Friendly Neighbors

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Angela White

We’d been staying at the same house in Tahoe the same week in July for the past six years. It’s a friendly, quiet little area with a pool and quick access to the lake. The houses are small but comfortable. They’re fairly close together for such a wilderness area so everybody gets to know everybody. Tom and Lucy own the cabin next to us and live there most of the time. They must get tired of the parade of people in an out each week during the summer, but Tom always has a quick smile and hello. Lucy’s busy with her work during the summer but Tom teaches and enjoys gardening during the warm months.

Tom was working in the backyard of his place when we left for the beach at 9:00 a.m. and was still there when we got back at 3:00 p.m. He is in pretty good shape for an older guy with his summer tan well underway. My wife made more than a casual glance toward him as she headed for the cabin. She’s always been attracted to older men, especially dark exotic guys. Tom seemed to take extra note of Janice, too. My gal’s a blonde bombshell. Great body with long legs and nice round tits with nipples that stand erect at the slightest hint of a breeze. She was wearing one of those wild bikini’s today. Mostly just three patches of semi-sheer material held together with wide dental floss. It didn’t leave much to Tom’s imagination. He had a special “Hello!” for her along with a wave. I could swear his pants grew a full size as he leered at her.

Janice went in to shower and change and I went over to say hello to Tom. He asked me how the lake was today and I told him it went up a few degrees when Jan took off her cover-up. He laughed and asked whether the park rangers stopped by to survey water conditions? I told him the beach did seem a little more crowded today. Some mothers with little children took their kids to the opposite end of the beach to avoid the crush of gawkers. Tom got a kick out of my little jokes and was really pleased when I asked him inside for an iced tea.

I know Jan likes to shower with the bathroom door open. She doesn’t like the small space. She also likes to tease me and my friends. Her exhibitionist tendencies are out of the closet, so to speak. The bikini is just a nod to the Puritanical North American continent. She spends most of her Central American vacations in the buff. Not that I mind. I get a kick out of watching guys trip over their dicks around her. Guess that makes me something of a voyeur. So, I plop Tom down on the chair that faces toward the bathroom door and leave the room to get his tea. At first he’s just scoping out the room and trying not to pay any attention to the shower. I yell at Jan to tell şişli escort her that Tom and I are in the living room and ask if she wants some iced tea. She yells back that she needs a towel and to put extra sugar in her tea. I ask Tom if he can grab a towel from the table next to the couch and give it to Jan. He hesitates, but just for a moment. He slips past the part-way open door and peeks in to hand her the towel. I hear her thank him and tell him how much she admires his tan. Tom walks back to his perch wearing a grand smile and sinks back into the seat. Jan follows quickly with the large towel draped loosely around her still moist torso. She enters the kitchen, grabs her tea with one hand and smacks my ass sharply with the other. I smile in enjoyment.

We walk back to the living room where Tom is seated and the two of us take up residence on the old couch that anchors the center of the room. Jan carefully slips one leg under the other and Tom stares at her snatch during the show. She has a nice little “landing strip” shaved above her pussy to go along with the barely bikini bottoms she favors. I hand Tom his tea and he thanks us heartily for our hospitality. Jan asks Tom if Lucy will be home soon and he tells us that she will be late tonight because of an out of town meeting. “Darn,” goes Jan in a not too entirely sincere retort. Jan really, really enjoys teasing. Almost as much as she enjoys sex. I was starting to get the idea that Jan was toying with the idea of toying with Tom. She’s like a cat in that way. She likes to play with her dinner before she actually sets upon eating it. I’m not sure if Tom realized he changed from neighbor to prey when he went into that bathroom towel in hand.

We sit making small talk and sipping our iced tea drinks. Our chat grew progressively more sexual and finally Jan asked Tom if she could “touch his tan.” He heartily agreed and Jan moved over to the foot of his chair to run her hands over his chest. She managed to keep her towel in place, I’m not sure how, but Tom was definitely interested in the view. She lowered her head to just above his knee and quickly licked him. “Ummm, salty,” she said, “looks like you need a shower, too.” Tom nodded a quiet affirmative and Jan took his hand and helped him up. On the way to the bathroom she grabbed my hand and said, “You, too, Mr. Can’t Get Enough Suntan Lotion.” So the three of us set off for the still-moist shower.

I dropped my bathing suit at the door and started the shower. I hopped in and Jan followed. Reaching out she unbuckled Tom’s shorts and dropped them to the floor. She deftly slid down his briefs to uncover a nicely erect mecdiyeköy escort “Joystick” as she liked to say. “Oh, my,” she teased, “looks like somebody’s ready for some fun!” She grabbed his cock with both hands and pulled him into the shower. Then she asked Tom if it would be okay to share his nice hard cock with me, too. He didn’t seem fazed but he wasn’t saying much of anything at the moment. Jan reached for the soap and began to lather Tom up starting with his rock-hard penis. She handed me the soap so that I could start on her back. Soon she had Tom’s cock between her legs and she reached back to pull my now hard staff in there too. It obviously felt good for her as she let out a genuine moan as the two hard cocks filled the space between her legs. I reached around and pulled Tom close so that he could get the full effect. His hands were busy soaping up Jan’s tits. She pulled his head down between them and gave her chest a good rub with his face. The water and soap and suntan lotion made for a pleasurable effect. Jan turned me around and then slipped behind Tom and pushed his cock between my butt cheeks. She pulled the three of us close and Tom reached down to run his hands over my cock. He seemed to enjoy being in the middle and after a moment we all shifted again so that my cock could check out his ass and his Jan’s. She turned quickly, however, and said that we boys needed to stop teasing her and get down to business.

Jan jumped right into bed. She flashed a big “come here” sign to Tom. He hesitated but I gave him a little nudge in the back. He landed with his face right between her legs. I took the chair next to the bed and watched in glee as Jan arched back at the touch of Tom’s tongue to her pussy. She pulled her knees up and Tom gently kissed her pussy lips. Spreading her legs he licked at the sweet spot and dug in a little. She pulled his head in closer and sank back to take it all in. Tom pulled back and started kissing the inside of each thigh. He worked his way down her right leg to her toes and she wriggled and squirmed. She beckoned me and I waved her off. Tom switched legs and let out a squeal. She loves to have her toes sucked. Tom turned out to be the guy for the job. He slowly worked his way up the left leg and when he got to the magical Y he rolled Jan onto her stomach. This caught her by surprise. She likes to have her way and Tom was in charge. She didn’t seem to mind. A side of here I hadn’t seen recently.

Tom slowly worked his hands up her back. He had good technique and Jan relaxed deeply into the bed. He lingered over her shoulders, kissed her neck and then started working down her left arm. He treated each finger as if he were in love with it. Jan rolled onto her back and I could see her pussy was dripping wet. He kissed and licked his way down her arm, stopping at the inside of the elbow to suck a little harder. Jan moved her free hand to her snatch and started to rub it furiously. Her crotch was on fire. Her head was shaking back and forth. All this from a kiss on her arm…well…a little more than just a kiss.

Jan flipped Tom over like a heavyweight wrestler toying with a featherweight. She bounced onto his hard cock and took it in like a fat robin catching the early worm. Slurp, it was gone. She immediately started to buck up and down, her boobs slapping together and her hands holding up her hair, her eyes closed, lips parted. I love it when she holds her head and hair back. Breasts thrust out. Rocking back and forth with wild abandon. Tom grabbed her thighs and she pulled his hand to her pussy. He fingered her clit and she let out a scream. Loud, piercing. Tom reacted. He stiffened. So did Jan. They came together and moaned simultaneously. What a picture. Jan crumpled into Tom’s arms. He gave her a gentle kiss and she hugged him back. She pointed at me and whispered, “more, I need some more.” Tom laughed and I told them to stay where they were.

With Jan resting on Tom I mounted her from behind. She was so wet I slid past her twice before coming home. I gently rocked back and forth between their legs and Jan cooed. Following Tom’s lead, I withdraw and started to kiss her lower back. Down her butt I licked and kissed with my hands massaging her as I went. “Now, now, inside me now,” she said and I slowly worked my way back into her from behind. I could feel Tom getting hard, too, as I pressed in. Jan started to work herself and we all rocked in the same motion. I reached down and stroked Tom as we went and he got harder and harder. Jan pushed back against me and we slapped together at the beat of our breaths. With all of the excitement I couldn’t wait too long but that was okay with Jan. She was screaming for me to cum and I plowed into her with all the force I could lever. I gushed a huge load into her and she let out an uncharacteristic whimper followed by a giggle. I pulled out and joined the heap on the bed. Jan slid over to give me a kiss and a hug. She sweetly asked me where I had left the iced tea. How could you not follow that treat with a little kindness so I trudged off to get the refreshments.

After a short rest and a couple of more hours of rough and tumble play Tom headed home with a well-satisfied grin plastered across his face. After a few moments of silence Jan turned to me and mused, “Gee, I wonder if he realizes we’re just making up for that three-hour session you and I had with Lucy yesterday evening while he was out playing poker?”

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