Daddy’s Birthday Present

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Both parties in this story are of legal age and are in no way related. They live in the Dom/Daddy and sub/babygirl role in their relationship.


You and I have been seeing each other again in a “vanilla” relationship for a short time, but exclusive like we have been looking forward to for years. We continue to talk and research the lifestyle that we hope to step back into some day. The researching and talking always leads to amazing love making which is always satisfying, but we know something is missing. Something we had experienced before and longed for again. I decide that I am ready to finally take that step. I remember the day that we talked about how you would know I was ready…when I told you that I would tell you, you made the statement that I should show you.

I decide that this will be the perfect birthday present, so for the few days leading up to your birthday, I make all the preparations I can during the daytime while you are at work. I go to the “toy” store to get the basics that I know you will want to use, leaving the more intense gear for you to pick out when we go shopping together. My purchases include a blindfold, nipple clamps, ropes and a flogger…the kind we talked about with all the suede tails on it. Already in our small collection are vibrators and a few anal toys/plugs. This will be enough for now to get us through the weekend ahead.

Although I know that you prefer me in no clothes in this world, I found something that I know will make you happy. We have talked in the past about me being collared someday, but since that much anticipated day hasn’t happened yet, I find an “outfit” that will serve you well with your requirements. A simple leather harness that circles my body under by breasts and at the neck with one leather strap between my breasts that connects the two. It is adorned with a ring at the neck. The black leather and rhinestone studded leash will go well hooked to that ring.

The big day finally arrives. I have all the toys wrapped in a box and waiting on the bed, and give myself plenty of time to get myself ready. I start with a shower and ensure that my skin is all soft and smooth for you. I am completely shaved and ready for you. I can’t help from being so wet with arousal with the thoughts of how you will react to your surprise.

I want so badly to take care of my own needs right now, but know that is to be saved for you and you only, unless you give me permission. Since I completely want to please you, I refrain from finding my own release. I continue with getting ready, make-up done, hair pulled back and then put on the harness and. I walk around the house for a bit to get used to the feel of my new “clothes”.

Since you think we are going to dinner for your birthday, you call and tell me that you are leaving work and will just need to jump in the shower and change before we leave. In reality, I have dinner already prepared and in the fridge so that it just needs to go in the oven when, and if, we ever got around to eating. With your call, I know that I have about 30 minutes before you get home, so I take care of the last minute details.

When I know you are about to be home, I position myself in the living room, clearly visible from the front door. I want to be the first thing you see when you walk through the door. After attaching the leash to the ring at my neck, I get in the proper kneeling position, modified by your standards a bit, hoping you won’t mind since I want you to see what I am wearing for you, more specifically, the leash. I am down on my knees, my ass resting on my feet, back arched back a bit, hands clasped behind my back which forces my breasts out, and head down.

I sit there in that position for a bit and feel the moisture already building between my legs. I am so excited to please you in any way you wish on your special day that is turning me on beyond belief. I have missed pleasing you in this way. I hear your truck pull up to the house…it’s time!

I hear the key in the door and then a few moments later the door opens and closes. I do not dare look up to see your expression, but I hear you let out a sigh and soft moan and know that I have pleased you already. I can hear that you aren’t walking, so I assume you are standing there looking at me taking it all in. I sit there silent, not making a movement at all. I am just enjoying the silence of knowing that you are seeing your possession waiting to please you.

Finally I hear your footsteps moving slowly towards me. Once you reach me, you stand over me, looking down on me I assume, since all I can see are your feet in front of me. You then begin to walk around me, taking in every bit of quiet and my respect for you. Then I feel your hand on my hair, and then just one finger touches my left shoulder never leaving my skin, across my back, and to my right shoulder. When you are in front of me again, you tell me to look at you.

I slowly raise my head, my eyes finally Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort allowed to meet yours; you then ask me if I am ready to be in your full possession.

My simple response, “Yes Sir, Happy Birthday.”

Then my favorite words you have ever spoken to me, “That’s my girl.” This brings a smile to my face, oh how I have missed those three simple but powerful words. Words that tell me you are pleased and that I am under your complete control and protection. You reach down to touch the leather on my neck and take the leash in your hand and order me to get on my hands and knees. You then pull on the leash and begin leading me around the living room.

When you stop walking, I stop just behind you knowing my place. “Good girl,” you tell me. You place the leash in my mouth which I know means that I am to stay in place. You then walk around behind me and tell me to spread my legs further apart and to turn to look at you. When I comply, you reach down and run your fingers between my pussy lips feeling that I am dripping wet. “Always ready for me,” you say, bringing your fingers to your mouth you taste the effect you have on me. Walking back to where I can face you, taking the leash from my mouth you tell me to kneel and to stay there and not move until you return to me.

Time is the most frustrating and exhilarating part of life. When we are together there is either not enough time to touch, or too much time when I can’t touch you. I sit there kneeling, waiting for your return; I hear the shower being turned on. As the minutes pass, I being to feel the effect dripping down to my ass, oh how I need you. Finally, after what feels like forever, I hear you turn the shower off and begin moving around the bathroom. Many more minutes pass, what could you be doing in there…and then I realize, you are making me wait as long as you want. You are now in full control and it is obvious that you are going to take full advantage of this.

You finally step out of the bedroom, but don’t come over to me. Instead you tell me to crawl to you. Since my head is still bowed with the leash in my mouth, you can’t see the smile that I am wearing because I know how much you love to see me crawl for you. I get on all fours and look at you, standing there in nothing but a towel and, and as commanded, I crawl slowly towards you.

Once I am at your feet, you reach down for the leash again and lead me to the bedroom, where you take a seat and bring me between your legs to kneel at your feet. I notice that your present is still on the bed unopened. I am excited to see what your expression will be when you open the box of playthings. You then take the present and begin to tear off the paper. Once you have the box open and see the gifts inside, you look down at me and smile, which tells me you are definitely pleased with the additional surprises.

You ask me one simple question, “Are you ready?”

To which I respond, “Yes Sir, may I please you?”

You open the towel revealing your arousal which looks amazing! My mouth, having a mind of its own, automatically opens, ready for you as expected. You take the leash and pull me up on my knees and closer to you. Leaning down you kiss me so hard that it hurts. After kissing me long and hard enough to truly take my breath away, your mouth moves to my ear and I hear the words, “Suck Daddy’s cock.” I immediately drop my head to your lap and take you in my mouth.

Your cock is so hard and tastes so fucking good, I can’t get enough of you. I move further down to suck your balls into my mouth as my hand moves up to stroke your amazing cock that is already coated with my spit. My tongue moves to lick every part of your balls, I realize I am moaning as my mouth is hungry for you. I give each one the attention they deserve. I feel your cock growing harder and harder with each flick of my tongue.

I then turn my attention to your hard throbbing cock. I slowly take you back into my mouth forcing myself as far as I can go, not quite taking all of you, but so wanting to. As my mouth lifts back towards the head, I hear you let out a groan as your body shifts as if to not let my mouth go. I continue moving my mouth up and down your length, letting my tongue glide along the underside which makes your whole body respond.

My cunt is dripping knowing the pleasure that I am giving you at this very moment, knowing that for this moment only you are giving me full control of your pleasure. That control is short lived, because I feel your hand move around the back of my neck. You force me down on your cock until I feel you hit the back of my throat and the initial intrusion causes me to gag, which again, brings a moan from you. You have my hair in your hand and bring my head back up and allow me to come up for air, but then quickly force me back down until your entire cock is in my mouth and down into my throat and hold my head down on you.

My eyes move to yours with Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort that look of panic that I can’t breathe and gag again causing my eyes to water and your mouth forms into a smile. Yes, my false sense of control I initially had has vanished. You stand up and put your hands on each side of my head. When I look up at you from my knees, you look down at me and say, “I am going to fuck my baby’s mouth and feed you my cum.” No mercy is shown, you own my mouth and you abuse it like you love to do.

You start off going fast and hard, hitting the back of my throat causing me to gag with every thrust. Then you slow your pace, but when you push back into my wet and ready mouth you hold my head to your stomach, robbing me of my breath. I manage to move my tongue to where I can lick your balls at the same time, your body jerking again in response. You pull my mouth off of you and the spit in my mouth forms a string to the tip of your cock. You hold me there for a moment taking it all in and allow me to catch my breath.

I look right into your eyes seeing your pleasure in this raw desire that is indescribable. You are my Master in this moment…completely owned, mind and body, all Yours. My mouth is still open, hungry for you and you feed my hunger again, guiding my mouth back onto your length lying on my tongue. I don’t have time to close my mouth back around you because you pull it out again completely, causing my mouth to water even more. You do this multiple times…enter my mouth, stroking my tongue to the back of my throat and then completely out again, I am drooling all over you.

You ask me, “Do you want Daddy’s cum baby?” My only response is my open mouth and my tongue out for you. You begin fucking my face again in a fury. I can feel your urgency now. When I begin to gag again from you forcing me back down on your cock, I feel your whole body shudder at the same time your cum begins to fill my throat. This forces me to swallow quickly to be able to breathe.

Your cum tastes and feels so good as I swallow every drop. I hear you moan as you watch me clean your cock to perfection. The moment ends perfectly, when you pull me up to you and you tell me, “Daddy is proud of you baby girl,” and you kiss me passionately, tasting the last of you in my mouth.

You tell me to get on the bed and to lie on my back. I do as I am told as I see you grab the variety of ropes in your toy box of presents. You begin at the head of the bed by tying my wrists to each bedpost and then move to the foot of the bed. “Spread your legs for Daddy,” you say. Just hearing those words has my pussy quivering and I spread them wide for you, exposing my glistening folds for you. You respond with only a grin, knowing that you affect me so much.

You then move to my head and place my headphones in my ears, music already playing. Once you are sure I am comfortable, you then place a blindfold over my eyes and the darkness sets in. My breathing becomes heavier as my fear of the unknown takes over. “I’m scared,” I admit out loud. I don’t know that you have moved back to my head and you touch the side of my face, which tells me that you are there and to trust that I am safe. Then I feel nothing.

Minutes pass, but I don’t know how long. The only thing I can hear is the soft music and my heart beating into my ears, getting louder and louder as the minutes pass. Then the music gets louder. I can hear every instrument; each beat of a drum as if it is matching my heartbeat. Together the two are so erotic. I am waiting for your touch, but still, it doesn’t come. One song turns into two, and then three and still no touch. My breathing becomes heavier and you must sense that I am scared and needing you because I am instantly calmed with the softest kiss on my lips.

You mute the music and I hear your voice again, “Daddy’s got you baby girl…you are safe.” Safe, you give that word its true meaning. I trust you beyond belief, but there is always fear of the darkness. Yes, I am safe and immensely aroused. The volume gets louder, blocking out all other sounds. Then your breath, I feel your breath on my chest and then those soft gentle kisses on each of my breasts, taking turns between the two. I begin to moan with the music, your touch feels so amazing on my skin that has grown so sensitive with the anticipation of feeling you.

I feel your tongue circling my nipple then your breath as you blow on it causing it to become even harder instantly. Moving to the other side, you repeat the same pattern. I try to arch my back to force my nipple into your mouth, but you pull away from me and then my entire body jerks at the unexpected slap to the top of my thigh, hard, which is your way of telling me to be still. After the harshness of your hand, the gentle touch is back. Your tongue begins licking my nipple again and then you suck hard and biting just enough to hurt when you pull on it, stretching it as far as it will Kurtköy Ucuz Escort go. Then the most pleasant intense pain sets in as you place the clamp on me.

You give me a moment to catch my breath and to somewhat settle down from the sudden tension that is almost unbearable, but still very intense. You move to the other side and I feel your fingers lightly doing circles around my nipple, giving me chills over my entire body. And then a hard pinch. Immediately the heat is relieved with your mouth, sucking and licking just like before. This nipple now matches the first and I know that the clamp is coming soon. The chain that connects the two rubs across my skin and then the second clamp is on.

Again, you give me time to adjust to the pain. The moment that my whimpering stops, you begin pulling on the chain, intensifying the pain. The pulling stops and I feel the chain being laid into my cleavage. Then…silence again. No sound except the music and no touch except the extreme pressure on my nipples. But, no touch from you, which leaves me aching for you.

I feel the bed dip as you climb over me and sit between my legs. Your hands grab both of my ankles and begin to move slowly up each leg getting as close to my pussy as possible, but never touching me there. Your hands change direction and move back down, slowly to my ankles. My body is reacting by flexing each muscle as your hand approaches. Your hands feel so good on my skin. Teasing me in the worst or best way, your hands twist to the outside of my legs and slowly inch their way back up and over my hips.

Finally I feel you there, your fingers invading my pussy fast and then gone again. My heart is beating so fast and my pussy is empty and needing you to come back to me. I know that my cunt is dripping wet, but you confirm it when you lean over me and bring your fingers to my mouth. I instantly open for you and suck them clean of my arousal.

After a few moments, I feel something on my stomach, moving from side to side. I realize it is the flogger. The tails are gentle on my skin, teasing because although they are gentle and feel amazing at this moment, I fear what they can do to me should you chose. I then feel them on my tits, moving the clamps that instantly cause a more pleasurable pain with each shift in direction. You hold it over me and let the tails run under my nipples, causing my entire body to twitch to try and get away from the gentle touching. You then move it slowly down over my aching pussy letting it barely touch my skin.

My head falls back, eyes closed and then I feel the sharp pain as you strike it across my chest, causing me to gasp for air, then quickly another one across my stomach. The heat is rising to my skin’s surface. I am sure that it is becoming bright pink, which I am confident is making you smile. Another shocking blow comes to my chest again. My whole body is tense from being unprepared for the pain, and I want to not like this, but my pussy is so wet that it is dripping down to my ass, which absolutely defies my rational thoughts. So I decide to just let go, relax the best I can and do nothing but feel.

Feel your dominance over me, feel what I know is making you so proud of me and loving my submission to you, my Sir. The next blow hits me between my legs; my dripping wet cunt that completely belongs to you is feeling so much pain and pleasure at the same time. Then more, the flogger tails coming faster and faster until everything comes to an unexpected halt. I feel no touch from you, what are you doing? But my breathing is out of control, tears coming down the sides of my face. When did I start crying? I’m not sure. But I can’t figure out if it is from the pain or the release of my complete and total submission to you. I desperately need your cock to fill me.

The music then lowers and I hear the sweet sound of your voice. You tell me that you are going unhook my ankles and wrists and that you want me to turn over on my hands and knees, then immediately the music is turned up. Once I am on my hands and knees, with your hands, you force my legs farther apart. Once you have me where you want me, again, I feel nothing. Minutes pass and my arms and legs begin to grow sore. But I don’t dare move.

Unexpectedly, I feel the flogger across my ass and the tops of my thighs. One and then another, ten times total causing so much pain and so much pleasure at the same time. I can’t think straight, I am completely lost in you and your touch. I have reached that point where I will do absolutely anything for you, anything you ask of me, it is yours. I am all yours at that very moment and nothing else exists except you. I don’t hear the music anymore, I don’t hear anything, except myself begging you to fuck me; begging you to own me and take my pussy.

I feel you enter me from behind and take what is yours. You are holding onto my hips, gripping me, fucking me so hard but so perfectly. My body is not mine; it is oh so completely yours. You continue to slam into my hot, wet cunt. Your hands pulling me back onto your rock hard cock. I feel both hands release my hips but you are still thrusting in and out, in and out. The music stops and your hand reaches around and begins to rub my clit hard as you continue to pull me back onto you.

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