Cruise Ship Hair Don’t Care Pt. 03

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Waking up in the dark, I could feel the sheets ruffling, and the bed moving. Still exhausted, I fell asleep as Donna climbed into bed next to me. Her warmth was the perfect temp for me to resume dreaming in the dark room. I was awakened some time later, probably before sunrise due to the room still being dark. I could feel the body of a woman on my hips, and my arms were being lifted up. My fingers encountered quite the surprise.

“Do you like them?” A voice asked.

As I struggled to find consciousness, I could feel the metal bars at the end of tits under my fingers.

“Ummm…wow.” I somehow mumbled.

“I visited the ‘Room of Bad Choices’ last night after the disco closed. I had them installed just a few hours ago. Teddy loves them.”

“Ummmm…what!” I exclaimed, opening my eyes to find Hannah on top of me.

“I can tell you like them. Your fingers haven’t let go yet.” Hannah replies.

Looking up as my eyes adjusted to the darkened room that had just enough light coming in the doorway for me to see Hannah’s tits and some new piercings.

“I won’t lie. I love your tits. They look amazing now.” I told her.

Jumping off me, Hannah picked up her shirt and headed to the living area. Following her out of the room, I find we are the only ones here.

“I thought Donna was here.” I say, looking around.

“Oh, she was leaving when I arrived. She left with some cute girl. They seemed to be wearing only towels.”

“Oh. Cool. Last night was pretty cool for all of us.” I tell Hannah just as there is a knock at the door.

“Who could that be?.” Hannah asks me.

“Go answer it. It’s our concierge with our early breakfast.”

And, she does. Without batting an eye, Hannah drops her shirt, and walks to the door.

“Ta-dah…What do you think?” Hanna says to our concierge.

“Very nice. Room of Bad Decisions?” He asks.

“Yep.” Hannah smiles at him and stands at the open door while he drops off the tray.

“Thanks, my man.” I tell the concierge as I see Hannah pour a cup of coffee and head to the balcony.

“Hey, you might want to come see this.” Hannah says from just inside the doorway, and then returns to the railing.

Joining her, I can tell she is looking into the pool area. As I step beside her, we can both see Donna and Alora moving in a slow motion symphony of sorts under the shower. Of course, they are naked and completely intertwined as they kiss and hold each other.

“Do you want to join them?” Hannah asks.

“No. I like my current naked company.” I tell her.

“Then, get behind me and fuck me while we enjoy the show.” I am directed.

Who am I to tell my beautiful sister I don’t want to fuck her. Behind her, I’m able to spread her open for my cock.

“No, not there. I want it in my ass.” Hannah tells me as she moves her legs down a little.

Well, this is new. So, I put a little of my own spit on my cock and also on her asshole, then carefully guide it into her tight ass. As we perfect our angles, I’m able to look over Hannah as the action below.

While I fuck Hannah in the ass, the girls continue, oblivious to us above. And then, surprisingly, a group of five guys comes in and forms a semi-circle around them. They unabashadly undress and begin stroking their cocks to hardness. I wouldn’t say I’m the jealous type, but these guys are really hung. The girls don’t appear to even open their eyes and continue their languid cleansing. Suddenly, four of the guys grab Donna by the arms and legs. As they lift her by her appendages, they bring her off the ground and spread her wide open. Then, they slowly move her to the fifth guy who is standing and waiting for her pussy to surround his enormous dick. I can now see Donna’s eyes are open and she is looking up at me. As she is guided to the waiting cock, Donna never once takes her eyes off me. Alora backs up against the wall, alone, and begins rubbing her own pussy as she watches for Donna to be completely penetrated.

“NNNOOOOOOO!!” I let out a loud, gutteral scream of sorts to stop what looks surely to be a painful rape of my cousin.

“Zoo! Zoo! Are you alright?” Donna exclaims.

As I look at her, I realize we are in bed together.

“You had a bad dream.” She tells me.

“No shit. You wouldn’t believe what I just saw.” I reply sarcastically, while also thankful I think to myself.

“I’m not sure I want to.”

“So, there’s no ‘Room of Bad Decisions’ on board? Have you seen Hannah? What about Alora?”

“Room of Bad Decisions? Alora left hours ago. Hannah probably hasn’t woken up yet. It’s not even 6am yet.”

“I had a dream Hannah got pierced in some secret room on board. Then, we watched you…well, let’s just say that’s what woke you up.” I tell her.

“Well, you have told me I am the girl of your dreams.” Hannah laughs and gets out of bed.

As I watch her naked ass, I follow her into the living area, then onto the balcony. The sun is rising behind the ship as we steam toward Cozumel. On this island, we intend to make our relationship known. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri From there, we’ll hash out what Hannah told me and determine our next steps. Donna and I plan out the coming events. After a day at sea, our time in Cozumel will be relatively brief, and very eventful. After enjoying all day at the pool, we meet the entire family for dinner. From there, we’ll find a few tables somewhere close to a bar and lay out the plan.

After our drinks arrive, Donna and I stand to discuss Cozumel.

“Okay, tomorrow all of you will be our guests on Cozumel. We’ll disembark around 9am, and walk a few blocks to the ‘Cozumel Zipline Taxi Service’.”

“Taxi?” My Dad asks. His tan indicates he has really enjoyed the ship.

“Yes. This is the business Donna and I have been developing. We started the idea in Luckenbach, and then branched out so to speak. Here’s how it works. We have connected 5 resorts on the island by zipline. It’s an eco-friendly way to move about Cozumel.” I begin.

“In Luckenbach, we found a bed and breakfast consisting of multiple tree houses, but they were simply unable to bring in much business. Zoo and I proposed connecting the tree houses by ziplines, and then worked to attract large groups of families for vacation rentals. It went well enough that they built ten more houses and installed ziplines to connect all of them.” Donna continues.

“From there, we dreamed up of a way to connect rentals on islands, and we got our first customer in Saddlebunch Keys off Florida. After that, it was off to the races.” I interject.

“In Jamaica, we have a zipline taxi connecting three resorts, and we hope to gain customers in the Cayman Islands. But our favorite is right here.” Donna finishes.

“So, this is where you come in. Tomorrow, you will zip to the resort of your choice. We have your passes and resort fees covered. But, there’s some things you need to consider.”

“Yes, this is our most extensive zipline. All the resorts are connected. The first two are family-friendly resorts. The third is adults-only. And…” Donna stops and looks at me.

“The fourth resort is also adults-only, but requires all guests are at least topless.” I stop to look for Donna to finish.

“And the fifth?” My Mom asks quizzically.

“Well, the last one requires total nudity. In fact, you have to zip into the resort in the buff.” Donna finishes and waits for the shock to hit.

“So, you’re saying…” Dad smiles at me with a wink.

“Yep. You’ll drop off your clothes at the fourth stop. But wait until you hear when you get them back.” I tell everyone.

“Well, thank God we at least get our clothes back!” Mom exclaims.

“You’ll get them back after a helicopter ride back to the ship.” Donna says to shocked and utterly silent group.

“That’s the big payoff here. From the first four resorts, you’ll enjoy a short bus ride. Only the fifth resort provides the helicopter.” I tell them.

“And, you thought of this? How? And, you’ve done this? When? The two of you cousins?” Dad asks.

“Like I said, Luckenbach provided the inspiration. We’ll tell you the rest tomorrow night when we return to the ship.” I’m ready to stop here, or I might spill the beans before we’re ready.

“Okay everyone? 9am tomorrow on the dock.” Donna says, then grabs Sam and they walk away.

“What do you think?” I ask Nora as we follow.

“Pretty sweet deal. Is this for real?” She asks me.

“Yep. It’s like the SlotZilla on Fremont Street in Vegas.”

“Cool. Sam and I did that last year. We enjoyed it. Doing it topless or nude would have been cool.” She replies as we walk arm-in-arm.

“Well, you’ll get to do it tomorrow. I have my suspicions about Mom. Dad, I’m not sure.”

“So, you and me on the zip together?” Nora asks.

“No, Donna and I will go last since we’re business partners. At least, that’s what I’ll tell everyone.”

“Oh. Darn. Maybe next time.” Nora looks at me like we should start fucking right now.

I scoop Nora into my arms, allowing my right hand to grab her right breast. She feels nice and soft to my touch. Putting her left arm around my neck, Nora drops her right arm and bends it so she can feel my cock tighten in my shorts. Her fingers work their magic, and I’m suddenly glad we are nice and close to the suite. Letting go of my dick, Nora moves her shirt up so my hand can encompass her bare breast. As we walk down the hallway to our room, I take the opportunity to roll her body up enough for me to suck a nice hard nipple. Nora seems obedient in my arms and makes no move as I push the already open door aside for us. Carrying her into the living area, I see Donna and Sam are already naked and on the balcony. Donna is sitting on the outdoor table while Sam runs his tongue all over her.

“Stop here, and do me a favor.” Nora requests.

“What’s that?” I ask as I look up from her tits.

“Tear my clothes off my body.” Nora looks me in the eyes.

“Right here?” I ask.

“Stand me up, and do it. Now.” Nora güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri whispers, and I don’t need to be told twice.

Letting go of Nora’s legs with my left arm, I guide her into a standing position. As she stands before me, back to Donna and Sam, I grab the collar of her shirt and forcefully pull it apart with a dramatic ripping sound of the fabric. It’s not that I am that strong, but Nora definitely made a slight rip in the collar for just this occasion. As the shirt falls down her arms, I spin her around so she can face our two suitemates. Nora instinctively looks up as I stop the shirt at her wrists. Pulling her hands behind her back with the material, I find some snaps on the back of her shorts and begin pulling them apart. As the shorts hit the floor, I remove the shirt from her wrists and leave Nora standing there. She is a vision of darkened skin, firm tits, and a wonderfully round ass. Scooping her up once again, I bring Nora to the balcony and place her on the table next to Donna. As she spreads her legs just like Donna has, I work quickly down her body to eat her delightful pussy. Looking up at Donna, I see she is watching me as I move my tongue in and out of Nora.

Given the events of tomorrow, and the uncertainty we face as they unfold, I realize I need Donna now more than ever. Standing up in front of Nora, I rub my hand against Donna’s face.

“Tomorrow is a big day. Nora, you taste amazing, but I’m afraid I have to take Donna for my own right now. Can we continue this at the last resort on the zipline?” I ask all three.

“I would love to continue this tomorrow.” Sam replies as he stands.

Switching partners, I lift Donna up and carry her to our private shower. There, we become entangled in a soapy embrace and wash each other off. As we climb onto our bed, my cousin presents herself as she always does, and we become one. We have had an tremendous couple of days with a fun group of uninhibited adults, but Donna feels so right in my arms. As I feel her nipples against my chest, I hold her close and plunge my dick in and out of her pussy. As I move my hips to feel every single inch of the inside of her pussy with my cock, we gain our perfect rhythm together and fuck with abandon for at least an hour. Sensing my moment, I move my face to Donna’s pussy.

“How did I look while I was eating Nora?” I ask Donna.

“I won’t lie. I want to do that tomorrow.”

“Even if my parents choose the last resort?” I mumble through the soft folds of her juicy cunt.

“For sure. We can’t let them see us going after it.” Donna says with a laugh.

“Actually, I was thinking the last resort would be the best spot to tell them. All of us will be naked, literally with nothing to hide.” I stop licking Donna and look at her.

“Okay, I see. How about this? If they also partake in the sex themselves, we can tell them on the helicopter ride back?” Donna suggests.

“If I watch my parents fuck, or your parents for that matter, the last words I ever say to them may be on that helicopter.”

“My parents are the wild card here. I think Mom goes topless, but Dad would never be seen nude in front of family members.” Donna tells me as she grabs my head and pushes my face back into her.

“I don’t know, your Mom is pretty hot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see all four of them go crazy, even in front of us. Who knows what they’ve been up to the past few days? Dad looks mighty tanned.” I stop for a moment, then resume sucking on Donna’s deliciousness.

After I enter Donna one more time, I’m able to carry her around the room. Lifting her and lowering her, she is literally like a fuck toy. As she holds onto my neck, I squeeze her ass when I lift her. After edging myself, I sit down so she can ride me. I cum pretty quickly, and then Donna grinds about three orgasms out of her body before collapsing on me. I’m able to reach between her legs, put my fingers into her to dip them in the juices left behind. Then, I grab her tits and rub the stickiness all over. With my dick still in her, I lick the cream off her tits. Donna cums one more time as she watches lick it all up. I can taste the salt from my cum, but the dominant flavor is her. Donna has this intense taste and she always leaves me wanting more.

The concierge seems surprised to see me in my boxers the next morning. In fact, he is probably more surprised by that than a naked Donna coming out for her morning coffee he has just delivered. As he leaves, Nora and Sam make their appearance. Sam gets a high-five from me, but Nora gets a full kiss, hug, and a squeeze of her ass. As I watch Donna wrap a leg around Sam as they greet each other, I know today is the day for serious foreplay and even more serious sex.

All of us throw on our suits, and head out with our resort bags packed with sunscreen and towels. At first, I don’t think much of it, but Donna quickly points out the fact my parents and her parents are getting along really well. As relatives, they should. Hannah and Teddy complete the group, so there güvenilir bahis şirketleri are ten of us. After traversing the long pier from the ship, we continue walking straight into a neighborhood across the street. At the top of a slightly inclined street, we find the zipline taxi.

“Alright, here’s how this works. We will depart as couples, approximately ten minutes apart. So, you will have only a few minutes to decide if you are stopping at a certain resort, or if you continue on the next zip. For example, Nora and I will zip last, and we won’t know who chose which resort until we enter it. No one will know where anyone is until they arrive inside their chosen spot.” I tell the group.

“Don’t forget the first two resorts are family-friendly, the third is adults-only, the fourth is topless, and the fifth is fully naked, including the zipline in.” Donna reminds us.

“Where does the helicopter drop us off?” My Dad asks.

“Dad! Really? You’re going full monty?” I exclaim.

“Haha, that’s our secret.” Mom tells me.

“Well, there’s one more secret about the last resort, but I’ll let you find out if you dare.” I tell everyone as Mom and Dad settle into the first zipline.

As my parents head off into the trees, Donna’s parents are next. As they saddle up, my uncle gives me a wry smile.

“This is all started with that boat you loaned me one summer.” I tell him.

“Funny how things work out.” He says just before heading off with my aunt in pursuit of my parents.

“When can I get topless?” Hannah asks us as she and Teddy assume their spots.

“Not until after the second stop.” Donna answers.

The zipline straps hug Hannah’s perfect body, and I can clearly see she did not get her nipples pierced. I make a mental note to myself to open a ‘Room of Bad Decisions’ on any and all cruise ships which would allow me to do so. I imagine there would be a brisk business on many ships. As they head off, the four of us remaining look at each other.

“Alright, let’s stick together and see how crazy that last resort gets. Our parents might play along, or they might surprise us.” I say.

“Friendly bet?” Sam suggests.


“I think both sets of parents chicken out and stick to the third resort.” He tells me.

“Oh no. My parents are going to the last one. Donna’s to the fourth.” I say.

“Hmmmm. Okay. If I’m wrong, I’ll seduce and fuck your Mom. If I’m right, you have to seduce and fuck your aunt.” Sam bets the house.

“Weird, but okay.” I say, knowing I can’t top those terms. That, and I doubt it will happen. There’s greater forces at work here.

So, off speed Nora and Sam, leaving me and Donna to get ready.

“I think everyone is going to the last one.” She says.

“Yep. No doubt. This situation could get very interesting very quickly. Did you ever think you might be naked in front of your parents?” I ask.

“Aside from a trip to Europe where Mom and I partook in some topless sunbathing, without Dad there, the answer would be a big no. What about you?”

“Ha! No way. We’ll have to come clean right away if everyone is there.” I tell Donna.

When our time is up, we head off to the trees, our paths converging to this point in time. We could take the easy way out and end up with some alone time at the third resort, or we could end up at the fourth resort with nothing but swimming suit bottoms on. Or, we head to the fifth and drop all pretensions in front of our families. At our first stop, I have a question for Donna.

“Do you think this could turn into a free-for-all sexcapade?” I ask.

“If Hannah is any indication, perhaps.” Comes the reply.

“Where would you draw the line?” I’m curious.

“Well, nothing with my Dad, and maybe bi-action with Mom. But after that, I’d totally do your Dad.” She smiles.

“Funny, I’d be lying if I didn’t say your Mom is fucking hot. That would be fun.” I play along.

“Ummm, I’m not kidding. There is literally that one line left to cross, and everyone else is fair game.” Donna states directly.

“Okay, I won’t do my parents, either. Maybe. If that ever becomes an option.” We lock eyes as our next zip begins.

“What if I do your Mom while you do mine?” Donna asks as we soar above the treeline.

“Damn, the possibilities are endless. Yes. That would be fun.” I kinda like the idea.

After our ten minute stops at the second and third resorts, we move on to the fourth resort. It’s decision time, and Donna never hesitates in handing over her clothes, not that she had more than a suit on anyway. While we were seated in two-person chairs on the first zips, now we have lay into our harness, stomach facing the ground, and face forward. My junk hangs freely beneath me, and the wind is exhilarting. It doesn’t hurt that my cousin is next to me, also naked with her tits hanging down from between the straps. Since I can reach them, I enjoy touching her nipples along the final ride to our new future.

At the last stop, we are released from the harnesses, and handed a towel and sunscreen. Our resort bags are long gone, so it’s into the park we walk, completely naked, and anxious to see what we have done to our families. The resort itself seems fairly empty, at least by judging the inside of the complex. We head outside in search of our friends, if indeed they made it this far.

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