Cuckold in the Family Ch. 11

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I arranged a night out for myself, Cassie and Kayla. We went to an underground club in Detroit for their monthly bdsm show. This club is strictly a performance art show, no actual sex going on. Kayla used to take me to this club back in the day when we were heavy into the bdsm scene. Total nudity was not allowed but see through clothes and underwear, thongs, etc. was allowed.

Fetish attire is required so I dressed as a teacher and Kayla as a schoolgirl while Cassie wore her old cheerleader outfit. Both of them looked hot as hell and we elicited quite a bit of attention from the fetish scene crowd. Kayla was sporting white cotton panties beneath her plaid skirt while Cassie has on floss panties. Cassie had a low plunging bra supporting her D cup perky tits while Kayla had black electrician tape covering her nipples in an “X” pattern(standard bdsm uniform.)

The stage was set up as a dungeon and I loaned out both of my “pets” to a couple of Dominants to have a go at them.

Kayla was tied hands over head, straddling a wooden pony, on her tip toes. The Domme had her remove her skirt and blouse. She was subjected to a cat o nine tails, pinwheel and hot wax treatment. The Dominatrix started easy but could tell that her sub wasn’t taking her serious. The Domme then proceeded to turn up the frequency and power of the swats until Kayla’s ass was bright red showing through her white cotton panties.

Kayla was covered with red marks from the implements of pain followed by a bath of hot candle wax over her marks, causing her to squirm. Kayla is a pain slut so she was getting off on the attention.

Afterward Kurtköy Anal Escort Kayla returned to our table and took off her white cotton panties and presented them to me. The panties were soaked with her pussy juices. I strapped them around her mouth and hooked them on her ears, forcing her to suck her own juices from the crotch.

I offered up Cassie to a rope specialist and he stripped her down to her undies and proceeded to tie her up. Hands behind her back, legs locked in a spreader bar and eventually made to hang upside down on a “spit” and was then made to suffer through a series of paddle hits to her ass, crop and cane hits directly to the pussy, eventually bringing tears to her eyes as she is not quite as used to dealing with such intense pain. She finally used her safe word as the pain was too extreme for her to handle. She was released and returned to the table to recover.

Once Cassie had regained her composure, the three of us walked around and visited the various booths where demonstrations of different aspects of the lifestyle were highlighted. I always like seeing what other kinks people are into, maybe finding one I wanted to explore. After visiting the food table we returned to our table for the next program. The photo/video shows.

We sat and enjoyed the photo slide displays. The first set of photos showed men servicing men. The second set of photos displayed water sports with mixed men and women. (Although actual sex is not allowed at this club, depictions of sex are allowed in photo or video form.) Once that set of photos was complete, the topic Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort switched to extreme bdsm. Little did my subs know, I also had brought a slide show along showing a combination of photos and a few videos showing our family in full blown incest acts.

Both Kayla and Cassie turned red in the face when the crowds attention turned towards them. The photos included all of us in various positions servicing each other one way or another. The girls became the belles of the ball. Several guests approached and sat down to discuss incest with us after our photo show was done. The way that we were able to combine bdsm and incest was a fresh kink that most folks had not seen before.

One of the men who stopped to talk invited us to an underground club in Chicago the next Friday. This club was a full on “anything goes” scene party. I thanked him for the offer and ensured him that we’d be there ready to participate fully.

The man was a Dom and asked my permission to have a private conversation with Kayla. I granted him permission as he had been so kind to welcome us to this new club. He took her by the hand and led her away to one of the couches along the club perimeter to talk.

Now that I was alone with my daughter Cassie, we got into a conversation ourselves regarding our relationship. I gave her permission to speak freely and said that nothing was off limits. Cassie professed her growing love for me and said that she wanted to do anything to please me. She said that while she enjoyed cuckolding her mother she could tell that her Kayla was getting distant with her Kurtköy Zenci Escort and did not want to damage that relationship permanently.

I promised that I would take her feelings into consideration and work out an arrangement that would work for us all. The event was drawing to a close and the Dom who had been talking to Kayla asked if he could walk with us to the car which was fine with me. I had the girls walk a bit behind us while I spoke to the Dom and asked what his intentions were.

Aaron, the Dom, said that he was smitten by Kayla and would like the opportunity to get to know her better. He was aware of my arrangement with her.

I told him that we could talk the following Friday at the new club and that I had some pretty wild plans cooking in my head for my two subbies. He gave me a website to visit which outlined the rules and what events this club offered so I would know what was allowed and what was off limits.

We arrived at the parking lot and as we reached the car I told Cassie to get in the car. I told Kayla to get on her knees and to give Aaron a proper blow job. She couldn’t get on her knees quick enough. He was surprised but did not refuse my offer. Kayla spent the next twenty minutes swallowing the new friends’ cock. As he was close to orgasm he took over and grabbed her pony tails and face fucked her until he blew his load in her mouth and all over her face.

Aaron shook my hand, patted Kayla on the head like the good doggy she was and went on his way. We got in the car and headed home. I let both of them know that the following Friday would be an event for the ages. I spent an hour visiting the website and began to concoct my plan for the club.

They had a lot to offer. This would be an expensive night out as many of the events at the club had charges attached. Money well spent for a night of debauchery I thought to myself.

Stay tuned. . .

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