Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 01

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Ok this is my first post so please be kind. I would like to thank Madam Whitewalker for the editing since I seem to be so bad at it.


It’s been a long day at work and when I get home, my darling cumslut whore is waiting at the door for me. She knows from the texts I’ve been sending her all day that it was a rough one, so she has decided to surprise me with an outfit. I see only my black Sith robe from Halloween draped over her and dragging on the floor. She raises a glass to me, “Here you go, Daddy,” she says. I take a sip of the perfect margarita, which she knows is my favorite drink. She then takes my briefcase and puts it on my desk. “Daddy, I have laid out a change of clothes for you when you’re ready.” Now I know she is up to something.

I walk to the bedroom to see that she has laid out my “playtime” clothes: a polo shirt, slacks, and socks. All black. “Someone wants to play today,” I think to myself. I hear a shuffling noise behind me and then her voice. “Daddy may I help you change your clothes?” This is part of our ritual before “playtime.” After her bath, I dry her off, then she dresses me and I dress her, but this time she is already dressed. I allow my Babygirl to help me undress then put on the clothes she has laid out. I then notice that some of my neck ties are laying on the bed next to a black towel that appears to have something under it. Babygirl’s hand reaches for the towel as she looks at me. I nod and she pulls the towel off to show me a nice black leather paddle – the one we ordered a few weeks ago, specially made. I look at my darling Babygirl and see the excitement in her eyes. Now I know why my ties are out. I hear her ask, “May I disrobe Daddy?” I nod my head again and the robe falls to the floor. There stands my wife, my fantasy girl, my soul mate, my Babygirl wearing a black satin corset with matching stockings and g-string. Around her neck is the collar we also sent away for – pink leather with her name, “Babygirl,” in silver on it. Whenever I see her in her outfits for our “playtime,” I can’t help but think that this is the most beautiful she has looked, until the next time.

I take a few minutes and just look up and down, eying the outfit on her body. My hand reaches out and lifts her chin so her eyes meet mine. “Go stand at the foot of the bed,” I tell her. The hint of a smile crosses her face as she walks around to the foot of the bed. I come and stand behind her with my ties in hand; I take her right arm and gently stretch it out to her side, wrapping a tie around it. I then tie it to the bedpost. I do the same with the other arm. Bending down, I tie one leg and then the other to a post as well. I check all the ties to make sure they’re nice and tight. I stand and stare at my handiwork, marveling at the beauty in front of me, before going to the toy chest and taking out the silk blindfold. I walk back and say, “Lean your head back, Babygirl.” As she does, I put the blindfold on nice and snug and then I wait. I try to be as quiet as I can, controlling my breathing as I watch my Babygirl trying to figure out what is going on. She hates this part as much as I love it, her mind racing with thoughts of what I am going to do. I walk back to the toy box and get a few more things to use. The first is a soft fuzzy scarf. Others might think a toy box is a weird place to put a scarf, but this one is special. We found it at the store and Babygirl just loved how soft it was. I thought, “Oooo I can use this for a sensual, gentle “playtime.” We bought it right then and there and it’s been hiding in the toy chest Kurtköy escort bayan ever since. That was 2 months ago.

I take the scarf and let the fringe brush against her arm. I see her shiver uncontrollably and her mouth drop open. I then move to the other arm and drag the fringe from her wrist to her shoulder. She shivers again. I move to her shoulders, letting the fringe brush against her sweet skin. I then tickle the underside of each ass cheek with the fringe, which drives her insane. Gently, I wrap it around her neck, leaving the ends on each breast with the fringe dangling close to her nipples that are still covered by the corset.

Next I get out an antique knitting needle. Again, most people might think this a weird thing to have in this instance, but the play tonight is about touch and being sensual. I start running the needle with the point pressing on her shoulder. Slowly, I drag the point of the needle over her shoulders to her back. I run the point up and down the portion of her spine that is exposed to me. I feel Babygirl shudder a bit. I then bend and run the needle up the back of one leg, heel to thigh, then the other. I go back to the box and get what is probably her favorite toy: the stainless steel butt plug with the blue crystal on top. I step behind her and put my mouth to her ear and whisper, “Open your mouth.” She does and I slip the plug into her mouth. She instantly knows what to do, getting the plug nice and sloppy wet so it will slip smoothly in. After a couple of minutes, I remove the plug from her mouth and instruct her to bend over. She struggles a bit against her bonds, but is able to bend enough, sticking out her ass. I pull aside her g-string and then pull a cheek open and play with the tip of the plug against her gorgeous asshole. I then slowly push the plug in all the way. I hear my Babygirl gasp in pleasure. She wriggles her ass a bit against my hands; it’s her way of thanking me since she is not allowed to speak while tied up unless given permission or asked a direct question.

I reach on the bed for our new toy. The leather paddle. I pick it up and test its weight. I then place it flat against Babygirl’s ass. She jumped as soon as it touched. “You know Babygirl, I could have sworn that when I ordered this I said I wanted to open this package when it came in. You need to be punished for this, but I think that’s what you had in mind all along. Now be a good girl and count as I spank you.”

I swing my arm like I’m serving racquetball underhanded and the paddle smacks against her flesh. “One,” she counts. I then practice my back hand on the other cheek. Smack. “Two,” she says. I then switch where the paddle lands on her ass and keep spanking until she gets to, “Ten.” I look at my handiwork and see a nice red bottom.

“Have we learned our lesson yet, Babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Hmm, I’m not so sure.” I quietly leave the room. After about a minute I return with the next item. My hand starts to rub her still red bottom. Babygirl almost jumps out of her skin; she wasn’t expecting the ice in my hand. I rub the ice cube all over one cheek until it’s gone and then do the same to the other. “You know, I think it’s time to remove this beautiful outfit you have on.” I reach around to her front and slowly undo the clasps to her corset. I stop about half way down, then reach into the makeshift ice bucket and pull out her nipple clamps, now all nice and cold. I lean over her and clamp first one nipple and then the other. Babygirl gasps in a combination of pleasure and pain. I continue Escort Kurtköy to take off the corset and then put it on the dresser. Now she is just wearing the g-string. I start to pull it down but leave it around her knees to further restrain her legs. My hands roam over her ass and towards her very wet pussy, causing her to moan as soon as I touch it. She is dripping wet and its slowly running down the inside of her thighs. I gently pull her butt back, making her arch her back. My hand rubs lightly up one lip and then down the other. My fingers find her clit already hard and I start to rub it between my fingers. With my mouth close to her ear I ask, “Do you want me to lick or fuck you first?”

“Wait,” I thought to myself, “What am I asking her for?” I bend down and take her g-string and stockings all the way off. I then release both of her legs from the ties, lifting her up as she kicks her legs on the bed. I climb on the bed and look at my beauty, sitting on the foot of the bed, arms still tied to the posts, with the most beautiful pussy I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. I learn forward and gently blow on her mound and I see the goose bumps appear. I slowly start with the tip of my tongue against her labia and enjoy watching her squirm. I lick up to her clit and find it hard again. I tongue her there and hear her moan. I stick two fingers inside and find that one spot that never fails to sets her off and, as always, it does. My mouth is flooded with her sweet nectar. It’s just a trickle but I know that if I keep working at it she will squirt. While my tongue licks her clit and my fingers thrust in, I start twisting the butt plug. All of a sudden I feel her whole body shake with the new sensation. “Oh Daddy,” she moans, “Thank you for putting the plug in my ass.”

“Babygirl, that’s not all that is going in your ass tonight,” I reply. “And you have spoken out of turn.” She squeals and shakes as another orgasm hits. Then I get hit with a flood in my face. That did it; she finally squirted all over me. After a bit I climb up to where my nose is touching hers. “Kiss me,” I order. Our tongues intertwine while I rub her clit; she starts licking my face, cleaning up her own cum. I get up, release her tied hands, and lead her to the side of the bed. I turn her so her back is to me and I push her down so she is bent over the bed. “Don’t move,” I order. I go to the other side and get the restraints laying there, using them to tie her down with her body stretched a bit.

I walk back around, removing my pants, and ask, “Now who owns this gorgeous body that is draped over my bed?”

“You do, Daddy.”

“Who gets to do whatever he wants with this body?”

“You do, Daddy.”

“Now this might be a tricky question. Who makes me the happiest man on the planet?”

“I do Daddy!”

“That’s right you do. Now here is your reward.”

I press my hardening cock against her ass and she gasps again. I slowly rub the head up and down her ass crack to her wet pussy. I aim for her slick, wet pussy and begin to inch my way in, taking it so slowly that she starts trying to push back on me. I grab her hips to stop her, “Don’t do that, or I will start over.” “Yes, Daddy,” she whimpers. I continue until I am all the way in and she sighs. I slowly start moving in and out as Babygirl shakes her ass from side to side. I take that as her signal that she wants to do some work. I spank her ass, “Go ahead Babygirl.” She starts moving as much as she can while she is restrained to fuck my cock. I give her some time for her Kurtköy Rus Escort fun. I then grab her hair and pull her head back. “My turn.” I pull her hair even harder as I start slamming my cock in and out of her as fast and hard as I can. She starts to moan louder and louder with each thrust. Finally, I let go of her hair and grab her hips, pumping as fast as I can. All of a sudden, she shakes and screams and that sends me over the edge as I fill her with my cum. I lay across her when I finish. I slowly star kissing her back, working down to her ass. I get up and walk back around to her front. I release her restraints, grabbing her chin and kissing her softly on the lips. “Time to clean me up, Babygirl. Open your mouth.” I stick my cock in her mouth and she starts sucking. Soon, her hands come up to help and she starts jerking me off. I’m hard again in no time and start to feel that familiar sensation. My eyes close and I feel my load shoot down her throat. I open my eyes and look down at the love of my life with a big smile on my face.

“Think this is funny, Babygirl?”

“A little, Daddy.” She knows her mouth is magic on my cock and I don’t last long with her blowjobs.

“I should give you a spanking, but I think I have a better idea.”

I then hook a leash to her collar, “Come with me.” She gets off the bed, drops onto all 4’s and follows me out of the room, the nipple clamps dangling from her tits. We go on a journey through our house and wind up in the living room. The only light is that of the stars and moon coming in the window. “Kneel,” I say, standing in front of her. I start rubbing my cock against her lips. “Open and get me sloppy wet.”

After a few minutes, I pick her up by her shoulders and put her over the arm of the couch, facing the window and the night sky. I rub my fingers in her still wet pussy. “I am now going to slid a finger in your ass for being a bad girl. You may not cum until I say. If you want my cock in your ass, you need to beg. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says but with a hint of a giggle.

I take my fingers from her pussy and slowly insert my middle finger into her nice, tight, gorgeous asshole. Again, she tries to push back on me inorder to get my finger all the way, but I smack her ass and say “NO!” With a quiet whimper, she stops. I then go slower, pushing my finger in all the way. What seems like a few hours is only a few minutes. I start moving it almost completely out and then back in as far as I can. I hear my Babygirl moan and gasp. “Daddy, please, can I have your cock in my ass?” she asks breathlessly. “That’s asking not begging,” I reply. “Please, Daddy, let me be your cumslut whore and fuck my ass with your cock.” “That’s still not enough begging,” I respond. My finger comes all the way out. “Pleasssse Daddy fuck your little cumslut whore in the ass.” Next she cries out in pleasure/pain, feeling my cock go into her ass. I don’t go slow this time, just shove all the way to the hilt. I love to watch her gasp and her eyes bug out a little. She wiggles her ass against my stomach and I start pulling out and then thrusting back in even harder. She loves to have her ass fucked roughly. I then pull her hair hard with one hand and smack her ass with the other. “Is this what you wanted my little cumslut whore?”

“Oh yes, Daddy. Please fuck your cumslut whore in the ass like she deserves.”

I pound her ass as hard as I can. All of a sudden, I feel wetness against my legs. She is squirting again, her body spasms and her ass clenches me tight like a vice; that is enough to send me over edge again. I cum hard and shoot my load deep into her ass. I collapse on top of the woman I love and start kissing her neck.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she says breathlessly.

“You are more than welcome Babygirl. Now rest up a bit. We have a long night ahead.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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