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Big Tits

Before I start my story, I need to give you some background information. My wife Jennifer and I have been married for twenty two years and life had become quite routine.

Throughout the years her weight had gone up due to giving birth to two boys and although she never really had a sex drive to speak of, she had now lost all desire for sex. In fact, I resolved to accept having sex one a year for our anniversary. While dating, my friends all laughed when I would tell them she never gave me head. As a result of always being turned down, I stopped all attempts for sex or head. She always went to work in unflattering pants and sneakers, no matter how much I would tell her to spruce herself up. I chalked our marriage up to being one of boring conversation and complete abstinence. That was until last year. I hadn’t even noticed that she lost all the weight. In fact, she was lighter than when we first started dating.

With that said…

It was a running joke between the guys at work that when a frumpy looking woman lost weight and started wearing tight revealing clothes, she was having an affair with one of her co-workers. Little did I know that Jennifer had herself gone out and bought a new wardrobe and was wearing tight sexy clothes to work as well. Since I left the house for work before she woke up and came home well past when she returned from work herself, I never noticed. Also, for a woman that couldn’t send E-mail, she spent a lot of time texting ‘her girl friend from work’ or her ****.

I was so bored with the marriage that all this activity was lost in me. My family however noticed that Jennifer was a different woman and would gingerly ask me if I noticed anything differently in my wife. That is what woke me up from my slumber.

One holiday when all the family was together at my in-law’s house, I walked into the kitchen to catch Jen texting someone. She almost shit when she saw me come into the room. The next night I decided to check her phone. To my complete shock and horror, I saw who she was texting. It was a guy from her office. He spoke about how much he loved taking her on his desk when everyone else in the Maraş Escort office had gone home for the night. Jennifer replied how it felt as if she can still feel his cock throbbing inside her pussy. She wrote that she had a special surprise for him the next morning while everyone was scheduled to be in a meeting. I was flush with fear, but also with excitement. My wife was fucking another man and she was thrilled by it!

There was a text from her telling of how difficult it was to take his huge cock in her mouth and how hard it was to keep all his cum in her mouth when he finally reached organism. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This is a girl who refused to even consider putting her mouth on my prick and here she was taking a guy’s complete load on her tongue. What got me crazy was the back and forth texting between them about how hot she was making him and the fact that she texted him to check his desk drawer for the panties she had removed from under her skirt and left for him. They then planned on how she was to go out into an unutilized hall closet to wait for him to meet her and shove his apparently huge cock into her from behind.

I read enough. I decided I needed to confront her with these texts. Leaving the boys downstairs to play their video games, I entered the bedroom where she was laying down watching TV, still in her business-like skirt and blouse, and closed and locked the door behind me. I showed her the phone and told her we needed to talk. She sat up quietly and quite nervously. I started to read the texts out loud, my voice cracking from being nervous, as well as excited. She sat there in complete silence with her hands on her head and her mouth wide open. When I read the part about taking his entire cock deep into her pussy from behind, she sat up taller, as if she was trying to fly away. When it was all over, I asked her if this was truly happening or simply some silly game the two of them play with each other. She simply looked me in the eyes and told me it was all true. Things had slowly built up from simple flirting and texting to petting and grinding. Finally, she stated that all Maraş Escort Bayan this was too much. Dares to show body parts turned into dares to do sexual acts.

What happened next even surprised me. Instead of losing my cool and screaming, I reached out and started unbuttoning her blouse and in a soft shaky voice told her how disappointed I was in her for being such a bad girl. She was speechless. She just sat on the bed in disbelief in how I was reacting to being told I was being cheated on. Jennifer’s breasts looked amazing as they were slowly being revealed. It was as if I had put myself in the other man’s shoes and I was getting my first look at her naked breasts. When I was done unbuttoning her blouse, I went on to slowly pull the long zipper on the side of her grey business skirt. I was surprised when I saw that she was wearing a black lace thong. That’s when I finally noticed how much weight she had lost and just how hot her body truly was.

I turned her away from me as I finished removing her skirt. The tight orbs of her ass were framed perfectly by the cut of the garment. I simply stood quietly rubbing her ass, careful not to disturb the position of the thong riding up the crack of her ass. Jennifer began to moaning quietly as a pushed her face down into her pillow and began to kiss her beautiful ass and run my tongue up to her asshole and both sides on the thong strip.

All the attention I was giving to her had great effects on my wife. Her pussy was getting incredibly wet. The sweet and pungent aroma she was creating was intoxication. When I had wet her ass cheeks and rectum enough from the attention I was giving her with my tongue, I slowly blew cool wind up and down her incredible ass and onto her magnificent asshole. When I asked her if her new lover ever licked her asshole and worshipped her backside the way I was now doing, that’s when she could no longer contain her composure and had her first orgasm. Her pussy started to gush cum. This was the first time my wife’s pussy actually squirted!

I did all I could do to lap up as much of her sweet nectar while trying not to disturb the Escort Maraş position of her thong. When the orgasm was over, I stood back up on the side of the bed and instructed Jennifer to sit back up, facing me. She sat there quietly, wondering what I was going to do or say next. I slowly began lowering the zipper on my pants and instructing my wife to tell me how much she enjoyed sucking her lover’s cock. I released my now incredibly engorged dick from the opening in my pants. I placed my cock in front of her lips and placed my hands on my top of her head.

As she began stroking my member and giving it gentle licks, it was now my wife’s turn to speak with a soft shaky voice. As she described how exciting it was to place her lovers huge cock in her mouth for the first time, she seemed to have trouble catching her breath, still wondering if this was really happening. Jennifer had now placed my cock in her mouth and worked her lips up and down the shaft. The warmth of her wet mouth and deep breathing was better than I ever remember a blowjob being. Maybe because it was the first blowjob my wife of twenty two years ever gave me. I simply kept wondering why someone that can give such heavenly oral service never gave me a blowjob before.

As my wife continued to provide the greatest head I ever received, I began reciting the texts that had been burned into my mind. This caused her to suck with extreme gusto. I could not hold out any longer. My balls tightened and my rectum pulled in and suddenly I erupted with incredible ****, filling Jennifer’s mouth She swallowed stream after stream of my heavy load. When the feeling subsided and we both caught our composure, we sat and spoke about all that had transpired. I told her that I loved her and that I want her to be happy. If that means she has sex with other men, so be it. The only thing I asked is that she tells me when she does. This way, if someone we knew was to happen to see her with some other man and tell me, I would not be surprised and I could honestly say that I knew all about it.

This has created a new and amazing marriage. The funny thing is that now that I have the freedom to find someone of my own, there’s no one I want to be with except for her. Whenever Jennifer meets up with her lover, or some other lucky guy that happens to turn her on, she comes home with a sly grin and I know that I must do whatever it takes to reclaim what belongs to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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