Hedonistic Hippy Weekend

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Adriana Chechik

***By now standard disclaimer: this story contains lots of pissing, unwashed bodies, drinking, marijuana use, and general filth and debauchery. Oh and I get fisted. Also, this is pretty long. You have been warned.***

Shortly after college I (M) was seeing a few different kinky fuckbuddies. One was Meg, a true hippy – free love, crunchy vegetarian, never shaved, didn’t wear deodorant kinda girl. She was great to hang out with, the kind of unpretentious non-judgemental person that you can immediately click with and feel like you’ve known for years even if you’ve just met them an hour ago. She was also really hot and absolutely amazing in the sack (and in the park, and against the tree, and in the car… you get the idea). Usually we’d just get together for a night or full day, but we kept talking about making a proper event out of a full weekend.

We finally get our schedules to align and she shows up at my place on a Friday evening. Meg’s wearing a threadbare old t-shirt that makes it incredibly obvious her small but perky tits are bra-less, a plain but cute skirt that shows off her hairy legs, and old beat-up flip flops. We hug and I get a strong whiff of girl-stink. She definitely hasn’t showered today and probably not for a few days. Not that I can really talk. I’d showered that morning before work but it was a hot day and I’d gone for a run after I got home and was still wearing my running shorts and tank top. But that was how we liked it.

We get inside the door, she jumps on my back and I carry her piggy back style up to my room. She’s light and easy to toss around, something I take advantage of as soon as the door is closed, throwing her onto my futon. Her sandals fly off and skirt flies up as she lands, the fabric nicely framing her hirsute cunt.

Now, a hairy unwashed pussy is something I can’t resist, and I immediately drop down and start working my tongue up and down her pussy lips, lapping up stale sweat, pussy juice, and left over piss. I inhale deeply and relish in the assault of stink hitting my nostrils. Her pussy was wet before I even started doing anything and now she’s absolutely soaking. I focus my tongue on her clit while sinking two fingers deep in her, feeling her pussy walls clench around them. Never a quiet girl she’s already moaning, encouraging me to finger her harder and tongue her faster. With the barest of warnings she releases a flood over me as she cums, her body pulsing and crotch bucking on my fingers. My tank top, already damp with sweat, is now soaked in squirt.

I strip my shorts off and rub my jockstrap-clad cock up and down her glistening hairy slit. The grey fabric darkens a shade as it absorbs her recently released cum.

“Fuck my nasty cunt with your dirty undies”, her chirpy tone slightly at odds with her vocabulary. But then, Meg’s always been a very happy dirty slut, never into the degrading side of kink, just turned on by filth and depravity.

Of course I comply and slide my cock, jock and all, into her sopping pussy. Next thing I know she gives a grunt and lets out a stream of piss. If my jock was wet before it’s fully drenched now, clinging to my cock and balls and dark grey. I let the warm pee soak in for a few seconds then pull out.

“You know you have to tell me when you’re about to do that!”, I jokingly scold, my mouth diving for her fountain.

“I like watching you jump for it”, she laughs back. I get my face down in her stream and just as I start slurping some up she giggles and pushes out a more forceful stream that splashes my whole face. My face dripping I get a good mouthful, tilt my head back and gargle her piss, then spit it all out over her chest. Her thin shirt immediately becomes see through and her nipples look like they could poke through the fabric at any moment.

“You can’t waste it like that!” she tells me. “Quick, get some more piss. I want to taste it!”

When she’s right she’s right, and I quickly get another mouthful from her finally dwindling stream. Climbing up her body we proceed to pass her piss back and forth in an extremely sloppy make-out session. Our faces are a complete mess of piss and saliva when we finally break. Panting a bit, we decide we need a drink and a smoke. We each take a beer from my mini-fridge which quickly turns into a chugging contest… and then we take turns seeing who can burp longer and louder. Class acts we are not!

I get my bong out and we both take a few hits. We’re at that giggly stage where everything seems like a good idea, so i take a bigger hit than normal then proceed to blow the smoke into her pussy. I have no idea how much actually gets in her, but she proceeds to rip a huge wet queef and we both collapse into a fit of laughter. I stay between her legs licking her pussy and savoring the aroma of my dirty and aroused friend while she sits back and finishes the bong.

We each polish off another beer and I burp and announce that I need a piss. She lays back on the futon, spreads her legs and lifts her skirt to expose her pussy then puts her hands behind her head.

“Anywhere you like, as long escort bursa as it’s on me!”

I stand up and feel like I’m absolutely towering over her. Meg’s a little 5’0″ thing anyway while I’m well over 6′, but lying below me like that the effect is definitely magnified. I pull my jock pouch to one side and let my cock fall out, then pull back my foreskin. She’s making happy humming noises in anticipation. After a brief pause (I can piss half hard, but it takes some concentration) I let go with an absolute waterfall. It first lands on her torso, but then I direct the stream so it’s thundering down on her spread pussy, which elicits shrieks of delight. Thank goodness the housemates are gone for the weekend! Then I slowly work up the rest of her body, giving plenty of attention to both nipples which are showing as firm peaks beneath her ruined shirt. Finally I get up to her wide open mouth. I fill it once and she takes a huge gulp, then a second time which she lets overflow and run down her cheeks. She spits a fountain in the air which just serves to drench her hair, splayed out on the mattress behind her.

My stream comes to an end and I shake my cock more out of habit than anything, spraying a few final drops over her. She’s now in a puddle of our combined piss; the sheets are drenched, but waterproof mattress protector has clearly been doing its thing. She giggles then slaps her hands a few times in the pools by her thighs and butt where she sinks into the futon the most.

“Better now?” she asks, practically winking at me.

“Much!” I respond, upon which she practically interrupts me.

“Good! I need you to fuck me!”

“Patience you little slut! It’s hotter than my balls in here and I’m gonna need to open a window.” I respond, dropping my jock to the floor.

My place didn’t have an A/C and it had been a hot sunny day. Even though it was the evening the room must have been in the 80s and I was sweating a bunch already. I basically straddle Meg, one knee either side of her shoulders, to reach the window and push it up. She takes advantage of my momentary distraction and slides her mouth around my cock. My hands are on the windowsill, a fantastic gust of fresh air hitting my face, and Meg has my cock in her mouth down to the shaft, her nose buried in my ripe pubic hair. A blissful look is on her face and I’m fully hard and throbbing now.

I gently pull back my dick from my friend’s mouth reminding her that we both like it when I leave a big load of cum in her pussy. She’s somewhat cock drunk by now and just gets out a ‘yes please’.

“Think you can say quiet while I fuck you?” I ask.

“No definitely not!”, she responds with quite some enthusiasm.

“Haha ok then”, and with that, I pull my sweaty, piss and squirt soaked tank top off. I get it into a long twist, wring it out a bit over her upturned mouth, then bring the middle of the shirt rope down into her mouth like a bit while a hold the ends, one in each fist. This has the added benefit of not just gagging her but also holding her head down tight against the futon. As much as I like loud sex, we both know her shrieks can bring unwanted attention to us!

She’s already moaning slightly as I position my cock between her legs at her slit. I slowly rub up and down and the moaning increases as I tease her. I give it a few more moments and, when she starts shooting daggers at me with her eyes, finally slide all the way in to her with one swift motion, her well lubed and well used cunt taking my dick effortlessly until our pelvises grind together. I grunt and establish a rhythm, nearly pulling all the way out then slamming back into my pinned friend. Between my grunting and her moaning we aren’t exactly quiet, but with her gagged by my soaked shirt no one’s gonna call the police at least! There’s a fantastic wet sound every time we come together, partially because her pussy is sopping wet, partially because we’re fucking in a literal puddle of fluid. I’m starting to add to it with sweat, dripping onto her face and the t-shirt she’s still somehow wearing.

There’s a grunt from her and I feel warmth at my crotch. I’m not sure if she’s pissing or squirting and I don’t care, it’s just a huge turn on. I let my tank top that I’ve been holding her down with til now go, and instead grab the neck of her shirt, ripping it from neck to waist as I snarl like an animal. I immediately have one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking hard enough to leave marks. I wrap one arm around her waist while the other is on her neck and shoulder, giving me the leverage I need as I continue to thrust in her. As expected, her moaning is getting loud and becoming quite a yell, so I cover her mouth with mine with a hand around the back of her neck. We make out violently and furiously and I know I can’t hold back much longer. A few more thrusts are all I can manage before I’m pulsing deep in her pussy.

She gives me a moment to recover then is wriggling out from under me. We both know what comes next, and I quickly take her place, lying down in the huge wet spot as she straddles my face with her legs görükle escort and lowers her freshly fucked pussy down to my mouth. I greedily lick and slurp at her soaked hole as my cum oozes out. Once she’s confident I have a mouthful she gets down and lays on top of me and we make out, starting slowly and trading cum back and forth scooping it with our tongues as we snowball, building in intensity til we’re sucking face in the purest description of the term. Finally we break and lie apart slightly, breathing with the intensity of people who have just cum.

I get the bong ready for another round, take a hit and pass it. Meg pulls her skirt off, then stretches her legs out, crossing her ankles and pointing her toes in a purposeful way. I exhale and reposition myself at the foot of the bed. Her never shaved legs end in equally hairy feet and toes, stained with thousands of miles of dirt and filth – she prides herself on barely ever wearing shoes, and only wearing filp flops when she absolutely has to. Her feet smell, but in our current state it’s that intoxicating stink of animal attraction that hits my nose. She wriggles her feet while taking a huge hit and holding it as my mouth surrounds her dirty, hairy big toe. My tongue swirls around it as she exhales a huge cloud of smoke with a deep moan. I take her foot in my hand as I lick first the sole, then in between each toe. She’s still holding the bong, but as I suck on her pinky toe one hand slides between her legs and her head rolls back. Sometimes I swear her clit must be connected to her toes with how much this always turns her on. I continue sucking her toes back up to her big toe, then switch feet. The thought crosses my mind that a periodic tongue bath like this may be the only reason her feet don’t turn completely black! She’s rapidly fingering herself towards orgasm as I suck even more strongly, hands massaging the foot my mouth isn’t attending to. With a small cry she cums, a small fountain of squirt just hitting me before a smaller gush adds to the puddle between her legs. I lick my way up her furry legs and lap up some of the liquid pooled at her pussy for good measure, before lying next to her. We take a few more hits and cuddle while watching something stupid on TV.

By now it’s getting later and we’re getting higher and haven’t had dinner, so we call up the local pizza place for delivery. With one cheese and another pineapple and mushroom on the way we play rock paper scissors to see who’s going to go down to answer the door and she loses. The doorbell rings and she jumps up, nude, and with a look over her shoulder to stick her tongue out at me, she picks up the first shirt of mine from the floor – a white undershirt. She pulls it over her sweaty, piss and cum soaked body and scampers out of the room. Granted, she’s small enough that it does indeed cover her ass, but with how wet most of her body is I get an excellent view of her butt cheeks and I’m sure the delivery guy will get quite a good look! I hear a few laughs from downstairs and the door closes and she’s back up in my room with the pizzas. It’s a great look on her, but leaves nothing to the imagination! She hands me the pizzas, pulls the shirt off, and gets back on the soaked futon with me.

We crack more beers and start chowing down on the pizza. We knock out half the cheese in what feels like no time and chug through our beers. While I’m getting replacements from the minifridge I hear Meg grab another slice.

“Hey Josh, look! Who says I never wear deodorant?”

My filthy friend is rubbing a greasy slice of pizza into one armpit, then the other.

“Meg, you better never fucking change.” I respond, handing her a beer.

She holds the pizza slice she’s just rubbed on her pits in her mouth while she opens the can, then takes a huge gulp exposing a mouthful of half-chewed food, some beer spilling out of her mouth. Swallowing she makes a show of sniffing her armpit.

“Ahhhhhhh fresh as a daisy!” she exclaims.

“Fresh as a daisy on a compost heap”, I respond, but simultaneously move next to her and bury my nose in her extremely hairy armpit. I breath in the stink of her girl sweat now mixed with grease, cheese, and sauce and can’t help but stick my tongue out and lick. She leans her pit into my mouth and lets out a few small moans while I swirl my tongue around in her hair.

We eat and drink a bit more when Meg matter of factly announces she’s going to piss. She stands up on the futon, pizza slice in one hand, beer can in the other, spreads her legs, lets out a big burp, and unleashes a waterfall. Plenty gets on me, though it’s not clear that she’s really aiming – more swaying back and forth, apparently mesmerized by the puddle she’s creating and the droplets splashing everywhere. She finishes, and shakes her hips a bit, which only serves to send a few droplets that were stuck to her pubes flying but leaves plenty of piss still on her. She then proceeds to wipe the pizza slice up and down her crotch, leaving grease and cheese behind and presumably getting plenty of piss and crotch sweat bursa escort bayan on the slice. She has a mischievous look on her face.

“Present for you”, she says in a chirpy as hell voice, handing me the slice and sits down again.

Always happy to play along, I simply reply with a thanks and proceed to run my tongue from the tip of the slice to the crust. It’s not too bad, cheese and girl funk topped pizza! At least, not when you’re tipsy, horny, and high. I fairly quickly demolish the slice while she laughs and drinks her beer, absent-mindedly twirling her long pubes between her fingers.

“How about you let me give that dirty cunt a tongue bath?”

“What, with your filthy mouth? You’ll only make it filthier!” Meg replies, while at the same time spreading her legs further and pulling my head to her pussy. My nose is again enveloped in a cacophony of smells from her cocooning pubes while my tongue runs up and down her slit from her clit to vag. I make slow circles around her clit and both of our breathing intensifies as her pussy becomes increasingly wet. She’s pulling my head into her groin fiercely as I slide first one, then two, then three fingers into her sodden cunt and begin stroking her pussy walls for all I’m worth. The window is still open but it’s late and we’re long past caring who might hear us as her moans escalate accented by an occasional grunt from me. She reaches a crescendo as a familiar warmth floods my mouth and hand, her squirt gushing from her with a loud hiss as she cums. She’s still shaking as I gently extricate my fingers, then slide up behind her and spoon her while her coital shaking subsides.

If I were romantic I’d say we passed out then in each others arms and yadda yadda. In reality, after a short while we put on more stupid TV, smoked another bong, had a beer chugging competition, had some extremely sloppy drunk stoned sex, and finally passed out in a heap as the sky was just beginning to lighten.


We both eventually wake up when the temperature starts getting oppressive and the light is streaming in the window – so it must have been a little while after noon. I’m sweating from the heat, that thick, sticky muggy sweat, and I can tell Meg is too. We both groan a bit about the sun, but neither of us complains about the sweat, or the piss-soaked futon, or the pizza slices that somehow made it onto the bed. Meg pulls the curtain across the window to block out the worst of the sun and starts making coffee while I prep a hookah that was a recent addition to my weed set up. I complete the setup with a generous sprinkle of pot in the tobacco and get the coal heated just as enough coffee has brewed to get us a mup each. Meg hands me a cup and I trade her the hookah hose, exhaling a cloud as I thank her. We smoke, drink our second cups of coffee, and munch on cold pizza while flipping through channels and talking about how we really should have bought more food!

Inevitably the coffee does it’s thing and we look at each other and almost simultaneously announce that we have to piss. We get in a side by side 69 and I immediately lose control. I feel warm piss running down my thigh so I know Meg isn’t getting all of it, but judging by the slurping I hear she’s getting a lot! A few moments later and a golden trickle starts flowing from Meg’s bush so I press my face forward. She obligingly spreads her legs to give me better access, then once my open mouth is seated on her pussy she clamps her thighs together. I’m pinned with my nose in her thick rug of pubes while my mouth is quickly filling with rank coffee piss. As soon as the sour taste hits my tongue my cock hardens and I hear Meg giggle while she adds a little pressure to both her thigh hold and her stream. Just before my mouth overflows I take a huge gulp of the strong urine, erection now fully hard. Meg starts licking my cock while talking: I can tell it’s dirty talk and she’s telling me how filthy I am for getting turned on by her nasty strong pee, but I only get every few words since my ears are held tight against hairy thighs! I’m barely able to breathe and my whole face is getting soaked in piss but I keep gulping until her stream finally comes to an end. She has one additional bit of fun in store and lets out a loud wet fart while my head is still clamped between her thighs, then finally letting up.

I’m sure my face must have looked all kinds of messed up, and Meg bursts out laughing as I extricate my head from her legs. I start to object, but she just points at my clearly aroused cock, as if to show it can’t be all that bad if I’m so turned on. She has a point! She also immediately starts sucking my cock again, and damn is she good. For a bit of payback I have her sit up and fuck her face. She takes my cock like a champ and soon strings of spit are running from the bottom of my balls down her body as I use her throat. Her eyes looking up at me from her completely trashed face are enough to put me over the edge and I tell her I’m about to cum. I pull out from her face and my first rope mostly goes in her open mouth, but the rest of my cum sprays pretty much everywhere. Mostly her body, but also her face, her hair, the wall, futon, and pillows. As my hardon subsides I give her a massage where the “lotion” is piss and cum, both of us revelling in the state we’re in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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