Damage Control Pt. 04

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OK. This is a work of fiction yada,yada, yada. If you don’t know the drill, you have no business reading this. Constructive comments are appreciated. “You suck!” comments get you laughed at as an immature loser.

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy.

Lesbian, BDSM, Reluctance, non-consent



We relaxed and turned the conversations to lighter topics for a bit until Kat, Jenny, and Izzy finished cleaning up and joined us in the living room. Upon entering, the three joined by Amy kneeled in front of Stacie and me.

“Pets, from this point forward, you are to now address me as ‘Mistress Tara and Stacie as ‘Mistress Stacie’. She will be assisting me for the rest of the weekend. You are to obey her commands as you do mine, unless her orders conflict with mine. In that case, my orders prevail. Say hello to Mistress Stacie.”

“Hello Mistress Stacie.” A quartet sung out.

“Pet Amy, please fetch Mistress Stacie a crop.”

“Yes, Mistress Tara. Mistress Stacie, is there a particular crop that you wish to have?”

Stacie looked at me in confusion.

“Stacie, I have numerous different crops that I use depending on the situation, or just my mood at that time. They range in flexibility, length and thickness. Generally, the thinner, more flexible ones tend to sting more. They are also made from different materials. Some are made from strong plastics, but my favorites are the leather ones. Pick whatever you want.”

“But you said that you would be the one to discipline them. Why would I need one?” She asked.

“It is more of a visual reminder for you. Holding the crop signifies to the submissive that you are in control. It isn’t that you would actually strike them, but subconsciously they would have the thought that you could. It reinforces your dominance over them.” I left out that holding a riding crop felt really nice and gave the holder a nice sense of power. I would let her discover that for herself.

“I, I, I don’t know. Just get me whatever one you want.”

“Call her ‘Pet.'” I leaned over and whispered to her.

“Just pick one for me, Pet.” She corrected with a bit more command.

“Yes, Mistress Stacie.” Her mom replied and left to perform her task.

Amy had a devious smirk on her lips when she returned. I also smiled when I saw the crop that she brought. Long, braided leather, and very thin. One of the more painful crops that I owned. I made a mental note to ask her what her motivation was for picking that particular crop was. Either it was because she believed that Stacie wouldn’t use it, and it get it out of my hands, or, she was thinking that Stacie would break and use it – and enjoy the rush.

“Now, my new pets, we will be going over a few rules that you will need to remember. Rule 1. Rules are explained once. After that, you will be punished. Rule 2. You are to remain naked unless specifically told otherwise. Rule 3. Orders are to be carried out instantly. Hesitation brings punishment. Rule 4. Always respond to any command with ‘Yes Mistress’. Rule 5. You may ask for clarification if something is unclear, but whining is not acceptable. Rule 6. If you think that you need permission for something, you DO. Rule 7. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE HERE FOR MY PLEASURE, NOT YOUR OWN! Rule 8. This is a dictatorship, not a democracy. What I say goes – no discussion. Rule 9. You do not have vaginas, pussies or breasts. Little girls have vaginas. Women, such as Stacie and myself, have pussies and breasts. Pets have tits and cunts. You are to always refer to them correctly. More rules will follow as your training progresses. Now, are any of these rules unclear to you?”

“No, Mistress Tara.”

“Good. Now, to ease your minds a bit. There are a few rules for Stacie and me as well. As Mistresses, we are responsible for your well-being. Rest assured that we will never do anything to injure or permanently mark you without your explicit consent. That means that you will need to freely agree before getting tattoos or piercings. For example, Pet Kat actually requested that I get her nipples pierced. I have another pet that requested a specific tattoo marking her as my property. Furthermore, I will never order you to do anything that could get you arrested or negatively affect your schooling or future careers. I will also never out you to your families or other friends…” I paused to smile wickedly as I prepared to give them a hint of what may be in their future. “Unless those friends are also my pets.”

Three pairs of eyes got really large at those last words.

“Any questions?”

“No Mistress Tara.”

“Good. Now, Jenny and Izzy. Please demonstrate for Mistress Stacie the positions that you learned this afternoon as I call out the position.”

I called each position and gave the command to go. The girls pretty much performed well, with only a couple of strikes with my crop for correction. Then I had Stacie call out the poses in random order for them to practice moving from one position to the next. I had them practice for about casino oyna a half an hour before deciding to have a break.

“Amy, Kat, please bring Stacie and I each a glass of wine. The four of you have performed very well, so you may each have any non-alcoholic drink you wish.”

“Yes, Mistress Tara. Thank you, Mistress Tara.” Was the reply.

When drinks were obtained, I decided to nudge Stacie into becoming involved. Of course, that also involved more training for my new pets.

“Izzy! My feet are a little tired from wearing these boots all afternoon. Be a good girl and massage my feet and calves while I enjoy my wine. But first, put in one of those vibrating eggs and hand me the remote.”

“Yes, Mistress Tara.” She responded. She inserted the egg, crawled over, and began unzipping my boots.

I let out a sigh as Izzy’s thumbs began working the sole of my foot. “Aaahhh. That feels so good. You should try this, Stacie.” I suggested as I rested my head on the back of the couch with my eyes closed.

I could almost feel the turmoil inside her as she debated with herself. Finally, I heard her surrender. “Jenny. Please put in an egg and come here and massage my feet for me.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

Izzy was pretty good at foot massages. She seemed to know all the right places to put pressure without tickling. I started the egg on low for now. The purpose, of course was to ingrain in their subconscious that serving is pleasure. After a bit, I looked down at her. She was concentrating on my foot as she rubbed it. Suddenly, she glanced up and caught my eyes on her. I smiled, nodded my head towards my foot, wiggled my toes and made a kissing motion. Her brows arched up in surprise. I lost my smile and glared. Her shoulders slumped in defeat, then leaned forward and began kissing my toes. As my big toe entered her mouth, I turned the egg up a notch. One by one, she took them in her mouth, bathed them with her tongue, and sucked on them. I had noticed a couple minutes ago that Stacie had seen what was happening and had Jenny sucking on her toes as well. I motioned to Stacie to turn up her remote one notch too.

After about half an hour of foot massages, it was time to relax. I had been working them quite a bit so far, and I was really pleased with the progress. Time for a bit of fun.

“It’s a beautiful evening outside, and it would be a shame to waste that cooped up inside. I think that we should move to the back yard and enjoy the pool and spa for a while before going to bed. Feel free to relax and enjoy yourselves, pets. I’m pretty much done training for today. You have all been very good girls and done very well. Amy and Kat, please take Izzy and Jenny out to the pool while Stacie and I get changed.”

“Uumm, Mistress Tara?” Izzy began.

“Yes, Pet? Is something wrong?”

“Uuumm, where are our bikinis?”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Pet. You four don’t need bathing suits. No one can see you out there. Notice that Amy doesn’t have any tan lines? That’s because she is naked out there all the time. Besides.” I smiled. “I really don’t think that you would be as willing to run down the street naked should you decide to try and leave.”

With Stacie and me in our bikinis, we joined the four naked women in the back yard. I had locked the back door and ensured that the key was securely attached to a band on my wrist. The back gate was also locked, and there was an 8-foot tall privacy fence around the yard. The girls would have an extremely difficult time escaping.

“Be good girls, and you can earn some freedom tonight so you can sleep comfortably. Try to cause a problem, and you will be bound spread eagle with vibrators in both holes and teased all night.” I warned as Stacie and I removed their wrist and ankle cuffs so they could play in the pool.

“Yes, Mistress Tara.” In Stereo.

“And, as long as you behave, you may have whatever you want to drink while we are out here.” I had Kat stock the outside bar earlier. “Also, since you have done so well this afternoon, your reward is that until we go back inside, you do not have to call Stacie and me ‘Mistress’. For the next hour or so, we are all just friends enjoying an evening together.” This was for Stacie’s benefit. I wanted her to believe me when I told her that we would all still be friends like normal at times.

“Thank you, Tara.” They responded.

We swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub, and just enjoyed the evening together. It was a very nice evening. We actually ended up staying out there for about two-hours. Eventually, though, it was time to go back inside. Jenny and Izzy were put back in their cuffs and led inside.

You might have noticed that everyone had orgasmed at least once today except me. I can assure you that I was very well aware of this fact. I really didn’t have an opportunity today, because I needed to stay in control and work on training. The training plan would allow for making it up tomorrow, when it would be instilled in them that the Mistress always comes (in every definition) canlı casino first. For tonight, though…

“OK. Time for bed. We’ve had a long day, and tomorrow will be even longer. Izzy, you will sleep with Kat in the spare room. Jenny, you sleep with Stacie. I will be sleeping in Amy’s room.”

“Mistress Tara?” Izzy questioned. “Where are our Pajamas?”

“Pet, you have not earned the privilege of wearing anything yet. You and Jenny will sleep naked.” I saw Kat grin at that. Izzy was in for an interesting night. I knew I could count on Kat to show her the pleasure of sapphic love.

Speaking of which, I pulled Jenny aside after Kat had taken Izzy to their room. I really liked Jenny, and it actually hurt me a bit that I had to do this to her. Izzy didn’t bother me to much, because she was really Stacie’s friend and I didn’t really know her all that well. But, I sighed internally, I tried to prevent it, and she brought it upon herself.

“Look, Jenny. I really hope you understand that I really didn’t want this to happen. I really did try to prevent this, but, in reality, you did bring this on yourself. You should know that tomorrow will be difficult for you, and probably more so for Izzy since she wasn’t bisexual to begin with. I’m going to be honest with you. There will be some things that you aren’t going to like, at least at the start, but, overall, I really think that you will enjoy it. I can guarantee that the orgasms will be better than anything you have experienced so far.”

“Tara.” She began. I raised my eyebrows. “Look, punish me if you really need to, but I am serious here. You brought this up, so you can answer me about this.” She demanded. “Why, Tara? Why are you doing this to me? We’ve been friends for years. Fuck, you already knew that I was bi! Why are you doing this to me?”

I smiled. “Actually, I am doing this for a few reasons. Obviously, as I told you before, you discovered something that I simply can’t take the chance on it ever getting out. It’s really not about me. So, people hear that I am a dominant lesbian. So what? Not really going to affect me. Unfortunately, it would be devastating for word to get out about Amy. That simply cannot be allowed. As her Mistress, it is my responsibility to protect her. This was the only way that I could think of to do that. Second, I really don’t think that you would purposely harm her, but, as you said, you are bisexual. I’ve heard you mention on more than a few occasions that you thought that Amy was hot. I guess I was a little nervous that you may have used the information that she is a submissive lesbian for your own purposes. This ensures that you can tap her ass, but it is only in circumstances that I control. Also, I’ve always thought that you are really beautiful. I’ve wanted to have you for a long time, but I couldn’t without blowing my cover to Stacie. If I ever let Stacie know that I am a lesbian, it would also come out that I am deeply in love with her. Obviously, lesbian girl in love with straight best friend only leads to heartbreak in real life.” Then I smiled. “The last reason is, even though you probably don’t realize it yet, YOU, my sweet little pet, are a natural submissive. I figured that out about 2-years ago. Sure, perhaps I could have worked something else out with you, but this is soooo much better for me.”

“I’M NOT…” She began.

“Oh, yes you are, my pet.” I cut her off. “Trust me. When I began dominating Amy, I started to see things in a new light. I discovered that I have a naturally dominant personality. This led to some more research about dominant and submissive personality traits. Once I learned what to look for, I began noticing those traits on other people. Sometimes those signs are really subtle, but yours? Damn! I almost need to put on sunglasses because the submissiveness glaring out from you is blinding.”

“I’m not.” She protested weakly.

“Yes, you are, my PET.” I whispered in her ear. “Now, be honest with yourself. I’m barely touching you right now.” I continued as I gently stroked her slit. “As I talk to you, what is happening with your body, MY PET? Explain that rush of pleasure you just felt when I called you that. Explain to yourself why you get aroused when I give you a command. Then, after you have tried to justify all that to yourself, explain this.” I whispered. “Come NOW, PET!”

“Oh, fuck!”

I had to hold her up as her legs gave out in orgasm. Damn, I’m good at that.

“Now, I need you to be honest with me. If I remove your cuffs, can I trust you to not try to escape tonight? I really don’t think you would make it anyway, but it would be more efficient if you didn’t even try.” I asked after she recovered a bit. “I promise to make it worth it tomorrow, and even tonight.” I smiled.

“I’ll stay, Mistress.”

“Good, because I have a rather pleasant assignment for you, and it will be easier to accomplish without having your wrists and ankles cuffed.” I began as I removed her wrist cuffs and allowed her to take of the ankle cuffs. “Your assignment is to give Stacie kaçak casino at least three orgasms tonight, and get her to give you at least one orgasm. That orgasm has to be by her fingers or tongue. Now, for every orgasm she gives you before 7 AM, I will have Amy give one to you tomorrow. If she has less than three orgasms, I will whip your ass 10 times for each one you fail to give her. If she doesn’t give you at least one orgasm, I will whip your tits 10 times. Also, make sure that she has at least two orgasms for every one of yours. Failure on that, and you get 5 to your cunt for each delinquency. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.” She smiled as she walked off.

Good. Kat was a light sleeper and would keep track of Izzy. Knowing Kat, though, Izzy would be far to occupied at first, then much to tired later to try anything. I was pretty sure that Jenny was dealt with also, but I still took a few precautions in case she either was lying to me or had a change of heart later. Now, it was time to relieve the stress of the day.

I strode into the bedroom to find Amy kneeling at the side of the bed naked, of course. On the small table at the foot of the bed, she had laid out an assortment of toys. There was an assortment of strap-ons of different sizes and styles, Butt plugs, nipple clamps, crops, straps, cuffs, and gags. On the night stand was a selection of massage oils in a warmer and a jar of lube. The light was off, but there were about a dozen candles flickering around the room.

“How may I serve you tonight, Mistress?”

Finally, it was my turn. God, I had been so horney ever since I put on my Mistress Tara persona. Well, hornier, perhaps. Come on, people! I am a lesbian. Can you imagine what I was going through this morning and early afternoon watching three beautiful girls strutting around in tiny bikinis? Finally, I was going to get some relief, and I intended to make the most of it.

“Let’s begin with a nice massage, my pet.” I said as I began to get undressed.

Being the well-trained pet that she was, she immediately got up and began helping me get out of my clothes. Completely naked, I laid down on my stomach in the middle of the king-sized bed. She had anticipated this, so there were towels already laid out in the center. I felt the bed shift as she kneeled beside me. Upon her question, I allowed her to pick the scented oil that she would use. Pure bliss as her trained hands began caressing my shoulders and upper back. I again thanked my foresight in sending her to that massage course two years ago. Note to self: send Jenny and Izzy to the same course.

Her hands were spreading the scented oil over my skin, and her strong thumbs worked deep into my muscles untying the knots what had developed in them. She began with my shoulders, upper back, and neck, then moved down at a snail’s pace. Her thumbs dug into my spine as the tension flowed out of my body. Her fingers caressed my ass, occasionally slipping down to stroke my pussy. Her thumbs put a very slight pressure on my rosebud, but I wasn’t worried about that. She knew what I would do to hers with my big strap-on if there was any penetration there.

Again, her pinkies teased my lips as she worked my upper thighs, then lost that sweet contact as she worked her way lower. I was in heaven when she untied all the knots in my calves and feet that I had built up from waring those high-heeled boots all afternoon.

Finished with the back, I rolled over to face the ceiling. This time, she started at my feet, sucking on each toe with her mouth before gently caressing them with her fingers. She continued to glacially move North. My pussy was drooling by the time she was up to the joining of my legs to my hips. Her thumbs were molesting my outer lips as her fingers worked my inner thighs. Up, up, up she worked, avoiding my breasts to go straight to my shoulders and arms. Finally, my breasts. Oil was applied. Fingers gently squeezed and rolled my nipples. She circled my areolas with her thumbs, then her tongue. Her palms swirled over each breast. It was time. I was done waiting.

“I want your tongue.” I whispered.

“As you wish, Mistress.” Was the grinning reply.

I spread my legs to accommodate her ad she knelt between them.

“Does Mistress wish to bind my arms?” She teased.

“No, my pet. I believe that you are going to need them to hold on with. Get ready for a wild ride.” I said.

She knew this, of course. I was strung like a bowstring. When I went off, it was going to be like riding a bronco at the National Finals Rodeo.

Her tongue made contact with my outer lips as she wrapped her arms under my thighs and gripped my hips tightly. She avoided my clit as she bathed my outer lips in her saliva. She made quick work of lapping up the juices that had been drooling out of my pussy. Finished with her cleaning, her head dipped a bit, and she bathed by rosebud, swirling it with the tip of her tongue. Higher, I climbed. Back to my pussy now. Her tongue became Laura Croft as she explored the tunnel. OH GOD! Just a quick tap to my clit. Her moth clamped over my pussy as she thrust her tongue deep and sucked out the moisture that had developed. Higher and higher, she pushed me. My gasps and moans filled the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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