Danielle Meghan Tate Ch. 01

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Dani thrust the dildo harder and harder into her pussy, trying to keep her moans and screams down. Her half-brother and parents were home, and she couldn’t let them hear. She forced it deeper and deeper, unable to stop herself from letting out a low moan. God, she was horny.

Finally, after several exhausted minutes, the high-school senior orgasmed. She collapsed on her bed, rendered completely limp by the experience. Dani was a very sexual girl, and her mind was constantly occupied by thoughts of boys, sex, and love. What made her angry, though, was that she was still a virgin.

Sighing, Dani pulled up her plaid skirt and adjusted her 32B bra, which had come askew during her furious sex-play. She brushed her hair out of her face and behind her back. Dani’s hair was a medium brown that she had dyed red, and it came about down to her shoulders. Contrasting with her light, freckled face, she thought that it made her look rather rebellious.

Dani checked herself in the mirror, making sure there were no signs of her encounter there. She was a little red, but the color was quickly leaving her face. Every time she looked in the mirror, she hated what she saw. Her skin was too pale and didn’t burn, her hair was too coarse, her freckles were too obvious.

In actuality, Danielle Meghan Tate was a very attractive woman. Just two years ago or less, she had been a gangly, gawky teenager. But midway through her junior year, she had started filling out, with her tits growing, her body becoming proportional, and her acne disappearing. Dani was not what you would call beautiful, but many of the boys in her class fantasized about having sex with her, and with her short skirts and tank tops, she did little to discourage them.

Dani looked at herself in the mirror again. She was going to graduate high school a virgin. It just wasn’t fair. She took a hair band from her dresser and put her hair into a ponytail. Many boys would have commented that she looked perky, young, and so on, but she didn’t know that. She was just another eighteen-year-old virgin who hated her friends, hated her family, hated her life.

Dani heard loud music blaring from her half-brother Jared’s room. Dani hated her brother. He had always had everything. His childhood had been perfect, he had been raised by his loving mother and stepfather. Even in high school, problems of sex and growing up didn’t bother him: in a lot of ways, he just seemed like a big kid. He was a huge nerd, always playing video games with his equally clueless friends. Danielle Meghan Tate, on the other hand, had been raised by her alcoholic mother and abusive stepfather in an apartment in the middle of the city. She had gone to a big school, got made fun of by everyone for her funny glasses (which she abandoned for contacts a year ago), and never had anything handed to her. Finally, at age fourteen, the Child Protection Agency had removed her and put her in the home of her real father and his wife in the suburbs. Things were better here, but that didn’t mean she was any happier.

Jared’s music reached a new Taksim Escort pitch. Dani smiled grimly. She was angry, and now she had a perfect excuse to take it out on someone. She thrust her door open and stomped over to her brother’s room, grabbing the door’s handle and trying to get it unlocked.


He took a little bit to respond.

“What, Dani?”

“Can you turn that music down?”





“Fine.” She heard some rustling around. After a wait of almost a minute, the door clicked open. Jared was sitting on his bed, reading a book.

The sight of Jared never failed to make Dani mad. Perhaps what annoyed her most was that he was actually quite attractive: well-muscled, dark-haired, light skinned. The only really nerdy things about his appearance were his square glasses and the way he dressed: khaki pants and a white dress shirt, tucked in with a belt. Oh, and how his hair was all messed up like he was Harry goddamn Potter. Dani hated that.

“Can you turn your fuckin’ music down?” she shouted, thoroughly enjoying being a bitch. “You could hear it from fuckin’ Timbuktu!”

“If you’re throwing a temper tantrum, could you do it outside?” asked Jared in a voice Dani found very annoying. “And do you ever know where Timbuktu is?”


“With what?” asked Jared. “A knife? Or maybe a sharp bamboo pole? I know where you could find a dealer.”

“Just do it,” said Dani, seething.

“Why of course, Miss Danielle,” he said sarcastically, turning the volume from seven down to five. “Your wish is my command.”

“Whatever,” said Dani, leaving the room and slamming the door shut.

As soon as she left, Jared locked the door, turned the volume up to eight, and ignored his sister’s yells. What a bitch. Just because her childhood sucked didn’t mean she had to blow up at every person she met. Jared thought that he had had things just as rough as she had. Maybe he hadn’t lived on the streets, but he had plenty of things going against him. Starting in kindergarten, everyone had teased him, made fun of his clothes and glasses and interests and appearance.

That was another thing Jared hated about Dani: that he was noticing her more and more lately. Gone were the jokes from his friends about how ugly she was. Now they all teased him, saying they’d slept with her last night. If she just dyed her hair a normal color, dressed like a regular human being, and stopped swearing at every person she met, she could be the most popular girl in school. He, on the other hand, was irredeemably ugly and unlovable. What did she have to complain about?

Jared pulled out what he had been working on before his sister interrupted him. It was a picture, a picture of a beautiful girl. Her shirt displayed her bountiful cleavage, her waist was razor-thin, and her auburn hair floated in the air as if by magic. But no matter how hard Taksim Escort Bayan he tried, he couldn’t get her face right.

Jared sighed, giving up for the day. He unzipped his pants, bringing out his dick. Like his sister, Jared was a very sexual person who had, by circumstance, been prevented from having sex yet. He began to stroke his cock, hoping a suitable face might come to mind. But there was nothing. He was still too frustrated by his sister’s unwelcome visit.

Dani headed downstairs, stopping at the fridge to grab a can of pop and sitting down in front of the TV. She pressed the remote and Simpsons reruns came on. What a great way to spend an evening. What had she done to deserve this? Trapped in a house with this stupid family, rotting away at the inside?

“Hey,” came a voice. Dani looked up and was startled to see her father, Allen, looking through the door at her. Allen was in his late thirties but was aging well. He worked out every day and as a result had a great body. He had short brown hair and blue eyes. Dani sometimes wondered, with such an attractive father and a mother who had at least been quite a beauty in her teens (though she had gone downhill in her twenties and thirties) how she herself had turned out so unattractive.

“Hey,” responded Dani, unenthusiastically.

Allen surveyed his daughter. He was really worried about her lately. She had been rebellious and antisocial as an adolescent, but this wasn’t too unusual. But now, as a young woman, she seemed equally distant. And she really was shaping up to be quite a young woman. She had inherited the stunning body of her mother- albeit her breasts were slightly smaller, and she was thinner- but her light brown hair and face were from his side. If only she wore less makeup and didn’t dye her hair, so the family resemblance would show through.

“So, how’s life?” asked Allen.

‘How’s life?’ asked Dani, in her mind. What kind of a question was that?

“Shitty,” she replied.

“How is it shitty?” asked Allen.

Dani rolled her eyes. “A lot of stuff.”

“Anything in particular?”

He just won’t take a hint, will he? “Well, I just feel kind of lonely. Kind of unloved. I mean, I kind of wish I had a boyfriend.”

Allen nodded. “I can understand that. I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was seventeen.”

“Yeah, well I’m eighteen,” said Dani, a little peeved at her father for pretending he understood her. “And you want to know the truth? I’ve never even kissed a boy? I mean, how pathetic is that? I guess it’s not surprising, I mean. No boy would never want to kiss me.”

“Dani,” said her father. “You’re very attractive. I bet there’s plenty of boys who would be happy to kiss you.”

“Like who?”

“I don’t know, I-“

Dani decided to throw the million-dollar question out there. “Would you?”

Allen paused, scared. She couldn’t know his secret, could she? No, there was no way. He decided that there could be no harm in it.


Dani felt her pulse increase. This was going Escort Taksim to be her first kiss. The fact that it was with her father made no difference: he was still a very attractive man, and she was feeling as horny as she had been half an hour before, when she was playing with herself. Slowly, she began to move towards Allen.

Allen’s pulse increased, too. His young daughter was a very hot woman, and very young too. As he moved in he smelled her alluring scent, and watched the look of wonderment and expectation on her eyes. It had been a long time since he had seen the same look on his wife. Too long.

Their mouths touched, and they kissed. At first, their mouths were closed, but then they opened. And their tongues touched. The father and his daughter began to French kiss. Allen was amazed at how good his daughter was. If she had never done this before, she must have a lot of natural talent. Dani was dumbfounded, turned on beyond belief at her first romantic encounter.

Before he knew what he was doing, the father had reached behind his daughter’s head and let her hair down. Then, he pressed against her perfectly-shaped breasts under her shirt. Dani had never felt anything like this before. She broke the embrace briefly to let out a moan. Allen, too, was moved. It had been years since a woman had turned him on this much.

“Oh, Daddy,” murmured Danielle, as Allen continued his passionate embrace. “Oh, that feels so good.”

“You taste so good, baby. You taste so…”

Dani was now breathing deeply, more turned on than she had ever been in her life. As she continued making out, she undid the button on her skirt and pulled down her thong to finger her shaved pussy.

“Here,” said Allen weakly. “Let me help you with that.” He pulled his daughter’s hand away and brought his mouth to her clit. He began licking, teasing her body. Her moans became louder and more high-pitched. “Oh, yeah! Oh, YEAH!”

His licking entered her slit as her body trembled, preparing for a massive orgasm. Finally, when she could not stand it anymore, her pussy erupted with cum. Dani’s father ate most of it out, managing to make a small mess.

“Wow…” said Dani, clearly awestruck.

Allen was clearly scared by what he had done in his fit of sexual desire. “Listen, Dani, I’m your father, and…”

Dani kissed him on the lips. “And what?”

“And… and…” Allen couldn’t find the words to say. His daughter was just so perfect.

“Go on,” she said.

“And you’re my daughter,” he said finally. “And I think it’s time I helped the world see you as gorgeous as I see you.”

“What do you mean, Daddy?”

“I want to take you and get you some new clothes. I mean, what you’re wearing now is great, if you’re going to a funeral, but…”

Dani giggled, the first time she had done so in a long time. “You really think I’m gorgeous, daddy?”

“You are gorgeous, Dani. And it’s time for you to show that off to the world.”

Dani kissed her father on his lips, leaning her youthful body against him. “Thanks,” she said, hurrying off.

It was funny, because the first thing she wanted to do after she left was to brag to Jared about how she had had her first sexual experience before him. But the light was off in his room, and the thought it best not to tell anyone about her new relationship.

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