Doing Eva Ch. 08

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Chapter 08: At the lakefront

It was coming up on the end of the school year and much of my time was devoted to important papers and final exams so I did not get many opportunities to satisfy my baser urges. That’s not to say I didn’t have Kati drop in a couple of times, but it year-end demands were always on my mind.

In an effort to build up their activities budget, the Student Union was selling tickets on a giant raffle and they pretty much assumed even we poverty-ridden students would support by buying tickets. Good thing I spent my 10 bucks because I won one of the top prizes: a weekend at a posh lakeside resort a couple of hours out of the city.

It was coming up on summer, a perfect time to take advantage of this prize, and my thoughts turned to who should escort me for this very special time. Kati was easily my first choice but she was going back to spend the summer with her mom — I needed to come up with another playmate. Naturally, it was going to be Eva, though I did clear it with Ray just to make sure before I asked her.

Eva surprised me with her enthusiasm for this weekend away. “I have never won anything that great,” she exclaimed, ignoring that I had won the trip and she was a second choice.

Nonetheless, I was very happy to be taking Eva with me and was really looking forward to the time we would spend together. We might have been ‘together’ many times over the previous year, but truly alone? It had rarely happened. This was going to be great.

We left the city early on a Friday afternoon in late June. The weather was perfect for a beachfront weekend and promised to be hot and sunny for at least three days. Eva was driving so I got to play navigator, even if we didn’t really need one. Bottom line, I was able to truly relax after a long and challenging year. Next year would be my senior year after which I would need to go out in the real world, if you will. This was my last summer to be completely free and it was starting out exactly as it should.

The resort was on a large lake about two hours away from the city and very isolated. Their amenities and services were renowned so isolation was only not much of an issue.

As we drove Eva and I had a chance to talk about many things. We discussed current events, music and movies and anything else that came up. After a while I happened to mention that the last time I had been on this road had been heading into the city with my aunt Suzanne. It was with Suzanne that I had met Eva and Ray; the two women more or less set up the night for the four of us. I was left with little choice, but then again, I had a chance to experience my aunt one more time, plus I lost my ‘inter-racial’ virginity when I got to fuck Eva. It was an amazing night that was still clear in my memory.

“That was a great night, wasn’t it?” said Eva in response to my comment about meeting her and Ray a year before.

“It has made a huge difference in my life, you know,” I said.

“Oh. In what way?”

“Before getting together with Suzanne, then you, I was quite an inexperienced young man, but Suzanne really gave me a lot of confidence. You just pushed me over the top in that way.”

“That’s fun to hear,” replied Eva, “but how did you ever get the nerve up to seduce your aunt?”

“You’re kidding! I had nothing to do with it. It was all Suzanne. She had decided to seduce me before we ever left on the trip.”

“That never occurred to me. I always thought you were so studly that your aunt wouldn’t be able to turn down your advances.”

“You didn’t know me at that time. I would never have had the stones to do anything like that with her — my aunt! I tell you. Even less so getting you into bed.”

Eva smiled so knowingly that I quizzed her on why.

“You must have figured out that when we met you at the club, Suzanne and I soon got planning to get you into bed. And though Ray didn’t know it, when I told her about his size, Suzanne was totally in favour of bringing his cock to her party.”

I was a bit surprised, but not as much as could have been. I had always assumed the two women had worked this out completely; I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity.

“You still didn’t tell me how Suzanne got into your pants, Paul. Dish.”

“As you know, it was her idea, no, demand, that I take her to the city for sightseeing. My first thoughts were to get out of being with my stuffy (or so I thought) aunt for this long drive. But I had to give in as it became my responsibility. It turned out to be quite pleasant right from the start, though.”

“Go on; you enjoyed her company?”

“Yea. She was pretty cool and we were able to find enough in common to keep conversation going. But I also had the sense she was flirting with me. I would never have thought about doing that myself, but she was good to hang out with so it went on for quite a while.”

“When did she start to really hit on you, not just flirt a bit?”

“We’d been driving for long enough to need a break casino siteleri so I stopped to fuel up and get some cold drinks while Suzanne took off to the bathroom. I was back in the driver’s seat and ready to leave when she finally came out of the restroom… and I almost did not recognize her.”

“Why not? Did she change or what?”

“Exactly. Suzanne had changed from a rather conservative look (suitable for the family before we left) into a much more attractive outfit. She was wearing Lycra tights and a loose-fitting, nearly sheer top which was showing quite a lot of her chest.”

“I like where this is going,” said Eva.

“She looked amazing, but what made it worse is that she knew exactly what it was doing to me. She slid her seat back all the way and put her feet up on the dashboard where I was able to get a great look at her legs, and those perfectly formed thighs of hers.”

“Yum, indeed.”

“Though I was doing my best to drive (safely) I kept having to glance over at Suzanne who seemed to be dozing off behind her dark glasses. I saw the swell of her breasts in the gap of her blouse, but since she had lost her bra and the fabric was very light, I could see the swell of her nipple pressing against the almost sheer cloth.”

“Did she know you were seeing all this?” inquired Eva.

“At first I was sure I was sneaking a look, but eventually she ‘caught’ me and asked if I was enjoying the view.”

“She caught you for real?”

“No way. It was all planned she told me later. Apparently the flirting had been going both ways, even if I didn’t think so, and she’d decided to see I would be interested in ‘an older woman’ is how she said it.”

“She was a real seductress, wasn’t she?”

“No kidding. I was completely taken by Suzanne, maybe more so because she was my aunt, not just some woman I had met for a quick one-niter.”

“I never got to ask you this, but I think I know the answer: Do you prefer older women or younger ones? I have seen you enjoy both with total abandon, I think.”

“Eva, I love beautiful woman who know what they want. For example, Suzanne was 40 when she seduced me; you’re a bit older; Kati is so much younger, but all of you have something in common.”

“What’s that?”

“You all love yourselves and appreciate how to accept and give pleasure. You are all uninhibited enough to take what you need and to try all sorts of things, sexual and otherwise. I love you all and could never decide in favour of any one of my lovers.”

“That’s so sweet. I should make you drive for a while.”

What a non-sequitur. Being honest and sweet about my beliefs got me to take over the driving. Not so fair at all, was it? Still, she pulled over and I took my place behind the wheel.

She jumped in beside me and before I could put the car in gear, she was already unbuckling my belt and zipping me down. Aaaaahhhhhhh…. I get it.

I just left the car running in ‘park’ and leaned back in my seat. Eva was quick to suck me into her talented mouth and with her hand also active, had me pressing my cock into her throat in moments. I hadn’t noticed, but the talk about Suzanne had turned me on as it had Eva, and I was getting the payoff now.

Within five minutes Eva was taking my load into her mouth, swallowing, and telling me to get a move on, “I want to get to the resort before dark, you know.”

And we were driving.

In less than an hour I was pulling up to the main building of the resort. I went in to register and get our keys and then we drove a few hundred meters down a lane to get to our cottage. We got out and took our two small bags into the cottage.

Actually, it was almost a wilderness cabin but for the amenities and comfort. It was all quite rustic, and not faux-rustic like so many properties. No, this was genuine but also offered gorgeous furniture, a huge bathroom with a large two-person tub and more thick towels than a ‘white sale at the mall’.

In front were two huge windows looking directly out on the lake which was only about 20 meters from our front door.

“What an amazing place,” I said, truly impressed.

“Thank you for giving me this weekend, Paul. I just hope we get into the lake and out of the room,” replied Eva.

The drive and chat we’d had on the way to the resort had made us both horny. For my part, Eva’s blowjob had only warmed me up and reminded me of how good a lover this woman was. And I think for her part, the description of my aunt seducing me had had the same effect on her. Still, we held off. We went for a walk on the beach, enjoying the view of the mountains and the natural environment. We said hello to other guests who’d had the same idea of visiting the beach and area trails.

Around 5 pm we made our way to the main lodge and went into one of their two restaurants for dinner. We enjoyed a full meal, lots of delicious wine and some light desserts, enough to sate our current hunger. I also enjoyed the looks of other guests who watched güvenilir casino us, a young man with a rather older woman, but one who looked as good as any woman in the room. I especially noticed the looks of the other men, some of whom looked to be salivating at my date. When I mentioned this to Eva she admitted, “I am really enjoying the looks, too. But do you realize most of the woman are doing the same looking at you?”

“I guess we’re both pretty hot in our own way, then,” I replied.

We spent two hours over that meal, finishing up with brandies by the windows in the lounge. What a lovely time. It had been months since Eva and I had been so relaxed together with no agenda beyond enjoying each other’s company.

We walked back to our cabin on a softly lit path. Eva had taken my arm and was cuddled right up against me. I could feel her soft breast against my arm and when I looked over, I saw that she’d unbuttoned most of her shirt so that her lacy white bra was clearly visible against her chocolate skin. I knew we were going to have a lovely night together.

By the time we got back to our cabin we were whispering about what we would do to each other when we were alone. Suffice it to say that both of us were getting hotter by the minute. I knew that Eva was getting wet and could see her nipples firmed up in the cool dark of the evening, and I could feel my penis moving in my pants as it searched for more space. I took Eva’s hand and placed it on my zipper to show her the effect she was having.

“Not yet. I have a little surprise for us first,” she told me. I was still dressed in my best shorts, a bamboo shirt and not much else. Eva was wearing a similar outfit but carried it off so much better, I thought with a smile.

She had gone into the bedroom and brought out a small satchel with her. Inquisitive as ever, I asked her what she had. Instead of telling me, she parked herself in front of the chair I was sitting in and slowly started to undress.

She removed her blouse first, but kept the yellow bra on. Then came the shorts under which she was wearing nothing at all. She stood there in her glory: strong dancer’s legs, freshly shaved pubes, slightly soft but well-defined tummy. My eyes slid up her body from ankles up, pausing at her pussy, then the bra, and finally looking deep into her eyes, I said, “Eva, you are more spectacular every time I see you naked. What do you have in mind?”

Reaching around behind her, she released the clasp of her bra and while cupping her breast under the fabric, slowly pulled down the garment until both her breasts were naked, but covered by her lovely hands. The bright new nails provided a wonderful contrast to the dark skin of her body. She knew how much I loved big, hard nipples so she made sure to very slowly let first one, then the other peak through her fingers. She slid her hands down over the ample curve of her breasts, eventually sliding her two hands together towards the wonderful space between her legs.

Watching me enjoy her performance, she took my hand and pulled me up to stand where she had been. In turn, she sat down where I had been. I knew that she wanted to be treated to the same show as she’d given me.

I stripped off my shirt, going as slowly as I could, but I knew I wasn’t providing the same buildup that she had for me. I did better with my shorts, first unsnapping them then very slowly lowering the zipper. I made sure to pull the fabric tight against my groin as I did this so that she could see the growing shape of my hard-on before I released it completely.

Eva was watching as closely as I had been. I didn’t think about it until later, but we had seen each other naked, during sex together and with others, but still, it was like we were seeing our naked selves for the first time again.

Having pulled the zipper down, I decided to let my cock out of its hiding place. Leaving my shorts on, I loosened up just enough to pull out the head, then tugged at my meat until my whole cock was dangling in front of her face. I stopped and watched her eyes tightly focused on my erection which had by now grown to maximum length. I am not that big, but my eight inches were enough to make her mouth water, I’m sure.

Leaving myself hanging out, I worked my shorts off my hips as if they were too tight, making my cock bob and dance as I slid them off. She just stared, as I had.

With no underwear on, as soon as my pants had hit the floor I was as naked as was my lover. She stood up and pulled open the satchel that I’d forgotten. There was only one item in it: a large bottle of massage oil, the one with the hot-cold feeling. I had used this before but never with Eva. I especially liked its exotic spice flavouring because it was edible and offered lots of opportunity.

“I thought we could use some of this,” said Eva.

I took the bottle from her and pulled her down to the thick rug in front of the windows with me. By now, the night sky was starting to show its stars and a soft canlı casino moonlight floated across the lake towards us. There could not be a more romantic locale and we were going to make full use of the situation.

I lay her down face down so that her back, buttocks and those legs were at the ready. I drizzled a small puddle of oil onto her lower back, more than I needed, but I was going to coat her all over so we could slide around together.

I massaged the oil into her legs, working my way up to her soft, supple cheeks, squeezing them as I knew she loved. I coated her back liberally and worked the oil onto her arms and underarms. I massaged her neck to ease any tension that remained — there wasn’t much but I liked doing it so she got a neck massage.

I slid my hands along her sides, always wet with the oil, and glanced up against the sides of her breasts as they were spreading with her in that position. I took more oil and with both hands, worked around her buttocks down to her pussy. I felt her respond with a push back against my hands. I just kept sliding my hands over the cleft in her buttocks down to her pussy.

When she started to push back so much it was close to masturbation, I got her to turn over and lay on her back with all her gifts open to my view. I repeated much of the same oil and massage I had done with her back and butt, starting with her lovely thighs but missing her pubic mound completely.

I kneaded the oil into her tummy, along her sides, and did her arms until she was oiled up completely. Then I went to work on her generous, soft, perfect breasts. I spent so much time there that I had Eva moaning as an orgasm built up. I fondled and squeezed the ample flesh, pinched her nipples then bit on them hard. Each time I did this she would respond with more and more passion. It was time for me to move to her lower body.

I drizzled some more oil at the top of her pubic mound, letting it ooze over the smooth skin before catching it with my hand and spreading it around the area. I was just as committed to this part of her as I had been to her nipples and boobs; and she appreciated it.

Before I could work her up to a proper orgasm, though, she sat up a bit and told me that it was my turn. “That way we will both be so slippery it will be fun to try to hold on,” she said. I was okay with that so put myself under her control, laying on my front… after adjusting my rigid cock to avoid pain or damage.

Eva did much of the same as I had, lubricating her hands and spreading the lovely oil all over my back, arms and buttocks. I knew she liked my tightly muscled ass already, but she spent lots of time there, too. As I had, she worked the oil down between my thighs and cradled my balls now tightly tucked into their sack. She oiled me up completely, sliding her hands and fingers along the base of my erection and all over my ass.

Then she got me to turn over.

I lay there as she had, the main difference being that I was pointing the way for her. My fully erect penis was pulsing and demanding attention, but Eva was a more controlled lover than that. She completely ignored the shaft that she’d so often played with and sucked on, the one that had been in her pussy dozens of times and even in her ass. Instead, she worked the oil into my chest and arms, down my legs pausing only slight to touch a finger to my pubic bone. Each time she came close to my cock it would jump almost on its own, and I felt the electric pulse that screamed to me that it needed more attention. Not yet.

Eventually, Eva had worked over all of me except for my cock. I knew what was going to happen now… but it didn’t. Eva did not take my cock in her hands and lubricate it. Instead, she knelt alongside me, sitting on her heels and she spurted oil all over her own chest and spread it liberally all over her breasts and tummy. then she knelt over me and covered my body with hers. Her soft breasts were crushed against my chest and she was sliding her body all over mine. Her tits glided along my tummy, bumped hard into my hard-on, but kept moving. She rubbed herself against my thighs and then back up to my chest. She even slid along my arms while holding my hands so they couldn’t do any exploration.

Eva kept us this body massage for a long time. Each time she travelled near my crotch she made sure to bump against my cock until I knew she was ready to make something happen. Eva worked herself into a position astride my thighs. From there she slid her hands along my torso and back down towards my pubes. She massaged oil into my sparse pubic hair then worked her hands slowly up the shaft of my cock. She did this very slowly, but never released me. Always she had at least one hand holding on to me, but mostly both hands working their way up towards my bulbous glans.

When she finally got there, Eva massaged it all by itself. She left one hand holding tight to the base of my cock while the other grasped and squeezed my cockhead. She was giving it a very special massage that only made me need to thrust at her, which I did.

Eventually, it was time she decided. Letting go of my cock completely, Eva slid up, and I mean slid, into position with her hips over my cock. Her mound was soaked in the oil, as was my meat — she’d made sure of it.

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