Divorced in South Florida Ch. 03

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Lynn and I squabbled over only one thing, exclusivity. She wanted to be my only lady. Now I cared for her in and out of bed, and I told her that she had all the things I wanted in an ideal woman. I wanted to be with her, but I needed to experiment with more sex partners. As a very sexual, open woman, she understood that, but I guess she had this fear that I would find someone with better looks, more money, or a better blow job that would replace her. I told her I did not want to replace her blow jobs, only supplement them. That crack pissed her off.

I told her that she should go with any guy she wanted and she should fuck his brains out if she wished. There were, however, many more women, carnivorous women.

The funny thing is that I only had sex with one other woman, and Lynn had to know that this was an unusual situation that clearly presented no threat to her. Her name was May.

Around the time I had met Lynn, more of my married lady friends kept serving up the names of single women. The first two fix ups discouraged me, and I knew that I must be candid with my desires if these meetings had any chance. Two married lady friends were in fix me up mode, and I leveled with them.

The first, Wendy, was married to one of my regular golfing buddies. She was a quiet, unassertive woman and I was surprised how diligently she pursued matchmaking. She looked kind of nerdy, but cute, rail thin with no tits and no ass. I had no interest in her or any other married woman.

“Wendy, you have to know that I am interested in women that are sexually adventurous.”

I was shocked when she wanted to know exactly what I meant.

“Wendy, I am interested in assplay. Anal sex and analingus.” I was getting turned on telling her this. She kind of turned away with this faraway look in her eye. She murmured, “Wow. I don’t think I know anyone who would be interested.”

The odd thing is that I was convinced that if I had grabbed her pants, pulled them down and started licking her ass, she would have done anything. In fact, every time she saw me, she always found a way to reach out and touch me, something she had never done before.

I had the same conversation with Bonnie, another married friend. She, on the other hand, was a hot ticket. She was the second wife of a friend and younger than most of our crowd. “What’s the big deal. You should easily be able to find a woman that does anal. I have an idea that might interest you. Let me think about it and call you.”

The next day Bonnie called. She had a friend named May. She was older, about 67. May lost her husband about eight months ago, but while he was alive, Bonnie said they had an active sex life, a very active sex life.

“How do you know this?”, I asked.

“May and I compare notes.”

I was dying to pursue that comment, but I let Bonnie continue.

“May has no desire to pursue a relationship, but I think she is lonely for affection. I bet with your charms, she may satisfy your kinky desires. Frankly, if she is as horny as I think she is, she’ll jump in with both feet.”

This sounded appealing. Bonnie was meeting May for coffee at the club the next morning, and she suggested I stop by to introduce myself. Now I was a little hesitant about a woman in her late 60’s, but at this time I was very involved with Lynn and realized that I was enjoying things that were a little offbeat. What really piqued my curiosity would be Bonnie’s explanation to May about the reason for our meeting. I worried I may be really embarrassed.

We met the next day and I was introduced to a woman that was clearly a few years older than me. May had short gray hair that Karaköy escort bayan was kind of spiky. She had a big smile and big tits, and I could not help but worry that they would sit pretty low when she was undressed. She was dressed casually and a little funky. May, clearly, was her own person.

“Now, May, as I was telling you, our friend here has some unusual appetites, and I thought you may like him. Isn’t that right?”, Bonnie asked me.

“I don’t know, Bonnie,” I replied, “You told me that they were not unusual.”

“Well, maybe you’re right, but asking woman to recruit their friends for assplay. That sounds a little unusual, don’t you think?”

May and Bonnie howled at that comment and they laughed even harder when I said, “You know, Bonnie. I would never chase after a married woman, particularly one married to a friend. But, I sure would like if you called me late one night and told me a bedtime story.”

Notwithstanding my quick comeback, I was confused talking to these women who seemed much more comfortable talking about sex without shame and with a sense of humor. Still, May told me I was cute and asked that I call her.

I called and May agreed to dinner. She said she was a vegetarian, and in the evening, she did not like to eat very much. That surprised me because she was reasonably full figured and seemed too lusty to meet my perception of a vegetarian. When I arrived at her house, I learned it did not matter. May had turned her ankle and was limping. She preferred to stay at home and invited me in.

She was wearing a black silk outfit that looked like pajamas. I could tell she was braless by the bouncing, low set of her breasts. As she walked about to open a bottle of wine and cut up vegetables, I saw a full bodied sexy woman.

I reminded myself of my most steadfast belief about women. The older I got, the more attractive women became, and the percentage of women I found attractive greatly increased. Twenty years ago, I would have run from the thought of sleeping with May. Today, I was getting turned on by this lovely woman.

When I was working, I used to play a game while walking on the street. I would pretend I was walking to a meeting. As a woman walked by, I would judge her looks based on whether I would blow off the meeting to fuck her. I classified women based on the importance of this fictional meeting. I never saw a woman that would win over the career essential type of meeting, but hundreds of women would trump most of the bullshit meetings I attended. I suspected most men played these idiotic types of games.

She told me that she and her late husband moved to Florida when they were in there late fifties. At that time, they agreed to start over with their sex life. They each wanted to become completely open and adventurous so that each was free to pursue their own interests in what was otherwise a very happy marriage. In fact, she said, they rarely strayed, but they found a group of similarly situated friends and together they explored all facets of sex. She missed her husband, and she missed her sex life.

At that point, we had finished off most of a bottle when I went over, held and kissed May. She was a warm and lovely person. She told me that she very much wanted to have sex with me, but said that she wasn’t feeling 100% so could we keep it a little more conventional. I said I would do whatever I could to please her.

She unbuttoned and slipped off her top and I saw large tits with enormous aureaolas that hung pretty far down. But, what I saw were the tits of a real woman, feminine and welcoming. Her skin was a little wrinkled Escort Kayaşehir but soft. I kneeled down to pull down her pants and immediately started to kiss a gray haired but nicely trimmed pussy.

I took off my pants and when May grabbed and started stroking my cock, it was like YoYo Ma holding a cello. There was experience and skill. Her mouth on my cock was wet and warm and her tongue rolled around skillfully. The only hitch is that when we were doing 69, I instinctively reached for her ass crack. She startled and reminded me not tonight.

In all my fantasies, I never dreamed about simply having missionary sex, but that’s all we did and it was nice to go back to simple pleasures.

As I left, May said that when she was feeling better, perhaps we could do more to extend the boundaries if I were interested. I said please call me when you are ready.

Five days later, May called and said she was feeling fine and that our night had made her ready for adventure. When I said that I was happy to extend those boundaries, she told me that she was in the mood for no boundaries at all. She would be all I could handle. When I asked when I should come over, she said in about an hour. “Gee”, I laughed, “Why so long?” but she said she had to get ready.

A completely nude May answered the door

I grabbed her hand and lead her to bed. I took off my shirt as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled down my briefs. Her mouth dove for my cock and her hand was rubbing my ass crack while I was still standing.

As I moved to the bed and got on my side, May’s mouth went to my balls and approached my ass crack. She was moving the boundaries quickly.

I turned to lick her pussy while she tongued from the tip of my cock to my ass crack while I lay on my side. I pushed my face forward to her ass when she said, “I don’t really like that.” At that point I figured that maybe May likes to give more than receive. I decided then I was going to use her for my pleasure.

“Is there lube?”, I asked. She immediately got some from a night table drawer. I placed her on her back and my knees straddled the sides of her face. I then put my cock into her mouth as my balls kind of rested on her eyes. I had seen this blow job position in porno films but had never done it. It was a great way to get your cock deep in her mouth.

May was taking my whole dick deep into her mouth with no problem. I then reached down and squeezed lube over her slit and anus. My thumb slid into her pussy and my middle finger went into her ass. The index finger on the other hand massaged her clit. Her response was to lift her and twirl her tongue faster to give me even better head.

It was time to test her further. I slid forward so that my balls rested on her mouth. She craned her head upward to suck them. As good as this felt, I was impatient. I slid forward so that my asshole was above her face, and I positioned my hands on my ass cheeks. As I lowered myself, I heard her say “Yes”.

May licked and slurped my rectum with no let up while I continued to finger her pussy and lube her ass. After a few minutes I got up and whispered I’m fucking your ass. Her silence was assent.

She was on her back. I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and lifted her ankles high to expose her holes. I was standing when my cock slipped into her ass with one smooth motion as she gasped slightly. May was smiling through tight lips as I pumped back and forth while fingering her pussy with my thumb.

Let’s try it another way I said. My sense was that May had experienced anal in positions that I didn’t even know . I got on my back and Küçükçekmece escort got her on top facing away from me, reverse cowgirl. She grabbed my cock and jammed it into her ass and then she went up and down with more speed.

When I tapped her and grabbed her shoulder she did something that startled me. I was only trying to move her to her side, but I think she thought I was directing her head towards me. She lowered her face to my cock and started sucking with gusto.

I never expected and would never even ask for it. I thought she maybe got confused about what we were doing and did it by mistake. I was so startled I never had a chance to enjoy it. In my confusion, I simply moved her to her knees mounted her and fucked her ass hard. Her moan reminded how I much love the noises a woman makes when taking it the ass. After a few minutes, I pulled out and came on her back.

We snuggled afterward, and I told her she made me feel wonderful and that she was a very generous lover. She said it reminded her of sex with her husband. One of the games they played was to watch porno films and reenact them. I got the feeling that nothing May had done was an accident, and I told her I would very much like to see her again. When I suggested dinner, she said that she sensed that I felt guilty about what I had done and I should forget it. She said she would call soon.

In a few days, May called. Her son-in-law in Pennsylvania would be traveling on an extended business trip so she decided to go north to stay with her daughter and help with her children. She also mentioned that she might look up a high school sweetheart. But, she said, “I would like to see you before you go. How about now?” Now was fine.

When I arrived, May was dressed in a robe and she smelled like baby powder. It was so nice. Her slightly drooping body and hanging tits had really grown on me, so when I lead her to the bed, I gently placed her on my stomach. My tongue went right for her asshole, no preliminaries. “May, I really want to do this.” After ten seconds, she said, ” I really don’t like it that much so don’t feel you have to. Oh, would you get the lube in the bathroom.”

On the bathroom vanity, I spotted an empty enema bottle. I knew now that May had prepared and nothing she had done was an accident. I decided to take advantage of it. I went to the bed and got on my stomach. “Ok, now it’s your turn.” May laughed hardily and started eating my ass in earnest.

It was clear that giving pleasure of all types is what pleased her. Her tongue, mouth and fingers really never left my cock or my ass for twenty minutes. I ate her pussy every chance I could and fingered her ass as well, but she was giving out most of the pleasure. Finally, I inserted my cock in her ass and pounded away, but every few minutes I would take it out and push her mouth to my cock. Each time she sucked my cock deeper and faster. I went as slow as I could because May was leaving town and this opportunity might never come again; it was a treat I would never ask for.

Finally, while on her back, I fucked her ass really hard. She grunted, grimaced and smiled at the same time. I then climbed up and came on her face. She licked whatever come she could reach into her mouth and gave my cock more mouth love until I was soft.

She promised to call when she returned, and I was hoping she would.

I was frustrated because I never could give to May what she gave to me. In the battle of the ass licking submissives, if that is what I am, Lynn actually was the winner. The love I could not give to May, I gave to Lynn and I did everything I could to please her.

Internet porn has opened the imagination of millions of people. Many men and, I bet, most women find much of the porn, especially the proliferation of anal sex, disgusting. For May and me, it opened up a world of sexual proclivities that we never knew existed. May and Lynn were rare finds, but I was still looking for ways to find more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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