First Shoot

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Sequel to “Studio Sex” which is the sequel to “The Audition”. It’s best to read them in the correct sequence.


Myles towelled off, watching Colleen do the same, and wanted to know so much about her. He still didn’t know how much prying he could do, but decided that the only way to find out was to ask. She seemed perfectly willing to help him with most aspects of his exposure to the porn industry so far, so he decided he was being stupid not to just ask any question he wanted — he was sure she’d let him know as soon as he strayed into forbidden territory.

“So how long have you been doing porn?” he asked. He had thought about the wording of the question for a while, carefully phrasing it so as not to sound like anything else than a casual question about her life.

“Uh… only a few months. Maybe half a year,” she replied just as casually. Thank goodness she hadn’t taken offence.

“OK — well you certainly are very good at it! Do you often do the ‘new guy’ screen tests for John? I presume he pays you the normal rate for those?”

She looked at him with a calculating expression, then obviously decided to take the question at face value. “No, not that often. I have no idea how many of those he does every month but I’ve done about one a week for the last — oh, I guess three months. The pay rate is about the same as a scene in a movie, although in a movie it –“

“- it would count as two scenes,” he finished for her.

“Yes. But it’s nowhere near as intense as working in a movie, it’s almost always much shorter, and John’s shower is much nicer than the showers in the sound stage!”

Myles dressed and looked at his watch. He still had an hour and a half to his call time. “You want to get some lunch? Is there a canteen or someplace here we can get a sandwich?”

“Are you inviting me on a date?” she asked with that sly smile that made his heart jump.

“Uh. If – uh… you want it to be a date, yeah!” He tried to get into the same playful spirit and smiled into her eyes.

“Actually, yes, what I had in mind was to grab a take-out and go sit in on the set, wait until it’s your call. That suit you?”

Myles hadn’t been certain if he’d be allowed on set while they were shooting other scenes, or even if there were other scenes being shot before his, but he certainly did want to spend at least a little time scoping out the stage before being immersed at the deep end. “Absolutely, yes it does. I’m so glad I met you! You have no idea how much more secure I feel knowing someone who knows the ropes.”

“Yes I do. Know what it’s like. When I started there was this girl who did the same for me. Made me come right out of my shell.”

“You? A shell? You expect me to believe that?” He was teasing her and she responded as he’d hoped, by playing up to it.

“I was a complete shrinking violet. Wore ankle-length dresses and necklines around the throat. Let’s go,” she said as she headed back into the bedroom / office area.

“Oh -” he had another thought, “made you *come*, eh…” they were both grinning again.

Between them they quickly straightened the bed, looked around to make sure everything was tidy and nothing left behind, and left.


There was still more than an hour to go to Myles’ call time when they arrived at the outdoor sound stage and the bouncer at the door seemed surprised. Colleen he recognised right away but he had to find Myles on a list on his clipboard. “First time?” he asked with a leer.

Myles just looked at him, with what he hoped was a neutral expression, looked the guy up and down and said nothing. He might be still learning, but he was pretty sure a door goon didn’t rate too highly in the pecking order. He was prepared to be polite to anyone, but if people started patronising him he could give back as good as he got. The guard let them in, after checking the light over the door wasn’t red.

Once inside, Myles looked around and was immediately struck by how few people there were. He had seen movie and commercial shoots before and the number of hangers-on just milling around had staggered him. Today he could count everyone on the fingers of one hand, just about. There was apparently nothing happening, but that pretty much fitted with what he had been expecting, which was a lot of sitting around waiting. One positive personality trait he was aware of in himself was a lot of patience.

The outdoor set was a corner of the lot that someone had done a bit of landscaping on, with rolling lawn and a large oak tree, surrounded on all sides by high walls but with a variety of different scenery walls as well as some outdoor furniture and props – a wheelbarrow, a ladder, potplants… at the moment it looked like the garden of a large upper-class home, even to a picnic table and a kid’s bicycle abandoned on the neatly trimmed grass.

Colleen was leading him over to a corner that looked to be somewhat out of the way. “We’ll be behind the cameras, as it were, as long as we stay here”, physical 100 izle she told him. He was about to ask how she knew that but she had started pointing out people she knew. “That’s Rock Hudson, over there”, indicating an insignificant-looking individual with sandy hair and a weak chin, “and the cameramen are Pete and Jonas. I’ve seen the others around but never worked with them. You recognise Robert and Dana, the ones who’ve been fucking? No? And the fresh ones over there, Sylvie, Emily, Peter D?” Myles realised he was going to have to learn to size up a situation faster – so far, he had only registered that there were five really good looking naked people on set, and hadn’t started to evaluate the subtleties of their state of arousal. He now noticed that, yes, one guy and one girl were sweaty and flushed and the others were still clean and pale. Apparently there wasn’t to be any stripping as part of the script. Nothing wrong with that, he thought.

“Uh, no, I hardly ever look at the guys’ faces so I might have seen them before but I don’t remember. One of the girls – the tall blonde number with the spectacular tattoos?”

“Emily. She has a really pretty pussy.”

“As nice as yours?”


“In all seriousness? Not possible. You have the most attractive kitty I have ever seen. And – umm -” he gestured towards the girl they were talking about.


“Emily, hmmm yes I think I’ve seen one of her scenes. None of the others.”

“Hi Rocky!” Colleen waved as the director looked over to see who was invading his set.

Hudson walked over and she introduced the guys to each other. Myles smiled as he shook Rocky’s hand, telling the director how pleased we was that he was going to be working with him.

“Well that remains to be seen”, said Hudson, “just do your job and we’ll be fine. So Colleen, this your latest project then?” It was borderline offensive but Myles didn’t expect anything else, just grinned and let The Rock be as nice or as insulting as he liked. He was planning to have fun at this job, he didn’t expect it to last forever so there was no point in making it unpleasant for himself or anyone else. He just kept his smile friendly and said nothing.

The sizing-up over, The director seemd to relent a little, then gave a faint smile and said, “OK I have quite a big scene to shoot before I need you, so relax – absorb, whatever. Later.” He sauntered off, back to the group of people around a monitor and watched something on it briefly. “OK, seen enough of that, it’s good. You two can get dressed, you’re released. Where’s my next scene?” His “next scene” were clearly ready and waiting, so the question was obviously more about stamping his dominance on the situation, but nobody seemed to mind. “OK, you three, cameras, lighting, c’mere. Briefing time. Right, this one is on the table. We start with Peter on his back, the girls sitting on the benches like he’s their picnic lunch. Camera 1, here – camera 2, from this angle. This is a slow, languid scene, I want at least 50 minutes of footage for this one. Peter does almost no work at first – I want you almost passive, Peter. Sylvie – stroking him, kissing, using your lips on his chest and arms. Emily starts on the legs. Slowly the two of you work your way towards his cock, and meet in the middle. I want this to start with a cowgirl, then a spoon, reverse cowgirl – girls doing most of the work, you get the picture? This is a guys’ dream sequence, OK? You can take it from there. Oh -” Sylvie had opened her mouth to speak but he anticipated her question so she shut up. “Yeah, sorry, Emily first on the cock, Sylvie – sit on his face? K?” Everyone seemed happy with that and the couple who had finished left the set. Myles didn’t see them again.

The description the director was giving was already making Myles hard, but he noticed that Peter, the porn star, was even less erect than he had been when Colleen and Myles had arrived. He supposed he had been a little aroused watching the filming of the action before, and was now concentrating more on the technicalities of who would be where than on what they would be doing.

“Right!” the director was shouting. “Places! Everyone ready? Lights! Camera! Go!” Myles was faintly amused that when there was to be “action”, he didn’t call “action”. He was about to comment on this when he realised that if he spoke now it would be a serious faux pas. He also very quickly realised he was about to watch other people fucking, live and in person, for the first time in his life. He shut his mouth firmly and watched as Peter, lying flat on his back on the picnic table, received kisses and strokes all over his body from the hot, toned and beautiful babes seated on either side of him. He noticed one camera tended to stay more or less static, concentrating on tall, slim, sultry blonde Emily, fooling with Peter’s junk, while the other moved around the table, focussing mostly on the brunette, Sylvie’s firm titties and face, and what she was poker face izle doing to his face.

In what seemed like seconds Peter was completely erect and so was Myles. He was so glad Colleen had shown him just how smooth he could be, it was an incredible pleasure to be hard now, compared to when he had shaving stubble or hair before. He watched as the director used small gestures to give the cameramen and actors silent instructions, and also noted that the actors were able to comply without openly acknowledging the direction or blatantly looking off-camera. But before long he was absorbed in watching the action, and also a little bothered that he found it incredibly stimulating to see another man’s erection from so close, and not have to be self-conscious about staring at it, about enjoying how clean and tight the guy’s balls were and how strong his hard-on was. Soon however that emotion also passed and he just enjoyed seeing a live sex show, even when the director called “Cut!” from time to time and made them restart a move or slow up or – his personal favourite – re-shoot the insertion from a new angle.

Myles was amazed. He watched a threesome fucking for at least a half-hour and he knew he was not going to last anywhere near that long when his scene came. To make matters worse, he was sitting next to probably the sexiest girl he had ever seen in person, his sandwich lunch forgotten on the grass next to them, with her hand under his shirt tickling his back with her nails. If he hadn’t cum less than an hour ago he would probably be shooting in his pants right now, with no helping hand.

A cameraman moved around the scene between the actors and the spectators, breaking Myles’ concentration, and he became aware of eyes boring into the side of his head.

“What”, he mouthed at Colleen as he briefly turned his eyes to look at her. She was grinning at him, a secret knowing smile that lit her eyes like magic and made his chest hurt. He realised he probably was slack-jawed and glassy-eyed, in fact it was surprising he hadn’t started drooling, but his eyes were being drawn back to the goings-on in front of the camera. “What!” She just leaned forward and kissed him on the side of his face, still glowing like she was lit from within. With two fingers she turned his chin back towards the action and his eyed swivelled that way instantly.

When the climax of the shoot came, his focus was so narrowed down he couldn’t see anything but the three actors, the girls’ mouths now on Peter’s thick, throbbing cock and balls as he masturbated. Then he came, explosively, aiming alternate squirts at each of the girls’ faces, and either this guy was another porn legend or he had also been saving it for a couple of weeks because there didn’t seem to be any end to the amount of semen he could produce. Jet after jet ribboned out and streaked their hair and faces while everyone just grinned and groaned!

But even good things have to come to an end and eventually Peter was exhausted. The cameras cut and Peter, Emily and Sylvie drifted away from centre stage. Myles almost choked on a bite of his lunch, finally remembered, when he saw the two girls start getting into some girl-on-girl action, licking and kissing each others’ faces clean of semen… he would never have believed it if anyone had told him that happened. And it wasn’t helping him in his attempt to get back to normality. Peter just sat to one side, drinking from a bottle of water.

He felt Colleen’s fingers on his chin, turning his head back towards her again. She still had that shit-eating grin going on.


“You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Fuck yeah. First time I’ve seen other people screwing, actually.”

“No shit. I remember my first time…” she got all dreamy for a second. “Whoa. OK, and you are now super-horny again, aren’t you. That’s OK, in fact, that’s good. But it won’t hurt to go have a quick cold shower. Through that door over there – you have at least 10 minutes, you’ll find clean towels just like in John’s bathroom. Go!”

Once again Hudson and the cameramen were huddled over the monitors to check out the footage just captured. Myles couldn’t hear what was being said, but he didn’t need to – there was pointing, nodding, more pointing, more nodding… everyone seemed satisfied with their efforts.

Not least the actors. Now just lounging on a blanket, they looked for all the world like a normal – well, not so normal – group of friends who just happened to be bare-ass naked. And completely satiated, like after a good Thanksgiving dinner. Myles realised Colleen was right, he was somewhat hot and bothered, so he made off in the direction she had indicated.

“Don’t jerk off!” she called after him, “it’s too close to shoot time and you can’t afford the delay. Trust me on this.” Myles was beginning to think this girl was some kind of clairvoyant, because it had more than crossed his mind to “relieve the tension” while he was in the showers. So once more prehistoric planet izle taking her at her word, he hastened to strip, stepped into a lukewarm stream of water and slowly turned it colder and colder until he was gasping. He held it as long as could, then a little longer, then a little longer, and eventually emerged with his teeth chattering and skin blue – and cock flaccid.

Deliberately avoiding thinking about matters pornographic, he quickly dressed again and returned outdoors just in time to hear the director saying “OK, you two, cameras, lighting, c’mere. Briefing time.” Hudson did a double-take and turned back to Myles. “Why are you dressed? You go into the bathroom and come out dressed? Shit for brains? Strip, idiot.” He decided that there was nothing really malicious or even arrogant about Rocky, it was just his style.

So while the director started giving his instructions for how the scene was to be shot, Myles quickly got out of his kit again. He was getting good at it and within a few seconds stood in the small group with nothing on but the little bit of deo spray he’d helped himself to in the shower. It occurred to him he hadn’t yet checked out his co-star so he looked around for a naked girl, and didn’t see one. That didn’t bode well, he thought.

There was so much going on in Myles’ head that he didn’t really have time to feel self-conscious about being the only naked person in the group, and he concentrated hard on the director’s comments. He did find it awkward not knowing what to do with his hands though, so eventually just crossed his arms over his chest.

The scene description was, apparently typically, brief. “OK, blanket on the grass. I just want uncomplicated fun outdoor sex, OK? Start with Katje going down on Myles just a little, you flat on your back,” he was looking at Myles, “then she moves up to sit on your face – here, facing that way, OK? I want this to go on much longer. I want you to bring her to climax, I’ve seen your screen test, I know you can do it. But you’re not experienced in working for the camera, and noobies are very conscious of it at first but it doesn’t take long before you forget about everyone else and start fucking for real. So concentrate. Remember there’s two cameras, try to be aware where at least one of them is all the time. But don’t look at them! And no burying your face in snatch, I know it’s very tempting but then the camera can’t see anything and we might as well be filming soft porn. We’re not filming soft porn, OK?

“Alright. Then, from bj to oral to Katje sitting on Myles, cowgirl. I don’t mind how this one finishes, like I said I’m going for the natural feel, so I’m thinking let’s do something a little different and go all the way inside. Ok, sweetie? You up for creampie?”

Hudson was looking over Myles’ left shoulder, so he realised his female lead had arrived. He wanted to turn around to get a preliminary look at her but didn’t know if it would be polite. Or cool. Or if it would be more cool to actually look… the anxiety was just what he needed to keep his mind off what he was about to do, so it didn’t bother him much, but he was working out that the more he found out the more he had to learn.

Just when he was about to give in to curiosity and turn for a look, he felt three things happen at once that made his head lurch. A hand touched him on his right shoulder, a stiff nipple touched his left shoulder blade, and a soft voice whispered in his left ear, “it’s OK, you can look”.

His heart bumped again. Colleen! Colleen in a long blonde wig – making her look much like Emily from the previous scene – was going to be fucking him – again! He remembered now that she had told him Katje was one of her stage names. Could things get any better… he just grinned and bent his left hand to grope her crotch, briefly, behind himself. Hudson was wrapping up his briefing and telling everyone to get into place, and despite his short manner and somewhat offhand style Myles realised he wasn’t so bad, and was perhaps even taking it easy on him as a first-timer. “Why did you keep this a big mystery?”

“We’ll talk later. Places!”

Quickly he got on his back on the blanket, and checked with the cameramen and director that he was in the right position. Colleen, looking quite different with blonde hair, knelt in front of him. “Lights! Camera! Go,” and Katje was on top of him, lightly kissing his face and smiling into his eyes. He brought up his hands and gently pushed her hair away from her face, stroked her back and arms and breasts. The more he saw of this girl the more he wanted to see of her – he didn’t want this moment to end, felt it could go on forever.

Fortunately she was able to move on, and move she did – kissing down his chin, chest, belly, all the time maintaining eye contact. She hadn’t touched his cock yet, but as she moved towards it one nipple brushed it gently and sent a jolt of electricity through his entire body. He arched his back slightly with the pleasure of it and his eyes closed for a moment… meanwhile “Katje” just went on kissing him, now at his navel, then down and slightly to one side, she stroked by his centre, only touching his thigh and hip. Now she was at his inner thighs and one hand appeared from nowhere lightly touching the underside of his scrotum.

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