Deep Undercover Ch. 03

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I’m running through a thick fog, barely able to make out what lies a few feet in front of me. I can hear footsteps pounding on the earth behind me. As I run, the branches become lower and lower and thicker and thicker until, with every step I take, they’re stinging every part of my body. Every part. I run faster and faster, the brush thicker and thicker. I’m trying to keep quiet, but I can’t help it. “Ahh!” I yell out with every stride. It’s getting harder and harder to fight it. Oh god! I’m going to-

I wake up in a sweat, a gentle drizzle falling through the trees outside. I just had a wet dream. I’ve not had one of those in years. I feel as if I’m floating on a cloud, every inch of my body cradled and comforted, as I quickly fall back asleep.

What seems like moments later, I wake to the sun streaming through the rustling trees outside. I feel like I had the best sleep I’ve had in years. I lie still a few more minutes, then stretch and climb out of the heavenly Egyptian cotton.

I drag myself through the empty walk-in-closet and toward the shower, kicking myself mentally for the fact that soon this closet will be filled with clothes that once shared a room with his clothes. I try to put my frustration out of my mind as I turn on the shower and step in, disappearing into a nirvana of steam and vanilla-scented soaps.

What seems like years later, I turn off the water and step out, wrapping myself in the thick cotton robe hanging outside of the shower. I find a blowdryer in the vanity and go to work de-frizzing my hair. I find a makeup bag as well, but I never like to cover up my fair skin and minimal freckles. Always draw attention to your eyes. Your eyes are the keys to any door you wish to enter. That was a good lesson.

After I finish and feel more attractive and less like a part of the sheets I’d slept in. I walk back into the bedroom to find a box and a note on the freshly made bed. Someone’s been in here! I didn’t even close the door to the bathroom. Wait…there was no door! Someone may have seen me showering. I can feel myself blush at the thought. It’s a black box tied with an incredibly thick satin black ribbon – almost more like a scar. I unfold the note and read silently, my breath catching in my throat:

Put this on and come upstairs.

Do not cover up to come up here, as there is no one around.

No shoes.

Tie the ribbon around your neck.


– A

I pull the ribbon gently off of the parcel. As I lift the lid, I’m nervous about what I’ll find. Inside the box, folded in a bed of black tissue paper is a completely sheer black silk chiffon romper. It’s so low cut, I can’t tell which side is the back and which is the front. Is he serious? My blush deepens. A million thoughts run through my head. Am I crazy to even consider this!? How dare he even suggest that I wear something like this! You dumb twat, you let him practically finger you last night! You had your hand around his dick, for fuck’s sake!

I shake my head to stop the battling thoughts that have taken over. Fuck it. Why not? I’m powerless to stop the urge that I have to give him what he wants. I fling the robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I carefully step into sheer fabric and let it fall on me as it was made to. Everything is visible through it, from my upright nipples down to my shaved nether-regions. Glad I waxed. The cut hangs so low, draping so that my entire chest is visible, almost to my nipples, which are barely covered in fabric. I can feel the bare cheeks of my ass hanging out of the bottom. I feel sexy. And exposed.

I do as the note says and tie the ribbon around my neck and let it fall down my chest. The smooth fabric feels tender against my bare skin. I run my hand through my crimson hair, take a deep breath and make my way through the guest bedroom door and down the hall.

The house is silent, still, unnerving, as I climb the floating stairs toward my fate. I cautiously but quickly scurry down the upstairs hall, afraid that someone will see me wandering about like this. Alex’s door is slightly ajar, inviting me inside. Ok..this is it. No idea what’s waiting on the other side of that door. I take another deep breath, steady my shaking hands and push the door open.

As the back of the solid wood headboard of the four poster bed comes into view, so does Alex. He’s sitting in a chair in front of the bed, facing it, his back to the window and woods beyond. He’s wearing a dark grey suit and a crisp white shirt with a dark blue silk tie. One leg is crossed over the other, and his hands are folded in his lap. As I come partially into view, I see his breath catch a bit and his mouth opens slightly, just slightly. He clearly doesn’t want me to see his excitement.

“Come in, Madison,” he says calmly, a hint of his animalistic side makes his voice rugged. “Close the door.”

I turn as I push the door closed, closing my eyes and squeezing them tightly. What am I doing? Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort Whatever it is…I want it.

I turn to face Alex, trying to make my legs move, but I’m too nervous. He stares into my eyes, patient, not flinching. “Don’t be afraid, Madison. Come in and stand in front of me,” his voice is so calm, so soothing that it puts me more at ease. I make my way around the bed. As the rest of my body that was covered by the headboard comes into view, his eyes leave mine and trace every inch. His mouth opens a bit wider and I can tell that his breathing has deepened.

I stop a few feet between Alex and the bed, facing him. “Was there something that you wanted?” I say innocently.

A wide grin takes over Alex’s face, “My you are feisty, aren’t you? You look beautiful. That suits you perfectly.” His eyes follow my body again, spending more time focused on my perked nipples and the region of my shaved valley.

“Thank you. Now why am I wearing it?” I am nervous under his gaze and am trying to get to the point.

“Did you touch yourself last night? Or were you a good girl?” I feel a pang of arousal deep within as he asks me.

“Girl? I’m not a child, Alex.”

“Oh trust me I’m aware of that. But it turns you on, doesn’t it, Madison? To be treated like you’re under my control and not your own? Admit it. There’s no shame in what you’re feeling.”

“I’m not ashamed, nor am I denying anything.”

“Good girl,” his smile widens.”Now…answer the question. Were you a good girl last night?”


“Yes, what?”

I’m puzzled. What is he expecting me to say? I raise an eyebrow, questioning what he means. He sits back, his smile fading, “This may be difficult for you, Madison, but when we’re in specific situations you are going to call me sir or master, whatever my preference may be at that time. Do you understand?”

I want to laugh, but I’m too turned on by what he’s saying to me. I’ve no idea why, but I go along with it, “Yes, sir.” A look of appreciation fills Alex’s face, “Excellent. Now because you were a good girl, you’re going to be rewarded. Turn around and open the box on the bed.”

I turn and see a small, long rectangular box on the foot of bed that I somehow missed when I came into the room. I guess my mind wasn’t really on anything other than my vulnerability. I pull the small black ribbon from the black box and pull off the lid to find, buried within black tissue paper, a black vibrator. I blush and my pulse quickens. I’m a bit taken aback.

I turn it over in my hands, inspecting it. It’s about seven inches long two inches thick, and black metal. I turn around, still holding it. I must have a puzzled look on look on my face because Alex uncrosses his leg, sits forward in the chair and reaches out to pull me toward him as he says, “It’s a gift for your obedience, and to make up a bit for your not being able to come last night.”

I’m not sure what to say. Nobody’s ever given me a sex toy as a gift before, let alone the gift of an orgasm. He goes on, “But there’s a catch.”

“A catch? To a vibrator?” I’m so confused by all of this.

“You’re going to use it. Right now. And I’m going to watch.”

My mouth falls open. I don’t even try to hide my shock, “Excuse me!?”

“You heard me perfectly, Madison. You’re going to crawl onto the bed, your ass toward me so that I can get a good look at it in the lingerie. Then you’re going to turn so that you’re facing me and get on your knees. I’m going to tell you step by step what to do. And you’re going to do it,” he stands and walks to me. He cradles my neck with his left hand and runs his tongue over my lips. His other hand makes its way down the center of my chest, finding its way over the sheer fabric and onto my breast. He massages is gently as his tongue continues to circle its way slowly into my slightly open and wanting mouth.

As I feel myself falling under his spell, his hand leaves my breast and continues its journey down the center of my body, over my stomach and further down, slowly, slowly. Just as he reaches my now soaking cunt, his tongue breaches my mouth. He rubs my clit softly through the romper. “You’re soaked again, Madison. I love how ready and willing your body is, even if it betrays you,” he whispers into my ear.

“Oh, Alex, please don’t stop,” I’m lost in a cloud of pleasure.

“Madison, I’m going to stop and you’re going to finish this yourself. Do you understand?”

I’ll do anything that this many tells me to right now. “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl,” with that, he kisses me deeply and then pulls away and back in the chair. I can see his bulging erection trying to escape and find its way to me. He catches me staring at his lap, “Not now, Madison. If you’re a good girl, perhaps later. Now. Crawl onto the bed as I instructed.”

I can’t help myself. I have to do what he says. The whore in heat has returned and I’m powerless to stop her. Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort I turn and crawl slowly onto the bed, very conscious of the fact that my entire backside and soaking wet vagina are plainly visible.

I crawl to the center of the bed and turn and face Alex on my knees, “Do you like what you see, sir?”

Alex smiles, “You’re quite a little tease, aren’t you? Very much, Madison. Now, untie the ribbon and wrap it around your eyes. I want your word that you can’t see anything.”

My pussy twitches with excitement, as I untie the ribbon and bring it to my eyes. I tie it in a knot behind my head and adjust it carefully so that I can see only blackness, “I can’t see a thing, sir.”

“Good girl. I want you to massage your right breast with your left hand, over the fabric.”

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I lift my left hand and grasp my right breast and squeeze it, as instructed. My mouth falls open as my breath deepens. I hear Alex’s voice through the darkness, “You have beautiful breasts, Madison. Play with your nipple a bit. Squeeze it.”

I do as I’m told, my breath catching with each squeeze. “Harder,” Alex commands. I pinch my nipple so hard that a small “Ahhh” escapes my mouth.

“Pull the straps of your romper off your shoulders. I want to see your beautiful breasts. And I want you to touch them with both hands. Also, spread your knees a part. I want a view between them.”

I should stop and walk out of this room now. Leave. Escape into the woods. But I’ve never been so turned on in all of my life. I want to please this man. I don’t know why, but I have to.

I spread my knees apart. My senses are so alive that I can feel every fiber of the soft duvet cover as they slide across it. I pull the left strap off my shoulder, then the right and let them fall to the sides. My nipples harden even more with the sudden exposure to the cool air in the room. I feel so alive, and so desired.

“Keep going,” he instructs. His voice sounds as if it’s a bit more to my left now. Is he moving around the room, watching me from different angles? I return my hands to my soft breasts, moving them over every inch, squeezing and pinching as I go.

With heavy breath, Alex’s voice breaks the near-silence, “Move your right hand slowly down. I want you to rub your clit slowly. Tease yourself. You’re not to come.” He’s right next to me now.

“Yes, sir,” I am intoxicated by desire.

I run my hand down over my now-uncovered stomach until I feel the edge of the chiffon. With only a very slight hesitation, I dive my hand in and run my hand over my slick nub. “Oh,” I lose myself in this feeling of ecstasy as my index and middle finger draw circles against my clit. I want to come so badly.

“Stop,” Alex’s sudden command interrupts my euphoria, and I remove my hand from my wanting pussy. What!? He’s not doing this to me again! I hear him directly in front of me again, right at the edge of the bed.

“Lie down and remove that entirely. I want you naked. The vibrator is to your left. Take it and twist the bottom to turn it on. I want you to put it on a low intensity and massage your clit with it.”

Anything! Just please…I need to come! I can think of nothing else.

I hurry to do as Alex says, lying back and sliding the last bit of fabric off my body. I reach over and feel the cold metal of the vibrator. With one hand I grab the shaft and use the other to twist the base of it until I hear and feel a gentle buzz. I go a bit further than his instructions and start by touching the vibrator to my nipple. The cold steel makes me flinch slightly.

If he wants a show, I’ll give him a show. I lift the vibrator toward my face, slowly. I kiss the tip of it, sneaking it in little by little. I can hear Alex’s breath now. Let’s see how much he enjoys watching this. I slowly push the vibrator in until the metal of the shaft is no longer visible. All that remains is the 1/2″ ring at the base that controls the intensity of the device.

“Jesus, Madison,” Alex says breathlessly. I hear a zipper. He’s unzipped his pants. Is he planning to fuck me!?

“Enough teasing me. I want that vibrator on your clit. Now,” he demands.

I pull it slowly from my mouth and create a wet trail as I slide it down my body to my clit. As it makes contact, I can immediately feel an orgasm building. I’m trying so hard not to make a sound. I’m humiliated enough that I’ve put myself on display for this man. I can’t moan and pant like a slut too.

“I want to hear your pleasure, Madison. I can tell you’re holding back. Don’t be ashamed of how it feels. Let it out,” he encourages. It’s like he knows my thoughts.

Fuck it all. With that, a flood of moaning escapes my lips as I slide the buzzing metal stick up and down over my pleasure spot.

“That’s it, baby,” I can tell Alex is stroking himself from Kurtköy Vip Escort the sound of his voice and the heaviness of his breath. “Slide it in and fuck yourself with it.”

I bring my knees up slightly so that my legs are bent. This gives me a better angle. I push the now-warm tip of the black steel to my wanting pussy. It slides in without effort, as if on a river, being drawn toward the edge of a fall. “Oh, Alex,” I moan.

“Good girl, Madison. In and out with it. Fuck yourself slowly with your right hand. Use your other hand to turn up the intensity and then I want it rubbing your clit.”

I do as he says. Holy fuck this thing is intense. I can hear the buzzing clearly as I penetrate and pull out. As I choreograph this dance of movement, I can feel the orgasm building more and more. “Oh Alex! Please…I want to come!” I beg.

“Not yet. Keep fucking yourself. Harder. Faster.” I feel Alex’s weight on the foot of the bed. He’s sitting right at my feet, watching me. Oh god.

With this thought I invade my soaking voice and ravage myself, trying to hold back the orgasm that so badly wants to take me over. It’s getting impossible. I can’t hold back. “Alex!” I scream out.

“Yes?” he’s clearly enjoying this torture.

“Let me come!”

“Say please…and let me come, what?”

“Please let me come, sir! Oh please!”

“Come, baby. Come for me.”

With his order, I stop holding back and let myself get taken over as wave after wave of pleasure erupt from inside of me. I shake as my body fills from head to toe with pleasure, “Oh Alex! Alex!” I can’t stop screaming out his name as I keep filling myself with the vibrator. Orgasm after orgasm attack my every sense.

After what seems like minutes of unending pleasure, I no longer have the strength to move. I feel every part of my body going limp as I slip away into post-orgasmic bliss. As I struggle to remove the still-buzzing vibrator, I feel Alex’s hand over mine, removing it and laying it gently on my stomach. I feel the vibrator slide hesitantly from me.

The bed shifts as Alex climbs over me, still fully clothed, his pants zipped up. As he slides the blindfold off and sunlight overwhelms me, I have to squint to see his icy blue eyes looking down into mine. He smiles and says gently, “Good girl.”

I can’t help but smile back at him, “Thank you, sir.”

He kisses me softly and moves to lie next to me, shifting himself up to the pillows. He gently pulls me up so that my head is resting on the pillow next to him, his left arm under my neck. “You must be cold,” he says with concern, as he pulls the duvet over me and wraps himself around me.

“Thank you,” I’m spent. I can barely keep my eyes open.

“You’re welcome. Why don’t you close your eyes and rest?”

“Will you stay with me?” Right now I want nothing more than to be cradled by him.

“Sure. I’m all yours.”

I feel him behind me, pulling off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt collar with his right hand. He tosses it over me to the side of the bed and wraps his right arm around me, softly stroking the bare skin of my stomach. The soft satin of the blindfold is comforting, as my eyes adjust better to the light. I can see so clearly now. I can’t help but smile as I drift slowly to sleep. I never thought I’d find my joy in the hands of my kidnapper. But here we are, intertwined in a state of bliss and a web of intrigue.

I awake to find the sun still streaming through the trees, but the shadows are different. I must’ve slept for hours. Alex’s arms have abandoned me, but I turn to find him still asleep on his back next to me. Thoughts of the events hours before flash through my mind, as I watch him in this docile state. I want to taste him.

I sit up carefully so that I’m resting on my knees next to him. I pause to make sure that I haven’t disturbed his sleep. His eyes still closed, his breathing still steady, I reach down and very slowly unbutton and unzip his pants. As I start to reach in to feel his beckoning manhood, a hand grasps my arm and I’m pushed onto my back, Alex on top of me. “What do you think you’re doing?” his question is sincere.

“I wanted to suck your cock, Alex,” I respond directly. There’s no sense beating around the bush.

He looks surprised, “I didn’t give you permission, did I?”

“I didn’t realize I needed permission to give you pleasure.”

“You have a lot to learn, little girl.” I feel that familiar flutter far down.

“So do you,” I say defiantly, as I muster all of my strength. In one swift movement, I use his grip on my wrists against him, pushing his head down toward my stomach, as I roll him over and lock his neck with my thighs. I pin his arms to the bed.

It suddenly occurs to me that I’m naked, my wanting chasm mere inches from his mouth. A look of amusement, surprise and hunger all at once crosses his face. “What do you think you’re doing, Madison?”

“Don’t move, Alex. I mean it,” I move his wrists together above his head, despite his struggles, and grip them both with my left hand. With my right, I untie the ribbon that’s been dangling from my neck. He’s fighting, but I have the upper hand in this position, so to speak. I take the ribbon and quickly bind his hands together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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