Gym Ratz, Round 02

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Dammit, this sucks! I’ve been working out in this gym for over two years now, and until last week, my buddy Ellen was almost always here with me. But she hooked up with her “friend” Tony, and now I hardly every even see her. And if I do she doesn’t have time for me. They come to the gym together just about every day, do a quick workout and disappear. I have to admit, I didn’t realize how much I liked having her to talk to and commiserate with.

There are plenty of guys here, and I could go home with one just about any time I want. And I thought that was great. But that picky bitch used to tell me I was just asking for trouble and not going to get me anywhere in the long run. Hell, I didn’t care, I just wanted to get laid! But she waited till there was one guy that really turned her on, and I’ll be damned! It looks like she got him! And now, the way they act with each other, I’ll have to admit, to myself anyhow, I’m a little jealous.

Especially after yesterday, when Tony was in business meetings all day and she came in alone. I got to talk to her a little finally, and she wouldn’t say too much, but what she told me was enough to curl my toes! It sounds to me like they spend their entire life in bed! But it looks like she got what she wants, and she is a good friend, so I’m happy for her, anyhow.

So today I came in early, before noon, because at least Carli is here now. We used to be pals until she changed her schedule and only had mornings off. But sometimes she’s here at seven AM, and I’m not going to do that! I already see one benefit though, there’s a whole different bunch of guys that come in now!

And some of them don’t look bad at all, mostly using their lunch break to work out. In fact, one of them already gave me a big smile. Bet he was surprised when I smiled back. I’m not the type for some guys, in the afternoon there’s a group that calls me skinny Ginny. Assholes, they don’t know what they’re missing! Anyhow, I asked Carli about him and she says she hasn’t seen him talking with any of the girls here. And she thinks his name might be Jack. When I get a chance, maybe I’ll try to chat with him.

Hmmmmmm, he’s just finishing up on the arm curl machine. Not my favorite, but I guess I could do a little on it. Let’s see how this goes. He’s getting up now. And look at those arms!

“Hi Jack, are you all done here?” Sheesh, he’s looking at me like I have two heads.

Yes, I’m all set — how do you know my name?”

Oh my fucking god, he’s French! Listen to that accent! “Oh, I … I thought I heard someone call you that. I’m sorry if …”

“No that’s ok, and you almost got it right. But not many people speak to me at all, so … Anyhow, my name is actually Jacques, but you can call me Jim if you want. En Anglais my name is James.” Big smile. This guy is a hunk! “Ok, Jim, glad to meet you. And I’m Ginny. I haven’t seen you here before, you just start coming in?”

“Oh no, I’ve been here for about six months, ever since I moved to the states, but I don’t remember seeing you.”

Mmmmmmmm, I like that smile! “I’ve been coming in later Jim, in the afternoon, but I thought I’d try the AM for a while. You look like you’ve been working out a lot more than six months! You’ve got great arms. And shoulders!” Hell I could go down the list. Those pecs look hard as a rock! And he’s blushing! Oh my god! Giggle. Now he’s looking me over! S’ok, no shy girl here! I think I feel my nips getting hard!

“Well … Ginny … I come in after work, I get out at 10; I guess you’re free in the afternoon then?”

“Yep, I’m not working right now; I just go home when I’m done here.” Not ready to tell him I never work, yet. Courtesy of my ex.

“I usually finish up about one, then go to the sandwich shop for something light. If you want I’d love to have you come with me. I don’t know many people here. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”

Holy shit! It can’t be this easy! And god! That accent is to die for! I’d get hot just listening to him, even if he didn’t have that body. And he does! Mmmmmmmm.

“Why thanks, Jim! Sounds good to me, I’ll be out of the shower and ready about one. Wait for you in the lounge.” Big fucking grin! I better get away before I start drooling! Oops, I better stay here; he thinks I want this machine.

I hit a few of the machines, but my mind wasn’t really on them, so I came over here to the ellipticals, next to Carli.

“I saw that!” She smirks. “He looks even better close up!” Giggle. “And it’s Jacques, not Jack. Jim in English! He’s French!” I want her to think I’d have known that.

“So, did he give you the time of day?”

I giggle. “Yes, one o’clock. I’m meeting him for a “light lunch”.

“Oh my god girl, you work fast!”

“Well, I’m getting itchy. I haven’t been out in a couple of weeks. So I’ll see if he likes to scratch!” And we both laugh loud enough to bother the girls on either side of us. Carli knows me well enough to know what that means.

By one I’m showered, shined and waiting. I could have been half an hour ago, but it’s his idea. tuzla eve gelen escort Damn I’m glad I wore this padded bra, makes me look a little better in this tee! I thought about leaving it off and letting him see my nips, but I don’t have much chest. My nips don’t know that though, and they love showing off! Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe he’ll get a chance to find out. God I’m horny just thinking about it! Oh yeah, here he cums. Oops. Just a tee and shorts, and that shirt looks like it was painted on. Show-off. Mmmmmmmmm.

These grilled chicken salads really aren’t bad! I don’t usually eat this much, don’t want to get fat, but I’ll let him think I eat really healthy. I’m glad he sat on my side of the booth, and I’m making sure my hip is touching his. I give him a wiggle once in a while, an accident of course. I just want him to keep in mind how close my body is.

He fills me in on how he moved here from France to work in the casino down the street. Damn, he’s a dealer! Maybe I better learn Blackjack! So he’s out at 10 in the morning.

Ok for now that’s all I need to know about that. Hmmmmmmmmm, no family. I let him know I’m not attached either. Doesn’t need to know about my ex yet. Good, talking about the gym! Gives me a chance to tell him what great shape he’s in. And run my fingers over his big hard bicep! No drooling girl! Ooooo, he likes that! Love that smile. And I just love feeling hard muscles. Oh my god! Giggle. Dammit my nips hurt!

Do I wanna go someplace for a drink? No, not really. But I’d just love to see that loft apartment of yours. I’ll bet it’s really cute! Yep, your car is fine, mine can stay here.

Wow, this is a fancy place! Didn’t realize it was in a private house. Nice private entrance too. Ahhhhhhh shit! His hand’s on my back, going up the stairs. Thought I felt a shock! I’ll just push back a bit, show him I like it fine there.

He unlocks the door, shows me in and follows me. And I move around him and lean back against the door, big shit-eating grin on my face. Let’s see how he handles this. How he handles ME! Mmmmmmmm. A little closer. But not quite yet!

“Gee, this is a really nice place!” I say with a grin as I push past him into the room, letting my body brush against his. “Do you spend much time here?” Totally dipshit question. I’m just playing with him a little.

“Yes, Ginny, it’s very cozy, and I really don’t go out much. Just a bar once in a while or a club. And of course, the gym; I try to stay regular with my workouts. Very important to me.”

Oh my god, he’s so cute! I swear he flexed a little for me when he said that! And that accent. My god! Drool!

He ushers me into the living room area and I sit right in the middle of the couch. Not much room left on either side, but I pat the cushion on my left. Good boy! He eases himself in next to me, his hip and leg firmly pressed against mine. And with a giggle and a smile I turn my head and bat my eyelashes at him sorta. And I slide my hand down his thigh.

He almost moans, “Damn Ginny!” And his arm slides behind my shoulders as he turns to me.

He leans forward and there’s no doubt what he has in mind, but I turn my head a little to deflect him, and giggle, “Well if you’re going to damn me I’m not going to play!”

For a moment he freezes in mid-air, but then he smiles and says, “Ginny, you’re evil!” And by the time that registers I don’t care anymore because both his arms are locked around me, pulling me to him as his lips find mine and gently grind. The feeling of being totally enveloped and powerless sends a thrill through me, and I moan as his tongue prods my lips open. And the feeling that he has just taken possession of me makes me shudder.

Maybe it’s not right, but it’s a feeling I just don’t get with any “normal guy”, and the reason why I keep coming back for more from these hunks at the gym! Before I know it, he’s pulled me up from the seat and is holding me in his lap, my legs trailing on the couch. And one of those large, hard hands is sliding down my back. And I whimper into his mouth as the hand slides over my ass and squeezes.

I slide one of my hands behind his head, holding him as his tongue ravages my mouth, grinding against mine. I can feel him pulling my tee loose from my shorts, and I gasp as his fingers touch my bare skin. This is moving pretty fast, but after all, I asked for it! And oh my god, I need it!

And when I feel one of his hands slide down inside my shorts and cup my ass over my panties, I gasp and pull my head back, moaning. His eyes open and he looks at me, but when he realizes I’m not objecting he smiles. I match his grin and lower my head again, but this time he kisses me on the cheek, then slowly slides his lips and tongue up to my ear. I can’t suppress another gasp, and I press against his face, my fingers in his hair now making sure he doesn’t back off.

He doesn’t, his lips and tongue playing with my ear, then sliding slowly down the side of my neck, and I raise my head, making sure he has access to every inch. I’m sure he can feel tuzla otele gelen escort me shuddering, and when I begin to writhe in his lap it’s pretty obvious there’s a bulge in his shorts. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

I’m wearing bikini panties, of course, giving that big paw pretty much total access to my bare ass. He’s making the most of it, rubbing and kneading one cheek then the other. I’m beginning to grind against his hand, begging for more, and I know I’m rubbing that swollen cock at the same time. It’s his turn to moan now and he stretches out, making sure I can press down hard against it. I begin to rotate my ass, giving him a little lap dance and letting his hand guide me to just where he wants me.

His mouth pulls away from the side of my neck, where he’s been nibbling and kissing, and he gasps, “Oh fuck!” Exactly big guy, glad you figured that out! But his other arm slides around my back, and he pulls me to him again. This time his lips latch onto mine, grinding hard, and when his tongue presses against my lips they’re already open, inviting him in. And his tongue takes possession of mine, grinding against it hard. Now both of us are moaning, and squirming.

It’s not long before he slides his hand out of my shorts, and I raise my arms quickly as I realize he wants to pull my tee off. And when my big grin says, “Why stop there?” his hands make quick work of my bra. I hope he’s not disappointed, Even though I don’t have much up top, my nips are rock hard and pointing straight at him. But he moans at the sight, and instantly his lips are closed over one of my rigid points, and he’s sucking hard! Oh god! I arch my back and groan as I shove my tit into his face. He opens wide and engulfs me, almost my entire breast in his mouth!

I clamp both hands behind his head and pull, making sure he takes all he can, and gasp, “Oh god damn it! Yesssssssss!” as his tongue goes to work, swirling and grinding. While he’s busy I wiggle my way until I’m straddling his lap, and quickly adjust until that large lump is pressing right between my legs. Which makes me moan even louder, and I begin rolling my hips back and forth. Suddenly both his hands go over my ass and he sets the rhythm, moving under me as I grind on him.

He makes me gasp as his teeth clamp around the base of my nipple, and as he pulls back his eyes look up at mine. What he sees are pools of lust, and by now he better know what I want. I moan, then with a little growl, pull against him, stretching myself to the limit and letting him know I don’t want him to hold back. He closes his lips and sucks, still pulling; his tongue grinds hard and rough against the tip, and now all I can do is whimper.

The next move is mine, and I put my hands on his chest and push back. When he releases me I slide off his lap and kneel as I reach for his belt. He closes his legs and lifts as the zipper comes down, and with his help I quickly yank his pants to his ankles, then pull them off along with his gym sneakers. Mmmmmmmmm, nice! That bulge is very large, and there is already a wet spot in his navy blue boxer briefs!

I quickly move between his legs, pushing them wide apart, and give him a saucy grin before I suddenly lower my head and engulf that wet spot with my mouth. He jumps, then moans as my hot wet tongue begins to grind against it, and I can’t stifle a moan as I finally taste him! My hands are on his thighs, rubbing up and down, and he slides down even further, leaning back with eyes closed, and gasping. I tease him over the briefs, squeezing with my lips, then biting gently, but I’m beginning to wonder, “How big is this thing?”

Only one way to find out, and I move my hands to his waist, then pull, yanking the underwear down to his knees in one motion. Oh my god, it’s my turn to gasp! He pops straight up and it’s huge. A nice eight inches of fat French cock, wagging back and forth!

I can’t resist a moment and lean forward, swirl my tongue around his balls, then slide my tongue very slowly up the bottom of his shaft, my eyes on his, looking around his cock. He sucks in his breath, then holds it, eyes glued on me. When I get to the tip I gently lick the drop of pre-cum that’s already running, then swirl it around in my mouth as he watches. I know that’s not what he wants, but I love to tease just a little. Leaning forward, I kiss the tip, then give it a little lick, and he gasps again, “Oh fuck, Ginny!”

Without warning I open wide and slam my lips down over his tip, locking them around the groove at the base. Damn, he’s big! And he pants as my tongue swirls and grinds, my watering mouth getting him wet and slippery. In response he groans loud and long, and his hips lift a little. I pull back for a second and spit on my hands, then wrap both of them around him. And as I suck him in again I begin to stroke slowly, up and down. I think he’s figured out I know what I’m doing by now, and both of his hands go to my hair, trying to push me down. I let him, but only to my fingers, and begin to slowly bob up and down in time with my fists. I can feel him shudder tuzla sınırsız escort and he’s squirming back and forth on the couch, his breath coming in sharp, deep gasps.

Finally, removing one hand, I take him slowly to the back of my throat. He gives a sigh, almost like relief, to be surrounded by the hot wetness. My tongue goes to work, sliding up and down his shaft, then flicking against it. God I love having my mouth stuffed with a thick cock like this! And it’s even better with his hands trying to force me to take more, faster, deeper. But right now I’m in control, and I’m going to take my time.

I slide my lips slowly off him, smile, then kiss and lick the tip, teasing as my hand slowly beats him. My mouth is full of drool and it runs down his shaft, keeping him well lubricated. I reach down with one hand and pull his briefs off so he can finally spread his legs wide, then move in even closer. And when I bend my head again I smile at him, rubbing my cheeks against his head as he gasps and shudders.

I know this is not what he wants, it’s torture, but I don’t get to play with a nice cock like this very often and I’m going to take my time. I slide my moist lips over the tender tip, then begin to lick it softly, like a lollipop. And suddenly he whimpers, “Ginny, please!”

The poor boy! I give him one more little kiss, then very slowly slide my lips over him again, my tongue swirling on the tip. But he wants more and so do I, and besides, I have a surprise for him! I’m bobbing slowly, one hand still around the base of his shaft, and now I tighten my lips and suck hard as I draw them back up, making him groan. But one by one I take fingers away, each time taking him a little deeper, and he’s pressing hard at the back of my throat. But when I take the hand away I slide slowly back up, the length of his shaft and play again, kissing and licking the tip.

Then with no warning I slam my lips over him again, feeling him slide deep into my throat as my nose buries itself in his pubes! He gives a stifled yell and bucks hard, his hips lifting from the chair, but I clamp my lips around the base of his shaft and hold still for a moment, adjusting to the feeling of that fat rod buried in me. I’ve never had much of a gag reflex, and practice makes perfect!

I drag my lips slowly up the length of his shaft, then plunge down again! With a groan he collapses back on the couch, determined to enjoy the intense pleasure. Putting both hands on his thighs I pull myself up a bit and begin to slowly bob, the full length of him. And every seven or eight strokes I slide off and grab him, jacking his slippery shaft hard and fast. His eyes are wide open now, staring at me, and his gasps and groans tell me he can’t take too much of this. Don’t worry Jim, I have other plans for this cock!

After a couple of minutes he’s shuddering, breathing through clenched teeth, and I slowly draw my tight lips up one more time. The veins are standing out now, and his entire cock is almost purple, so I know he’s pretty close. And when I blow on the tip he jumps and it wags back and forth again! I wrap my fist around him and stroke, slowly and gently, letting him recover a little. And finally I push myself up and straddle his legs again.

I move forward, smiling at him, until that delicious cock is pressing against my tummy, and he knows very well what I have in mind. He’s grinning back, but suddenly he slides one hand down under my left thigh and puts the other on my side and yanks! And in one motion he lifts me into the air, so fast I’m almost thrown over his shoulder! I squeal and reach down to put my right hand on the corner of the couch. When he stops he has me almost over his head, my legs spread wide apart, and in the next moment he buries his face in my pussy!

And it’s my turn to moan and buck as he jams his tongue between my lips, his mouth grinding against me! I can hear him licking and slurping as he drinks my cream, which was already starting to run. Moving both hands to his head I grab handfuls of hair and hold on for dear life as he finds my hole with his tongue and buries it in my cunt!

When he begins sliding his mouth up and down my lips, sucking, nipping and kissing, all I can do is moan, “Ohhhhhhhhhh damn!” And when he finds my clit he shows no mercy, sucking hard and grinding his tongue against it. My hips are bucking, slamming my pussy into his face, inviting him to take more, to devour me! And he does, his unrelenting lips and tongue ravaging, and when I suddenly feel his teeth graze the tender tip I explode, howling as I cum all over his face!

He doesn’t stop until I’ve cum twice and my hips are still bucking with aftershocks. Then he slowly lowers me to his lap and kisses me with his wet, sticky face. I lock my lips over his, tasting myself as we slowly grind together. My chest is still heaving, and I have to pull back to catch my breath.

I can feel that hard cock, trapped under me, and I push up a little to reach for it. But before I can he grabs himself and slaps that hard purple head against my lips, and we moan together. My knees on the couch, I put my hands on his shoulders, and when he finally presses between my lips I slide slowly down, gasping as that big head slips in my juicy hole. And we both moan, “Oh fuck!” almost in unison! He’s only half way in and I feel stuffed already, which is just how I like it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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