Dizzy Lizzy 01

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Long-time reader, first-time contributor. I have longer, sprawling stories in the works, but when I read about the 750 word project, it was just what I needed to kick my butt and get a finished story out there.

(If you don’t know what the 750 word project is, it’s a challenge that’s exactly 750 words long — no more, no less.)

Hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome, all the more so if it’s constructive.


Lizzy was bent over the couch while Mike clutched her sturdy hips and worked his cock into her slick pussy from behind. As he rammed into her, she reared up and emitted a thunderous belch.

“Charming,” he muttered. She giggled drunkenly at the unexpected distraction, but when he started fucking his curvy sister in earnest, eager to give it to her hard, her giggles gave way to lusty moans.

Just an hour earlier, Mike had to scramble to hide the porn on his computer as he heard footsteps approaching. His parents were gone for the weekend and his older sister Lizzy, back from college, had headed out to party hours earlier.

Lizzy swayed into the room in a short, glittery party dress. She dropped her little matching purse on Mike’s Rize Escort bed, then plopped down on the edge and rubbed her bare feet, giving him a good eyeful of her smooth, muscular legs. She must have discarded her high heels by the front door.

Two years older than him, she wasn’t what he would call beautiful. Cute, sure, and on her better days even pretty. A bit pudgy, too, but now, with his mind still tuned to porn, he saw her generous tits, encased in that gaudy dress, in a more appreciative light. She seemed unaware of his lecherous gaze while she complained blithely about how all she’d gotten out of the lousy party was sore feet from all that dancing in high heels.

“What about you? Working through another porn marathon?” She’d teased him like this for years. “There are real girls out there, you know.”

“Fuck you, I’ve had real girls!” Three of them, all after she left for college the year before.

“Yeah, right!” Her mean-spirited cackle always got under his skin. He decided to see if he could turn the tables. “Okay, I’ve come close, but…”

“‘Come close’? What the fuck, Mike, you mean you’ve never had sex?!”

“You mean the thing Rize Escort Bayan you’ve been teasing me about for years?”

“I thought I was kidding! Oh you poor thing…”

He stood up and tried to look distraught. “Maybe something’s wrong with me. My equipment…” Standing in front of her, he pulled down his sweatpants, and his 7-inch hard-on popped out right in front of her. “Does it seem okay to you?”

She smirked. “Yeah, uh, that should do the job.”

He moved closer, reached into her glittery dress and clasped one of her tits, feeling her nipple harden. “Your equipment’s pretty fine too…” She looked up at him in a daze. She’d be getting laid right now if that party hadn’t been such a disaster…

“Should do the job, huh?” he said with a grin. Suddenly his cock was right in front of her. He stroked her hair, then parted her lip-sticked lips with his cock. In her drunken state, she closed her eyes and instinctively started blowing him. Damn, she’s not bad, he thought. After a few minutes of a sloppy blow-job that became increasingly enthusiastic, his balls started pulsating. Who knew my sister would be such an exquisite cocksucker? Escort Rize

“Spit or swallow?” She looked up, bleary-eyed. He held her head in place — too late to hold back. “Let’s go with swallow, huh?” he hissed through clenched teeth. The semen shot up his shaft and down her throat. Finally he pulled out. “Thanks, sis. That was awesome!”

“You bastard, you…” She groaned and fell back on his bed, covering her eyes with one arm. “And I din’t even come…” Moments later, she was snoring away.

Half an hour later, she was still passed out. Mike wondered what to do. He could try to make her believe she had dreamt it, or maybe she’d blown some other guy before she came home. But that wouldn’t work if she woke up on her brother’s bed.

Her head lolled on her shoulders as he hoisted her to her feet, then half-dragged, half-walked her through the living room. He started losing his grip on her and had to put her down over the back of the couch. Her short dress rose, revealing her ass. No underwear… huh. Had she gone out commando?

In the dim light, her slim pussy framed by those luscious ass cheeks looked irresistible. Mike felt the blood rush to his cock once more. “Oh… fuck it,” he muttered as he pulled down his sweatpants and lined up his boner, then neatly split his sister’s pussy in two.

“Fuck me, fuck me…” she slurred,. “… whoever you are.”


The story continues in “02 Dizzy Lizzy”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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