Drive in Siblings

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Female Ejaculation

This story is a continuance of my story “One Dead Fuck” and I thank all comments good and bad and will endeavour to learn from my mistakes.


My sister and I had a very spirited week after our first encounter with a lot of teasing, groping and kissing one another yet no sex.

Lisa stated to me Friday morning, hey Dennis there is double movie at drive-in I would love to see what’s say we go after work to check shows out?

I think for few seconds and reply, it’s an hour’s drive but would be fun and that I have not been to show in some time.

Ok Lisa shoots back we can eat here after and make it a date because no one would know us there.

After work I showered up and yelled down stairs to Lisa, hey I will run out to gas up the car and will pick you up after.

Ok I’m just out of shower myself and need to find something to wear for evening , will be ready when you get back she shouts.

After washing up windshield for vision purposes and topping up fuel I headed home to pick up sister and get on the road.

At home I pulled up and honked horn and started searching through cd’s to find some road trip music.

After placing few cd’s on seat for Lisa to look at I hear house door close and look up, wow she looked great hair pulled up tightly with a white t-shirt stretched snugly over her chest and a short denim skirt with sneakers and white ankle socks.

As Lisa slipped into car I noticed her black bra held up those magnificent tits under the t-shirt and her skirt rose up which treated me with a peek at her white panties she wore.

Lisa grins and says “hey ya better give your head a shake I think your eyes are stuck hate to see them pop out” as she laughs closing the door and leaning on arm rest she states, we better get going if you still want to get to show on time.

I compose myself enough to put car in gear and head out wondering how the hell can I adjust my crotch because the little tease has me hard as hell with things not sitting so well.

Lisa asks what’s the cd’s for and I say you can look see if there is anything interesting for us to listen to.

As I squirm in my seat the stereo pounds out some tunes and Lisa says hey you had best get that under control before you hurt something and smiles teasingly at me.

Fuck I think as I grab my crotch and try move my cock straighter I say, what did you expect dressing like that you could make any man stand up looking at you as I ease my cock into a more comfortable position.

But you’re my brother and you should not be thinking nasty things of your innocent sister laughing.

Sure I spit back this coming from the one who spent last weekend with my cock stuck in between her legs.

LOL you have me their big brother I just thought you might like the innocent look for a date as she bursa otele gelen escort smirks and tugs her skirt to smooth it out with her legs tightly together in front of her wiggling ankles slowly.

MMMMMM yes I think innocent looks good on you sis looking her up and down saying as well bet feels even better.

You think so big guy as she now turns and push’s her shoulders back causing those tits to stand right up.

I moaned softly thinking back to how those nipples looked and how I love to kiss and nibble on them just to see her squirm and move.

With that thought I say, how about you slip over here next to me we are far enough away from home as we are on the road and no one knows us out here.

She grins and says I think I would like that as she slips over causing her skirt to rise and her legs settle in next to my waist.

Taking my hand she sets it on her knee and says, there that will be more comfy for you don’t mind mine though as she sets it on my thigh letting her fingers settle between my legs.

Better as she slides her hand up and down my denim covered leg stopping her hand just as she touch’s my balls.

My hand now seems to be on its own feeling the heat of her as it travels up to her skirt I can feel the warmth between her legs and start to feel braver with every stroke up I sneak closer to my goal of touching those white panties.

Lisa counters, that feels great, as she places her hand on my covered crotch.

She spreads her legs slightly as skirt allows and my hand now has limited acces higher and I can now put fingers on her silky panty making my cock harder and my brain spin into the exotic.

Watch the road horny she pipes in and giggles as she turns her hips up causing my hand to cup more of her crotch.

She next worked at getting my cock unzipped freeing him into the evening air and grips it softly and say my brother this monster is already drooling. Taking her finger and smearing precum around the head causing things to get slippery.

I am slowly working my fingers under the silky undies and hunting there way to the treasure of her pussy lips. MMMMMM can feel the heat here sister wish I had better access lol, I smile.

Lisa releases my cock lifts her ass of seat and works her skirt up, as she sits back down she smiles and splays her legs wider. How does this work for you as she takes my hand placing it squarely on her crotch.

I look out and think how glad I was it was getting darker, that we were almost to the drive in and we had not crashed the car getting there.

With that I slip my finger into her wet pussy and start to work away at her clit and smearing her juices around in her panties causing the air to get heavy with her sweet pussy.

I pull down the old road bursa eve gelen eskort to movies and say, hey sis we had best cover up as I move my hand out of her panties and try pulling my shirt over my cock. As I pull up to booth I hand money over to older man who seemed to be smiling just a little to much as he reaches back handing me my change he says you kids enjoy the shows and snickers.

As I turn to ask Lisa, did you think he was a bit odd my eyes popped out as I see she was still sitting back legs open with her skirt up and wet panties exposed grinning.

Hey I did not see any point covering things up as we are just going to spend too much time getting this uncovered as she grabbed her wet panties and strips them off and tucks them into my shirt pocket, leaving her soaking wet pussy now open next to me.

As we drove way in the back I parked on the end of the back row so at worst we would have a car on one side.

We set speaker in window and I tucked in my cock and said I need to head to washroom and will grab some popcorn and drinks.

Upon my return I opened the door to find Lisa with hr sock feet up on the dash with no skirt and panties on working two fingers into her bush that was now making a squishy sound from the juices.

I started ahead of you and you had best get in and close that door if you don’t wish to invite others to look.

With that I got in undoing my pants before I sat down, sis states here let me help with that as she pulls my pants and underwear down. I lean back as she tossed my pants on floor and dives on my cock sucking it down her throat and starts to pump her fist on my shaft.

Lisa stays at this just long enough to work her shirt and bra up and then wraps those luscious tits around my cock and drools spit on me as she works the soft pair up and down on me.

I am in heaven and start to feel my balls tighten and say, you had best stop or look out as I’m about to blow off a wad on you. With that she looks up and says, let me have the cheap round now as we have all evening to work up another wad you can put in me later.

This takes me over the top and my cock starts to push out surge after surge of the thickest juice hitting her in the face and dripping over her chin and chest. Laughing she pulls off her shirt and wipes down licking some she says, my brother did not expect so much but I guess has been a week now LOL.

As she lays back she says my turn placing one leg on dash and other at back of seat pulling my face to her crotch. Being the good brother I drive my tongue in deep between her legs and dip out her wet pussy looking for the hood of her clit and start strumming with my tongue.

She grinds my face into her as she squirms and moves her ass tipping up so my efforts can dig deeper bayan escort bursa as well my tongue spreads wetness all over between those legs.

My next move is to slowly work my fingers into her pussy as I suck hard on the hard nub of her clit trying to find the magic spot to take her over the top as we squirm about the seats in car. She starts to moan as my fingers pump swiftly in and out making those squishy wet tell-tale sounds as Lisa starts to tense up before she cums.

With one last howl she grinds my face so hard I cannot breath yet I do not stop pounding fingers in her or lapping at her clit taking her over the edge and now I can feel a flood of wet on my face and over my hand as she goes off like a cannon.

When we raise up we see all the windows are fogged up, she says not sure about you but I need to hop in back seat and get this pussy a good hard fucking because you have me revved up now.

With that I watch her gorgeous ass crawl over the seat with the flickering reflection of long forgotten movie on her white bottom.

Next I hear from her, you gonna get back here and take care of what you started or do I need to go to canteen to get my treat.

With that challenge I dove over seat and landed between her open legs without any thought I took my hard cock and placed it at her puffed up pussy and said you ready for this sis?

Lisa hooks her heels over my legs and pulls me up and says I’m all yours now just put it in me. With that I pushed every ridged inch of my cock in until I could feel my balls touch her ass, and feel her exhale deeply and bite her lower lip.

Slowly I pulled out and drove my cock back in and said I have waited all week for this and I plan on pounding you until you can take no more, increasing my speed until my cock is almost out and I can feel my balls soaking in our juices as they bottom in her open wet pussy.

We are now fucking like wild animals she is kissing and biting at me and I am pounding away with abandon kissing her back and biting at her nipples and breasts, Lisa says please do not stop until I say you have me so close now just angle up with the strokes as she turns her pelvis up I feel her pussy clenching as though trying to milk my cock.

Softly I say in her ear, “I cannot hold out much longer” as I pound deep feeling her puffy pussy splayed open the wetness soaking us both. Lisa squeals out at me, yessssss nowwww put it deep cum with me brother now.

With that I pushed deep and started pumping out spurt after spurt into Lisa and said to her “feel how hot that is that’s for you my seed for your eggs” she started squirming grinding her pussy on me and it felt like she was pulling me deeper. We laid there in each others arms until my soft cock slipped out from between her legs and we looked out and shows were over and most cars had left.

We laughed looking out at old man from ticket booth waving as he walked about picking up trash.

Over the seats we hopped Lisa put on her skirt and my shirt as her’s was a mess I found my pants and told her guess that’s why you put your panties in that pocket earlier. We both laughed as I clambered to get car started and head out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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