Hedonism II Vacation

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This story was told to me by Janet and Fran, who actually went on vacation to Hedonism II in Jamaica as a gift from their husbands.

Janet and Fran have been friends ever since college, a span of at least thirteen years. They married right out of college and bought houses in the same town. They have a couple of kids each and they are both 34.

Fran is 5’7″ and a slender 115. She has red hair and 36c breasts and a lovely ass.

Janet is 5’8″ and is 125. She has jet black hair and 38c breasts to go along with a very tight ass.

Their 35th birthday was coming up and their husbands wanted to give them a special present. After looking at and discussing many options, they decided to send them to Hedonism II, a clothing optional resort in Negril, Jamaica.

Now, they knew the girls weren’t prudes and they never were at a loss to have a good time so the husbands thought this would be a fun vacation. They paid for everything. They booked a two bedroom suite, with a maid and a butler for seven days and all expenses were paid for. They even booked them first class seats on the plane.

The night of their birthday, they went out to a nice restaurant and during dinner, the men gave their wives an envelope, along with birthday cards.

When the women opened the envelope, they just looked at their husbands and each other. The women were at a loss for words and said they were not going if they had to be naked in front of everyone. The husbands laughed and told them that getting naked was optional and for them to go and enjoy.

Fran and Janet looked at each other and with grins on their faces, then said they would go.

The trip was booked for this coming week so the next day the women started preparing to go.

The day of the trip arrived and the ladies were all packed and ready. The husbands took them to the airport and saw them off.

The flight was great and they enjoyed their first class seats and service. It seemed that in no time at all, they were landing in Jamaica.

The women got off the plane and saw a shuttle van that was going to take them to the resort and boarded it as the van driver loaded their luggage and off they went to the hotel.

The hotel was gorgeous and luxurious looking. They registered at the front desk and were taken to their suite.

As the valet opened the door to the room, the maid, Ana, who was a light tanned Jamaican, with a great body and the butler, Jeffrey, who was a big, black Jamaican, greeted them. Fran and Janet were amazed at the size of the suite. It had two bedrooms, two king sized round beds, jacuzzi and a shower for four people.

The butler and maid helped them unpack and put things away. As Fran unpacked, she yelled out to Janet that her bathing suits were not in the suitcase. Janet said the same thing to her.

As they searched the luggage, they each saw two wicked weasel bikinis that their husbands switched on them. The bathing suits barely covered anything and were almost see through. They were pissed at their husbands.

Eventually, they settled in and went for a walk. No sooner than they got past the lobby, they saw naked men and women all over the place. Fran and Janet just looked at each other and laughed and said that this was going to be an interesting vacation.

As they walked along the beach, they saw couples in various degrees of having sex and just smiled. They saw a woman giving a guy a blow job and down the beach a couple were actually fucking. They looked at each other and said they could never do anything like that.

By the time they got back to the suite, Jeffrey and Ana had snacks on the table, chilled wine and their evening clothes laid out and the two beds turned down.

Janet asked Fran if she wanted her own bedroom and Fran said she would rather stay with her in one room if that was ok. Janet said she would like the company.

The two went for dinner and, as expected, a couple of guys approached them to be sociable. The men sat at their table and introduced themselves and said they were with girls but that it wasn’t working out with them.

Fran told them they were married and they were here alone for the week. The men left after a few minutes and said they hoped to see more of them.

It was late by the time Fran and Janet finished dinner so they went for a short walk before going back to the suite.

When they got to the suite, Janet asked Fran what were they going to wear to the beach. Fran said they would have to wear the wicked weasel suits or go naked, which was almost the same thing and laughed.

Fran said she would have to shave if she was going to wear it and Janet said the same thing.

Janet said she would go first and that Fran could shave her.

Fran got out the shaving equipment and Janet laid on the bed, naked with her legs apart. Fran started to shave Janet and asked if she wanted it all off. Janet told her to leave a landing strip over her slit. By the time Fran finished, she had a small, black landing strip and was smooth on both sides.

Fran Kütahya Escort was next and she got on the bed with her legs spread. She said she wanted the same style so Janet proceeded and trimmed Fran’s red bush and got her smooth and left a landing strip.

They looked like twins, except for the color. They laughed about the experience and said their husbands are going to be surprised.

They tried on the suits and they were so tiny and sheer that their nipples could be seen and their landing strips were clearly visible. They thought about it and decided that they would wear them anyway.

It was getting late and they were tired from the trip and time for bed. Fran asked Janet if it was ok if she slept naked as she does at home. Janet gave her that look and a grin and said it was ok and she would sleep naked too.

The naked women got into bed and fell asleep quickly from their long day journey.

Morning came quickly and there was a knock on the door. Janet jumped up and ran to the door, forgetting she was naked and opened the door. It was Ana and Jeffrey and suddenly Janet realized she was naked and ran back to get something to put on.

Janet came back and apologized. Jeffrey said they were there to make them breakfast and clean up.

Janet woke Fran up and told her that Ana and Jeffrey were there. Fran said she was going to shower anyway, even if they were there.

As Ana and Jeffrey prepared breakfast and straightened up, Janet and Fran showered and put short cover ups on for breakfast, which was set up on the veranda for them.

After breakfast, Ana and Jeffrey cleaned up, made the bed and left.

Janet and Fran looked at the bathing suits and started to put them on. Their bathing suits were sheer and everyone could see their new haircuts and their nipples, clearly, but they looked gorgeous in them.

They headed out the door and walked down the beach where nobody was. They put their towels down on the sand and laid down.

As the time moved forward, more and more people came by. Some of the people said we looked good in our suits and others just smiled as they passed by.

Janet asked a couple if they would take a picture of them to send back to their husbands. The couple agreed and Janet told them to make sure they got all of them so their husbands could see their entire bathing suits. The couple obliged.

Janet sent the picture to the husbands with a note “Having a great time; glad you are not here. Everyone loves our new wicked weasels. Thanks.”

Janet got a note back saying “Ladies, you both look great in your bathing suits. Love your haircuts.”

As it was getting hot, they decided to go into the water. After enjoying the surf, they got out and realized that wearing a wet weasel was like wearing wet tissue paper.

When they got to their towels, Janet asked Fran if she wanted to. Fran looked at her and said that they might as well as the suits are useless. Fran and Janet got up and removed their suits and laid back down naked, their wet pussies in full view for everyone to see.

Just then, the two guys from dinner showed up and said hello. Janet and Fran said hello back to the two naked men. They introduced themselves again, as Tom and Jerry, and the women said their names were Fran and Janet.

They guys complimented the women on their beauty and asked if they could join them. Fran said they could and the guys laid their towels on the sand next to theirs.

The four of them chatted for awhile and all of them being nude did not bother them, as it seemed natural to the women.

Tom asked the ladies if they had plans for tonight and Fran said no. Tom invited them to dinner and the invitation was accepted. The guys would get them at their suite at 8:00 p.m.

After Tom and Jerry left, Janet told Fran that they should not be going out with them as they are married. Fran said that their husbands told them to have a good time and that is what she intends to do.

Janet said she was right and would go along with her this week.

It was lunch time now and the naked women walked back to their suite where Jerry and Ana had already prepared an exquisite lunch.

The naked women enjoyed the meal that was prepared for them and told Jerry and Ana to just clean up and that they were free for the rest of the day.

After lunch, Fran said she wanted to shower to get refreshed. Janet said that was a good idea and asked Fran if they could shower together. Fran said it was ok and the two headed to the huge shower.

Ana and Jeffrey were in the process of cleaning up when the two women went into the shower.

Now, Fran and Janet were no stranger to being naked together and a long time ago the two of them went through the bi stage but had not done it since then.

Fran and Janet were in the shower, laughing and chatting about their bathing suits, the two guys and going nude. Then Fran started to lather up Janet’s back and suddenly she had a flashback to her and Janet doing bi. She started to run her hands Kütahya Escort Bayan over Janet’s back and then reached around to lather Janet’s front.

Janet turned around and faced her, and without uttering a word, let Fran run her hands over her breasts. Janet put her head back and gave out a soft moan. Soon Fran had her hands on Janet’s stomach and inched her way down to Janet’s pussy.

Fran looked at Janet and softly asked her if she wanted to do it. Janet looked at Fran and told her yes. They got out of the shower and patted themselves dry and went to the bedroom. They did not notice that Ana and Jeffrey were still there and watching.

The women got on the bed and looked into each other’s eyes and just shook their heads yes and then kissed. All the past memories of them doing bi came back and the two friends got lost in each other’s arms and caresses.

Ana and Jeffrey peeked in and watched the two lovers. They had seen plenty of couples at the resort having sex but watching these women was special. After a few minutes, they quietly left.

The two lovers spent the next couple of hours in bed making love to each other as they did in the past. After they finished, they rested and talked about their upcoming evening’s dinner with Tom and Jerry.

Fran asked Janet how far she would want go with Them. Janet said that maybe some feeling up or jerking them off but no fucking; not yet, anyway, and they laughed.

Fran put on a sexy black dress with no bra and only wore a g-string that barely covered her new landing strip.

Janet wore a sexy red dress without any bra or panty.

The men showed up on time and brought the women flowers. The ladies were ready and off to dinner the four went.

Dinner at the resort was fantastic and the four shared a couple of bottles of wine. Dinner lasted a couple of hours and when they finished, they decided to take a stroll on the beach.

Fran and Tom led the foursome, followed by Jerry and Janet. The four took off their shoes and walked the beach barefoot. The full moon lit up the sky and the beach below and the setting was very romantic.

Tom and Fran stopped for a second and exchanged kisses. Jerry and Janet observed the two and decided to turn around so as not to disturb the two.

Janet and Jerry started back and Jerry’s hand moved down to Janet’s ass, where it rested. Janet looked at Jerry and reminded him that she was married. Jerry acknowledged that he knew that and said that her husband was an idiot for letting his beautiful wife come here alone. He then kissed her, moving her hand over her body. He quickly discovered that Janet had no bra or panty on and asked her why she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Janet just said she prefers being naked underneath and left it at that.

Janet and Jerry reached the women’s suite and Janet invited him in for some wine that was already iced in a bucket. The two sat on the couch and enjoyed the wine. Jerry moved closer to her and placed his wine down and reached over and kissed her. Janet instinctively returned his kiss and pulled him towards her. As they kissed, Jerry moved his hand to the top of her dress and slid his hand down, feeling her soft breasts and hard nipples.

Janet did not make a move to stop him and let him go wherever he wanted. His hand moved down to the edge of her dress and slipped his hand underneath until he felt her smoothness and a patch of hair. She spread her legs for him as they continued kissing.

Jerry could feel her wetness and Janet knew it. She moved her hand down to his bulge and started rubbing it. She wasted no time in undoing his belt and pushing his pants down so she could get to his cock.

As the two were on the verge of going further, Tom and Fran came in and surprised the two. Fran saw what was happening and excused themselves and took Tom to the unused bedroom.

Janet looked at Jerry and said she shouldn’t go any further and pulled back. Jerry told her that, whether she realized it or not, she was there to have sex and that is what Hedonism is all about. And, that her husband knew what was going to happen at the resort and that is why he sent her, so she can get fucked.

She thought about it and then smiled and placed her hand on his bulge. She rubbed it and finally took it out from its confine. She saw his cock earlier but somehow it looked huge now and it was nice and hard and much bigger than her husband’s.

She started jerking his cock and he pushed her face towards it, telling her to suck it. She looked at him, then slipped her mouth over his cock and started sucking it. Jerry was moaning and telling her how good it felt.

Jerry told her to stop sucking as he wanted to fuck her. She just looked at him and stood up and lifted her dress over her head and let it drop to the floor, exposing her entirely.

He got up and picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. As he approached her, she spread her legs, her juices running down her thigh. He mounted her Escort Kütahya and she guided his cock to her slit. He eased his cock into her cunt until it was fully seated in her.

Jerry started to fuck Janet, slowly then picked up the pace. Janet was moaning in pleasure and was so loud that Fran peeked in and saw her best friend getting fucked by Jerry, a total stranger and was happy for her, then went back to Tom.

It did not take long and Jerry said he was cumming and pulled out his cock and shot his cum on her tits, squeezing every drop of cum out of his cock.

They rested for awhile before they got up to check on Tom and Fran.

Janet went to Fran’s room and looked in. She saw Fran on all fours and Tom fucking her ass as Fran’s tits swayed back and forth with each thrust. Janet told Jerry to come and watch. As he got there, Tom shot his load in Fran’s ass and filled her asshole with his cum and with each thrust his cum oozed out her ass. The two quietly left the two alone.

The rest of the week was filled with nudity and sex and the four friends enjoyed each other every day and night.

One day, the four were together on the beach nude and asked a person to take a picture of the four of them to send back. The person made sure that the four nude bodies were clearly visible and no parts missed.

Fran sent the picture of the four nudists to her husband with the note “Had to ditch the weasels. They were ruining our tan. Found two volunteers to help us with putting our sunscreen on spots where we could not get to. See you guys soon.”

When the picture and note were received, the husbands answered “Make sure they put the sunscreen on EVERY inch of you, including all your tight spots and we love your new haircuts. Enjoy yourselves with our blessing. See you soon.”

Fran showed the message to Janet who gave a big roar of laughter, then called Jerry and asked if he wanted to fuck her on the beach, now.

Jerry came over in a couple of minutes and headed out to the beach where they found a spot for them to fuck and it was visible to anyone that passed.

Fran called Tom and asked him to join her in her suite and Tom came over with his cock getting harder as he approached Fran’s suite.

Tom spent the night with Fran as did Janet and Tom.

With two nights left, Fran and Janet wanted to have a romantic day with Tom and Jerry.

Ana and Jeffrey made the four of them a special breakfast and served it on the veranda.

The day was going to be something special, swimming, snorkeling, shelling and having great sex for all the world to see.

However, the night was going to be a surprise. Fran and Janet asked Ana and Jeffrey to come by the room at 10:00 p.m. that night.

Fran and Janet had a great day with Tom and Jerry and after a terrific dinner, Janet and Fran went back to their suite to wait for Ana and Jeffrey.

At 10:00 p.m., Ana and Jeffrey knocked on the door and the ladies let them in.

Fran said, “We know you guys have already been given a tip by our husbands and you have done a great job for us this week, and we appreciate it. However, Janet and I would like to do something special for both of you. We know you have peeked in on us when we were making love and that was ok, really. So, what I am trying to say is that we are giving you a choice for another tip. You can have either more money or you can have us for the night.”

Ana and Jeffrey looked at each other and said to Fran and Janet, “I speak for both of us and we would like to have you two for the night.”

Janet got up and went over to Jeffrey and Fran got up and went over to Ana. The women took each one to their respective bedrooms.

Janet pulled Jeffrey to her and kissed him. Her mouth opened and Jeffrey’s tongue found hers. His hands were all over Janet. She stepped back and started to remove her clothes until she was naked. Jeffrey started undressing and soon he was nude. Janet gasped when she saw how big Jeffrey’s cock was. It must have been twelve inches long and as thick as a coke can and it wasn’t completely hard yet.

Janet led him to the bed and they laid down together and continued kissing and feeling each other up. Janet tried to suck Jeffrey’s cock but she couldn’t get it in her mouth. Jeffrey then spread her legs wide and mounted her. He placed his huge cock at her slit and started to insert it in her wet cunt. He slowly inserted his cock in her and Janet was moaning that it was to big for her but he kept pushing his cock in her until it would not go in any further. His cock literally filled her cunt completely.

He gave Janet a chance to rest and then started to fuck her. His huge, black cock wad glistening from her juices as he fucked her. It didn’t take long before he was going to cum. Janet asked him to cum on her tits. As he was ready to cum, he pulled out his cock and gave it a couple of jerks and shot stream after stream of cum all over her tits, face, hair and stomach. It was almost a never ending stream of cum and she loved it. When he finished he rolled over and rested.

Fran was naked on her bed and Ana removed her clothes. Her body was beautiful and very smooth. Her tits were nice and full and had huge nipples that were already erect. Her pussy was completely smooth and her clit was already hard like a small cock.

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