Finally Meeting Ch. 01

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Hello! This is my first story, so if anyone out there likes it, I would appreciate some feedback! I’ve been a long time reader of Literotica and finally decided to make a contribution of my own.

This story is written in the first person perspective of an early 20s male who finally summoned the courage to meet an older man he met online in the webcam world. I always had the idea floating around my head to write a story about this young guy’s journey, and I finally had the time to work some of my thoughts down onto paper. A lot of times I explore the constant battle in his mind of accepting what is going on. Does he like everything? Is he made uncomfortable by everything? Are there any lines, and if so where?

I hope you all enjoy the story. Like I said, this is my first, so any feedback (public or private) would be helpful. I’ve broken the story down into a few different parts, which I will be publishing sequentially over the next few weeks.

All the best,



I had just gotten off the plane, my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to meet my daddy in person! My legs were weak and my hands were shaking; after so many months and years of waiting… the time had come! I saw a man holding a sign – it had my name on it! My eyes lit up, I knew it was you, and I cracked a wicked grin. As I approached you, you reached out your hand and grabbed my things and nodded for me to follow you.

I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, since you had said we would leave the airport and find a hotel room, and we were going the opposite direction. As I struggled to keep pace with you I noticed you were heading to the bathroom. I offered to hold my bag while you went, but you simply grinned and motioned for me to follow you. I knew immediately what you were after… but I couldn’t imagine you were serious!

The airport bathroom was empty, thankfully. We set our things down outside the far stall near the wall. I protested, insisting that it was too risky. People are always coming in and out of the bathroom, we bursa escort could get caught! I even tried to back up, but you grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the narrow stall. I was in shock, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. You were in complete control because I was so taken by surprise. You sat down on the toilet and pulled your pants down around your ankles, holding out your hand motioning me to climb up.

I gave you a look of uneasiness, like I didn’t want to follow through. As I faced you I kept protesting in whisper as to not attract the attention of people in the area. But you had me. Deep down you knew I didn’t need to be convinced, just encouraged and reassured. It felt like “force” but it was really “encouragement”. You forced me over you, my feet on the rim and my hands on the wall to steady myself. I couldn’t make a noise, or we would both be caught. I couldn’t try and run, because that would attract attention. And finally, I couldn’t stop you as you went to undress me right there in public. You had me.

I stood in front of you and you started with my belt, loosening my pants. You clamped down on my mouth so I couldn’t say anything or shout for help. As your grip over my mouth got tighter, you felt me shaking. My pants were around my ankles and you managed to work my shirt off of my body. I couldn’t help but be a little nervous as you ripped my underwear off. Fabric torn in two, my ass exposed, you began feeling me and rubbing me all over.

I felt so filthy… I was naked and my clothes torn off in an airport bathroom with a daddy who couldn’t keep his hands off of me from the minute he saw me step off the plane. So there I was, in a bathroom stall… my clothes had been removed, my ass was being pawed at by a horny dad… and I was secretly enjoying it. You looked at me and pushed your finger right into my unsuspecting ass. and I cringed for a moment. I couldn’t believe you had just done that, I almost yelped! But fuck did it feel so good… I could even feel the last knuckle on your finger. You slowly pulled your finger out of me, bursa escort bayan and just when I thought it was done, you jammed two inside me! I couldn’t help but moan in sick pleasure as you began to work my ass over quickly with your fingers.

You couldn’t take it anymore. You finally had me, alone and cornered. I was yours for the taking… You pulled me on top of you my feet were lifted off the ground and placed over your knees, my hands on your neck and shoulders. I was trembling over your cock and you were enjoying every second of dominance. You exposed your hard, leaking cock to me and began pushing down on my hips. As I faced you, I braced by feet against the stall walls – I began to struggle in protest. I kept shaking my head no no no, but you couldn’t be stopped. I felt the tip of your wet dick glaze my crack with pre-cum. You kept pushing down, I could feel the tip of your cock puckered seamlessly against my hole. As I fought you, you realized that you weren’t going to push me down all the way, so you did what any good daddy would do. You began pushing up to meet me… The feeling of your cock slowly but surely pushing its way into me was almost too much!

I finally gave in, falling over your cock, letting it fuck me completely. It hurt, of course, but in the best possible way. You finally felt my ass graze your balls as I surrendered hope. I was yours. Completely. I sat there almost helpless as you continued to withdraw from me, only to push back in. You repeated this process for God knows how long, until… we heard the bathroom door open. I suddenly became alert and aware of what was going on, but you didn’t care. You kept quietly fucking your boy despite someone entering the bathroom. You knew they wouldn’t know, my feet weren’t on the ground! Even if people looked under the stalls they would only see your feet, not mine. I was truly helpless. You clamped your hand over my mouth as a precaution.

I felt like such a whore, being fucked in a bathroom stall against my will (but at the same time loving every minute of it…), my underwear torn off escort bursa of my trembling body, and being quieted by my daddy’s hand. We heard the footsteps get closer and closer, they went into the stall right next to us! You simply looked me in the eyes, grinned, and continued. I wanted to whimper and moan *so* badly but I couldn’t afford to get us caught, who knows what would happen? The man next to us remained in his stall for quite some time. You had had enough of my ass, however…

You pushed me off your cock, released my mouth, and pointed at the floor. My eyes grew wide. You traced my lips with your finger and nodded eagerly. We both knew what you wanted, but I couldn’t suck your cock, not with someone in the next stall over!! You didn’t care, though. You snapped your fingers and pointed at the ground. Did you WANT me to get caught? I was so scared… but I obeyed my daddy. I got down on my knees on the dirty airport bathroom floor. We both heard a chuckle from the next stall and a voice…

“Sounds like you got a nice one, bud…” I was turning so red from embarrassment. Now someone here knew what I was and saw evidence of it.

You simply replied “He’s a good one, alright… he wants this, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing it.”

The man replied “Mind if I get a feel for what you mean? Ha ha.”

I looked up with a worried stare, but you felt it was good for me to know my place, so you shrugged your shoulders and told the man “sure”. You grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me close to your cock, so my nose was touching your balls. As you slid me across the floor I felt something on my thigh – I yelped! I look down and the man was touching my thigh! I couldn’t believe what was happening to me right now… it was like something from a porno. You lifted my head so you could fit your cock between my lips. I didn’t know I had more hope to give up, but I gave up what little I had left, closed my eyes and began to suck your cock.

The mystery man wasn’t shy, however… I felt his hand move from my thigh to my ass, under the stall. He was getting into it, too, and I could tell because I heard the familiar sounds of masturbation. You smiled and called out,

“You enjoying my boys ass?”

“Hmm… oh yeah, he’s a good little boy…”

To be continued…

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