Coping With Mom

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Hi, I’m Jake and this all happened when I was about 18. It was the summer after my senior year in high school and I was FREE! For about three months anyway. I decided that I should get a job for the summer for college tuition. I found a job at the local Blockbuster and worked during the week from 10am to 4pm. I was free for the weekends, which gave me time to practice my favorite pastime, skateboarding.

I started skateboarding when I was about 14. And it kept me in pretty good shape. Added to that, my mom bought me some free weights for my birthday. So, at 18, I looked pretty good. I weighed in at 185. I’ve never wanted to be bulky or fat, so I kept my body toned, not massive like the linemen at my former high school. And because skateboarding was only practiced by about 3 people at my school, I wasn’t too popular with the girls and never had much experience.

Anyways, my dad died from alcohol poisoning about three years back. He was always the alcoholic in the family, but was careful about it around me. He always kept his “ace in the hole” somewhere in his closet in case he ran out of money to buy drinks. One day, dad went to a bar after winning $50 on a scratch-off lottery ticket and spent all the money one night at a bar. His friends were too drunk to notice anything after his fifteenth shot, so he collapsed on the floor and when the paramedics arrived, it was too late.

We had a hard time coping with the loss. He was the owner for a local restaurant downtown, and he made all of the money for us. We had a lot of money left over in case of a rainy day, so we kept our house, but mom had to find a job and found one as a secretary at Nortell. She made enough to keep our house and a little extra. Nonetheless, there was a lot to keep up with. There were a lot of chores to be done and kitchen business (cooking, cleaning, dishes, etc.) were done all of the time by me.

So pretty much, I was booked. I had no time for any kind of a social life in the past three years. I had chores in the morning, work during the day, more chores in the afternoon, kitchen utilities and then sleep at around eleven. Mom was working from 7am to 3pm. When she got home, she would normally sit in front of the computer and search the net for the latest in shoes or something like that.

I hated doing all these chores, but I thought that if I didn’t do them, who will? My mom? HA! My mom was two totally different people; at work, she was the average secretary; at home, she was the laziest, dirtiest (unclean) person around. When she gets home, she puts on some old boxers and a t-shirt. She leaves trash everywhere around the computer and didn’t shower but once a week. I’ve dreamed for the day that my mom would change her ways.

Oh yeah, and let me describe my mom. She’s not a supermodel, but she is pretty good looking at 38 years old. She’s 5’5, 130 lbs., curly brown hair, 40D tits, and a small waist that accentuates a nice escort bursa ass. She does have a little extra fat here and there, but nothing extreme. I spent many a time masturbating to her image.

Well, on one particular Friday, I came home from Blockbuster and found my mom sitting in front of the computer online. I went through my usual chores and all the while, thinking that I’ve got to talk to her to get her to stop doing this. I finally got enough courage to go up to her and talk about it. So, I walked into the library and asked her if we can talk and I sat down on a pulled up chair.

“Sure honey, what do you need?”

“Mom, for the past three years, I’ve seen you come home and get online on the computer. Well,…I just want to let you know that I’ve always dreamed of the day that you would uh…uh…change.”

“What, you don’t like my clothes?” said mom.

“No, I meant stop playing with the computer and help with the house. I’ve got no friends anymore because I’m working all the time.” I replied.

There was a long pause as she realized what she’s done.

“Oh my god,…I never saw it that way. Oh, I’m so sorry Jake. Ya know what? I think I should start this right now” said mom.

She got up from her seat and went into the kitchen to start dinner. I was shocked. I thought to myself, “Why couldn’t I have done this sooner? That was so easy. Oh well, I guess now I can talk to her.”

I walked into the kitchen and found mom bent over looking for a pot to make spaghetti with. What a nice sight that was. I started to feel a tingle in my pants. I didn’t realize it but, I was already at half mast. I cleared my throat and she shuffled around on the ground to face me while she was still looking for the pot. The large t-shirt she wore did little to hide the monster cleavage that was exposed from her chest. At this point, the bulge in my jeans was very noticeable.

When she found the pot, she got up and I turned around and opened the refrigerator door to hide behind and pretended that I was looking for something. I rearranged my dick so that it was less noticeable, and closed the door. When I closed it, I found my mom trying to open a new bottle of Prego. She did and it exploded all over her shirt. Half of the sauce was on her and the other on the floor. She went to the sink to clean off the sauce with water. She got it all off while I cleaned the floor. And in the process, she made a large see-though circle on the front of her white t-shirt with the water stain. I could see her tits with their large areolas and I got half-hard again.

“Well this sucks” exclaimed mom.

“Do you need to change?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I’ve got no other clean shirt.”

“Well maybe you can borrow one of my shirts.” I suggested.

“No, that’s ok” replied mom.

With that, she took off the wet shirt and threw it into the laundry room. Talk about surprising. The bulge bursa merkez eskort in my pants was bigger than ever, but I didn’t notice it because I was looking at the best set of tits in the world!

Mom broke the silence with, “That shirt felt confining anyway.”

She then noticed the bulge in my pants and said, “Jake, those pants look pretty restricting right now, don’t you think?”

I looked down at my bulge and began to rearrange it.

“No, you don’t have to do that. I’ve never liked to interfere with hormones, so why don’t you just take off your jeans. You’ll be more comfortable.”

There was a long silence and then mom said, “Look, if you’re not going to take off those jeans, then go to the bathroom and take care of the problem.”

With that, she continued to cook. I stood there in total disbelief and finally decided that if I ever want to score with my mom, this has to be done. So, I dropped my pants and my cock flew out to full attention and caught my mom’s eye.

“WOW! That’s a nice member you have there. How big is it?”

“Uh…, about…uh…nine inches” I stammered.

“That’s much bigger than your father’s, who only has six. I bet you attract all the girls with that tool.”

“Uh, not really” I replied.

“Well, that surprises me because, you’re starting to attract me. Does it ever go down if you don’t jack off?”

I was amazed at what was being said, “Uh,…yeah, but it takes like an hour.”

“Oh, well I don’t want you to be in pain for that long. Here, I’ll help.”

She walked over to me, kneeled, and started to jack me off using her saliva as lube. I was totally shocked. I couldn’t think for a while, which prolonged the time my mom spent there jacking me off. After about three minutes of jacking, I told mom, “I’m… about to…come,…mom!” My mom then took it in her mouth and sucked me until I exploded in her mouth. She then sucked me dry and little dribbled out the side of her mouth. She licked the rest off her lip which brought me back to full attention.

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Do what? The mouth? Well, I didn’t want to have to clean up the floor, so consider it a favor.”

“Well, thanks mom. Uh, mom?”


“Can we do it again? My er…uh, cock is still up.”

“Well whadda ya know! It is! Well, ok, but if I do it again, you have to return the favor!” suggested mom.

“OK!” I happily replied.

“This time, I want to do something different” she said.

Instead of jacking me off, she took me by the cock to the living room floor. She laid me down and straddled me on top. She took off her boxers and I was treated to a wonderful sight! She was shaved! She then lowered her pussy down to my cock head and slowly pushed down.

I felt the heat emanating from shaven cunt and felt how tight it was after not being penetrated for three years. “Ohhhh, Ahhhh, bursa sınırsız escort Uuuuggggghhhhh” she moaned as I stretched her pussy to fit my rock solid nine inches. I bottomed out and she paused for awhile getting used to the size.

“Do you like this feeling, Jake?” she asked.

“Very much so”

She then started to move up and down slowly on my cock. She rode me until I orgasmed again. “There, now it’s my turn.” said mom.

She flipped us around and I was on top. She told me to give her some good pussy licking. I moved out of her and moved down and started to lick the outer lips. I’ve never done it, but I’ve been studying it for some time now and I’ve developed a technique. I pushed my tongue in to her pussy and started to lick around the inner lips. “Ooooohhh, you’re so good! Lick your mommy’s old pussy, lick it good!” I brought my hands up and massaged her clit with my left and inserted two fingers with my right. My fingers were pretty wet after a few seconds of it and mom was close to orgasm. “Oohhhh yes…uuuhhhh, suck off your mommy.”

These words brought my cock back to a full nine inches. I started to rub her g-spot with my right hand and she then came in a flood of pussy juices. I tried to lick all of it up, but there was too much, and it splattered everywhere, on my face, my hands, her legs and ass. I felt the need to penetrate and I thrust my cock into her and she started to scream.

“Oooohhh!!! Jake!!! Pump my HOLE!! Aaaaahhh, uuuuggghhhh!” With that, she orgasmed again and again. After her third orgasm, I felt the at bay orgasm coming on. “Oh, mom,…ugh, I’m…about to come!”

“Do it in me! I want to feel your cum inside me! CUM IN ME!!!”

I then came in gallons in mom’s pussy and that triggered another of mom’s orgasms, her fourth. I fell down on top of her and she relaxed and loosened her pussy walls. I stayed in and told her one of my fantasies.

“Mom, have you ever taken it up the ass?” I asked her.

“No, never. But, I’d love to try!”

We both got up and she got on all fours and I situated myself behind her. I took some of the mixture of juices from mom’s cunt and spread along her crack. I then inserted a finger and I felt ready to go. Since this was her, and my, first time anally, I took I slow. I placed the tip at her hole and slowly slid it in. It was a tight fit and she urged me to keep going. “Yeeesss…stretch your mother’s virgin asshole. Uuuuggghhh.” I slid it all the way in and started a rocking motion. Slowly going in and out, in and out.

“Ooooohhh, that feels…so…good! I…I…I’m about to cum!!! Aaaaaahhhh!” She then came and clenched my cock in her ass. I started to catch the friction from the tight ass and thrusted even harder. I was pounding so hard that we made slapping noises as we hit each other. I then exploded in my greatest orgasm ever in her asshole. I shot gallon after gallon of cum into her asshole.

From that day on, we’ve been fucking like jackrabbits every day and chance we had together. I’m 28 now, married to a beautiful wife with a gay attraction to her mother and every now and then, my mother in law, wife, my mom, and myself get together on holidays and fuck each others brains out until late in the morning.

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