Happy Anniversary to Me!

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My loving wife and I have been together for almost thirty years now, married for the last twenty of them. We had both been married previously and neither of us were anxious to jump right back into the saddle after our divorces. Well okay, I guess maybe it was more me than her. I was happy being single for a few years after my first marriage had failed.

We’ve always had a good sex life. It was never dull. We enjoyed every position we could imagine and every kind of sex including anal. My wife had an insatiable appetite for sex. She was proud to tell friends that she liked to swallow. Occasionally we spiced things up with minor bondage. We even briefly experimented with water sports and some minor scat play.

One thing I could never get my wife interested in was having sex with another man or men. I always had a fantasy for watching her. Early in our relationship I had gotten her to tell me in detail about some of her sexual exploits with prior lovers. That provided fuel to the fire for me wanting to watch.

Cindy is eleven years younger than myself. She is fifty-five and I am sixty-six. For the past few years I’ve had difficulty in getting a full erection. I also have issues with premature ejaculation.

Due to heart issues I’m unable to take Viagra or other erectile dysfunction medications. Our wonderful sex life has all but disappeared. I still pleasure my wife orally but the only thing hard she gets between her legs is the dildo I bought for her. While she claims to be happy with what we do, I feel bad for not being able to give her the pleasure of a good hard cock between her legs.

Because of my performance issues I’ve started pushing more for my wife to have sex with other men. I would truly enjoy seeing the pleasure she would get but she continues to be adamant against it.

Cindy claims that she couldn’t enjoy sex without also having the intimate feelings of making love. I’ve tried to convince her that having sex for the pleasure it provides is really no different than masturbation. I thought it was a valid argument but she still wouldn’t budge on her standards.

Despite my wife’s insistence that she wouldn’t do it, I never gave up on the idea of watching her with another man. Every so often I continue to bring up the idea without pushing it too hard on her.

The first time I sensed my wife’s attitude was changing was one evening when we watched some porn together online. We often do that now to spice things up a bit. On this particular night I picked a video showing a women enjoying sex with four men at the same time.

Cindy watched but didn’t say much throughout the video. Even though this was something I very much enjoyed I hadn’t picked a video with that topic before since it seemed to be something my wife wasn’t into. I hoped I wasn’t pushing the idea too hard.

I got the answer very quickly. When I went down on her orally afterwards, her pussy was as wet and slimy as I ever remembered it being. It took little time before she pulled my head tight into her crotch and moaned loudly with orgasmic pleasure.

For the entire evening Cindy seemed more turned on than I had seen her in a number of years. Despite her obvious pleasure she still never mentioned the video and I never questioned her on it.

A few weeks later another incident occurred that really got me thinking she had changed her mind about being fucked by a group of men. It was a Saturday morning. I had some errands to run and was gone for a few hours.

When I returned, my wife was in an incredibly happy mood. It’s not that she isn’t always in a good mood but this time seemed more pronounced.

That afternoon Cindy went shopping while I did some yard work. When I put my sweaty shirt in the hamper, my wife’s panties were laying on top. They were noticeably wet in the gusset. I couldn’t resist checking them out.

Cindy’s panties were absolutely soaked with her juices. There was no doubt she had masturbated that morning when I was gone and I wondered what had got her so turned on.

I went to the computer to see if she had been watching any porn as that is what she likes to do when she masturbates. When I checked the history I found she had watched three videos. Each involved a female participating in a gang bang.

My heart began to beat with excitement. It appeared that at long last my wife was coming around to the idea of having sex with multiple men, and hopefully with me watching.

I didn’t say anything to her that day about the computer or her masturbating. A few nights later I broached the subject and got pretty much her usual no interest response. It confused me yet it seemed that deep down inside she was more interested than she was letting on.

The next time we watched porn together it was Cindy’s turn to choose the video. I was absolutely shocked when she picked a gang bang video where the husband was watching his wife. I looked at her curiously but didn’t say anything and she smiled.

As we watched the video I could tell she was getting into it. During güvenilir bahis a scene where the woman was sucking one guy while being fucked by another she moaned faintly and sighed.

“Oh god, that is so hot.”

I again looked at her with curiosity.

“So you like that?”

“Mmmm, uh-huh.”

I was loving it and enjoyed letting her watch. After the woman had fucked and sucked in every position she was laying on the bed with her legs spread. She looked at her husband who had watched every moment.

“It’s your turn honey. Come eat my delicious creamy cum filled cunt.”

My wife looked at me.

“And that’s what you want to do?”

“I would love it!”

Cindy shook her head as if in disbelief. Nothing more was said until the video was over. I looked at her with eager anticipation.

“So what do you think? Are you game?”

“It is hot but I really don’t think I could just have sex with someone for the fun of it. I’m sorry. Besides, I can’t imagine any guy wanting to get it on with my fat flabby middle aged body. I’d be embarrassed to have a stranger see me naked.”

“What do you mean? You have a great body and you’re sexy as hell. There are lots of men who would jump your bones in a heartbeat “

“Thanks, but you’re my husband. I know I’m fat and I’m sorry for being that way.”

The conversation went nowhere after that. My wife was very self conscious of her looks. I knew it wouldn’t matter what I said, I couldn’t convince her.

Cindy had always been a little chunky and she gained several pounds after getting a full hysterectomy. She had to quit taking the hormone pills that helped alleviate weight gain due to a high risk of cancer in her family. Although my wife exercised regularly it didn’t seem to help.

At five foot two and one hundred eighty-five pounds, my wife had gone past chunky to chubby. She didn’t mind that her thirty-six inch C cup breasts had gotten a bit bigger but Cindy hated that her big butt had gotten bigger, fatter and more flabby. She also hated the fleshy paunch hanging over her pubic area. Despite her weight gain, to me she was still an attractive woman.

After that night I started thinking that maybe I should just make it happen. There was no longer any doubt in my mind that my wife would enjoy it. I needed to find the right time and place. I also needed to find some men who would be interested in having sex with my wife while allowing me to watch.

For our twentieth wedding anniversary celebration Cindy and I went to a resort and casino for a weekend. We arrived on Friday night and enjoyed a nice romantic dinner. Most of our time on Saturday was spent around the pool and after dinner that evening we headed to the casino.

Cindy wore white leggings with a loose fitting bright colored print top. She felt comfortable and I have to say that she looked fabulous.

Neither Cindy or I are big gamblers. She does enjoy the roulette table and that is generally where she spends most of her time. I play some too but for the most part I just hang with her and watch.

After about an hour at the table Cindy was up a few dollars and continued to play. She is very outgoing and was enjoying the group at her table. Included were three men. Each appeared to be in their late thirties or early forties, average build, tan, and reasonably good looking.

My wife after having a few drinks was her usual outgoing happy and somewhat flirty self with the three guys. They seemed to be without female companionship and seeing that I had no objections flirted back.

One other thing I noticed about the three men, they seemed to like my wife’s butt. There were times when Cindy bent over to place chips on the table, her top pulled up enough to allow a view of her lace panties noticeably showing through her white leggings. I saw them looking every time.

As Cindy continued to play I took a break and went to the restroom. While standing at the urinal, one of the three men from the roulette table stepped up next to me. We acknowledged each other and as we washed our hands we began to chat.

“It looks like your wife is having fun. I think she won a nice amount right after you walked away.”

“That’s great. She loves to win no matter how much it is.”

When I had earlier seen the men checking out Cindy my mind had already started thinking this might possibly be the moment I was hoping for. Without my wife around it was the perfect time to find out more about this threesome of eligible men.

“It looks like a guys weekend for you and your friends.”

“Yea, we get together here two or three times a year. We went to college together and live in different states now. This place is great because it’s centrally located. Each of us got divorced in the last few years so it’s easy for us to get away.”

Hearing divorced and knowing the three were on their own was like music to my ears.

“Hey, if you got a few minutes how about we go outside of the restroom and talk.”

“Sure, that game isn’t going anywhere and I güvenilir bahis siteleri can use a break from losing money.”

Trying to not sound like someone pimping out his wife I told the guy what I hoped to do.

“Wow, I haven’t been involved in any type of gang sex thing since college but you have me interested. I’m pretty certain my buddies won’t object either. Are you sure your wife is interested?”

“She’ll be hesitant but I know it’s something she wants to do. Once she gets started she won’t want to stop.”

“Yea, we won’t want to stop either.”

“She is self conscious about her body. She’s middle aged and has a few pounds on her.”

“She shouldn’t worry about it. I think she looks great.”

“One thing I know she’ll be worried about with having sex with strangers is STD’s.”

“We’re all clean. We don’t sleep around. In fact we’re all in steady relationships again.”

It was perfect. He introduced himself as Scott and we talked through the final plans then went back to the roulette table. Cindy had a huge pile of chips.

“Hey, what took you so long?”

“I was just wandering around watching other people losing their money.”

“Well look at how much I’ve won since you left.”

“That’s great. It looks like a good time to cash out.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m on a roll. Plus as long as I’m playing the drinks are free. I might as well enjoy them.”

As my wife continued playing I saw Scott smile at me and nod. He gave me a thumbs up and I knew his friends were in. From that moment on the three guys got more flirtatious with Cindy and she loved the attention.

After having wine with dinner and multiple drinks at the roulette table my wife was already fairly intoxicated. I know the more she drinks the hornier she gets. When the waitress took Cindy’s next order I asked her to make it with a double shot of alcohol.

Cindy stayed at the table until she had lost about half her winnings. She was still well ahead from when she started and decided it was time to cash out. By then she had consumed another double shot drink.

When my wife left the table to collect her earnings I told Scott I would text him within a half hour to let him know if things were proceeding. On the way back to our room we stopped at the bar to get a drink to take with us.

Cindy was giddy and excited as we rode the elevator. There was another couple and my wife talked non-stop to them. It was obvious she was drunk and having a great time.

When we got to the room Cindy used the bathroom. I turned on the TV and was sitting on the couch when she came out. She immediately climbed on my lap and kissed me passionately.

“I hope you’re in the mood for some hot fun tonight. I am feeling so good and so fucking horny. I need a hot tongue and something big and hard between my legs.”

My wife very seldom talks like that. I knew she was primed and ready for action. I also wondered if she suspected what I was planning since I’m not able to provide her with anything big and hard.

“What are you talking about, something big and hard? It’s just me you know. Little limp dick that squirts in seconds.”

Cindy laughed.

“You know I don’t ever think that. I love you just like you are. You always know how to please me. I was referring to my toy. I brought it and hoped you would fuck me good with it.”

“Well I can certainly help with that, but wouldn’t you rather have the real thing instead of something made of rubber?”

“Of course I would. I just thought those days were mostly in our past.”

“They don’t have to be. I bet those guys at the roulette table don’t have the same problem that I do.”

Cindy scrunched her face and gave me that “what are you talking about” look.

“They were good looking and you seemed to like them. I bet each of them have something big and hard you could enjoy between your legs.”

“You’re insane. There is no way any of those guys would want a fat cow like me.”

“You know I hate when you talk like that. You are an absolutely beautiful woman.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. But still, you are crazy. There is no way they would want me.”

“Well there’s one way to find out. I can ask them.”

Cindy got quiet. She looked at me for a moment as she pondered my proposal. I’m certain she thought this was just “talk” and there wasn’t any way it would happen.

“Okay then, let’s see. They were still at the table when we left. If you can get them here within the next fifteen minutes I will let them put whatever they have that’s big and hard between my legs or anywhere else they want.”

“That’s a deal! I hope you’re ready for the night of your life.”

“I doubt that will be the case. I will still be happy with your tongue and my toy.”

I kissed her and walked out of the door. Within five minutes I came back into the room. Cindy looked at me and shook her head.

“Did you give up already? There is no way you made it down to the casino and back.”

“Didn’t have to. I just texted them. They’ll be iddaa siteleri here in a few minutes.”

“Yea right.”

“I’m serious. They are on their way up.”

Cindy suddenly got a strange look on her face. It was a combination of fear, anticipation, and excitement. I don’t think she really believed me until she heard the knock on the door.

“Oh my god, you were serious? I can’t believe this.”

“Are you okay with it? I can tell them you’ve changed your mind.”

My wife looked at me with love and innocence.

“You’ll be here watching the whole time, and if I ever tell them to stop you will make them stop?”

I nodded affirmatively. Cindy took a deep breath.

“And you promise you’ll eat my cum filled cunt when they’re done?”

I smiled.

“Okay. I guess you can let them in.”

Cindy was sitting on the couch when the three guys walked into the room. They commented on how well she had done at the table then each introduced themselves as Scott, Rick, and Bill.

My wife was nervous as she introduced herself.

“I want you to know I’ve never done anything like this. I don’t know what to do or how to begin.”

Scott took the lead.

“Don’t worry. We’re all good decent normal people just like you. We won’t do anything you don’t want. From what I understand your husband is only going to participate as a spectator. Let him sit on the couch and you take a seat on the edge of the bed.”

With this being my wife’s first time Scott suggested the men get undressed first. Cindy was more than happy with that. I could see a special glow in her eyes as she watched three men removing their clothes for her. At seeing the obvious bulge in each of their briefs I knew my wife really was in for the night of her life.

The three men then removed their underwear. Each had a nice size cock, all noticeably bigger than mine. Cindy’s eyes got wide as she bit her lip and looked at the men.

Scott moved near to my wife.

“Stand up and let me help you.”

Scott instructed Cindy to lift her arms then pulled her top up over her head and removed it. My wife was now standing in front of three strangers wearing only her white bra and her white leggings. She looked a little embarrassed, no doubt from having her fat belly also exposed.

Rick and Bill moved in front of Cindy while Scott removed her bra. My wife closed her eyes as he gently fondled her lovely tits for a moment.

“Go ahead and sit back down.”

Rick chimed in.

“Before you sit down, turn around and bend over like you did when you put your chips on the table. I want another view of those lace panties like you were giving us in the casino.”

It was the first time Cindy was aware that the men had been checking her out.

“Oh god yes Cindy, that’s what I wanted to see. That view of your hot ass had me going all night long.”

Scott and Bill made similar comments before Cindy was again told to sit down. By then all three had started stroking their cocks. Scott smiled as he gazed reassuringly towards my wife.

“So what do you think about having three men stroking their cocks for you?”

Cindy’s eyes were fixated on their manhood.

“I’m not sure what to think but oh my god. I’ve never seen anything so enticing.”

“Well you said you didn’t know what to do but I think now you know what to do.”

Cindy looked up at Scott. Without hesitation she leaned forward and started licking the head of his cock. He kept stroking as he watched her. My wife then took him into her mouth.

“Oh yea Cindy, I had no doubt that you knew what to do.”

I was already aroused as I watched my wife’s head bobbing up and down on another man’s penis. There was absolutely no doubt she was enjoying it.

Bill got on the bed and knelt behind Cindy. He started kissing her neck and fondling her breasts.

Rick sat beside my wife. As he slid his hand between her legs she spread them wide and he started rubbing her.

As I watched the action unfolding it was obvious Cindy was not feeling any shame or embarrassment over her body. She was horny as hell and looked like she was in heaven having three men physically stimulating her.

Scott ran his fingers through my wife’s hair as he enjoyed the blow job she was giving him.

“Oh yea Cindy, I love how you suck my cock but right now I really want to fuck your pussy.”

Scott instructed Cindy to lay back on the bed. As he lifted my wife’s legs her extreme arousal was made obvious by the wetness in the crotch of her leggings. He knelt down and pushed his nose into her crotch, inhaling deeply as he enjoyed her musky aroma.

“Oh god your cunt smells good.”

Scott began licking her through her leggings. Cindy felt his tongue and moaned with pleasure.

“Oh god yes.”

Scott took hold of Cindy’s leggings at the waistband and pulled them up over her thighs along with her panties. Slimy cream coated the gusset and her wet hairy pussy was now directly in front of his face. He slid his tongue between her lips and began licking. It was more than my wife could take and she squealed with delight.

“Oh my god yes, eat my pussy!”

As my wife’s body stiffened I knew she was having an orgasm. She panted and moaned as Scott continued eating her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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