Georgie and Claire Ch. 01

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“Georgie! You made it!”

“Um, what choice did I have?” I laughed as I walked into the backyard. “You threatened my life if I didn’t show!”

“Well, I only graduate from high school once,” Carol replied as she walked over and gave me a quick hug. “What fun would it be without my favorite cousin here?”

“I heard that!” my little brother Carl cried, but he wasn’t really upset.

Everyone knew that Carol and I were close. At nineteen I was only a year older than her and although we lived one town over we ended up with a lot of the same friends. It had a lot to do with her dating one of my classmates. Lou was a good guy. I was disappointed when they broke up last summer. I guess it made sense in a way. He graduated with me and went to college across country.

“Hey G-Man,” my little brother grinned. “I hope you stopped home first and saw mom, otherwise…”

“Of course,” I interjected with a snort. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

Mom wasn’t happy when I decided to stay at school for summer break, but I had great job near campus and I didn’t want to lose it. Besides, a few of my closest friends were also staying. One, a girl named Annie, had the added benefit of being pretty good in bed. We weren’t dating or anything, but we hung out and frequently ended up at one of our places when the night ended. I loved college, not that high school hadn’t been fun in its way too.

“Can it get any hotter?” Carol complained. I had to agree with her. It had to be close to ninety already despite it still being relatively early.

My cousin was dressed for the heat. She looked good. Her dirty blond hair had grown out and she clearly spent time on her tan. It went well with her soft brown eyes. She was wearing a yellow bikini that made the most of her average sized breasts. She also had a colorful sarong wrapped around her hips and ass. The former were a bit wide and the latter somewhat flat, but the combination was sexy and appealing to me for some reason.

I knew I shouldn’t be looking at Carol the way I was considering she was my cousin, but it was just the way I was built. I couldn’t look at any woman without appreciating what she had to offer and my cousin had a nice body, a very nice body.

“At least your pool will earn its keep today,” I offered, forcing myself to make eye contact before she realized where I was looking. Carol, being Carol would not be amused.

“Oh yeah!” Carl crowed. “Bikini heaven!”

“Down little brother,” I laughed. “Most of the girls will be high school graduates and you’re only going into your junior year.”

“A guy can dream, can’t he?” he retorted.

“Typical man,” Carol put in, rolling her eyes. Carl and I exchanged a grin.

“What can I do to help?” I asked, changing the subject. The party wasn’t scheduled to start for another couple of hours. I stopped by early to say hi. Mom told me that Uncle Stan had shanghaied Carl. I figured I’d offer to help since I was back in town early.

“I already have some volunteers,” Carol said in a way that made me look at her. She nodded ever so slightly. I knew what that meant. Beth was here…damn!

“Hello ‘Whore’gie.” Speak of the devil.

“Seriously?” I asked, shaking my head as the honey blond walked out the back door of the house carrying the metal holders for some chaffing dishes. She looked better than I remembered. Maybe it was the flowery bikini she was wearing. She had on a sarong similar to my cousin’s around her small waist, but it was a solid blue. “Don’t you think you’re getting a little old for name calling?”

Beth was a short, thin girl and didn’t have much of a chest, but she made up for it in other areas. She was prettier than my cousin, at least in the classic sense of beauty and obviously worked hard at making the most of what she did have. My favorite aspect of her was her ass. No surprise there. I always was a bit of a butt man. Hers was small and round. It was the type that could fit in the palm of your hand. I didn’t quite lick my lips when I saw it.

“Not if your case,” she answered succinctly as she laid out where the chaffing dishes would sit. Her pale blue eyes could have been made out of ice based on the way she was looking at me.

“You’re never going to forgive me, are you?” I sighed.

“Not likely. I was in love with you and you broke my heart.”

“Please!” I snorted. “We barely knew each other when it happened.”

“It was puppy love,” my cousin’s other close friend interjected as she exited the house and joined us with the tins that would be filled with water to keep the chaffing dishes warm. Things were looking up. Claire and I usually got along well. “After all, you were Carol’s cute older cousin. Beth spent months watching you from afar.”

“You should know,” Carol said pointedly. “You were right there with her.” Claire blushed as expected. She was the shy and unassuming one in their crowd. You know the type, beautiful and clueless about it. I had no idea how someone who looked like her graduated high school without realizing the truth.

Claire almanbahis şikayet had long, dark hair and pale skin. Her eyes were deep blue and her lips were shaped perfectly for kissing. She wasn’t really prettier than Beth, but I found her more attractive. To be fair, I always did have a thing for the sweat and innocent ones. Her hour-glass shape didn’t hurt either.

Her breasts were bigger than both Carol’s and Beth’s, but it seemed to me that she was more embarrassed by the fact than anything else. You could tell by the full length cover-up she chose to wear and the fact that her shoulders were slightly slumped as if she were trying to hide her assets. She didn’t like to draw attention to her tits which was disappointing to say the least. I was certain that there was a conservative one-piece bathing suit under the cover-up. What a waste!

I knew I could help Claire with her confidence issue. Hell, I’d love to do it! Of course, Carol would kill me if I tried. My cousin made me swear off her friends after the fiasco with Beth.

Claire had a thin waist despite the fact that her ass was perhaps a little larger than one might expect. I didn’t mind. It added to her hourglass shape and I liked meaty asses. Who was I kidding? I liked all types of asses and my cousin and her two friends ran the gambit.

“You know,” Claire said, turning to me. I quickly shifted my eyes up from her ass. “Beth might have been able to forgive you for cheating on her, but you picked Vicky Johnson to do it with. They hate each other.”

“The girl is a major bitch!” Beth snapped.

“Sure,” I couldn’t help laugh. “But she was awfully friendly that night.”

“You’re not helping yourself here,” Carol said, shaking her head. I had enough.

“The whole thing is ridiculous!” I snapped in frustration. “I did not ‘cheat on’ Beth. We weren’t even dating, much less going steady.”

“Did you or did you not kiss her earlier that day?” my cousin asked.

“Sure,” I shrugged, although if I remembered correctly, she’d been more of the instigator of our lip lock. “But we didn’t talk about anything long term. Besides, she disappeared and left me at the party all alone. I got drunk and…”

“…And as they say,” my little brother interjected with a grin. “The rest is history!”

“I had to leave,” Beth said angrily. “I went home floating on a cloud, only to see Vicky’s Facebook page a couple of hours later. She was sitting on your lap!”

“She did more than that,” Carol snorted.

“Exactly,” Beth said. “You earned the nickname ‘whore’gie that night, and from what your cousin says, you’ve lived up to it ever since.” I gave Carol a pointed look, but she just shrugged.

“It’s true,” she said. “You’re a male slut. Everyone knows it.” I was annoyed, but it’s not like I could deny it. I was good with women, just like my father and I took full advantage of it.

“Alright G-man!” my little brother cried. “Finally, a reason to look up to you!” Carol hit him and Beth threw a bunched up napkin that bounced off his head. Claire just shook her head.

“Let’s go help Uncle Stan before one or both of us ends up getting hurt,” I said, leading my brother away. I did glance back at the ladies once more before searching out my uncle. Thankfully, they were focused on setting up for the party and didn’t notice.

The three of them worked well together. My cousin was directing the other two. I didn’t quite smile at that. Carol was obviously the ring leader of their little group. She was also the youngest. She’d just turned eighteen a month ago.

I found myself wondering if they would stay close considering they were all off to college next year. I hoped so. Not everyone had the kind of friendship they did. It would be a shame if they grew apart. Besides, it was always interesting to see all three together. They didn’t look much alike, but all three were pretty damn hot in their own way. Now if I could only convince my cousin to relax her rule on no dating her friends. Beth had a tight little body and I had the feeling she’d be a hellcat in bed, but my eyes lingered longer on Claire. There was just something about her.


I jumped into the in-ground pool a few hours later after taking my turn at the barbeque for Uncle Stan. It felt amazing. I let the chlorinated water cool my overheated body and wash away the sweat and barbeque smoke. The shallow end of the pool was pretty crowded so I shifted to other side and dove deep just for the sheer joy of swimming unencumbered. I briefly came up for air and dove again. A small, lithe female body shot past me.

I wasn’t expecting her and didn’t really get a good look, but what I did notice was that her bathing suit was riding up her ass, and what an ass it was! I followed it almost without thought. I wanted another look.

The pool was packed so it took me a few seconds to catch up to the girl. By the time I did, we were in the shallow end of the pool. I came up and out of the water to see her standing there looking at me with an unpleasant frown. almanbahis canlı casino It was Beth of all people. I didn’t quite grimace despite realizing that I should have recognized her. Who else here had such a perfect, small, round butt?

“Oops,” I offered as I tried hard not to notice that her hands were under the water. I failed miserably. She was obviously fixing her bathing suit. Beth shook her head, but then surprised me by moving close, very close. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. Beth’s body pressed against mine as she leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“This all could have been yours.” She knew full well what she was doing to me. “But you chose Vicky instead.” She pulled back, splashed me in the face and started to swim away. I reached out and grabbed her ankle, pulling her back to me as I blinked the water out of my eyes. “Hey! Let me go!” Instead, I pulled her closer.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” I said softly. “Maybe you and my cousin are right. Maybe I am a male slut, but I did not choose Vicky over you. I was drunk and she was there. You were, and I expect still are, way hotter than her.” I let Beth go with that. She pulled back and frowned at me for a moment before disappearing. I watched her go, or more specifically, I watched her ass as she left. It really was mouthwatering. I shrugged to myself and dove back under the water.

The party was a mix of family and Carol’s friends. I knew just about everyone. It was nice to see my family. Well, everyone except my cousin Will. He was a year older than me and just as good with the ladies. He didn’t live close, but we’d had some good times together going out and picking up girls the summer before I went away to school. Will was an inch or two taller than me, but not as wide in the shoulders. I never begrudged him his ability with the ladies, but he was talking up Claire today. Bastard.

Claire seemed to enjoy his company, but I doubted she was falling for any of his come-ons. I could only hope. Well, that and focus on some of the other women available at the party. There was quite a bevy. Carol’s friends were always a cute bunch, but some of them had become downright hot over the last year.

One or two caught my interest and then some, but every time I started talking them up Carol, Beth or even Claire when she wasn’t busy with Will would show up until I got the message. If it weren’t so irritating, it would have been funny.

The family started disappearing as it got later, leaving just the friends. I was relieved when Will left with his parents. Carol’s friends all sat in a circle at one end of the yard and talked. I sat with them for a few minutes, but then saw my aunt and uncle start to clean up. I stood and went to help. It wasn’t like Carol, Claire and Beth were going to let me have any fun anyway.

It was pretty obvious that some of my cousin’s friends were drinking despite Uncle Stan doing his best to keep them away from the alcohol. I myself was feeling no pain. Uncle Stan face showed his concern. Finally, he pulled Carol to one side at around ten. They exchanged words, but Uncle Stan was firm. The party ended a couple of minutes later. He checked all drivers before letting them leave. One was in pretty bad shape. My uncle decided to give the guy a ride himself. The problem was that Carol’s drunken friend kept saying he had work the next morning and couldn’t leave his car. Carol’s parents exchanged a few words. Moments later my uncle was driving the guy in his own car while my aunt followed them in hers.

“What about you?” Beth asked after they left. “Aren’t you leaving?”

“Me? What about you?” I frowned.

“Claire and I are spending the night,” she retorted. Her eyes were shiny. She looked like she was drunk and looking for a fight.

“Damn,” I sighed. “I was planning on catching up with Carol. I wish I’d known you were staying before everyone else left. I’m in no shape to drive. Let me eat something. I should be fine in an hour or so.”

“You could sleep in Dad’s den,” Carol offered.

“No thanks,” I said, shaking my head. “A guy can only taking being called ‘whore’gie and male slut so much. I’m going inside to raid the left overs.”

“Don’t go empty handed!” Beth snapped. I shook my head and picked up the last serving platter. Everything else had already been brought inside. Carol and Beth were cleaning the tables. Uncle Stan told me not to bother breaking them down before he left. The place he rented them from was coming tomorrow and the breakdown was part of the cost.

I walked in the house to find Claire by the sink washing the dishes. There was still quite a stack. I grabbed some of the leftover pasta and began wolfing it down quickly.

“Just give me two minutes and I’ll help,” I said. Claire smiled and nodded, chatting about the party while I ate in silence. She didn’t seem to notice me checking out her body. She had her cover-up on once again, but it couldn’t hide all her curves. Mostly, all I could really see from behind her was her thick, nicely shaped almanbahis casino ass. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t huge, just full and a bit oversized. Yummy!

Despite me being an ass man, it wasn’t the only thing about her that caught my interest. I also couldn’t stop myself from daydreamed about kissing her. Claire’s lips were full and inviting. The truth be told, if I was going to hit seriously on one of Carol’s friends, it would be Claire and not Beth, but that was never going to happen. I sighed to myself, finished my hasty meal and grabbed a towel to help her with the dishes.

“Thanks,” she smiled.

“So, who was the guy with the red tank top?” I asked, just trying to hold up my end of the conversation. I also made an effort not to focus on her breasts. They swayed as she scrubbed.

“You mean Danny?” she asked.

“Could be,” I replied with a shrug. “Tall guy, plenty of muscles?”

“Danny,” she nodded. “He’s a sweety.”

“Thinking about going out with him?” I asked, hoping I knew the answer.

“He has a girlfriend,” Claire said. “We’re just friends.”

“And what about my cousin Will?” I asked, getting to my real fear.

“He was funny,” she replied. “But not my type.”

“He was really into you,” I said almost without thought. “He was hitting on you pretty hard.”

“Not everyone is like you,” Claire said, blushing. Normally I could care less what people thought about me, but Claire’s words bothered me. I shook it off.

“Maybe not,” I agreed easily enough. “But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t into you.”

“You’re wrong,” she insisted. “You just have a one track mind!” Beth walked in, but only heard the last line.

“Is ‘whore’gie hitting on you?” she asked angrily.

“No,” Claire replied. “But he’s insisting that his cousin Will was.”

“Oh that,” Beth said, calming considerably. “He was. It was pretty funny, but stay away from him. Will is even worse than ‘whore’gie here.”

“Really?” Claire asked in surprise.

“I’m not that bad,” I sighed.

“Yes you are,” Beth snapped, but then she relented and added, “But despite being a male slut, you’re a decent human being. Will’s a different story altogether, at least that’s what Carol says.”

“He can be pretty bad,” I said, remembering some of our conversations. Will was one of those guys who thought women were a different species. They were here to be used and dumped. He had no guilt when it came to how he treated girls.

“I’m surprised he wanted to be with me,” Claire said thoughtfully. “There were so many girls to choose from.”

“Claire, you have to get over your lack of confidence,” I said, forgetting about my cousin and focusing on her. “You’re beautiful. Everyone knows it except you. Don’t you think it’s time you admitted it to yourself?” Our eyes locked and I felt a connection forming. There was a part of her that wanted to believe me. The fact that it was the truth in this case made it even better.

“You are hitting on her!” Beth cried, distracting Claire and ruining the moment. I couldn’t tell if she was jealous or just being overprotective of her friend, but in either case I had enough.

“This is getting ridiculous!” I snapped. “We need to talk. Come with me.” I grabbed Beth’s hand and led her out of the kitchen. We needed some privacy for this so I led her to Carol’s bedroom, pushed her inside, followed her and shut the door.

“What’s your problem?” I cried, facing her angrily. “I’m not going to continue to pay for something that happened two years ago! I’m sorry I hurt you. It wasn’t intentional, but don’t you think it’s time you get over it?”

“You’re an asshole!” she retorted, just as angry as me. I suddenly realized that this confrontation was a mistake. She was clearly drunk. The problem was, so was I.

“Beth, what the hell do you want from me?!” I cried in frustration.

She looked ready to continue to tear into me, so my surprise was even more complete when she threw herself at me and thrust her tongue into my mouth. This so wasn’t what I expected, but with her tongue in my mouth there was only one option. I kissed her back and reached up, squeezing her small breasts. I thought she might protest, but instead she moaned into my mouth.

“I want this from you!” she gasped between kisses, her eyes flashing with her desire. “In two years I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be in your arms.” I knew Beth well enough to realize it wasn’t an omission of love, but of pure and simple lust which was almost as shocking. Beth hated me. She’d made it clear every time we met.

She surprised me again by taking what we were doing to the next level. Beth reached between us and took hold of my cock through my bathing suit. Her eyes were afire and suddenly I realized that despite her dislike of me and the fact that she never came across as the promiscuous type, she wanted more, possibly a lot more. Her next words proved it.

“I can still remember how it felt to have your body pressed against mine, my stomach trembling in desire with your stiffness crushed against it. I was so young and inexperienced. You awoke things in me I didn’t understand until much later.” I couldn’t quite believe my ears. Was this really Beth talking? Instead of waiting to find out, I reacted, not wanting to miss my chance with her.

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