Dark Secrets Ch. 02

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Beauty Pussy

Chapter Eight – Naomi (this is not a standalone story. You should read the previous episode before going any further. )

I helped Naomi prepare for her first meeting with Marcus. Even though she had recently shaved her pussy, I suggested she remove any stubble from her nether region. Once her skin was completely smooth and free from hair, I rubbed her skin with lightly scented coconut oils. While she was loving the attention she was getting from it, I was secretly teasing her and working her into a frenzy. Naomi is my best and closest friend and I couldn’t wait to share my man with her. As my hands softly smoothed the oils into her skin, I watched as her nostrils flared when my hands held her breasts. My thumb rubbed around the crinkling skin of her areola. I bit my lower lip as I watched her nipple perk to my touch. I remembered Marcus’s teasing my overly sensitive nipples. The remembered though sent a fresh flood of juices to my own pussy. Marcus was a breast man. While I was sorely lacking in that area but I still knew he loved me for other reasons, I couldn’t wait for Naomi to expose hers to my Dom, her Dom. He would be much more attentive and would have her squirming for sure. Megan shuddered remembering how Marcus had made her cum from torturing her nipples one night at dinner. She smiled thinking of the wet spot she’d left that night.

Megan finished helping Naomi dress in the corselet she had picked out for the first night at the club. The tops of the corset pushed up her heaving breasts, leaving her nipples exposed and clearly seen through the sheer silk blouse she wore over it. The ensemble was completed with a very short black skirt that left only a few inches from the bottom of her ass. If Naomi so much and bent a few inches her ass would promptly be on display. Of course she was minus any panties as this was something Marcus never allowed in his presence. After pulling on sheer black stockings and strapping on her 6″ heels, Megan led Naomi over to the floor length mirror and watched as her friend took in the sight of submissive makeover. Despite Naomi’s open mouth, Megan could tell that she was utterly turned by the way her nipples were trying to poke a hole clear through her blouse. Megan could also smell her friend’s arousal and it took everything to not push her down and lick her to a resounding orgasm. Megan finished the transformation with some smartly applied makeup.

She made Naomi sit on the upholstered bench while she got herself dressed. Naomi blushed when Megan made her lift her skirt and sit directly on the upholstery as not to winkle her dress or leave a wet spot on it. Naomi watched as her friend applied her own makeup. She took in Megan’s naked form. While she had explored more of her body in the last few days, she still lusted to delve more into her friend’s body. She watched as she slipped on the sheer dress. It barely hid anything from plain sight. Naomi thought she might as well have worn nothing, but then understood that the slight concealment truly added to her sensuality. When Megan was finished, she turned and held her hands wide, as if asking without words how Naomi thought.

“You look stunning Mistress.” Naomi said blushing.

Megan smiled. “You’re far sexier than I am. Marcus is going to eat you up!”

They both giggled at the thought and grabbed their small clutches and headed for the door. The drive over in Megan’s car seemed to take hours. Naomi was glad she was driving because she was too nervous to. When the car finally pulled up the club, Naomi pulled in a deep breath. The sign read ‘The Whipping Post.’ Megan smiled as she heard the audible gasp escape her friend’s lips. She reached over and took her friend’s hand and gave it a squeeze.

“You’ll be safe. I’ll be with you every step of the way and Marcus will make you feel safe and secure throughout the whole process. I promise.” Releasing her hand but giving it a loving pat.

“Thank you Mistress. This is something I’ve only dreamed of but I’m ready. Thank you offering me this chance.”

“You’re more than welcome. Now let’s have some fun.” She leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Naomi parted her lips and let Megan’s own hers. She felt a flush of her juices gush from her lower lips.

Their kiss was interrupted by the valets, who opened their doors. Naomi blushed shyly having been caught in such an intimate moment. When she slipped out of Megan’s car, her blushed turned full red when she completely exposed her naked pussy to the valet. Megan smiled when she came around the car to find her red faced friend.

“I see that you’ve already tipped the valet, you’re already being a slut.” Megan said with an evil smile on her face.

They walked into the front door and stood in line to sign in. Naomi noticed the others dressed in similar attire, some even more exposed than her. She saw several couples, both Dom and sub, but also saw single males and females. Most wore so form of a collar. Naomi reached up and felt her empty throat. Megan had removed her training collar before they showered and told her Kurtköy Grup Escort that Marcus would present her with one if he accepted her as his trainee. Megan’s neck was beautifully adored with a diamond encrusted collar that brought out the shimmer in her sheer dress. When it was their turn to sign in, Megan introduced Naomi to the submissive assigned to the desk. She was bubbly and Naomi fell in love with her immediately. She was naked from the waist up and her pert little nipples were pierced with overly large golden rings. Naomi shuddered with desire. Her nipples only tightened more with the thought of having hers adored so lovely. Megan made note of her friend’s response to Cindy’s piercings.

After Cindy had placed a green band around Naomi’s wrist and explaining that this would let others know that she was a newbie. Then she put a yellow one on Megan. Megan leaned over and told her that it showed she was a paid member. She further explained that Marcus’s collar let everyone know that she was his and protected her from other Doms or Dommes. Having been properly “marked” they headed over to the bar area of the club. Naomi was enthralled by the sheer enormity of the place. There was a dance floor with some couples already dancing. There was a huge stage area but it was empty now, but there was equipment staged around that made a rush of fluids flood her pussy. Megan led her over to the bar and they found empty stools. A really handsome bartender in a severe looking leather outfit came their way. His heavily hairy chest was left exposed and his tight leather pants left nothing to the imagination. Both girls could clearly she the erection the man had. They both giggled when they ordered something to drink. When their glasses of Chardonnay arrived, Naomi almost gulped her down. She was stopped only by the gaze her friend.

“This is your only drink tonight so make it last. There will be no inebriation by either party tonight. Marcus will send us both home if we’re drunk. He wants you in your right mind and able to make sound decisions.”

“Yes Ma’am. Where is he?”

“He’s working tonight but he is going to make time to sit down and talk and maybe even play if time allows.” Megan said as she looked around for her teacher.

While they waited, Megan explained that Marcus was part owner of the club and sometimes serves as a monitor, and sometimes he plays with couples or single submissives when asked to. Naomi asked if that made her jealous and Megan assured her that she trusted Marcus explicitly. They talked about the club and where things were. She pointed out the monitors who were tasked with making sure that all play was safe, sane and consensual. Naomi had read about this type of safety measures. It made her feel safer knowing that others would be watching out for her, even though she already felt safe with Megan nearby. Just when she was starting to feel more at ease, she noticed Megan’s face brighten. When Naomi looked in the general direction of where Megan was looking, her breath left her chest. There was a tall, muscular black man confidently striding in their direction. My God he is gorgeous! Naomi struggled to take in a deep breath and calm her nerves.

Chapter Nine – Naomi

Megan and Naomi both stood as the tall dark and handsome Marcus approached them. He took Megan in his strong arms and seemed to swallow her whole. They ended their embrace with a passion filled kiss. When he turned towards Naomi, she took a breath, not realizing she had been holding it. Megan introduced her friend. Marcus leaned down to kiss Naomi on her cheek. His warm lips sent tingles throughout her body, straight to her core. He smelled of fresh soap and sandalwood. When he stepped back and motioned to a booth near the back corner of the bar, both girls followed his unspoken command.

Megan slipped into the farthest side of the booth and Marcus joined her, while Naomi sat opposite them. Marcus smiled when he saw the girl shyly lift her skirt and sit with her naked pussy against the cool leather of the booth. Both of the girls were still nursing their first glass of wine. Marcus was drinking bottled water since he was working tonight. Naomi’s heart was beating so loud in her ear that she barely heard his first words.

“So you’re ready to begin your training as a submissive?”

“Yes Sir.” Her voice barely audible because of her nerves.

“Well Megs told all about your last couple of days and she says you’re a natural. So that brings us to the negotiation part of this agreement. Let’s start with what you want out of this training? Are you looking to become a full-time slave in a 24/7 power exchange or just some kinky play on occasion?”

Naomi took a minute to think about what he was asking. “I don’t want to be anyone’s slave and I don’t want only some random play either, so maybe in the middle somewhere. What I do know is that I want to be completely submissive in the bedroom.”

Marcus noticed her nostrils flare when she mentioned about her wanting to totally submissive in the bedroom. Kurtköy Manken Escort His thought of what that might entail made his cock stiffen.

“Good. Let’s talk about limits. What kinds of things do you not want to participate in?”

Again, Naomi took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “I don’t want any permanent scars or visible marks from play.” She looked into his eyes and saw that they were focused and he was clearly listening attentively to what she was saying.

“Good. I respect that. I’m not much for inflicting pain or leaving marks like other Doms, but I do retain the right to inflict pain as a form of punishment. Do you agree to accepting pain during any punishment you would incur?

“Yes Sir. I don’t mind receiving pain. As I’ve found out from my short time with Megan…er…Mistress, I actually love pain. I mean that it makes me feel submissive to able to take what is given out, whether it is from punishment or for the pleasure of my Dom or Mistress.” Naomi took in a big breath. This was a big idea to reveal, but the look on both of their faces told her she had said something they both liked.

“Very good answer and I will be sure to include some impact play with our sessions. Now what about breath-play?”

Naomi’s face grimaced. She hesitated before answering. “I’ve never done anything like that Sir, but I feel safe with you and I would trust your decision to include it in our play.”

Again, Marcus smiled at her answer. “Your inexperience is duly noted and I will retain the right to include it in play. What about anal play? I understand that Megan has put you through some of the early training, is there any limits to this?”

“Yes Sir. To begin with, I want to let you know that I love anal sex.” A warm rush of blood moved to Naomi’s face. “I have a concern about hygiene with regards to anal play. Firstly, I would like to given notice when we are to have anal play. I want to be able to have the chance to prepare my body. Secondly, I don’t want to have anything that has been in my ass to go in any other hole.”

Naomi quickly looked to Megan. She had fucked her with her ass with a strap-on and then made her clean it with her mouth. Megan quickly reach across the table and took Naomi’s hand in hers. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I didn’t know.”

“It’s OK Megs. We were both caught up in the moment.” She turned back to Marcus. “Sir, if we are in an intense moment like that, I would always follow your command. If you wanted me to suck your cock after thoroughly fucking me like Megan, I would more than gladly take your cock in my mouth and lick it clean.” The blood rushed to her face and chest. Naomi’s nipples peeked tightly and threatened again to ripe through her silk top.

Marcus’s cock stiffened with the thought of this truly submissive creature taking his cock down her throat. “Duly noted. Does this cover all of your limits Nomes?”

“Yes Sir.”

He took her hand in his as his thumb softly stroke the tops of her knuckles. “So let’s discuss my rules. To keep this simple, I only have four but they are broad in range. First – Be safe. In everything we do, safety is first and foremost. While we have set your limits, my job is to push you to and maybe beyond those limits, but if at any time you feel uncomfortable, you have safe words. Yellow means that you’re getting to the point of being overwhelmed and we will slow but continue play. There is red. This means that you’re at your limit and play will immediately stop. I will make sure that you’re safe and then we will sit down and discuss where our play went wrong. You will never be punished for calling your safe words. Do you understand Nomes?”

“Yes Sir. Be safe.” She repeated. “Thank you for that. You making me feel safer by the minute.”

Marcus continued to stroke her hand. “Second rule – follow instructions. I will give many things for you to do, whether I’m present or not, you will follow each command as if I were there.”

“Yes Sir. Follow your instructions.”

“There will be punishment for not following this rule. The third rule – Do your best. You may not always be able to complete a command but if you do your best you will not be punished.”

“Yes Sir. Do my best. I intend to do my very best each and every time. I want to make you proud of my submission.” Marcus smiled wide. Naomi smiled herself. His full faced smile was infectious she noted.

“My last and certainly not least rule is – Be honest. Your answers may not always be what I want to hear but I want the honest reply. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir. Be honest.”

“Well I think we have a pretty good start to this Dom/sub relationship. Are you ready to start?”

Naomi smiled at her Dom. Her smile couldn’t be slapped off her face. “Yes Sir. I’m ready.”

“Good. No remove your blouse.”

Naomi didn’t hesitate a second when she started unbuttoning her silk blouse. Her nipples had threatened to ripe it since she put it on. When she finished removing, Megan reached across the table and held her friend’s Kurtköy Masöz Escort clothing.

Marcus’s eyes moved down to Naomi’s breasts. She felt her nipples crinkle from focus of his gaze. “Put your hands behind your head.”

She followed his command. Her breasts were pushed up by the corselet but with her hands behind her head, she felt them more on display. Marcus clearly loved her breasts. His reached across the table with his hand and his calloused fingers flicked her erect and throbbing nipples, first one, then the other. A moan escaped from deep in her throat. He watched as her eyes closed when he took her crinkled bud between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a wicked twist. She took in a quick breath.

“Eyes open girl.” She opened them quickly. His gaze fixed on hers. When his fingers pulled on her nipple she whimpered but held his gaze. “Now lower one hand and touch yourself.”

Naomi did as she was told. The audible gasp was louder than she intended when her fingers ran through her wet folds. She pulled some of her wetness from her sopping pussy up to her engorged clitty. Her breathing was ragged. Her wet finger softly stroked her sensitive nub.

“You love being told what to do, don’t you Princess?”

“Yes Sir.” Her voice hoarse with need. Her finger sped up as he spoke with her. Naomi could feel her orgasm edge closer. This is what she wanted, what she needed.

“You’re not going to orgasm until I give you permission.”

“No Sir.” She slowed her fingering as she tried to pull back from the precipice.

“I want you to stick three fingers inside your wet cunt and fuck yourself until I say stop.” He could see her nostrils flair to his command.

“Yes Sir.” Naomi shoved three fingers inside her pussy. She could feel the soft walls of channel clinch around her invasion. Her hand moved quickly as she fucked herself in front of her Dom and anyone else who happen to be looking towards their booth. The level of her arousal was higher than any other time in her life. Naomi was right at the point of no return. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. Her whimpers were almost a mew.

“Stop! Very nice. Such a good girl.”

Naomi removed her fingers but still felt her pussy clinching with need. She fought off her impending orgasm, but it took everything she had to do it. When she felt that she had regained control, she opened her eyes. Both of them were staring at her and smiling.

“Good Girl. Now get in the standing presentation position.” Naomi looked at Megan for some unspoken answer. She was about to say something when he clarified his command. “Stand with your arms behind your head and legs spread at shoulder width apart.”

“Yes Sir.” Naomi got into position as Marcus watched.

“Now remove your skirt. It doesn’t hide much anyway and I want to see that wet pussy that I’ve been smelling since we sat down.”

Naomi flushed but unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She bent over to retrieve it, clearly giving anyone behind her an unfettered look at her swollen lips. She handed it to Marcus who passed it along to Megan.

“Come closer Princess.”

When she did, he lifted his fingers and stroked her wetness between her thighs. She moaned as he slipped two of his large fingers inside her, while his thumb gently rubbed her erect clitty. She quickly bit her lip again, trying to ward off her orgasm. Again, just as she was about to beg for release, he removed his fingers. Then he stood. He towered over her. His massive frame made her feel like a little girl next to him.

“Now get into a kneeling presentation position.”

She knew this one and dropped to her knees with her arms behind her back and her thighs spread widely. She knew her body was open and on display for him, her Dom. He ran his fingers through her hair. She felt comforted by his touch. He walked around behind her. She felt his hands go around her neck first, then she felt the warm leather of his collar being fastened around her neck. As close as she had been to her orgasm twice in front of him, she almost lost it when he secured his collar on her.

“Stand and let’s go to a more private area.” He took Megan in his arm and had Naomi follow two steps behind them with her arms locked behind her back. Though she was naked and on display as they walked through the main area of the club, Naomi felt wrapped in love and the control of her Dom and Mistress. She held her head high and her shoulders back. The gentle sway of her breasts and the swollen lips of her naked pussy attracted a lot of attention and though this was all new to Naomi, it didn’t distract her focus on her Dom.

Chapter Ten

The walk across the main room felt like it would take forever. While Marcus clearly did not take the direct path to where they were heading, he made several stops to greets members and introduce Megan to people she hadn’t met before. The whole time Naomi was perfectly in position but treated like she was invisible. The people that Marcus and Megan were talking to would eye her up and down, but she was never introduced to anyone. Her mind was whirling. Is he not proud of me? Do I not please him? Naomi quickly recognizes these are bad thoughts and pushing them to the back of her mind. She continues to follow obediently as they stop and started their journey again.

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