couldn’t believe I hadn’t used them before. That said, they’ve been a big part of my sex life ever since.

The best part was waking up in Jeannie’s arms, all cuddled up and tangled together. I loved how she smelled in the morning. Loved how her hair smelled and loved how her pussy smelled with the scent of her sex. In spite of the sadness of having to part or how sore either of our pussies might feel, we’d make love one more time before heading back to reality.

The drive in.

There were several in town. They were popular with high schoolers as well as us college kids. Cheap and easy to drag in beer and wine. We never went there as a canlı casino couple, but we went as a foursome with our boyfriends one nite. Forrest drove as Gregg had his pickup which wouldn’t hold the four of us.

Of course we made out with them but one thing I noticed was that even when Jeannie and I were kissing our men, we’d inevitably lock eyes. It was like we were sharing the experience. At some point in time we were massively buzzed, having shared 3 bottles of wine as well as smoking ample amounts of weed.

I was wearing a tube top without a bra underneath a thin shirt. Gregg and I were kissing and fondling each other and he managed to roll my tube top down below my boobs, fully exposing them. I let Gregg twist and pull on them as it really excited me. Jeannie and her boyfriend would look back at us. I didn’t care. As a matter of fact I was getting turned on even more knowing that I was turning them on. Gregg moved down to my breasts. I cradled his head in my hands while looking at them both. I closed my eyes now and leaned my head back as I was enjoying it that much. The entire visual, combined with Greggs ardent attention to my girls caused me to cum. She made me wet my panties!

When I opened my eyes a few moments later, I saw Jeannie’s head buried deep in her boyfriends lap. It was bobbing up and down slowly and steadily. I felt slightly jealous at the sight but at the same time I was turned on at the the sight of watching them too. After watching her do this for several moments, she pulled back and concentrated on the head of his penis. With both hands she gripped the shaft, started stroking it hard and fast while she kept her lips on the head. Forrest, her boyfriend seized up and stiffened noticeably and shortly thereafter I could see him cumming into Jeannie’s mouth. After taking it all in she rose up, looked straight at me while Gregg was drowning my tits in his slobber, opened her mouth a bit and showed me the cum Forrest shot into her mouth. I hadn’t seen cum in another persons mouth in my life. She closed her mouth, swallowed it down and smiled at me.

Wow this was wild.

Gregg unzipped my jeans and was fingering my clit through my panties. Now Forrest and Jeannie were stealing glances at us. Without removing my panties Gregg managed to bring me to a small orgasm. I kind of liked being watched!

My jeans and keds were off now and Gregg was showing me a very good time.He pushed my panties aside and was shoving 2 fingers into me while keeping his thumb on my clit. Now Forrest and Jeannie had given up and pretense of allowing us any privacy and were turned around in the front seat staring at us.

Gregg and I got his shirt, jeans and underwear off. He was now naked. I knew that he wanted to fuck. I wanted to fuck and I think Jeannie and her beau wanted to see us fuck. At the time however I wasn’t on the pill and like a dork, Gregg didn’t have a condom, so there wasn’t going to be any fucking unfortunately. So while we were passionately kissing-and I love kissing by the way, I had been jerking on his cock. Like a lot. Gregg was fingering me to yet another orgasm when his balls got rock hard and I could feel the cum move from his balls to the large vein under his penis and then it just shot out. Must have been 3 inches straight up and his cum landed on his thigh as well as mine.

Wow this was really wild.

After a fashion, we persuaded the boys to go to the snack shack and get us some Pepsi’s. As soon as they left the car, Jeannie jumped into the back seat and onto my lap. We kissed for like 10 minutes. I could faintly taste Forrest’s cum in her mouth which was repulsive but hot at the same time. Then she reached down to my crotch as if to blow me a bit and instead licked a bit of cum off my thigh and then kissed me again. Never ever had I met a girl who was soooooo sexual.

Somehow I think at that point in time I started to really, really fall for Jeannie.

The cemetery.

As Jeannie and I cast about looking for safe places to go and make out or have sex we obviously thought about going to the country club again. Not only was it where we came together as a couple for the first time, it was also a place where we were able to have privacy, even though it was in the open.

Jeannie dissuaded me from that right away. We were lucky, she told me. Normally that course played pretty heavy in the spring and besides that there were groundskeepers as well as marshals roaming the course. We were very lucky not to get caught she repeated.

She had an idea, but wouldn’t tell me….so one nite she told me to dress casually, bring a blanket or 2 and she would meet me with her car at our rendezvous point.

So I did. Wore a simple tank with a cotton blouse that I left unbuttoned but tied it at the waist, then jeans and tennies. As soon as I got into Jeannie’s car I ditched the blouse. To excite Jeannie a bit I wore a matching pink bra and panties. No stitching or embroidery just sheer thin see through fabric.

So she picked me up and driving out of town, she still wouldn’t tell me where we were going.

She kaçak casino brought several bottles of wine. I uncorked the first one and as we were driving, we were passing it back and forth. I wasn’t paying attention until the road ended at the top of a small hill. It was barely light out and all I could see was white sticks. Then it dawned on me where we were. While we weren’t in the middle of it as such, we were at the confederate war memorial that overlooked the cemetery.

It was creepy and I didn’t think it was a safe place for us, but we were kind of desperate to be together so I went along with it.

After our finishing our first bottle, then the second bottle of Annie Green Springs and some conversation, we started necking with each other. Light, relaxed, easy, casual and free in a way we couldn’t be when we were out in public.

We stopped, left the car with our blankets and wine and found a grassy area to sit. The sun was now setting and we’d hoped for relief from a hot and very humid day for that time of the year.

It was hot, a bit humid and without enough breeze to offset the stickiness I felt. Jeannie had taken my shirt and tank top off earlier in the car, leaving me in my bra, shorts and tennies. Jeannie was naked except for her panties. Freshly unfettered by the confines of her car, we lay on our sides kissing gently. I started by kissing her face-I loved Jeannie’s freckles and I kissed each and every one of them. I kissed and nibbled on her lips, then ran my mouth down to her neck, biting her neck hard enough to get a reaction but holding back from giving her a hickey. I also gave her boobs a lot of attention as she loved for me to bite them-harder then I’d have liked on me but I liked pleasing her. I wriggled out of my shorts, popped up and showed her my matching set. The look she gave me was enough for me to know that she liked my taste in lingerie.

She pulled me down and nuzzled my pussy through my panties. Her tongue was both persistent and probing. It wasn’t long before they were wet from her mouth as well as pussy and she’d managed to push them past my lips into my vag. Then she pushed what seemed to be half her face into my puss and with her teeth pulled the wet nylon fabric out. She even sucked on them briefly. That was enough for my first orgasm. I noticed ther her panties were still on so I yanked them down and threw them in the general direction of her car. We both thought that was funny.

She had a bottle of baby oil. She rolled me onto my tummy, pulled my panties down to my ankles where I kicked them off and gave me a back rub after she dribbled some oil on my back. I recall her getting some on my hair and she put it in a bun so that she could rub me some more.

Her hands worked me over good. It felt nice as she went from my shoulders down my back. When she got to my booty, she stopped and poured a bit more on. I’ve got a nice round butt even to this day and she enjoyed it every bit as much as my beaus.

She parted my cheeks and let some ran down my crack. I really enjoyed this. My butt isn’t just round it’s also very very sensitive. She rubbed a bit and stopped. I squirmed a bit as I hated having her stop.

Then I felt her tongue. She started at the top of my butt, parted the cheeks and started tonguing me. She started at the top and slowly and agonizingly worked her way down until she came to my asshole itself.

This was a completely and totally new experience for me and one that had me on a slow burn. I’d had anal sex before but this was different. Jeannie was patiently and steadily exciting me in a way that I’d never before experienced.

She turned the heat up a bit more by shoving 2 of her fingers into my pussy while she ate my ass out. I came. She kept probing and kissing and oh fuck, she kept sticking that awesome amazing tongue into my asshole. I squirmed and arched my back and squealed and came again.

Jeannie was relentless. She was now kissing m cheeks and now had a finger up my asshole while she fingered my pussy with her other hand. Fuck it felt like she had 10 hands all over me! I was face down onto the banket on my knees with my butt in the air. She was sensitive yet firm and I felt love and lust all at the same time. Somehow I had 2 more orgasms with her magic hands, mouth and tongue.

I collapsed in a heap, slick with baby oil and sweat. It had to have been very gross, but Jeannie turned me over and as I lay flat on my back, spent and helpless. started gently kissing my hair and face, rubbing our bodies together. It was beautiful and romantic. I felt nothing but love for Jeannie. Our sex was amazing and I wanted to never stop.

While I was done myself, I couldn’t ignore her needs. I pinched and twisted her nipples and slid myself lower underneath her until I was underneath her cunny. She got the idea, pulled her knees up and was soon sitting upright on my face with my tongue buried deep inside her. Her pussy tasted sweet to me as she gently rocked in time to our love making. Her lips were thick and inflamed. Her clit was hard as I grasped it in my teeth and rolled it around with my tongue. I reached up and gave her nipples some attention and soon Jeannie came a bit, then came larger. She moaned my name over and over telling me how much she loved me. And I so loved her too!

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