Curly Red Hair

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My wife is a brunette. We’ve been married sixteen months on the seventh. It’s just amazing how time has flown by. Someone once said to me that you’re not truly married until your wife yells at you. Well, if that’s the case, then I guess I haven’t experienced the real thing yet. That’s just the kind of relationship we have – perfect. We never fight and we absolutely love to be with each other. We’re both extremely religious and come from rather conservative backgrounds. I won’t specify which religion, but I will say that we were both virgins on our wedding day. In fact, we wore the “virgin” title a couple days into the honeymoon.

I’m guessing that you probably want a detailed description at this point, and I sure wish that I could throw a picture or two in here. I mean, I can describe things, but sometimes words just don’t cut it. I know that’s the case where my wife is concerned.

Have you ever met a woman, or a man for that matter, who had no idea as to how perfectly model-like they were? That would describe my “Jewel”. Her real name is Julia, Julia Katherine. But, I like the way that Jewel flows off the tongue. Anyway, Jewel has never really known why the guys stare at her. In fact, if it weren’t for me pointing it out, she’d never have been clued in to the idea that she’s stunning. She’s rather petite at 5’2”, but proportioned to perfection, as though an artist had sketched her into existence. Her breasts aren’t that big if you go by the bra size, but because of her small frame, they definitely grab your attention.

Do you like Italians? Well, Jewel isn’t Italian, but you’d never know. In fact, her genes are divided evenly between Syrian and Caucasian. The result is olive colored skin, dark brunette hair, and the deepest blue eyes imaginable. I’m telling you that writing it out just doesn’t come close to the mark, but I hope that you at least have an idea.

As for myself, I have short blond hair, blue-green eyes, and an athletic build. But hey, I’m not the focus of this story. You go ahead and imagine what you want.

The story begins in the month of May. A time of year that’s approaching unbearable here in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife and I have often asked ourselves, “Why do we live here?” The answer, of course, is “free rent”. My parents recently pursued their dream of better weather and beautiful trees by moving to Washington. They are in the process of selling their six-bedroom, two-bath, 3,000 square-foot monster. In the meantime, they live in Washington, and we get out of the way of the real estate agent and her prospective buyers.

The house is big, but we don’t mind, as the free rent allows us to save for our own home. We’ve recently had another bit of good fortune that has sweetened the deal of house sitting for my parents. On the other side of our driveway is a rather spacious addition. It used to be a shop for all of my father’s power Beylikdüzü escort tools, as he had his own cabinetry business. But, after retirement it was converted into an apartment, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and small sitting room. It’s really quite cozy, and I guess my aunt was particularly impressed with its potential, considering the call that I received from my mother.

“Yes, you heard me right. Stacy is going to be living with you two for the rest of the summer. I’ve made arrangements with her mother that she can rent the apartment for $250 a month. You’ll get half of that as you’ll be giving up some of your privacy.”

Well, that was a bit of a surprise. My wife and I were very much getting used to the idea of wandering around the house nude, and basically doing just about anything we wanted, wherever we wanted. Stacy is a younger cousin that I hadn’t seen for over four years. We used to be really close when we were younger, but I had gone out of the country for school, and then she had moved away to be with her father. She was going to be starting college in the fall and wanted to experience life on her own before moving to New York. Her mother, my aunt Loraine, thought it was a wonderful and “safe” idea to have her live next to us.

I guess we weren’t too disappointed by the change in plans. I mean, we were trying to save as much money as we could, and she was a definite bonus in that respect.

My wife was at work when Stacy showed up that Saturday morning. Oh, my wife is a manager for a photography studio in WalMart. That’s just a little side note in case you were wondering. Anyway, not having seen Stacy in so many years, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. I guess I was afraid that her personality would have changed so much that we wouldn’t “click” like before. When I opened our back door after hearing her knock, the “personality” issue was the least of my concerns.

Once again, I’m really wishing that I could insert a picture of what I saw. If you could combine the best features of the twenty most beautiful women in the world, what would the result be? You guessed it! I literally had no control over my lower jaw. I always thought that problem was just something you see in the cartoons, but no. I had to consciously tell my mouth to close, and then proceed to tell my eyes to go back to their normal, relaxed position. After stuttering a few incoherent words of greeting, I rushed her into the house and quickly closed the door to lock the heat out.

“Stacy! You are Stacy, aren’t you? I mean, you look totally different. You’re just so tall and beautiful. I mean, not that you weren’t always beautiful, but you’ve definitely grown.”

I shut up at that point, as I could feel the red starting to take over my upper cheeks.

Stacy just smiled and said, “Oh Jasie, I’ve missed you so much,” as she wrapped her arms Beylikdüzü escort around me, pressing her extremely noticeable breasts into my chest. I thought I was blushing before, but this little erotic hug had me going pretty bad. I just couldn’t get over how she was very much a woman now and not the little girl I remembered. And yet, she still called me “Jasie”. It was the nickname she’d given me, and she was the only person that ever used it. I guess she liked how it rhymed so perfectly with her name. Well, we spent the next fifteen minutes or so talking about everything that was going on and then I helped her with her luggage.

“Jewel and I had to get creative in here with the curtains. There wasn’t anything at all and we didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with us staring through the window at you.” The truth was that we didn’t want to have her staring at us all of the time, but it sounded better the other way.

“Oh, I don’t mind if you stare at me,” replied Stacy in a slightly suggestive way. We both laughed it off, but I couldn’t laugh enough to get rid of the images that flooded through my mind.

I had to get out of there at that point and so I made some excuse of errands to run. We said our good byes, and then promised to get together for dinner so that she and my wife could meet.
If I could have smacked myself in the head without looking like a complete nut, then I would have done it. I just couldn’t believe how sexual she was, and how I could ever think such things about my sweet little innocent cousin. What in the world was the matter with me? Wow, but she was hot.

She had full, deep red, curly hair. She was a dancer and so everything about her was, well, tight. She wasn’t more then 5’8”, but because of her long and slender legs, she looked to be close to six feet. And that coppery skin! Here I was doing it again. I had to get control and stop thinking about my cousin in that way. It wasn’t bad enough that I was a happily married man. No, I had to go and get some sick fixation about my cousin. And so I drove around town for an hour, thinking about my eighty-year-old grandmother in a bikini. Let me tell you, it worked well.

About a week went by of me catching glimpses of Stacy through her window, having casual conversations, and a couple of dinner engagements. My wife just loves her. They’re close enough in age and interests that it’s like having two sisters gang up on you. Only, I’ve never caught myself drooling over my wife’s sisters.

I don’t know how many movies I’ve seen with the miniature devil and angel riding a person’s shoulder, whispering in their ears. I always thought of it as a cute thing, but nowhere near reality. Ever since Stacy moved into that little apartment across our driveway, though, I can honestly say that I’m a firm believer in those two little guys. I have to say that the devil character is a whole Escort Beylikdüzü lot more interesting to listen to. But, my religious background keeps interrupting my thoughts, especially when I consider that my cousin belongs to the very same church. What am I thinking! It’s not as though she would have anything to do with a married guy who just happens to be her cousin.

We slipped up, my wife and I. It happened one Thursday evening after Jewel had gotten home from a hard-days work. She’d just gone through her “cycle” and so it had been a few days since we’d had sex. You have to understand that Jewel wants it about two or three times a day. I can imagine that most men would just kill for that sort of thing, but for some sick reason my body doesn’t act like it should.

Anyway, she couldn’t exactly wait for us to get to the bedroom, and so she started losing pieces of clothing from the second her foot crossed the threshold of our back door. She was completely nude and had my pants to my ankles at about the kitchen counter. A few steps more and she had her mouth around my cock, her fist pounding up and down on its base. You can imagine my feelings at this point, looking down at those luscious lips encircling me, Jewel’s tits swaying progressively faster the more aggressive she became.

Normally I can handle the attention for quite a while, but there was something unexplainably intense about this whole experience. I warned her that she had to let up if she wanted anything more from me that evening, but my words seemed to inspire her all the more. She wrapped her hands around my backside and squeezed tightly as she pushed my cock down her throat. I couldn’t believe what was happening, as my wife had never tried any such thing before. I didn’t even know it was possible. She choked a little, but fearlessly pounded her face into my crotch. Well, that was definitely all I could take and I warned her that I was about to cum.

“I want you to cum harder then you’ve ever cum before, and I want it all over my body,” she said as she furiously worked my cock with both of her hands.

Now, I have no idea where she learned that kind of talk, but who was I to argue. It was in that instant that a jet of sperm shot through the air and landed on her forehead. She then directed the flow to her chin, breasts, and lips, where she proceeded to delicately clean my fast-shrinking little soldier. My body relaxed and I leaned my head back, soaking in the intensity of it all. She continued to masturbate me gently and I brought my head forward to get a better look. It was then that I thought about Stacy. Holy Shit! The window curtains were open to the world. I dropped to the ground as fast as I could, but not before I saw a slight movement of red curls in the window across the way. Jewel and I looked into each other’s eyes as she said questioningly, “I wonder if she was watching”.

This is the end of PART ONE to the “Curly Red Hair” story. If you’re interested in learning what happened next, or maybe even getting some pictures of my wife and cousin, send me a request. I’ll get back to you as soon as I check my mail, which is usually pretty often.

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