Daddy’s Present

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Author’s Note:

Firstly, this is a fantasy involving a Dominant / submissive relationship between two consenting adults. I mean in no way to imply a D/s, or any other kind, of relationship should not be completely safe and consensual. Her heart will bind her far more surely than any chains!

Secondly, to make this absolutely and completely clear, ‘Daddy’ and ‘little’ are bedroom names between two lovers in this fantasy. The two are consenting adults with the Daddy acting as a sexual caregiver for the little.

Thanks for reading!

For Daddy, of course, who’s always on his little one’s mind, and for Lacey, without whose kind and welcoming spirit none of this would have been possible.

Special thanks to AE for her help editing and most of all for being a dear friend.

Daddy’s Present

Kneeling naked on the floor, I patiently waited. At least, I would like to say I patiently waited. The truth of the matter would involve too much fidgeting to really be called patient, but I waited. I knew Daddy would be home soon, and I was more than a little excited.

It was his idea for me to be waiting for him like this. He had asked, and I had readily agreed. I would do anything to make him happy. I also knew my pleasure was the chief thing on his mind, even above his own gratification. That’s what made Daddy so much better than any of the other dominant men (and even women) I had been with: he was here to please me. Of course, he knew pleasing his little one involved more than just the right touches in the right naughty places. I wanted, no, needed him to make me his, totally his, and he was eager to comply. He knew what his little one needed.

Daddy was a few years older than I was, older than most of my peers, but not nearly so old as my actual parents. I thought that was perfect. He had a nice thick beard I loved to snuggle into while I kissed him. I also thought that was perfect. He was gentle and loving, but with a firm hand when he needed it. He set rules for his little one, but they were to protect me and not to dominate me. He understood sometimes real life got in the way of playing, even if you would much, much rather be playing. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

I heard the noise of keys from outside and sat up a little straighter. Jingle, jingle. Daddy was home.

The doorknob turned. I took a submissive pose, my eyes looking at the floor just in front of the doorway. I felt a warm breath of air from the outside as Daddy paused in the doorway. My first sight of him was his shoes, recently cleaned but with the day’s dust on them.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” I could only imagine the look on his face as he saw his little one, kneeling, demure, and naked on the floor in front of him. I resisted the urge to look upward. Before kneeling in the foyer, I had rushed home from work, bathed, applied dabs perfume to certain strategic areas of my anatomy, and of course shaved his pussy. Daddy’s pussy. In a night of passion, he had laid claim to his little one’s pussy, proving he could treat it so much better than I could. I kept his pussy with me at all times. I kept it clean. I kept it safe, but it would always be his. At the moment, it was freshly shaven, and a little pink and tender from the process.

I spoke to the floor. “Daddy’s little slave is here to serve him.” Daddy’s little slave was new. I had always been obedient to him, but had never claimed to be a slave. Different nights sometimes involved different aspects of his little one. On most nights, I would be what I thought of was more naturally myself. Other nights, I had become his little slut. His slut was nearly insatiable, she was not afraid to tell her him exactly what she wanted him to do, and if she wanted something, she would take it. She tended to use much more vulgar language than I did and her focus was on her own pleasure. She scared me a little. Of course, he liked her. Maybe some night in the future would involve him meeting his rope bunny or his pain whore. Tonight though, his little slave had come out.

I could almost hear Daddy’s eyebrows raise when he hummed. “Well then, little slave, go fetch your presents. Be quick like a little bunny.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I ran into the other room and fetched a wooden box, rushing back to kneel again and open it for him. He gave a gentle chuckle. He had never seen the box. It was new, a special place for me to keep the special things he had given me. It had a hinge on one side and was lined with a red cloth.

“Good girl. Very quick.” I beamed at the praise. I don’t know if Daddy ever exactly knew how much being called a good girl boosted my confidence or turned me on. I strongly suspect he did, though.

“Let’s see what we have here appropriate for tonight. My little slave doesn’t know it yet, but tonight is going to be very special for her, and for me as well.” Without elaborating further, Daddy began rummaging through the box, which I obediently held open for him. “Hmm, this Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort could be interesting.” I heard something come free from the box and I glanced up just long enough to identify it: an anal plug which, when fully inserted, would leave a purple crystal peeking out from between my cheeks with my initials showing through it. I felt a touch to my cheek. He was pressing the toy into my skin. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see him tracing a line on my cheek with the rounded end, the end meant to ease its way through my tight anal ring and rest deepest inside of me. I moaned at the image, opening my mouth wide in case his plans included using his slave’s mouth to lubricate the toy. Under me, I could feel my bottom opening and closing up involuntarily. I felt the cool metal slowly follow a path around my mouth back to where it started, and then it left my skin. “No, maybe not this one. At least, not just yet.” I heard it settle back in the box.

“Oh, and what are these?” My ankles drew closer together, and it took a certain amount of willpower for me to hold the box still due to my wrists wanting to do the same. I knew the sound of my cuffs, the little jangles of the unfastened buckles, the metal rubbing metal where restraints came together and could be adjusted. Without looking up, I knew Daddy was holding up two sets of padded purple cuffs. Naked as I was, I’m sure he could see the goosebumps that were blossoming over most of my body. He pulled them suddenly taut, and I flinched at the sudden snapping sound. “A great deal of fun, but not quite right for the occasion either.”

I could hear the sound of him replacing the cuffs and feeling around through my presents. He let out a deep and slightly sadistic guffaw. “Oh, the things I could do to my little slave!” I didn’t need to look up. If I doubted which object Daddy held now, the little click and hum would have dispelled that doubt. His pussy twitched as it recognized the toy he was playing with: a wand vibrator. I had looked into it, and it was an extremely high-end model. He had spared no expense. I had never used it on myself, though. That was for my Daddy to do. I felt the wand touch my tummy, slowly gliding downward, the vibrations at their lowest level. The moan just passing my lips was cut off suddenly as the toy left my skin. With another little click, he silenced the wand. “No, I think my slut would beg for this kind of treatment”- I blushed a little because he was absolutely right -“but it’s not for my slave.”

I kept my disappointed groan to myself. I did not beg him to please, please let his slut cum for him with the toy, but it was a near thing. With a great deal of effort, I kept my voice quiet and submissive. “Daddy knows best.” I heard a certain satisfaction in his exhale that convinced me I had done the right thing, no matter how difficult it had been.

It slowly dawned on me that Daddy was teasing my entire body, one little area at a time, and with nothing but little touches and hints. I felt the weight of the vibrator settle back into my toy box. “Put the box down, slave. I have better uses for your body than an end table.” If Daddy had meant to put an image in my head of his naked little one as a piece of furniture, the light shudder that passed through me likely showed him he had succeeded. I closed the box and put it on the floor nearby.

“Stand up.”

I did as I was bid. Daddy crossed behind me and I felt him rest lightweight fabric over my shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye, I recognized another present: a purple matched bra and panty set. He left the underwear slung over my shoulder and nuzzled my neck from behind. I let out a quiet moan as my body responded to his, thrilled at the little kisses and the feeling of his beard rubbing my naked flesh. I soon felt his hands on my breasts, groping them and enjoying them. His hands shifted and began teasing my nipples. The gentle pinches and pulls soon made them harden with excitement. He moved his head and whispered into my ear, barely louder than a breath, “My slut would be nearly screaming by now, and I can feel how hard my slave is working to stay quiet. It’s only going to make her that much louder when she does break, and I promise you, slave, you will.” My frightened little whimper made him chuckle again.

Daddy removed the bra from my shoulder and threaded it through my arms and over my back. His hands did more groping as he brought the cups together over my breasts and fastened the clasp between them, settling the little bow over top of them to conceal it. The sheer fabric did little to hide my skin, and my erect nipples were indecently on display. He made an approving noise. “I enjoy looking at my slave’s perky little nipples. You will make sure they stay that way.”

“Yes, Daddy.” He expected obedience within limitations, but his generally broad instructions gave me leeway to accomplish what he wanted in my own way. My nipples were likely to have a rough night.

He removed the Kurtköy Çıtır Escort panties from my shoulder and began to bend, but apparently thought better of it. I stood silently. “I’m going to dress my slave, but it’s not right that I should exert myself when I have such a willing servant. Get on the couch, and get your legs up in the air. Now!”

“Yes, Daddy.” I rushed to obey, quickly moving to the couch, sitting on it and then laying back across it long ways. I lifted my legs over my head, holding my thighs with my arms. He took his time as he came closer, looking me over, watching me squirm a little under his gaze. He held up the panties by the hips, displaying them to me, turning them so I could see both front and back. Of course I had seen them before, even worn them for him, but if Daddy wanted to tease out the moment, I was in no position to object. The panties were sheer, like the matching bra, though, since they were crotchless the goal was clearly not concealment but rather drawing the eye. He turned them so I was looking at the bottom and kissed a little ribbon just above where the slit for the crotch began, a ribbon that would have been sitting just above my clit had I been wearing them.

When he was at my feet, he slid the panties onto my legs, running his hands down slowly with the underwear, giving me a chill and making me happy I’d shaved. I moved my hands away when Daddy reached my thighs and helpfully lifted my hips for him to slide the panties over my bottom. He was very meticulous about arranging the slit around his pussy, particularly when he saw how I squirmed every time his finger not so accidentally brushed the moist lips.

“Now stand up, slave. I want to inspect you.” I quickly lowered my legs and stood. He walked in a slow circle around me. The smack on my ass made me give out an involuntary yelp of surprise. “Stand up straight!”

“Yes, Daddy! Thank you, Daddy!” I had thought I was standing straight, but I found a way to stand straighter still.

Daddy continued to circle. “My lovely little one,” he said, as if to himself, and I could feel his hand caress my backside. “I have another present for you. I want you to look upwards.”

I did as he instructed. “Yes, Daddy.” After a slight pause, I remembered to add, “Thank you, Daddy.” I looked up, but saw nothing. I opened my mouth to ask what I was supposed to be looking at, when he lifted his hands over my head, and I felt him stretch a strip of leather across my throat.

Very gently, Daddy adjusted it, holding a finger between my throat and the leather, which I later learned was to make sure he didn’t get things too tight. I heard a little click which had the sound of finality to it. “Almost there, little one.” He reached around to the front of my neck and pulled away a bit of paper. That’s the first time I heard the bell. I had gathered he had been putting a collar around my neck, but the tiny tinkling bell was a surprise. I would soon learn it was shaped like a sleigh bell, but it gave the most beautiful delicate little jingle. “Lovely, beautiful, and unique. Just like my little one.”

“Thank you Daddy. It does give the prettiest little noise.”

He circled me again, admiring the view. “Yes, yes, I like that. It fits my little one nicely. I think you need to see it as well.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but before I could, Daddy had his finger in my collar and was dragging me to the bathroom, where there was a full length mirror. I stumbled along behind him, at an awkward angle for walking, which he knew well. The point was not to get to the bathroom quickly. It was to be dragged to the bathroom by my new jingling present.

He pulled me in front of the mirror and let me go. I saw the collar clearly for the first time. It was a soft leather, with a tiny silver bell attached in the middle. The deeper purple of the collar nicely offset the lighter purple the bra and panties, making them look like a matched set. I made a little turn, and could see that the back of the collar, hidden under my hair, had a metal hoop made for attaching things, and was secured with a little padlock like you might use with luggage. If my collar came off, he would have to remove it. Daddy had come behind me while I examined my new gift.

“Now everyone will know this little one has a Daddy, and that she has been a very, very good girl, and has earned her collar. They will know she has submitted to her Daddy, and that her Daddy is there to protect her, to be with her, and to give her pleasure, now and forever.” As he spoke, he put his arms around me from behind.

We had spoken about collared women at length months before, and about the deep bond that needed to exist between a submissive and her Daddy before the time was right. I had confessed that I did now know if I was ready at the time. He had smiled and told me that no, I was not, but that maybe someday I could be. He had said a collar was not something he would ever give frivolously, and any submissive Kurtköy Elit Escort he collared would have earned it beyond any shadow of a doubt. We had barely spoken of the matter since. He had not brought it up, and I knew better than to imagine any amount of pestering would make him think I was any more prepared.

I found myself tearing up. “I… Daddy… I don’t know what to say. Thank you. Thank you so very much!”

“You’re very welcome, little one.” His hands were exploring downwards. One of his arms was across my tummy, squeezing me tightly to him. “My little one has been such a good girl. She’s made me so happy, and proud of her.” I gasped as a finger on his other hand passed through the gap in my panties and brushed his pussy. “And I always likes to reward my good girl.”

I felt his finger dip into his pussy, and I let out a quiet moan. I had been growing steadily more and more wet since he had gotten home.

His lips brushed my ear. “Shhh, little one. I want you to try to be very, very quiet so we can hear your little bell ringing for me.”

I gave a nod, the new bell around my neck jingling along with the motion, and responded in the littlest whisper I could, “Yes, Daddy.”

His fingers went deeper into his pussy. In the mirror I could see he was using his middle and ring fingers, resting the others against my panties. “Good girl,” he whispered back. His breath tickled my ear.

Daddy knew his pussy well. He could be very gentle with it when he felt it was appropriate, but now he pushed his fingers inward with hard thrusts. I could feel each thrust through my whole body, and the bell around my neck started to jingle each time he drove his fingers deep in the folds.

I wish I could say that I was completely silent though this treatment like Daddy asked. I tried very hard to be a good little one, but as the minutes passed I know I let a few whimpers escape. Shortly after he unclasped my bra to let my breasts bounce with his thrusts I accidentally moaned, and he shushed me. Through most of the time though, the only sounds were the jingling of the delicate little bell and the increasingly wet sounds as he pleasured his pussy with his fingers.

After a time, I knew I couldn’t hold out for much longer, and I knew I would cum soon. “Daddy,” I asked in my smallest little whisper, “May I please cum for you?” Daddy usually would say that yes, he wanted his little one to cum for him, and I would cum hard for him and soak his fingers.

A few seconds passed, and I thought maybe I had been too quiet. I opened my mouth to ask again a little louder, but I heard his whisper in my ear. “Can you hold on for a little bit longer, little one?”

Could I hold on? I honestly didn’t know. He had me on the edge. His pussy was screaming for release. He had never asked me to hold it in, but I knew I could be strong if my Daddy asked me to be strong. I responded in a little voice “I- I think so, Daddy.”

His voice in my ear revealed the proud smile I could see in the mirror. “Good girl. I’m so proud of you.” Daddy was merciful, and his fingers took on a slightly slower tempo, enough to make it easier to maintain my current state, but not enough to let me down. “Ten,” he added.

I confess that my brain was dividing its focus a little more than usual, but I didn’t understand. Ten? I tried for a moment to work out the word, but it was either a non sequitur or else the sexual fog in my brain was keeping me from thinking clearly enough. Possibly both.

I opened my mouth to ask, and heard the word “Nine” gently whispered in my ear. He was counting down. He wanted his little one to know exactly when she would be allowed to cum. How long had it been? Was Daddy watching a clock? Counting thrusts? Listening to my heartbeat?

I struggled through eight, seven, and six. In the place of pleasure Daddy brought me to, there was no time. I just knew I had to hold on for him, to feel his fingers in his pussy, to listen to the little bell tinkle.

At five, I looked in the mirror to see he had started using his index finger as well. I was unsure exactly when he had started, but the stretching sensation was very pleasant.

After four, I wasn’t sure how much I had left. Tears were streaming from my eyes. My breath was coming in gasps. “Please, Daddy,” I begged. I wasn’t even sure what I was requesting. Permission to skip to one? A speedier count? Less teasing? I don’t know now, and I don’t think I knew then.

I heard disappointment in his voice. “Don’t make me start over, little one.” I shut my mouth. I didn’t know for certain whether or not he would do that to me, but Daddy had never made idle threats before, and I certainly wasn’t willing to take the risk.

I think Daddy was waiting until he was satisfied that I would be a good girl before he proceeded to three, or maybe it just felt like more time because his admonition had rattled me, but when the number arrived, it was a relief in several ways.

At two, he sped up again, driving me toward the climax I would soon be allowed. I whimpered with the effort of holding back until he shushed me again so we could listen to the bell. Where my bottom was resting against his pants, I could feel the hardness that pleasuring his little one was bringing out in Daddy.

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