Daddy does the Job Pt. 03

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I looked up, my face full of eagerness as Daddy stepped through the doorway, and saw me as he had ordered, naked and on my knees. The classic subservient cocksucker position, I was Daddy’s little cocksucker, and I wanted my mouth filled to overflowing.

In a few moments, Daddy was naked, his 9-inch cock rock hard. I licked my lips, making them shiny and wetly pink, eager to swallow what Daddy was about to give me. I could see his big balls, swollen with the juicy load he was going to anoint my mouth with. Before the weekend is over, Daddy had told me that once he was done with my teen ass, I’d be a certified ‘Daddy’s Little Girl,’ and that was what I wanted, more than ever.

Daddy stepped up, his cock inches from my lips, and growled huskily, “Take my dick, give it the best suck you can baby girl.”

Eager to please my daddy, I opened wide, and let his dick slip into her mouth. My blowjob skills were newbie, but I knew what would feel good, and as my daddy slowly fed my cock to me, I was able to adjust to the feel of his cock filling my mouth. I was able to take almost 5 inches and pulled back quickly before the gag reflex.

Daddy moaned, “Oh yeah baby girl, ride my pole, your hot, wet mouth feels so good.”

Eager to do so, I started to ride his pole, getting into a blowjob rhythm, I could feel my spit filling my mouth, and Daddy moaned as my wetly sucking lips were working over the throbbing hardness. He didn’t try to force my mouth down on his cock, he let me take it at my own pace, and the rush of wetness between my thighs had my own lust rising quickly.

I was making little noises of passion as I sucked his prick, the sensation of soft silky skin over a hard prick going in and out of my mouth had become more and more arousing. Daddy was making moans of passion as he rode wetly in and out of my wet, sucking lips. I was working my way downward with each bob of my head, eager to swallow him as deep as I could.

“Play with your pussy sweetheart, make yourself cum while you suck me.”

My güvenilir bahis hands flew downward, two fingers were stuffed securely up my pussy, while the fingers of my other hand swirled around and around my clit, oh fuck, it felt so good. My mouth was a tight sliding ring of pleasure, I could feel the tingles starting up.

“Fuck, gonna cum, cum baby, cum for Daddy, fuck, fuck FUCK!”

I swallowed him deep as the first blast filled my mouth, and that took me over. My mouth tightened down with orgasm, and Daddy growled and grunted, I was light-headed as I felt my tight little cunt exploding with those familiar spasms of pleasure, while Daddy gave me lots of sweet hot spunk, flooding my mouth with his tasty whitewash.

After sucking him dry, Daddy picked me up and carried me off to bed. He placed me on the mattress, on hands and knees, face down, ass up.

“Now, one more thing for you.”

I felt his hands grip my ass, parting the cheeks. I could feel my tight little asshole, exposed, knowing that daddy was looking right at my most private place was making me shake with lust. I felt his mouth planting little kisses all over my ass, his face nuzzled between my cheeks, then…MMMMM OH MY GOD, his tongue came out and started to lap at my twitchy starfish, right against the tight, quivering rim of my asshole. God, the feeling just about drove me wild, my most sensitive hole was getting its very first licking.

“Mmmm, yeah, nothing like munching a sweet, tight ass.”

I let out a loud moan of pleasure, fuck it felt so good, his tongue slid wetly up and down the tight clench just about drove me crazy. Having that sensitive little part of my body stimulated for the first time was mind-blowing. I could feel his tongue heaping lots of spit on my asshole, pressing against the clench. I relaxed as much as possible and felt the tip of his tongue ticking away inside, letting the saliva inside.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!”

After my hot, tight hole was a quivering mass of wet, needy lust, Daddy güvenilir bahis siteleri said, “Now, your last virginity is about to be taken. You’ll be a true Daddy’s Little Girl.”

I moaned, “Yes, oh yes, that’s what I want more than anything in the world.”

Daddy lubed up his prick and slid a line of lube along my tight little starfish. I felt a quiver of apprehension, his cock was so big, and my starfish was so small and puckered. But, with the beacon of being a true Daddy’s Little Girl coming closer, I was not going to wimp out.

I could feel my ass cheeks being held apart, knowing that my asshole was about to be fucked as I felt the tip of his dick against me. Daddy pushed, the head popped in and he started his entry.

“Ummmppph, unnnggghhh, ohhhh, ummmm” were all the sounds I could make as my asshole was stuffed. I was damn glad that Daddy had lubed up his cock and my asshole, it was still slow, grunting reaming as my ass walls opened reluctantly to the cock pushing slowly into her. I could feel the tight, reluctant parting, my Hershey highway getting the first fucking of my life, inch by inch, his eager cock kept up the relentless push. With a final push, my ass got the maximum stretch as Daddy’s 9-inch cock was driven into the hilt, his balls swung down and smacked against my pussy.

Daddy grunted, “Oh yeah, virgin tight, nice, my 9-inch ass buster cock will stretch you out nicely. And you’re going to love it, aren’t you Daddy’s Little Girl?”

I was feeling the wild surgings of lust, Daddy was there, having taken all my holes, and my place as Daddy’s Little Girl was secure. The knowledge made my body tremble, and the stuffed feeling of my ass felt like a badge of honor, and I was eager for it to be christened with its first load of Daddy’s hot seed.

I cried out, “Yes Daddy, yes I love it, I’m getting my ass fucked for the first time, fuck my tight little asshole, loosen me up then blow your load!”

Daddy pulled back, and drove forward again, stretching my tight little iddaa siteleri hole open again. My ass was throbbing, feeling incredibly stuffed, aching at the penetration, as my bunghole got its first reaming. I imagined his glistening prick, pulling back, then driving forward again, spreading my tight ass open around his thick hard shaft.

“Unnngghhh, ummmpppfff, mmmm, mmmm, keep buggering my tight little ass, I love up!”

The sound of my voice urging him on to fuck my ass fired him up, and he started to pump in and out, the tightness of my virgin asshole milking at his cock, plunging between my cheeks to the hilt on every thrust.

I had fully surrendered to Daddy, the wild lust whipping through my body was unlike anything I had ever felt. My asshole had adjusted to the extra stretching it was getting, the way his cock reamed my now accepting asshole made my body burn with lust.

I was eager for his load, and I reached under, between my legs, and cupped his balls, I could feel the swollen nuts, my body sizzled as I imagined the hot load of cum that was going to spunk down my asshole.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck my ass, cum inside me!”

My voice pushed him over, he suddenly froze, and grunted, “Oh yeah, cumming, oh FUCK!”

I could feel his pelvis smack against my ass, holding me tight against him, his loud cry joined in as I felt the hot bloom of cum as he burst deep inside me, the jetting rush of white-hot spunk painting my bowels. He pulled out and shot two ropes of spunk all over the tight rim of my ass to finish off the deflowering of my last virgin hole.

My Daddy reached between my thighs and ran wild finger circles all over my throbbing clit, and in a few seconds, I went flying over, my squeals of pleasure filling the air as I squirmed and shook in the wrenching wave of orgasm.

We flopped down on the bed, driving, and Daddy said softly, “Now, you are a true Daddy’s Little Girl.”


Even now, 3 years later, I am still Daddy’s Little Girl, and my holes are serviced regularly. When Daddy is plunging deep inside my eager and ready holes, and the hot bloom of his cum floods my eagerly accepting body, I can’t imagine anything better, and I’ll be a happy Daddy’s Little Girl for the rest of his life.

The End.

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