Grace Saves Henry Ch. 06

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Wednesday. It hasn’t even been a week since that fateful Friday, when Henry had decided his life was no longer worth living. Then Grace walked over to his truck and simply said, “Hey, Henry.”

Now look at us. Grace moved in, sleeping in my bed. Fucking me at least twice a day, and hinting that four would be optimum. I’m content. Depression? What’s that? Our CEO is confessing feelings for her. My wife Doreen, possibly soon waking from her coma.

Henry was going to get up and make some early coffee, when he felt the bed shake a little as Grace stirred. Her arm reached for him, and he smiled as he felt her hand move lower and pet his cock. He thought,fuck coffee. This is better.

“Henry, I’ve been thinking about Doreen.”

“So have I, honey. Is yours good or bad?”

“Mostly good. You see, I’ve been reading about comas. Especially the long-term ones. Have you?”

“Not lately. I did a lot of reading to begin with. But I realized that reading about them, well, just wasn’t doing me any good. So what have you read?”

“Sometimes when a coma victim wakes, their short-term memory has been erased. Not that big a deal, really. Other times the long-term memory has parts missing.”

“Yeah. So?”

“You and I have been having some wonderful sex. You’ve hinted to me about the things that Doreen wouldn’t do. What if she forgot about that? You two could, sort of, start over with your sex habits. And then I thought, even if she doesn’t forget any of it, some gentle prodding on your part might simply be all that she needed.”

“You’re thinking forward, then, to a time when you are gone and all I have is Doreen to fuck? Correct?”

“I won’t leave you if you need me, big guy. But since you put it like that, I guess that’s what I’ve been thinking. You’ve been telling me you think I’m magic. I don’t know, maybe I am. You’re not the only one who’s said something like that. Mr. Cameron, Terry, Mr. Nakamoto, all sort of hinted at that. I think Douglas will be next.”

“You’re leading up to something. I can’t quite get it yet. Come on, Gracie, tell me straight out what it is you want.”

She took a deep breath. “Friday, when you go to visit Doreen again, I want to go with you. I want to be in the same room with her. Breathe the same air. Think some healing thoughts. Talk about all the fun ways to fuck each other. I want my thoughts to become her thoughts. And with you there, we could talk about some of those things out loud. For her ears to hear. I want to flood her senses. Play her favorite music, smell her favorite cologne, talk about your wishes as well as hers. What have we got to lose?”

Henry was stunned. He could picture it. Being there, machines keeping Doreen alive while they spoke of love, sex, pleasure, and fun.

“Sure, we can do that. Have you done anything remotely similar to this?”

“Only in my dreams. And if I can dream it, maybe we can do it, too. Remember, I told you and Mr. Cameron about my dreams of Al, and the very next day I found him! Coincidence? I think not. Plus, it’s something to look forward to doing, at the hospital, instead of just sitting there, with hope draining away. I know it’s hard to talk to someone who doesn’t talk back. So if we talk about these things to each other, as if she’s an active participant, where she can hear, who knows?”

Henry agreed. “If we told the hospital staff what we had in mind, they would say we’re crazy. But I’m game. It’s better than anything anyone else has suggested. I’m in.”

Grace hugged him, kissing him, so happy! It did seem crazy when she first thought of it. She was simply trying to go to sleep, to stop thinking about yesterday’s terrible ordeal with Stephen. Thinking about what she could do for Henry. He had helped her so much. She hoped, now that she found Al, Doug, whatever he called himself, that Henry would not need her for much longer. In that case she wanted to leave him full of anticipation, and happier than she had found him. Sex could do it!

Henry’s hands were busy. Fully awake now, feeling her warm body, running his hands over those special parts of her, sleep was now the last thing on his mind. He kissed her, and surprised himself by thinking she was Doreen. The lovely young Doreen, his bride, and the desire he had for her ten years ago when they first married. It was her hand that was stroking him now, and her mouth that kissed and licked his straining cock.

“Oh, Doreen, how I’ve missed you,” he cried. Grace smiled and continued, thinking only of Henry as she tried once more to fit him down her throat. Another half inch farther down, but then no more. It didn’t matter. He came in bursts, exclaiming words of love, wondering how she could swallow his gift, believing in magic.

He could hardly wait for Friday, he thought, as he drifted back to sleep for another hour.

– – – – – –

Awake and now up, Henry had made bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast for breakfast. It was something Doreen would have done.

“Gracie, almanbahis are you sure you’re feeling good enough to go to work? You could stay home. They would understand.”

“I’m okay. I want to go. If I stayed here I would dwell too much on yesterday. I know it won’t be the same, but going to work will be comforting. It’s a normalcy I need right now.”

Henry gave up, not all that disappointed. He felt wonderful. He attributed it to that early morning blow job that Grace bestowed upon him. Grace knew it was much more than that.He called me Doreen! That’s a sign, if ever I saw one.

Her car was still in his driveway. They drove to work in Henry’s truck. She carried her phone, and walked with pride to Building 10, wearing her newest short short skirt and see-through top. Posture, Grace, she reminded herself.I was told wear this. I can tease whoever I want. She waved goodbye to Henry and walked into the building.

“Hello, Fred,” she said before the security guard even had a chance to greet her first.

Looking at his list, he found her name. “Grace, are you all right? Wasn’t that shooter after you? Uh… I have a new sticker for your badge.” He applied it to the lower right corner, using his UV light to check. There was the CA of the new sticker, and FU of the older one.

“I’m fine, thank you. He is in custody, and I am unscathed. What does CA mean?”

“Don’t you know? You now have Complete Access to anywhere on campus. You are golden!”

She walked to the elevator, got in, and two suited executives got in after her. Their eyes examined every square inch of her, practically salivating, but then one noticed her badge and realized she had higher access privileges than they did. Whoa. She smiled and winked at them as the elevator stopped at Floor Four. They stepped back to let her get off, but when she shook her head they realized where she was headed. They left in a hurry. Only one man has an office on Five. She smiled to herself.

As she walked, every door automatically unlocked for her. She assumed that the new sticker on her badge wasn’t just UV. It must have a chip embedded, emitting some kind of signal. Nice. The desk had a new receptionist. Younger than yesterday’s, less assured. Grace smiled and said, “I know the way. Have a nice day.” She continued, turned right, and heard the last set of double doors unlock for her. She heaved a sigh of relief, and pulled the door open.

There he was. The same as yesterday, standing in front of the windows, looking out on his domain. But this time, as he turned, his face was smiling and his arms were outstretched, welcoming her.

She ran to him and flung herself into those arms. He tightened them around her. They both sighed. It felt so good. He leaned down, waited for her to lift her head so he could see her face, and then kissed her lips. The same ones he thought about all last night, hoping she would come in this morning.

“Douglas,” was all she said once her mouth was free.

“Grace,” he echoed. “Are you well? Did you sleep?” he asked, as he led her to the sofa.

“I had to scold myself to stop thinking about yesterday’s events. That didn’t work so then I decided to think about you. That relaxed me, and I finally slept. All told, maybe four hours. How about you?”

“I’ve tried to train myself to empty my thoughts, much like meditation. I got about six hours.”


“I’ve cleared the way for you to be here all day,” he added.

“That sounds perfect. To be with you all day. Do you have work to do?”

“A couple meetings. I used to tell myself if I had a free use woman in here when I was also expecting visitors, that she should expect to be used by them as well. But right now, that sounds like a fool’s decision. I want you all to myself. Unless you… would rather… “

“No, no. Well, that depends. Am I free use right now, or free will? If you have a meeting in here, can’t I just wait for you in there, on the bed? Maybe nap a bit? Be justyour free use?”

Smiling, he agreed. “Yes. Actually that sounds less like free use, and more like free will. Yours. I like it. We could make this your Free Will day. What would you do today if it was just you, alone, able to do anything you want?”

“Easy. I would grab a notebook, put on a bikini, and drive to the beach. Then I would sit on the beach, under an umbrella, and write, listening to the waves, smelling the salt air, rejuvenating my soul.”

“What would you write?”

“My version of the Multiverse. The story of how I met you, starting with my dreams of you. All the reasons why I love you. I expect that every day I will discover another reason to love you. I could start writing today, on that bed, while I wait for you.”

He got up, went into the office bedroom, opened and closed some drawers a bit. He came back, holding two scraps of cloth. He handed them to her and said “Here is a bikini. Put it on. Let me watch while you do it.”

He also gave her a composition almanbahis giriş book. The kind the engineers use to write ideas down, signing and dating each page, testing theories. They are company property, and become evidence if a patent is ever contested. Some of the engineers have tens of these books lining the shelves of their offices. This one also had a pen hanging from a loop.

When Grace saw the comp book she giggled, thinking,who would ever contest my love for this man? Do I need to sign and date each page? Then she supposed if she were ever to write a book, this would be a good way to start.

She stood and thought for a bit. She had no experience in with the fine art of stripping, so she decided doing it slowly was the best she could do. Shoes came first. Easy. She had small size 6 feet. Men seemed to like that. So she put one now bare foot on the sofa, between his legs.

His hands ran up and down her leg. She took it away, and slowly pulled off her top. Moving her hips as she did so. She heard a quiet “yes” and smiled more. She draped the top over his lap.

Just one more garment to go. She turned her back to him. The tight elastic waistband clung to her shape as she slowly pulled the skirt down. Halfway down, she started turning as she pushed it the rest of the way down. She looked into his eyes.

He took her hand and pulled her into the bedroom. “Never mind the bikini,” he said, as he pointed to the bed. “Get on all fours. Now.” She giggled and climbed on the bed, close to the edge, so he could stand and push with as much force as he needed.

He held onto her hips, poised his large cock and shoved it in, not seeming to care if she could take it. But they both knew she could. As he pushed in, he pulled her back toward him at the same time, ramming her as he grunted loudly at the same time. She moaned with pleasure as she felt it fill her completely. She lowered her head and arms to the bed, keeping her ass in the air, giving her more thrusting ability to counter his.

“Yes,” he grunted. He thrust harder now, grunting each time. They were lost in their efforts to assist each other. His size and strength was easily winning. The only thing stopping her body from being pushed forward were his own arms pulling her to him.

This was not a slow, sweet, loving act. This was a needful hard fucking, wanting only to bring an orgasm, as mind blowing as possible. When she came, she shrieked and almost passed out. His was a few seconds later, almost bellowing like a bull, every muscle in his body contributing to filling her with his life-affirming essence. She felt the warmth of it, positive its mass was filling her completely, thrilled that she was able to contain it all.

It was over. He almost crushed her as he fell, turning at the last moment to avoid hurting her.

“I… I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I was overcome with such a craving. It’s never been that necessary.”

“Are you really sorry? I’m not. It was magnificent, wasn’t it? I can’t wait until my bruises show up. To show Henry.”

He had been ready for her to express her outrage, to run out the door screaming. Instead, she was telling him she loved it! His grin overcame the disappointment, and he embraced her, starting to understand the meaning of that fulmine, the lightning bolt that hit them both yesterday. Not just love, but such compatibility! What else will they have in common? He was giddy with the wonder of it.I used to love it when I had another dream of her. The reality of her is magnitudes better than any dream!

“Bella, last night I told Henry I will be offering you a week off. To help you cope with yesterday’s bad business. So here it is. But, the catch for you is that I also want to take that week off, to be with you. Here is that bikini I asked you to wear. You could realize your earlier wish to wear a bikini, grab a notebook, and go to the beach. With me.”

“Today? Now?”

He smiled, nodding. “I postponed my two meetings, citing yesterday as a reason. I would even bring you back to Henry every evening, if that’s what you want.”

“Henry thinks I have magic. He may have mentioned that to you as well. Because of that, which I must admit I’m starting to believe, we are both going to see his Doreen on Friday, after work. I think my being in the same room with her, us breathing the same air, having Henry there, talking out loud about what he wants…. I think that may make things happen. Filling her senses with good sounds, smells, and thoughts.”

“Grace, before I met you, hearing you speak about magic abilities, I would have thought you were crazy. But when I think of yesterday, and what the outcome could have been, considering a man with an assault rifle, something more than luck must have been happening. I’ll make sure you and Henry make that visit to Doreen. Heck, I may even drive you both there.”

Grace put the bikini on. He approved, his choice of color matched her eyes. “I won’t be happy having almanbahis yeni giriş you for only two hours every morning. I have some thinking to do. How much do you like your current position? Do you need it to feel whole, or just to earn money to live?”

“I love Mr. Cameron. I was in love with him for a few months, but calling him Mr. Cameron has helped me overcome that. As much as I love to fuck, I would not want that to be my job forever. I love the others that I fuck, but I could leave most of them. They are simply my patients.

“I think of Mr. Cameron and Henry as my lovers. Big difference, to me. But Mr. Cameron is happily married. No future there. And Henry… well, like I said, I think Doreen will be waking soon.

“I enjoy the administrative aspects of my job very much. But I love art even more. Posing for Samson, Mr. Maalona, taught me just how much I love it. I will probably own an art gallery some day. But I guess I’d have to go back to college for some business classes. I do want to earn my own money. To not be dependent on someone else. Mr. Maalona told me if I wanted to, I could go back to posing for him. Even full time. It was very fulfilling for me, he is becoming rather famous for his erotic paintings. He’s even implemented some ideas I’ve had for a series of paintings.”

“So Maalona could be another example of your magic. Being around you makes him a better artist.”

“Oh, I would never go that far. But he did enjoy fucking me every work day, before real work began. He said it gave him creative ideas. I was always free use for him. He asked me to move in with him, too.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“He was dating a nice woman at the time, someone closer to his age. A dress designer with her own boutique. It was bad enough my posing for him. I was afraid if I moved in he would lose his chances with her. He is rather a free spirit when it comes to sex. I don’t think he could ever be monogamous. One of them would have to change. I hope she did.”

“How old is he?”

“A little older than you. About 45, I think. She’s about 38. But age has nothing to do with it. Like you and me. I think if I was the kind of girl who was stuck on my phone all day, tik tocking and stuff, you would hate that. Not because I’m young, but because I would be distracted all the time. I’m glad that’s not me. Even though most girls my age do just that.”

“You are so right! Several of our free use girls are glued to their phones. That turns off so many of our men, the ones who seem to need stress relief the most! I’ve had to ban their cell phones while they worked. I’ve told HR to screen out those kinds of girls for the next batch.”

“So you are finally recruiting for free use again?”

“Yes. More and more men in this company are finally noticing the improvements associated with fucking a pretty, willing young girl while at work, with no strings attached. The requests are becoming too many to handle without overloading the popular girls, like yourself.”

“Okay. I agree. A week’s paid vacation, fucking only you, going to the beach, I’d be crazy to say no. Do I need to tell Henry? You, Douglas, are my one. Now that I’ve found you, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? You are my heart’s desire. You have an ability I can’t quite figure out. I have a lot of reports about you, about how your simple presence makes people work better, faster, etc. What if you had enough money to not need to work anymore?”

“I ask myself that very question every day. Some days it sounds like a dream come true. Other times I’m afraid I would become very needy. Wanting sex and not receiving enough of it. I think what scares me most of all is, what if I quit work and then circumstances happen where I find myself alone again? What if you decide I’m not what you want after all? Would I want to come back to being free use again? Would Samson be enough for me? I don’t know.”

“I can’t see you being alone for very long, no matter what happens. There is that magical ability, again. Come on. Let’s go back to my closet and pick out some beach clothes for you, something nice enough to wear to go out to eat.”

– – – – – –

In the car, on the way to the beach, was a good time to learn more about each other.

“You still need to tell me why you changed your name.” Grace needed to know.

“When I decided I didn’t want to be an actor anymore, I also didn’t want the paparazzi on my tail all the time. I changed my name to one that sounded more… aristocratic. Names affect people in odd ways. This name, Douglas Fairhaven, makes people sit up and take notice. Especially other aristocrats.” He shrugged. “Simpletons, mostly. But rich ones. Stockholders. Investors. Only caring about money. Here on this campus you should probably refer to me as Douglas, or Mr. Fairhaven. Between us two, you can call me Al.”

She giggled. “Paul Simon would like that. Goody. I will call you Al whenever I can.”

He smiled. “Most young people don’t even know who Paul Simon is. Good for you.”

She chuckled. “That song, You Can Call Me Al, has a great bass guitar riff in it. Sometimes I listen to the whole song just for that riff. How did you become CEO? My dreams don’t tell me everything.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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