Curious WM 30 Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: Please read the earlier installments first, if you don’t it’s your loss. I like dominant women, semi-forced sex and bi male. If you don’t please don’t waste your time and definitely don’t comment. But if you are amused or intrigued or can offer help understanding these personalities please comment.


Angela’s comment about Phil returning brightened my day. It had been fun being Angela’s pet but I was beginning to miss Phil. I liked the feel of his cock on my lips and the taste of his semen. His cock was large enough to fill my mouth but not so large that I was uncomfortable. Even when he fucked my mouth and his balls were slapping my chin it was pleasurable. Still, being ‘victimized’ by two women was exciting. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed being fucked by Kate. It would be hard to choose between Angela and Phil or Angela and Kate. One thing was certain; with Angela in charge I could not be sure what might happen. She’d already stretched my comfort zone to include being naked for two women I didn’t even know just six days ago. What might happen tomorrow was beyond my imagination!

Thursday afternoon and evening dragged by; my cock remained semi-hard the whole time as I daydreamed about sucking Phil’s cock or eating Angela’s pussy. Sometimes I’d recall Kate’s dildo pounding into my ass but mostly I dreamed about oral sex. Once again I slept fitfully, waking up every hour or so with a painful erection. At seven thirty I couldn’t wait any longer. I got up and showered and shaved. I borrowed a tip from Kate and used some lotion to sooth my freshly shaved and very tender skin. I left the house at eight and had to wait almost ten minutes before I took the elevator to Phil’s floor.

“Good morning, Angela!” I greeted her enthusiastically. “Is Phil ready for my ‘consultation’?”

Angela laughed at my use of ‘consultation’. She was the one who had mocked me so unmercifully. “He’s been saving his cum since Tuesday, Karl, so I’d say he’s more than ready. I’d say he’s dying for you to blow him. Why don’t you get yourself ready and I’ll show you in.”

I stripped at the chair behind the screen by the window and neatly folded my clothing, as I folded my shorts Angela moved in behind me and caressed my ass. “Let me check your ‘grooming’.” she purred as her hand checked my thighs and ass for stubble. She fondled my balls and my penis begged for attention.

“You’ve done a nice job this morning. I think you’re ready now, let’s go see Phil.” Angela said as she gave my dick a little tug.

As we entered the office Phil was on the phone, “Stand by the window and enjoy the view, Karl, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“Don’t forget to keep your cock nice and hard.” Angela whispered as she left me standing by the window.

I gazed out the window enjoying the view and idly stroking my cock. I tried to remember what it was like just six days ago. I never would have stood calmly by a window, totally naked, jacking off while I waited for a fully clothed man to offer me his penis to pleasure. And I was getting impatient. My lips wanted to kiss his manhood, my tongue needed to lick his balls and shaft. My teeth wanted to be coated with his seed. I closed my eyes and slowly stroked my cock, I licked my lips and stroked, my right hand squeezed my left breast. Squeeze…, stroke…, squeeze…, istanbul escort stroke…

“I love watching you,” Phil said. “Don’t stop.”

I blushed, aware of the insanity of the situation. I was standing just inches from the window with the morning sun warming my skin and I was embarrassed that he’d come so close to me without my being aware of him. My eyes remained closed as I continued to squeeze… and stroke… Pleasing my audience of one.

“Tell me what you are thinking.”

“I’m thinking of how it felt the last time I felt you cum in my mouth.” I answered with my eyes closed, still slowly stroking… and squeezing. “It was hot and sweet and slippery; I let it slide around and coat my teeth and gums. I savored the taste for as long as I could before letting each precious drop escape down my throat.” My own cock was leaking precum supplying a protective shield for its tender head.

“Are you ready?” Phil asked.

“Yes, Phil. I’m ready, I need your cock, and I want your cock. Please let me suck your cock!”

Phil had turned the chair sideways and was standing next to it. “If you want it come and get it!”

I turned to face him and dropped to my knees. I crawled to him through the rays of the morning sun. When I was at his feet I embraced his hips and pulled his crotch to my lips. I kissed his dick through the fabric of his slacks. I could feel the heat of his package; his semi-engorged penis throbbing to life as I nuzzled it. “May I please unbuckle your belt?” I pleaded.

Phil massaged the back of my head; enjoying my groping of his crotch. I rubbed him with my nose and chin while I kissed his growing penis. It seemed to take forever but he finally gave me permission. “You may unbuckle my belt.”

As I undid his belt buckle I asked for his permission to unbutton his waist band. “P..Please let me unbutton your trousers.” I asked nervously, unsure how long he would make me wait.

“Just the button.” Phil sighed.

I loosened the button and let my hands slip down to his crotch. I massaged him from both sides; rubbing his testicles with both hands and kissing his hidden penis. Once again he let me play with his package but wouldn’t let me get to the main attraction. The sun was beating down on me and its heat plus my efforts were making me sweat. If it weren’t for the mirrored glass there would be a stark contrast between my glistening white skin and his navy blue slacks for anyone that could see us. I almost wanted to perform for anyone to see and less than a week ago I was as straight and inhibited as anyone could be! “May I please undo your zipper?” I begged.

“You may use your teeth to undo my zipper.” Phil was growing into his role as master; teasing his sex slave, making me work for the pleasure of serving him!

I found the tab of his zipper with the tip of my tongue, raised it and bit down. When I pulled it slipped from my teeth. Each time I pulled I would only release one or two teeth of the zipper but I would massage his package with my chin and mouth. Slowly I worked his zipper down and as I did his penis was growing, teasing me, and increasing my desire.

Finally his trousers were open. “May I help you out of your slacks?” I asked impatiently.

“Aren’t you a horny little slut this morning?” Phil chided. “Why should I escort bayan let you take my slacks off?”

“So you will be more comfortable, Sir.” I continued to rub his crotch with my cheeks and nose; feeling his hardness and getting a perverse pleasure out of playing the whore for him. My own cock was hard and pulsing. My hands were busy pleasing him but I wanted to take him in my mouth so I could stroke myself.

“You may help me step out of my slacks.”

“Is this all you’ve been doing?” Angela asked as she re-entered the office. “You’ve waited three days, I thought you’d be so horny you’d be done by now.”

“We’re having a little fun playing ‘master/slave’.” Phil explained. “Would you like to help me use my horny little slave?”

“Os course, silly,” she giggled, “I told you how much fun Kate and I had using him while you were away. What do you suppose I should do?”

“Why don’t you get the butt plug you told me about, I’ll bet Karl would like you to play with his ‘man pussy’. Ask Angela to play with your pussy, Karl.”

“What do you want me to do now, Karl?” Angela asked facetiously

“Please fuck my hungry little pussy with your nice little butt plug,”

“I’ll be right back,” Angela giggled.

“Please, sir, let me help you out of your boxers.” I demanded impatiently.


“Please let me see your beautiful penis!”

“First help me remove my shirt, Karl, today is so nice I want to feel the morning sun on my chest as you suck me off.”

I stood and help him remove his shirt as he had instructed. We were standing in the sunlight when Angela returned. She was wearing the same royal blue teddy and stockings that accented her strawberry blond love nest. In one hand she carried a tube of lubricant and the butt plug; in the other was Kate’s strap-on!

“Phil has very sensitive nipples, Karl, why don’t you massage his tits and kiss his nipples?

My hands rubbed his chest as she suggested and as I cupped his small breasts I kissed each nipple, sucking on it and making it hard. Angela’s hand was rubbing my ass. “Spread your legs, Karl.” As I did she reached between my legs and found my erection, giving it a squeeze she observed, “This is way more fun than jacking-off all by yourself, isn’t it?” She squeezed my balls and then her hand trailed back to my rectum. She pushed gently at the entrance. “Now what was that I was supposed to do, Karl?”

“Please, Angela, play with the butt plug in my pussy.” I pleaded.

“Tell Phil why should I do that, Karl?”

“So my pussy will be ready for Angela to fuck me.”

“When will Angela fuck you?” He teased.

“While I suck your cock, Phil. I want Angela to fuck me while I suck you! I want to be your sex slave! I want to be your fuck toy. I want a cock in my ass and one in my throat!”

“You can take off my boxers now.”

I dropped to my knees and pulled on his boxers, his cock sprang free, tempting me to take it into my mouth immediately. Phil sat down in the chair and spread his legs. “You may lick my balls now.”

I was on my hands and knees licking his balls with my ass lewdly swaying as Angela spread lubricant on my anus, her finger dipping into the hole that waited patiently for her to plug it. “What should I do now, Karl?”

Phil’s balls filled my mouth so I Kurtköy escort mumbled incoherently.

“Don’t you know it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full?” Phil laughed. “I think he said to stick it in!”

I nodded in agreement and Angela inserted the plug with a twisting motion. It popped in easily. She pulled gently and pushed again, over and over, never quite taking it out as I licked her husband’s balls. Phil’s penis was engorged but not really hard; it flopped against my nose and forehead as I thoroughly cleaned his scrotum and sucked on his balls.

“Lick my dick.” Phil ordered. “I like the sound of that, don’t you, Angela? Lick my dick, Karl.”

I made long, slow, slurping licks from his balls to the tip of his dick. Angela popped the plug out and then plunged it in again. I concentrated on licking and let my asshole relax. She pumped the plug in and out easily. “I think our fuck toy is ready for more, Phil. Are you ready to be sucked off?”

Angela popped the plug in one last time and reached for the strap-on. She stepped into the harness and cinched up the only buckle. I could see her ‘cock’ waiving as she moved behind me. It was eight inches long but I was not worried, Kate had already worked it all the way in. I wanted to be fucked again; this time with a cock in my mouth!

“You may suck the tip of my dick, Karl, but wait until Angela has you on her rod. Then let her fuck me with your mouth.”

Angela wasted no time in lubing up her jelly dick and slipping the tip into my ass. “Hold on Karl, we’re going to fuck you at both ends!” She gave a quick short thrust and Phil’s cock was in my mouth. A little harder one and her cock was half way in. She held on to my hips and gave me a succession of short quick thrusts. Phil’s cock was rubbing on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. “Don’t suck yet, Karl!” she demanded. “Just let me fuck him with your mouth.”

I relaxed my mouth and throat muscles and wished that Phil’s cock were longer, I wanted to try to take him into my throat; I relaxed my ass and enjoyed the sensation of the dildo pumping in and out of my man pussy. Suddenly Angela cried out, “I’m coming, Karl, suck Phil’s cock. Suck it hard!”

I licked and sucked like a whore as she continued to fuck my ass with her cock and her husband with my mouth. I felt him tense up and thrust involuntarily. His first shot was on the tip of my tongue and some of it escaped down my chin; the second shot was buried as deep as he could go. The rest he let me suck from his wilting penis. Angela slumped on my back, the dildo still buried in my rectum, my dick dripping precum.

Phil pushed me away from his crotch. “You were great, Karl. I love the way you suck and I love the way you go with the flow. You’re one hell of a sex slave; is there anything you won’t do?”

“At first I only wanted to feel a cock in my mouth and taste fresh cum: but now I don’t know.” I admitted as I was stroking my cock. “You and Angela have turned me from curious to slut. So far I like it.”

Angela slowly pulled the dildo from my ass. “Quit playing with yourself,” Angela ordered sternly, “we’re done for today. I don’t want you to cum until tomorrow, is that clear?”


“Yes, what?” Angela demanded.

“Yes, Mistress Angela, I won’t cum until tomorrow.” I was horny as hell and not sure if I could wait.

“We have another appointment at nine, you can come in at ten-thirty, and we’ll have the rest of the day to play.”

“Yes, Mistress Angela, I’ll be here at ten-thirty.”

“Good, now get Phil dressed and be on your way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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