First Blush

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Keeping it down, keeping it up.

If I had known that losing my virginity would start with what would likely have been the most embarrassing experience of my young life, or that it would be happen the way it did, I might not have spent much of that day wanting to die.

I was 18, small for my age, and not up to snuff socially, either. I had had a lot of illnesses as a child, and my mother spent a lot of time home-schooling me. So I never really got into a group at school, and spent a lot of time on my own. My size and my history of pneumonia and heart trouble left me off sports teams too. So I was, frankly, lonely.

My older sister, who – let’s be brutally honest here – was a bit of a slut, was heading to a big outdoor custom car show in Madison with her just-as-much-of-a-sleaze boyfriend, and our mom ordered her to take me along.

“Come on, Jeremy,” Jennifer sighed. “Billy will be here in a minute.” She hiked up her tube top and pulled her jean shorts out of her butt. She always dressed with the goal of getting Billy all hot and bothered. I knew she wasn’t happy about me coming along, but I didn’t mind – in fact, it improved my outlook. I get to look at hot cars AND tick off my sister? This was a bonus day.

Billy arrived in his ’72 Charger, and we bellowed off to Madison, covering the 20 miles at fear-inspiring (at least for me) speeds. Billy didn’t seem as put out by his second passenger as Jennifer. We arrived at the car show and paid the $5 admission. “We’re going to wander around, Jeremy. Go find something that interests you, and don’t bug me!” Jennifer said – and with that, they were gone and I was alone.

The show was huge. There had to have been 2000 cars, trucks, and vans there. I wandered the field, looking at tons of American muscle, mixed in with displays of Porsches, Lotuses, and other European exotics. There was even a brand-new Ferrari 512BB, and that seemed to me to be just about everything a car could be.

Eventually I noticed a crowd gathering around a wildly customized ’73 Gremlin, and headed over to see what was up. Jennifer and Billy were there, and he motioned to me to get over next to him. There were also two really good-looking girls that were the centre of the crowd’s attention.

They were both brunettes; one with curly hair to her shoulders and the other with straight hair down her back. They both wore bikini tops and what would later have been called “Daisy Dukes”, although Daisy herself wouldn’t hit the airwaves for another ocuple of years. They had sunglasses on, nice tans, and were about the hottest things I’d seen that day – and there had been quite a few hot girls at the show.

“Watch this, Jeremy – this is gonna be fuckin’ awesome,” said Billy. Someone in the Gremlin hit the stereo, and Nazareth’s “Love Hurts” started to play. And the girls started to move. I had never seen anything like this – although when I got older and hit some strip clubs I saw some of their moves. And although I’d had wet dreams, I had never seen two women stare at each other the way bonus veren siteler they did, act sexy towards each other, and dance so seductively with each other. I was almost instantaneously hard as a rock. My Adidas shorts tented, and I put my hands in front of myself to hide my erection.

Nobody seemd to notice, at least at first. But then the curly-haired girl danced behind the straight-haired girl’s back and undid her bra strap. The straight-haired girl lifted the top off, and there were the first breasts I’d ever seen. Whoops erupted around the crowd, and I heard my sister say “What a slut.” I shifted my feet, and wondered what the hell I was feeling.

The late-afternoon sun was making the light golden, and her breasts were accentuated by the light and shadows, the nipples hard, and getting harder as she rubbed her breasts with her hands.

And then – and then – her dance partner bent down and licked her nipples, kissed them. Her breasts were medium-sized, about a 36B, and firm as young women’s breasts can be. My cock was absolutely rock hard in my shorts, and I felt a compulsion to touch it be knew I couldn’t. The crowd was getting rabid.

My hands were folded in the air in front of my crotch. I moved them down towards my cock, and as I felt my hard-on for the first time, the other girl removed her top. They danced together, and I felt like my brain was tingling, felt faint.

“EWWW!” my sister suddenly said. She was looking down at me. “You fucking perv!” Heads turned, and I was suddenly the centre of attention. I looked down, and saw that I’d “creamed my jeans”, as we used to say. There was a spreading wet spot in the front of my Adidas shorts. I couldn’t believe it – I had come in public, and there was nothing I could do to hide it.

I heard laughter, and could feel my face turn bright red. “Look at the boner you’ve got, that’s fucking disgusting! You came all over yourself, you perv!” said Jennifer.

From incredibly aroused to incredibly humiliated in 5 seconds. Billy looked at me and simply said “Whooaaa, Jen, your brother’s hung.” Probably stoned.

I felt like the world was staring at me. I heard one of the girls say “Okay, Steve – that’s it”, and the music stopped. I didn’t know what to do, so I did what kids do naturally – I ran, and as I ran I felt my still rock-hard erection bouncing along and heard the laughter of the crowd. I ran to the end of the field, where a row of what were then known as “boogie vans” were on display, and hid behind one, in tears. I sat on the chrome step bumper and tried to understand how my sister could have done that to me, how all of this could have happened, and how I could go back to Elson with her and Billy. She’d tell my mom! She’d I don’t know how long I was there, but suddenly I heard a voice.

“Hey. Are you all right?”

Oh god. It was one of the girls, the one with the straight hair. She was still in the bikini top and jean shorts, and I desperately wished for a UFO to take me to Saturn.

“Look, I know what bedava bahis happened back there. I’m sorry you got embarrassed.” She came over and sat down next to me. “I’m Sarah. What’s your name?”


“Look, Jeremy, you probably shoudn’t have seen our show – it’s not really meant for kids. I’m sorry – I didn’t mean that. I meant it’s just a bit old for you. I guess you never saw anything like that before.”

I shook my head.

“I know it was embarrassing for you. Was that your sister you were with?”


“Was she the one who called us sluts?”


“I saw what she was wearing – and she calls us sluts.” She snorted.

I heard steps coming towards us. “Sarah?”

“I’m here.”

Oh lord. It was the one with the wavy brunette hair.

“Hey. You found him. I’m Annie.” She stuck out her hand, and I shook it, telling her my name. “Are you feeling better?”

“A little.”

“Look, we’re not THAT old, you know. I’m 28, and Sarah’s 29. We remember what it was like to feel like your hormones are out of control.”

“I was just telling him it was no big deal, what happened.”

I didn’t know how to put it into words. And what was worse – being around Sarah and Annie was getting me hard again.

“It’s not your fault, Jeremy,” said Sarah. “And honestly – you weren’t thinking or feeling anything any of the other guys were. It was just that you’re not used to it.”

“But I never felt like that before,” I said. “You were… so hot.”

They both giggled. “Thanks,” said Annie. “Listen, our van is over here. Why don’t we show you what we’ve done with it? Steve’s gone out drinking with the boys, so he’ll be a while.”

“Who’s Steve?”

“He’s my boyfriend,” said Sarah.

“But sometimes he’s very friendly,” Annie added.

Their van was a few rows over, a Chevy with chrome wheels, pearlescent paint, and a hood scoop. Looking at it now, people would think “how seventies”, but it was cool at the time. They opened up the back doors and we climbed inside.

Annie grabbed a duffel bag and started rooting around in it. Sarah showed me the stereo, and put on some Foreigner.

“Hey, Sarah – did you wanna change?” Annie asked. My head turned, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Annie was completely naked, and holding up a minidress that Tina Turner would have stolen in a second. “Ooops!” she said.

“Annie! You’re such a showoff!” By this time, my cock was back at full horizontality. “Look what you’ve done to Jeremy.”

“‘Awww, that’s OK, isn’t it Jeremy? You like lokoing at me, don’t you?”

I nodded. And then the smile faded on Annie’s face and things got serious.

She knee-walked over to me and … put her arms around me. “Don’t be embarrassed. It makes me feel good to think you think I’m so hot.” I was beyond aroused. “Give me a kiss.” She tilted my head back, and kissed me on the lips. I moaned.

Sarah sighed. “I think we should all get changed,” she said.

She deneme bonus lifted my t-shirt over my head, while Annie pulled off my shorts. I was naked, and two beautiful women were touching me. Sarah rubbed my pale chest, and … oh my God… Annie was holding my cock in her soft hand.

“Come on, Jeremy. Let’s play a little. I want you to feel good about today, not bad.” Sarah started kissing my neck from behind. I could feel her breasts now on my back, and they felt naked. “Let me suck your dick,” said Annie. “It’s really nice.”

She put her mouth on my cock and Sarah guided me onto my back. Annie began to suck me, first around my head, then further down the shaft. She moaned. “MMMmmm, it’s sweet, Sarah. Try.”

Then Sarah moved over me, and as she began to kiss my virgin cock, I was face to face with her pussy. My first pussy.

“You could kiss it, Jeremy,” said Annie. She was up by my face. I was quivering all over with excitement. “I have. It’s nice. Try it.”

I lifted my head and put my lips on Sarah’s vagina. She purred on my cock, making it vibrate.

“That’s hot, Jeremy. Does it taste good?”, Annie asked. I moaned in response, and salt sweet tang flooded my mouth. “She likes it, doesn’t she?”

Sarah took my cock all the way down her throat. I was deep into territory I’d never plumbed before. I exploded again. Sarah gasped, not expecting me to blow my load with such little warning, and I grunted and gasped in harmony.

“Oh my God, did you come again?”, said Annie. “Can I have some?” She scooted down to where my still- hard cock was, grabbed it from Sarah, and mouthed it. “Sweet, it’s sweet.” She reached over and kissed Sarah, and they kissed deeply. Then they came to me and lay on either side of me.

“You have a nice cock, Jeremy,” said Sarah. “Was I the first one to suck it?”


“Thank you.” They hugged me, as I calmed down, and rubbed me all over.

After a while, Annie got up and said, “Let’s see if there are some shorts I can give you. Steve’s not THAT big a guy.” She rooted around in another duffel. Finally she found a pair of jean shorts that seemed not too big for me. “Try these.”

I slid ’em on, and she tossed me one of the girls’ belts. Between the belt and the shorts, I was OK. “You better go. Your sister is probably lookin’ for you.” It felt like I’d been gone for years. “And Jeremy?” I turned around, and first Sarah, then Annie, kissed me on the lips, strongly, yet softly, and not sparing the passion. “Don’t you worry about what happened today. You’re already more of a man than a lot of the fat bald guys out there this afternoon.”

I eventually found Jennifer and Billy. They never quite figured out what happened to my shorts, where I went, and what happened to me when I ran away. Billy, I think, suspected something odd had happened. I just seemed different, I think.

But I never told anyone, as a matter of fact, until I found my wife, an open-minded woman who though the story was touching – and more than a little hot. And I never saw Sarah or Annie again, although I dreamed of them often, and fantasized about that afternoon in their van.

But afterward, I was more confident than a lot of my friends with girls, and had more than a few adventures. But those I’ll save for another day.

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