Dare You? Tina Ch. 01

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Number seven, Tina.

Although they spoke in hushed tones, I caught enough of their conversation to know I could be of help. I stood up, and as I went past their table I drop a card. The two women looked at me without saying a word. Their faces looked quizzical. I smiled and nodded slightly, and then I carried on to the door, and went out into the hustle of the busy town. As I walked past the window of the café both women stared opened mouthed, watching me merge into the throng of people going about their business.

I can imagine the two women talking to each other about my card. Just two words on one side and mobile phone number on the other. Below the phone number, the word, seven. This is the 7th card I’ve played, the third, and sixth phoned the number on the card, just curiosity, which gets the best of a lot of people, although they never played. The first and fifth never phoned, it was numbers two, and four, who played.

On the front of the white card is a question mark in red print, above the question mark are two words, also in red and in capital letters, the card asks, DARE YOU.


Two days passed and my phone rang.


“Hello,” I replied.

“You left that card, on the table in the café, what do you want?”

“What is your name?” I asked ignoring the woman’s question.

“My name is Tina, so why did you leave the card?”

“Well Tina, the question is what do you want? I overheard you and your friend talking. I thought I might be of some assistance. You are the woman who was facing me, right?”

“Yes, now look here. Do you always eavesdrop on other people’s conversations? I mean it’s bloody rude for a start.”

There was a slight quiver in her voice. She wasn’t fully confident, and maybe she had her friend there, egging her on.

“Tina, I just want to help.”

“Help with what exactly? Is this some strange thing you do to try and pick up women?”

“Do you want to be picked up, Tina? What was it you said to your friend? Oh yes I remember now, you said, my life is so bloody boring since Colin left. Well Tina, perhaps I can help you there.”

“God, I can’t believe I even phoned you.”

“Then hang up if you want to. Oh I’ll be in the café at 9 tomorrow, if you fancy a chat.”

She didn’t turn up.

Two weeks later I was minding my own business, and doing a little shopping in the supermarket, well, we all have to eat, don’t we. There she was, just staring at me. She came up to me looking a little angry for some reason.

“Are you following me?”

“No, why on earth should I want to do that?”

“Well, I mean what are you doing here?”

I lifted the basket I was carrying. She looked at it, and then it seemed to dawn on her that I was actually shopping. I could see by the expression on her face that she was trying to think of an apology, even though she didn’t want to say sorry. Finally words came from her mouth, which I think even surprised, Tina.

“What did that card mean the one you left on the table in the café?”

“The one I left for you, you mean?”

She looked round a little nervously, and then back to me and nodded.

“It is an invitation. I heard probably more than you thought I did that day in the café. So I thought, perhaps I could offer you a little, guidance shall we say?”

“What exactly…did you hear?”

“You’re 31, divorced for 6 months, and haven’t had a fuck since he dumped you.”

Her eyes opened wide, “My god, you’re forward, and rude, “Anyway, I didn’t mean that.”

“No, that really didn’t interest me. What did was your little confession to your friend, about the thought of having a man take control of your sex life, making you do things, forcing you into situations which would embarrass you. You didn’t like her giggling about that did you? Tina, you chuckled too, and then tried to make out it was just a stupid fantasy, but I could see in your eyes, just how hurt you were when your friend called you, silly.”

Again she looked round the shop, fearing someone might have overheard what I was saying. She looked back at me and licked her lips nervously, “What….well what do you know about it, if I was that way inclined I mean. I’m not saying I am it was just a, well a thought.”

“Did you notice on the back of the card, the number under the phone number?”

“Yes, it had a seven on it.”

“You are the 7th woman I’ve given a card to.”

“I see, so I bet it was a shock when someone actually phoned your number?”

“You’re not the first and I’ll admit two never phoned, one did then hung up, but I did have success, two of the women started taking instruction. Meet me on Thursday in the café, and we’ll have a coffee and chat about it.”

Once again she looked round, and then brushed her hair off her face, “I don’t know if I can, I’m supposed to be meeting, Jayne.”

“Fine, enjoy your shopping.”

The phone rang that afternoon. She told me that Jayne had to cancel, and because she had Kurtköy Esmer Escort nothing better to do she would meet me. Whether she was telling the truth about Jayne didn’t concern me.

I watched from across the street as she walked towards the café. She stopped at the next shop and checked her watch, and then she peered into the estate agent’s window. She brushed her fingers through her hair, and even from across the street, I could see her shoulders lift as she took a deep breath. She checked her watch again, and then went into the café. I watched her look around the café, and then she disappeared out of sight for a few minutes. She returned to a window seat, and went to sit down. She stopped and looked behind her, and then moved to the last table against the wall, but still in the window, the same seat she had sat in when I had first seen her in.

The next 20 minutes went past and she sipped her coffee, occasionally looking at her watch. Her head turned every time the door opened. I was late, nearly 10 minutes late.

She sat fidgeting with her necklace, as the 10 minutes grew to 15, and then 20 minutes, her restlessness began to grow. I watched her open her bag and she pulled out her phone. She reached in and pulled out something small, which was my card. I watched her start to look between the card and her phone. I touched my phone in my pocket. It didn’t ring.

I was now 25 minutes late, and Tina, was becoming more impatient. When I saw her flump back in the seat, and throw my card in her bag, I could almost feel her disappointment. As she started to slide across the seat to leave, I rushed over to the door. I was now 32 minutes late. The door opened and she walked out with her head down, and bumped right into me. I held her shoulders and she gasped looking up into my eyes.

“Would you like a coffee?” I asked, as I slowly took my hands from her shoulders.

“You’re late,” she mumbled slowly.

“Coffee?” I repeated.

We sat and chatted for an hour at the corner table. In that time she told me of her husband running off, and with a passion how she wanted something different to happen in her life. I sat listening mostly weighing things up. Yes I wanted to fuck her, but if that did happen it would happen much later.

I explained a little about what I had done with two previous women and a few others in the past, before I started with the dare cards. Her eyes went wide at times, but she kept listening. My last words to her were these, “Tina, you make the final decision tomorrow, and then phone me. You know the levels and roughly what they entail, there will be scares along the way, but hopefully ones which will thrill you, and then it is your choice to move up to the next level. If ever you want to stop it is your choice, but if you do that will be it, game over.

She nodded, and I stood up and left.

The next day I received her call. I told her my instructions and asked her again if she was sure. I heard her take a deep breath, and then she said, “Yes…I want to play.”

I asked her if she had any questions before Thursday. She asked my name, or if she should call me master. I told her master wasn’t necessary, but if she wanted to call me something like that she could.

Level one

She stepped out of the taxi and I watched her approach. Her makeup was nice, respectable with just a hint of a little extra. Her coat length was a few inches above her knees, her skirt about an inch longer than her coat. She wore black tights on her legs, and boy did she have some nice legs. On her feet she wore black shoes with a 4 inch heel. They were open toe and looked sexy, but not crass. She walked up to me and stood facing me. She looked a little nervous, but that was understandable.

“Will I do?” she asked with a faint tremble in her voice.

I smiled at her. She seemed willing enough, and I guess she was excited by what had been her fantasy for some time.

“You smell nice,” I said softly as I kissed her cheek.

She never expected that kiss, but she held her ground, and said, “Thank you.”

“Show me, show me now Tina.”

She looked around the car park and slowly opened the top button of her coat. She pulled her coat open slightly, just enough so I could see she wasn’t wearing a top, or a bra. Her chest was rising and falling, and so fucking inviting. But this was only level one, so I held off.

“Tina, do the button up.”

Her fumbling fingers pushed the button back through the button hole. The coat was cream in colour, and it hinted at a low cut top, because of the flesh on show when the button was in place.

I gave her the list of shopping, and then I told her to go into supermarket. It wasn’t where I had seen her that day; this was level one after all. It was one across town that she said she only occasionally went to. Before she moved she looked at the list, and bit her bottom lip slightly.

“Is there a problem?”

“No,” she said finally, “I can do this, I hope.”

She started Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort walking away, and I watched the backs of her legs in those tights and high heels.

“Tina,” I called. She stopped and turned back to look at me, “You’ve got great legs.”

She ran her hands down her coat, and quickly looked around, two men were grinning at her. She blushed slightly and went into the shop.

30 minutes later she came back out, she looked flushed, but a little pleased with her self. I told her to open the bag, and I was pleased that she had bought everything on the list, a bottle of wine, a congratulations card, and a cucumber, a small box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers, and the condoms.

“Tina, do I have any change?”

“Oh god, sorry,” She chuckled slightly as she fumbled through her bag, and then she handed me my change.

“Finding the condoms was, well, a little embarrassing, and a man stood watching me. I went a bit red I think, especially picking up two packs, he must have thought, well, I don’t really know what he thought.”

There was an excitement in Tina’s voice, although she seemed to be trying to hide it. I guess she was a little embarrassed about being so thrilled. In time, if she continued to play I’d have her control her emotions, or let them loose, whichever fitted with what was happening. But now it was time to push her a little.

“Tina, you did do well, but, these are the wrong condoms.”

She looked at me quizzically, “But…you didn’t say which, you just said two packs of six.”

I fished the receipt out of the bag, and handed it to her, and then the two packs of condoms, “Go back in and change them, look for the biggest size, and go to the same till.”

Her eyes went wide and her breathing quickened a little more.

“Do I have to go to the same one?”

“Yes Tina, the same till with the man that served you, you did find a man to serve you like I said, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but, I already told you it was quite embarrassing.”

“Tina, this is only level one, now if you can’t manage a simple task like buying condoms, how the hell do you expect to get to the next level?”

She gulped, turned, and made her way back into the shop. I gave her two minutes and then I followed her. She went back to the section with the condoms on, and rather flustered, she fumbled her way along the shelf. Finally she picked the packs and walked towards the till.

I watched her rub her neck as she stood in the queue. There was an old couple in front of her, who seemed to be doing their best to take as long as they could.

I watched Tina fumbling with the packets, her head shot round the shop, she couldn’t have made herself more visible if she tried. Finally the couple moved on, and she shoved the condoms at the man on the till.

“I, I bought the wrong ones, here’s the receipt….just the wrong ones that’s all.”

The man on the till looked at the condoms, and then up at the blushing Tina. He smiled to himself a little as he made the changes.

“Are you sure these are right?” he asked her.

Her mouth dropped open and she looked at the man, and then the packets. She nodded and tapped her hand impatiently on the conveyor belt.

“Yes they are, fine.”

“Do you want a bag to put them in?”

“No,” she half snapped, and then changed her mind, “Yes, sorry yes, please.”

The man behind the till held on to the condom packets, and Tina looked like she was now regretting her change of mind. She was bouncing and shuffling uneasily. She looked so cute, and so embarrassed. She froze to the spot when she heard someone behind her in the queue for the till speak.

“Well, someone is having a party. Hey darling, how long will it take you to get through those then?”

She ignored the man, as she held her trembling hand out, to try and quicken the man behind the till.

The loud mouthed man behind her started again, “Christ, they are the big ones too, aren’t they love?”

Gasps of disapproval could be heard around the other checkouts. Tina half snatched the bag, and fled towards the door. I managed to catch up with her outside.

“Hey slow down. What’s up?”

She pulled me round the side of the shop, her breathing was heavy, and her trembling hand wouldn’t let go of my arm.

“There, there was a man, behind me……he, well, he said some things that people around heard…about the condoms, the size and, well….I felt like a, a, I don’t know what I felt like…….it, it…..turned me on….it was incredible…half the bloody shop think….I’ve got a boyfriend with a, with a big bloody dick.”

“What did he say, exactly?”

She tried several times to tell me. In the end I mimicked everything the guy had said, in a midland’s accent. Her heavy breathing stopped for a second and she looked into my eyes.

“My god, it was you….it was you stood behind me, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, and if you’d have turned round you would have seen me.”

I really Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort don’t know if she was relieved or disappointed.

We took my car back across town. Tina sat silently, but I could see she was deep in thought. I asked her to get me some cigarettes from a corner shop. It gave me time to scribble in the card. I dropped Tina near her home. She went to get out of the car, and I told her not to forget her shopping. She looked at me quizzically. I handed her the congratulations card, and she opened it and read it out loud.

“Well done Tina on passing level one.”

She smiled a little, and then I handed her the bag of shopping.

“What am I supposed to do with this lot?”

“Well you could put the flowers in water, have a few chocolates, have a couple of glasses of wine, stretch one of those condoms on the cucumber, get nice and relaxed, and then….phone me.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Of course, you don’t have to use the condoms.”

I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“No I meant….I want, to be….told.”

“Tina, you will phone me, tonight at 10, be on your bed, naked, have just half a glass of wine left from the bottle, and have the cucumber at hand.”

“Will you talk dirty to me……nasty…..please?” she asked with a slight embarrassed tremble in her voice.

“Tina…….it depends how I feel.”

It was just gone 10pm when she phoned. I could tell she was already turned on.

“Have you been touching yourself Tina?”

“Yes, I couldn’t help myself….are you cross with me?”

“Have you got the cucumber, have you been using it?”

“Well a little, I mean I haven’t pushed it in very far….just an inch or two. Are you mad with me?”

“Yes Tina”

“I’m sorry….but I’m so turned on.”

“Tina, start pushing the cucumber in and then pull it out. Do it slowly, and deeper each time, so you can feel it penetrating you further.

I could hear her panting and mumbling, a few light gasps, and soft groans came through the phone.

“Imagine you are in the supermarket Tina. Imagine you are stood by the checkout, do you remember how embarrassing it was?”

“Yes….I do, it was very embarrassing….yes.”

“And think back to when you took the condoms back, you stood there, and the man on the till was looking at you, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, I went very red.”

“Imagine him now, sat there grinning at you, making you even more nervous, even more embarrassed.”

“Yes….I can feel him…..staring at me.”

“How far is the cucumber going in you Tina?”

“About, 4 or 5 inches….it, it is so hard, and thick…..god, this is really….turning me on.”

“Imagine you are stood in front of him. You have the tip of the cucumber between your pussy lips. You are teasing him with it. Your face is red, and you are breathing heavy. His eyes are just staring, watching you pushing the cucumber up your skirt.”

“Oh yeah…..he’s just watching me…..fucking myself.”

“Tina, when I tell you, push the cucumber right up your pussy, the whole 10 inches, have you got that Tina?”

“Yes, I’ll try.”

“No, you’ll do it….the whole thing Tina, are you close?”

“Yes, very….I’m very, very close….nearly, there.”

“Tina, think about this, imagine his hand slowly taking hold of the cucumber. Tina, he’s smiling dirtily at you, and so are a few men who have gathered round. A woman has just pulled her husband away, she called you a pervert. The guy on the till is twisting the cucumber slightly, as someone behind you opens your coat revealing your tits to the guy on the till.”

“Oh god, is it you doing it?”

“No, it is just a man who couldn’t resist you. He’s mauling your left breast, and he’s lifted your skirt with his other hand, so the man on the till and everyone watching can see your pussy.”

“And then they will see the cucumber………fucking me?”

“Yes, look down at the man on the till Tina. He’s licking his lips now, and taking a firmer grip on the cucumber.”

“Oh god…what’s he going to do?!”

“Tina, after three push, push like you don’t have control over your hand, push it all the way, like it is the man’s hand the man on the till. It isn’t your hand Tina, so you have to be brave and not hesitate, do you understand?”

“Yes….yes oh my god….yes!”

“One, get ready Tina, imagine he is holding it now, he’s grinning Tina, and twisting the cucumber in your pussy, and a man calls at him to do it. Two, he grins in your eyes, and licks his lips again., the man behind you hisses in your ear that you are a slut. Three, now Tina, now push it right in, now you slut NOW!”

She screamed, gasped, and strained.

“Tina, he’s fucking you fast, do it Tina, your hand is his hand. Fuck yourself hard and fast in front of all those shocked shoppers.”

She screamed and panted. I could imagine her as she slid the cucumber in her pussy, her legs would probably be shaking, and the feel of it rubbing against her pussy walls would fill her senses. Her back would be arched a little, her mouth just open, and her ears aware of the noise of her pussy squelching like never before.

I smiled to myself as the phone went dead. Level 1 was complete. Will that be all she wants, or is she brave enough to phone me again, and go to level two?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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