First Time Guys

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I finally had to get out of a bad situation. I put on my back pack and headed for the hi-way. I am 26, average build and needed to move on to find a fresh start.

I stood on the hi-way, broke, hungry and wondering how I was going to get everything together.

After about half hour, a newer car pulled over and a gentleman, maybe about 35 told me to hop in. As we headed down the road, we got into long chats about this and that. I told him my sob story and he seemed a little sympathetic. “Rick” said he was a salesman out on his first day of a territory blitz. As it was getting late, Rick asked me if I wanted to share a room with him before heading back out in the morning. I told him I was broke, and he said ‘no problem, company expenses’. As we weren’t near a city, the only place was an older motel. He apologized for this but I didn’t care.

He told me I could shower and he would go pick up some beer. Maybe things were looking up. As I came out of the shower and started to dry myself, I didn’t think Rick would be back yet so I left the bathroom without the towel to grab my clothes.. There was Rick, smiling with a beer in his hand. It seemed comfortable enough, so I casually started to get dressed, not covering up in any hurry. It was then I noticed him staring at my cock. I don’t know why, but I then sat facing him as I looked through my bag, my cock facing him only feet away. I figured for şehitkamil escort all he had done, if he wanted to look at my cock, fine.

After dressing (and a free little show), we pounded back a few beer. We talked a lot about everything and Rick mentioned how his married life was far from perfect. Sex was rare, and the last time he had gotten a blow job was from a hooker several years earlier. Both mildly drunk, Rick blurted out that he would love a blow job, and that he wasn’t gay, but he would give me the $50 instead of a hooker to satisfy him. I am not gay either, but have most definitely fantasized what it would feel like to suck a cock. And for $50, I would have done more than that. I immediately knelt down between his legs and started to undo his pants. I think he was surprised to say the least. I remembered all of the cum-shot pics I masturbated to on the net and knew I would enjoy this. I never realized how horny this would make me.

I took out his very hard cock and rubbed it gently, feeling a cock for my first time. It felt heavy in my hand, and pulsating and hard. I jerked gently up and down, watching as pre-cum oozed out the hole. I slowly leaned my head toward it and licked at the pre-cum. This was great! I put the head in my mouth. Rubbing at it with my tongue. I then licked my way down the shaft and licked at his balls. It was difficult with his pants still on so I asked him to remove his clothes and lie on the bed. He seemed even happier when I removed my clothes too, revealing an equally hard cock. I positioned myself at his side and went back to work, stroking and sucking. Not a minute later he squeezed the back of my head and grunted, spurting come in my mouth and on my face. It was very intense for both of us. I continued pumping and sucking on the head, licking whatever cum I could find. As things calmed, I held his semi erect cock in my mouth, lightly pumping his cock. That was too fast.

I figured I was here now with someone I didn’t know, and could explore my wildest fantasies. I was going to get the most of this.

He sat up and began thanking me, telling me how great it felt. I smiled, rubbing some cum from my chin. He got up, saying he had to relieve himself of the beer. As he walked toward the bathroom, I told him to stop. I walked in ahead of him, got into the tub and lay down. As I stroked my hard cock, I told him to piss on me. He looked shocked, but at the same time excited. He asked if I was sure, and I nodded yes. He stood over me and started to urinate, aiming first at my cock, then my stomach. I leaned forward and guided his aim to my face, opening my mouth. The feeling of some guy’s warm piss spraying me almost had me cumming. I let most of it flow out the corners of my mouth and even swallowed some. By the time Rick had finished soaking me, he was hard again. I stood up and kissed my first guy with a piss soaked mouth. It may have been the most passionate kiss I ever had. He reached down and grabbed my cock. It felt so good. He immediately knelt down and took it into his mouth, gobbling at it like a mad man.

Seconds later I spurt what felt like a gallon of sperm. He couldn’t swallow it, but tried.

He looked up at me and said that was the first time he had ever even touched a cock, and that it was fantastic!

We went to the bed and lay down, stroking each other’s cock, saying how kinky and erotic this was. Hell, I was doing it now, so I moved down, spreading his legs and began to lick the area around his ass. I tongued it as deep as I could while stroking his cock. I guess he sensed that I was preparing to fuck him and he said he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that. I assured him I was enjoying just licking his ass. Just then, I rolled over, and said that I was ready and that I wanted to feel his huge cock up my ass. Once again he declined, but did finger me in the but as he jerked me off. Pretty well in a 69 position, we brought each other off again. Exhausted we fell asleep with each other’s cock in our faces

As morning came, I awoke with his semi hard cock in my hand. I opened my mouth and awoke him with a gentle blow. He awoke and pulled away, seeming somewhat nervous in the light of day. He got up and headed for the washroom, but before he got there, I said I was thirsty. He smiled and we both headed in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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