Haunted House Fun

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This is a fictional story.


Jay and Mike were sitting in their freshman dorm room on Thursday night studying but also thinking about the weekend ahead. It was October 26th and both were planning on staying at college for the weekend.

“We got to find a way to meet some more of the woman downstairs,” Mike said.

“Yeah…but how do we accomplish that,” Jay asked?

“I don’t know but what good are coed dorms if ya can’t meet the women on the other floor?” Mike asked hoping to find a way.

“Ya got a point there,” Jay agreed.

Both guys had been studying pretty hard since getting to college back in August and really wanted a break. Sure wrestling practice had started but that was not the only diversion the guys were looking for. The beer parties the frats were throwing to lure pledges were fun but not the best way to meet women they had found. At least they had not been so far.

“Hey, this is the weekend before Halloween. Maybe we should get with the other guys on the floor and invited the girls up to go trick or treating from door to door for candy,” Jay said.

“What…and we dress up in costumes? Is that what you are thinking?” Mike asked to make sure he understood but also maybe contributing to the idea.

“Yeah, we can throw something together that won’t cost a ton of money,” Jay responded.

“Not bad…not bad, but do ya think the girls will actually go for that idea,” Mike asked?

“Why not? Chicks like candy. They would probably go for it,” Jay thought.

“Would they be required to dress up too?” Mike wanted to know.

“Good point, that is how it is suppose to work, huh? More so than us dressing up as the candy givers,” Jay agreed.

“Yeah, I bet we’d have a hard time convincing the girls to prepare costumes on such short notice. How the hell would we get the word out so quick anyway that they needed to have a costume by Saturday or Sunday,” Mike stated.

“You’re bumming me out man! Ya don’t think this idea will work,” Jay asked?

“I think we might have a hard time convincing the other guys too. They are not going to shell out cash for candy not being sure how many girls might actually come,” Mike added. “If we make costumes a requirement, we might only get a few women.”

“Yeah…ya got a point there too. But I still think it is a good concept using Halloween. We just need to come up with a better idea,” Jay said.

The guys gave up for a while and went back to studying. Unfortunately, they both had a hard time with their work preferring to think more about the weekend.

“Hey, what about we construct a fun house or haunted house? We could decorate the floor and some of the rooms into a haunted house. Then we could invite the women up for a walk through.” Jay proposed liking the idea as he pieced it together.

“Hum…that is not bad. But wouldn’t it cost us a ton,” Mike asked?

“I think we could do it on the cheap,” Jay said. “Haunted Houses are all about the darkness. We just need to cover the windows with blankets and get some scary masks,” Jay added.

“Yeah…we could start them down by the stairs and finish by leading them down the back stairwell. If we can get them screaming, it will sound so like they are being murdered in that echo chamber of a stairwell.” Mike said warming to the idea.

“God, your right! People will be able to hear that throughout the building,” Jay laughed.

“Yeah…I like this idea but can we really make it look good. If it is lame, they won’t go for it,” Mike said.

“Let’s ask the other guys. We will need their help so we better get them involved and on board first,” Jay said.

“Good thought!” Mike agreed.

They put down their books and walked out into the hall. They shared the last room at the end of the hall where the emergency back staircase was. The bathroom for the floor was across the hall from them. They walked up the hall stopping in a couple rooms and asking the guys they found to meet in Andy’s room. Andy’s room was about half way up the hall.

When five other guys were gathered in the room, Jay and Mike sketched out their plan. The other guys were all for doing something except Jon. He planned to go home for the weekend. He usually did with a girlfriend still back home. He also only lived about an hour away. The rest were staying and up for something. They liked the haunted house idea and even volunteered some ideas.

They all agreed the first thing was to decide how much this haunted house might cost them. Jon had a car on campus and agreed to take Jay and Mike to some stores to check out what the decorations and costumes might cost to buy or rent. He also said he had several great masks at home. If he could get his mom to express mail them, they could use them for the weekend.

The guys talked some more about how they would lay out the haunted house. It was agreed one guy would have to lead each girl through one at a time. They would start at the main stairwell and then come down the hall. The hall would be dark and decorated izmir escort with cobwebs, spiders and other scary things. They would also put furniture covered in dark blankets and stuff in the way so it would be much harder to navigate through in the dark than just a straight walk down the hall.

From as many side rooms as they could they would have various monsters in costumes and masks jump out to frighten the girls. They would lead them down the hall and into the bathroom as that was by far the biggest room. The girls would have to run a gauntlet of monsters and obstacles in there before they could make the complete circuit and exit. As they exited the bathroom, the monsters from two of the last rooms and from Jay and Mike’s room would be waiting. They would all jump out and surround, the hopefully by then frighten girl, for one last major scare. The stairwell door would be left cracked a slight bit allowing a thin line of light and showing them the exit path. They hoped to have the girls screaming bloody murder by the time they hit the stairwell door and down the steps back to their floor.

Ralph and Andy were definitely up for it. They set about recruiting others as Jon, Jay, and Mike headed out to check on decorations and costs. They had agreed signs would be used and posted on the girl’s bulletin board and all over the halls to announce the haunted house for Saturday. The guys hoped to get some idea of how the girls felt about the idea before sinking any money into it.

By the close of classes on Friday, things were coming together big time. The hurried up signs printed off someone’s computer using scary graphics had seemed to work. Rumor had it the girls were up for it, even excited by the idea.

Ten more guys from the hall had agreed to help and participate. Naturally, some of the guys thought it wouldn’t work. Others had other plans or were going away. The guys felt they could pull it off with fourteen of them involved. Twenty bucks a piece, would give them $280 for decorations and masks. They had discovered rentals would be too expensive except maybe one or two for the big finale at the end or in the bathroom. The decorations they had found fairly cheap if they bought in bulk. One of the store owners agreed to sell them spider webbing cheap if they bought a whole case which they did.

The guys all gave up their Friday night to decorate the hall and the bathroom. The biggest project was covering all the doors and windows to make the place as dark as night. The guy walking the girls through would have a flashlight, from Jon’s car, to lead the girls along and to flash on the monsters faces.

The guys worked till one o’clock. Aided by a couple cases of beer they put all the decorations up and worked on their costumes. Going to the costume store had given them many ideas to incorporate with the masks that arrived from Jon’s house. They had mummies and werewolves. They have people with knives and axes stuck in their heads and looking like zombies. The guys worked hard but in the end, even they had to admit the place looked scary and they even knew what to expect.

Mike won the shortest straw pick and got to be the guy leading the girls first. They did agree to switch two or three times so more guys would get a chance to lead the girls. It was the part everyone wanted. The time was set for 2:00 in the afternoon to begin. The guys figured it would take close to five minutes each to get the girls through the haunted house and down the stairs before they could start again. That meant they could handle twelve girls and hour. Word had spread to some of the other dorms too so the guys were hoping for forty to fifty women potentially. Guys were not allowed to go through. They did not want some drunken asshole tearing the place apart.

By 1:00, the guys were getting into their costumes and putting the finishing touches to the haunted house. They had some beer and snacks in one room which was not part of the course. The plan was for a few breaks during the day. At 2:00, they were ready to go. Mike walked back to make sure everything was ready.

“You guys set,” he asked the monsters at the end of the haunted house run.

“Yeah…we are ready to go,” Andy said dressed as a mummy complete with strips of ripped white bed sheets and a great mask.

“We’re good,” Jay said. “How many takers we got to start?” He asked dressed as a werewolf in a suit? The mask was incredible.

“Only four so far,” Mike said. “But they tell me the other girls are waiting for reports from them on how it is. If it’s good the line will grow they assure me. They say some girls are even to scare to come,” he added smiling.

“Well, let’s scare the clothes right off them,” Ralph laughed.

Mike returned to the front. A cell phone would be used to signal when a run was done and the next could begin. When Mike reached the front, he called back if they were ready. They were.

The first four girls Mike had not known before so their plan of meeting new girls alsancak escort was working, for him anyway. Sarah was the first to go. She was talking tough like she loved haunted houses but rarely found them to scary.

“Okay, ya ready to go,” Mike asked Sarah taking her hand.

“Yeah…bring it on,” Sarah boasted laughing. The other girls cheered her on and Mike noticed two more coming up the steps to join the end of the line.

“I’ll lead ya through the first part with the flashlight. About half way, I will be behind ya but I will point the light towards the path, once in a while anyway,” he joked.

Mike led forward holding Sarah’s hand. Sarah was cute and looked to have a great athletic body. He hoped to get to know her better. At least these were his thoughts as they made their way into the darkness and the hanging cobwebs.

Sarah seemed fine and did not seem at all nervous or scared by the hanging spiders, skeletons, and unseen obstacles. They wound their way through the maze using the flashlight like a pointer. When they approached the mid-point Mike moved behind Sarah but pointed the flashlight forward. Twice he flashed it quickly on her tight jean clad butt when she bent to avoid the hanging cobwebs. Nice ass he thought just as they got to the first real scare.

Out of a side room jumped one of the zombies with and ax buried in his head and blood everywhere. He howled as he got to within two feet of Sarah before he backed off and she moved forward. Mike still had her hand and thought he felt a noticeable tightening of her grip. She did not scream or make a sound though.

No sooner were they beyond the first zombie than another emerged from a room on the opposite side of the hall. Sarah squealed slightly this time as the zombie confronted her and then withdrew. Wow, these guys are really acting their parts good Mike thought. They had barely had time for any walk throughs before they started. Most of it they were winging.

Mike pointed the way forward with the flashlight.

“How’re ya doing Sarah?” He asked grinning. Her hand was definitely tighter on his.

“Oh fine,” she said weakly.

They wound their way over some obstacles that actually required some crawling and then stepping over and for a second they had to break hands. Mike was wondering briefly if he should take her hand again when Sarah reached back for him providing his answer. He smiled to himself in the darkness.

He shown the flashlight forward and Sarah tentatively moved forward. As the proceeded, several more zombies and werewolves jumped out to frighten Sarah. When two jumped out at once she actually screamed briefly. As they passed the guys squirted Sarah with crazy string from an aerosol can. In the darkness it felt like cobwebs or bugs landing on her and she yelped and hurried forward.

When they finally got to the bathroom, Mike pointed the way in with the light. The path would take the girls clockwise in a circle around the bathroom walls. The light bulbs were all out except for two replaced by black lights. As they moved forward with Sarah in the lead, monsters jumped out from shower stalls and from behind walls. Sarah screamed at least twice. The guys had rigged a shower to shoot a warm mist of water over the path and Sarah screamed again as she passed through the spray in the near darkness. Sarah was pulling Mike along searching frantically for the bathroom door. Mike could tell she wanted out of the bathroom bad. When she finally made it through and spotted the door back out, she pulled him hard towards it.

Poor Sarah! No sooner did she hit the door opening and exit into the hall than four monsters, two werewolves and two mummies accosted her from the darkness. Sarah screamed bloody murder. She pushed one of the monsters back as he got to close. Mike let her be and she screamed for a second or two more before he shined the flashlight to the exit door.

“Sarah the door,” he screamed to her over her own screams.

Sarah spotted the door, slightly ajar and bolted for it fast. She moved like a cat and Mike had trouble staying with her as she burst through the door and down the steps screaming her lungs out. It was deafening in the small cinderblock stairwell. Surely the other girls had to be hearing her on the floor below.

Mike followed her down the steps and into the girl’s floor below. She did not stop running until she was half way down the hall. She was fast and he tried to keep up.

“Sarah slow down,” Mike yelled smiling to himself.

She finally did and then stopped, “Oh fuck,” She gasped! “You guys scared the piss outta me,” She said starting to smile while still gasping for breath.

“Did ya like it,” Mike asked grinning?

“Oh fuck…I think that was the scariest haunted house I have ever been in! How did you guys get it so dark?” She asked still jumping around nervously.

“It wasn’t too hard once we sealed off the windows at the end of each hall.” He told her smiling at her reactions.

“God, buca escort you guys scared me to death,” She smiled now at him. “That was awesome!”

“Glad ya liked it,” Mike said. She was definitely cute he thought.

Sarah hugged him. “Thanks, I really enjoyed that,” she said still gasping.

Mike could feel her tits press tightly into his chest. This was working out even better than he hoped.

“No problem,” he responded.

“Ya think I could go again, I mean later after others have a turn,” Sarah asked with pleading eyes.

This girl loves being scared Mike thought. “Sure, why not,” he said.

“Oh, thanks,” Sarah said hugging him again and pressing her nice tits into him. He felt his cock twitch in his jeans.

“Your welcome,” Mike said beginning to become distracted himself.

“Hey, you better get back upstairs,” Sarah said stepping back.

“Yeah…your right!” Mike said not wanting to leave.

Sarah stepped forward and kissed him. It was a fast kiss on the lips but nice nonetheless. She then turned and hurried down the hall to where her room was. Mike followed her. He said bye as he hurried past her room towards the stairs up.

“Bye Mike,” Sarah said. “See ya later.”

Mike took the steps two at a time as his cell buzzed. Ten or twelve girls were waiting in line. Some of the guys that did not want to help or thought the idea sucked were conversing with them and offering them beers as they waited. Those fuckers Mike thought as he reached the top and moved in front of the line. They didn’t think this was a good idea and now they are taking advantage of it. Cheap fuckin bastards he thought as he gave one the evil eye. He didn’t like Terry anyway. Guy was just a jackass. No one really liked him.

Well, at least these guys are keeping the women occupied between runs he thought. Betty was next. She was a tall girl at close to 5′ 10″ and must have had C or D cup tits.

“Ya ready,” Mike said into the cell?

“Where the hell ya been,” Jay answered back.

“Tell ya later! Ya ready,” Mike repeated?

“Yeah, we have been,” Jay answered.

“Ok, next one is coming,” Mike responded.

“Okay follow me,” Mike said breathing hard, more from the excitement than exertion. He reached to take Betty’s hand.

“Wait…wait,” Betty said. “Is it really scary?”

“No…not to much,” Mike white lied.

“Well…it’s just we heard Sarah screaming like she was being raped and she was acting so tough beforehand,” Betty worried.

“It’s tame. Don’t worry,” Mike said.

He took Betty’s hand and started the trip through the haunted house again. Betty had a harder time than Sarah with the obstacles because of her size. Sarah had also been very agile compared to Betty. Betty started screaming at the first zombie and hardly ever stopped till the end. Mike liked watching her tight ass and big boobs as she climbed over and around the obstacles. However, he was glad they had chosen to switch jobs after an hour because he felt he might be deaf from all the screaming by then.

When they finished the run and Betty hit the exit stairs, she was moving so fast she nearly tripped going down. She screamed bloody murder until she was half way down the girl’s floor hall.

“Wait,” Mike yelled. Maybe he could get more hugs from this big tit blonde he hoped.

“Oh shit,” Betty said gasping for air. “You guys scare me to death,” she said!

“Did ya like it?” Mike asked hope to get her to hug him.

“You bastard,” she said. “Ya told me it wasn’t scary!”

“Well, it’s supposed to be somewhat scary after all.” Mike tried to reason.

“You evil person,” Betty said now smiling and she went and hugged him.

Betty’s major tits poked his chest as she held him and breathed heavy still. She broke the embrace quicker than Mike would have liked and back away.

“You better get back up there,” Betty said.

“Yeah,” Mike said and moved past her and toward the steps.

As he ran up the hall he spotted Sarah in her doorway. She gave him the finger then fell back into her room with her roommate laughing as he went by. What the hell was that he wondered laughing to himself?

Next one was Candy. Then Rachel followed by Kristen. Each time the results were similar. He got lots of screaming with some great asses and tits to look at. One girl was braless and Mike got some good looks at jiggling tits as they climbed over obstacles and ran. One girl also had a skirt on and he got a good look at her panties as she cleared one climb. Not every girl hugged him but several did. He made his last run, before it was Andy’s turn to lead. When he was passing by Sarah’s room again, she wiggled her come here finger at him. He did and she kissed him good on the lips and then sent him on his way. Once again he could feel his cock waking in his groin. God, she is hot he thought.

Andy took over and the next hour was more of the same. They were getting about nine girls through in an hour. The line was still at least ten after the second hour. The girl’s floor was buzzing with excitement and drinking as the girls were obviously enjoying themselves immensely. Several guys from their floor and others from the floor below were conversing with the girls. It was a regular party atmosphere and everyone was having a great time.

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