Dancing Domme

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Swirling a half turn to the left, then fully swiveling to the right and moving back in the opposite direction, her hips seductively moved forward and back again enticing him as he sat in the chair watching. She was wearing thick, black dance tights with a tan cotton blouse that was longer on the sides, reaching to her thighs and in front and back exposing her buttocks and pelvic area. Small beads sewed onto the ends of the shirt bounced as she moved and the longer sides of the shirt enhanced every swivel. Her seductive dance was meant to turn him on and create in him a heat that would make him want her. Knowing what it was like to be within her, stroking her inner most region with his hard cock and filling her with his cum, only brought him further into his own beastly need to consume her.

Her arms held out away from her body, bent slightly at the elbow, moved slowly as she gyrated to the jazzy rock music. With shoulders slightly moving up and down and forward and back seductively, enhancing the overall effect of her dance, her movement flowed gracefully. With her hips and pelvis working magic upon his brain, hardening his cock, she moved even faster at moments so that he could picture her riding his cock with the same movement. Her breast gently moved as he pictured them above him and that view of them filled him with the need to grab them with both hands and squeeze, having the excess breast filling the space between his fingers and overflowing around his hands even though they were large hands. Her dance, exotic and in many ways quite like a belly dance, blended two styles of dance and made him lust after her and his lust was exactly what she wanted of him.

She had perfected her dance style many years before, keeping whole bars full of men enraptured with her seductive movement. Lost in the music, she moved as it dictated, letting it all flow through her as if she were a part of it. Everyone around her would turn to watch her enjoying herself and putting on a welcomed show. For anyone who had ever seen her dance, wanted nothing more than to continue to watch her, until the moment they wanted to fuck her! Men and women alike watched her every move often in envy of being able to dance as she did and envious of who ever actually got to fuck her.

Her dance was not dirty dancing and there was nothing classless or raw about it. She was a class act that was provocative, with an erotic technique that put her in a class all her own. There was no competition, for her swivel was like none other. Others had tried to copy it and so far, no one had been able to. It was everything she did in movement that made it all work toward the end she wanted. Dancing was a part of her soul and the fact that her dance enticed most around her only made it more fulfilling for her. She danced in her own greed for the feel good and the fact that it pleased others was even more to her liking because she was empowered by the fact that she controlled the room environment.

To say she enjoyed the tease was putting it lightly! It was a heady experience to be able to capture the attention of everyone in a room and then make them want you!

As his wife and dominant danced before him, he sat tied to the circular chair, unable to move even slightly. Nude and hungry for her, she knew by sight alone exactly how much he wanted her. He wasn’t even able to speak, as she had ball gagged him. She had done this before and had driven him mad with lust for her, but eventually she would straddle him and ride him hard and he looked forward to the end of his torment. Until that moment, he would both love and hate how he felt.

As she danced over to the bed, not missing a beat or a turn of the hip, she grabbed a long silk scarf and danced her way to him. His hungry eyes took her in as she came close enough for him to get a whiff of her perfume and his eyes closed thinking of the pleasure he was about to receive. She covered his eyes with the scarf and gave a bell-like-tinkle of a laugh.

Just when the song ended, the bedroom door opened and he turned his head and tried to shake off the scarf, to see who was entering their bedroom, shocked at what was happening. She didn’t look away and stood there with a wry grin upon her face, waiting for his reaction to her surprise. The Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort unknown man strode over to his wife and wrapped his arm around her waist as he sat there dumbfounded that this stranger was there and now holding his wife. He could say nothing; could do nothing but watch everything as it took place. He wanted to scream in frustration and yet something boiled up in him that also thrilled him as a strangeness of emotion he had never known before took hold of him.

The next song started and his wife and this stranger moved a few inches away and stated moving against one another in an intimate and very sexual dance of lust. As his wife gyrated against this huge stranger, she slowly lifted his tee shirt and pulled it over his head and nuzzled at his nipple for a moment before she continued her dance against him. Within moments the stranger started unbuttoning his wife’s blouse as she pulled the strangers hips closer to her and moved against his now hard cock. All he could do was sit and watch as his beloved wife enjoyed with another, what he wanted to take pleasure in.

Very quickly the man had removed his wife’s blouse and tossed it so that it fell upon his head. He shook it from him, wanting to see what was happening between his wife and this blond Adonis. He didn’t want to see it! It was painful and yet he was alive with stimulation of mind and body! He wanted to cry and at the same time he wanted the torment to never end. Overcome with shame and disgust for himself with his desire to watch, knowing there was nothing he could do, but sit there and feel it all.

His wife lowered herself in a kneeling position in front of the man, her mouth only inches from his cock and then she mouthed it through his jeans. After she had played with his cock through his jeans she moved back, smiled at her husband and turned to undo the man’s jeans. She unzipped them and loosened them around his hips and pulled them down to his ankles and helped him step out of them. As he did so, she took his cock within her mouth, wetting his cock as only he knew she would do for ease of slipping her mouth up and down upon it. His eyes closed in remembrance of what this talented woman could do to a cock and then he had to open them again not able to bear not seeing how she would suck this other man off.

After she licked and sucked his huge cock for quite a while and the man responded with low growls, she pulled away and stood. The blond stranger pulled her to him and kissed her as his free hand started tugging at her tights. He wanted to whimper in his torment but held it bound within him, just as he was bound to the damn chair. They moved from one another’s lips long enough to finish removing his wife’s tights and step out of them. Once they were both nude only inches from him, still taking in the aroma of her perfume, the huge man took her into his arms and lifted her legs to carry her to his bed.

He laid her sideways on the bed and spread her legs wide so that he could see his wife spread eagled. Her pussy lips parted and he could see her wetness glistening in her heat for another man. The man’s buttocks, firm and full, flexed as did his legs as he moved over his wife, cock pushing against her to enter her wet pussy. He could see the big and hard cock move into his wife and if he could have sucked air through his mouth he would have. Instead as the man entered his wife, his nostrils seemed to close and wouldn’t allow him enough air. He struggled against the ball gag and tried to catch enough air to continue watching his wife take pleasure in this stranger. And taking pleasure she was, for she seemed to moan from the moment the bastard entered her!

They fucked hard and fast, panting, moaning, groaning and gasping without any notice of him. It was thrilling to watch this man take his wife and dominant and yet at the same time, it was tormenting. He was jealous and yet turned on and with all the conflicting emotions he wasn’t sure what he should feel. He only knew he couldn’t close his eyes or look away!

It seemed an eternity before they both grabbed at one another, grunting in animalistic need and climaxed together, both of them crying out loudly.

* * * *

Tears slid down his face as the man gathered his clothes Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort and dressed and headed for the door while his wife lay on the bed watching him with a look of lust fulfilled. She enjoyed watching the large man who had so greatly pleased her. It tormented him because he wasn’t sure he had ever been able to fill her so well and give her such a cum. Yet at the same time he was happy for her. If he wasn’t able to please her like the Adonis had, then she deserved whatever she could get from him!

As the man opened the door and smiled at his wife, he had to close his eyes when the man spoke words he would never forget. “If you need me again, you know where to find me.” He couldn’t open his eyes until he heard the door close.

As he opened his eyes and turned to his wife, he realized she was laying there watching him. He couldn’t tell what she was thinking or feeling. She rose on her elbow and gave him a gentle smile. His eyes bore into her own until she looked away from his and lowered her gaze. Following her eyes he looked down at his still hard cock. Even after he had watched another man, a stranger at that, take his wife, he was still hard and ready for her. Maybe he even wanted her more!

Thinking of her pleasure and the sounds they were both making as they fucked right in front of him, pleased him in a way he wasn’t sure he could ever describe. Filled with emotion and a hunger for his wife taken by another man, he watched as she moved off of the bed and toward him. When he could take in the scent of her again, she bent and kissed his head, removing the ball gag. He moved his mouth trying to regain some feeling of normalcy. The ball gag was large and uncomfortable and it was nice to be free of it, but he couldn’t find it in himself to actually form the words that filled his mind.

As his wife walked around him untying him, he could smell a bit more than her perfume. He could detect the faint aroma of sex and the collection of their blended fuck juices. Strangely it made him hornier. As his hands and arms were freed, he wanted to reach for her but found he needed to stretch his arms, rubbing them as she untied his mid section and then his feet.

As he moved his feet now freed, she reached up and twisted his right nipple and smiled. “You’re still horny. Even after I have been greatly pleased by a huge cock, your cock is hard. You still want what another man took!”

All he could do was nod his head affirmatively. She took his hand and they walked to the bed. They both climbed onto it and lay next to one another. She kissed him passionately as he whimpered into her mouth, in need and unreleased emotion. He was humbled, shown his place and how easily he could be replaced and replaced very adequately by a man he didn’t even know existed until less than an hour ago and yet he was excited and wanted more. He couldn’t explain this newfound hunger and range of emotions, but he knew that right at that moment, he wanted nothing more than to be in her arms and to relive the cum bound up within his balls!

She lay back against the pillow and spread her legs. She was beautiful, this wife of his and he looked upon her with new eyes. Eyes that had taken in her heat for another man and still wanted to look upon her forever. He loved her and as he realized how much he loved her, he knew that he would need her kinky dominance for life. He had never questioned it before, but now knew that she was his everything, more than he had ever been able to comprehend before.

“If you wish to cum darling, you will have to first clean what that godlike man left behind and please me with your tongue.”

That was all it took to move him quickly between her beautiful thighs and move his face near her beloved and smooth pussy. Pushing his tongue between very wet lips, he took in the scent of her and the sex she had just had and hungrily lapped it all up.

* * * *

As he prepared lightly buttered toast with strawberry jam and strong hot tea for his beloved wife, his thoughts kept returning to the night before. They had fucked over and over again, throughout the remainder of the night and had only gotten to sleep three hours before. His wife had shown him how very much she loved him in her after care. Kurtköy İranlı Escort Holding him after their first fuck, for an hour and kissing him tenderly upon the head, face and lips. Whispering how much she loved him and how important he was to her. Her final words before they slowly and passionately made love, made him instantly hard as he stood in the kitchen.

“There is no other that can quicken my heart or body like you can. I will always love you and need you and it is your cock and love making that I will need and hunger for, for the rest of my life.”

Smiling with a renewed tenderness of love and desire for his beloved wife, he gathered his coffee, her tea and toast and headed to the bedroom, where she still lay sleeping. He entered the room and paused to look at her from the doorway. She awoke as he started moving toward the bed and sleepily smiled at him.

“Good morning.” He said in a low and deep voice.

“Good morning.” She continued to smile as he approached her and struggled to sit up against the headboard. When she was upright and settled, he handed her the tea and set the toast on the table beside the bed. He carefully climbed over her with his coffee and sat next to her.

“How do you feel?”

She laughed and rested her hand upon his leg. “Sore!” Laughing some more, she squeezed his thigh. “You were wonderful last night.”

Leaning over, he kissed her quick and sure, remaining close to her face, taking in her early morning, thrashed look from a night of screwing. “As were you madam; as were you!” He kissed her gently and moved to sit against the headboard, sip his coffee and watch her take a sip of her tea.

Contentedly they sat together, waking up and trying to get ready to start their Saturday.

* * * *

The wedding had been very beautiful, held outside in the back yard of the bride’s parent’s home, next to a pool and a beautiful palm garden. Everyone had eaten and it was time for the cake and toast with champagne after speeches and well wishes for the newly married lovers. They sat in the back near the gate, snuggling and thinking of their wedding day three years before.

The bride and groom stood cutting the cake, feeding one another and then kissing, when the tall stranger from the night before came to stand next to them and wait for his chance to speak. Looking at his wife, he couldn’t believe the man was there! She only smiled and held his hand. His thoughts ran wild, not sure what to think and feel, but her reassuring touch and smile, with her eyes holding his own, steadied him.

“I love you and only you.”

“I know baby. I know.” He smiled at her and kissed her tenderly. “I love you too.” As the stranger spoke and he heard his voice, a flood of memories from the night before flashed through his being and he looked toward the man. Running through his mind were the words the man spoke as he left the evening before.

“If you need me again, you know where to find me.”

His cock hardened instantaneously and his eyes took on a fiery look of hot lust. She knew exactly what he felt, for he was easy for her to read and she had expected this at some point.

Taking his hand and setting her glass down on the table, she stood and he along with her. Quietly they walked away from the crowd and left the back yard. Heading for their SUV, parked on the street, he felt it safe to speak as they wouldn’t now be heard.

“What are we doing? We’ll be miss…”

“Shhhh… it will be alright.” She smiled. “I want to fuck that cock that is making it difficult for you to walk!”

He laughed and moved to open the passenger side door to their vehicle. “No, let’s try the back seat.” He nodded and moved to open the door by the back seat as she motioned him in and as he sat in the seat, she told him to undo his pants. As he unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock, she shut the door and moved to sit on his lap.

“Don’t you need…”

“Oh I need alright!” Moving over him, straddling his lap, one leg on each side and looking at him, she smiled.


“Shhhh… I’m not wearing any panties! I kind of thought this might happen when you saw him here. He’s the bride’s cousin. I’ve known him for years. He leaves next week… so if you don’t hurry and fuck me and get me back to the party, someone just might come looking for us and…”

With that he pulled her by her hips down hard upon his cock and proceeded to fuck her fast and furious! No blond Adonis was getting his wife today! Maybe again before the bastard left town, but today was his!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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