High School Valentine

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She gave him a Valentine. Will she give him her virginity?

Everyone having sex at Lincoln High is eighteen or over.

^^^New Year’s Eve^^^

“Oh. … Oh. … Oh. … Oh. … Oh,” Jan grunted.

She was naked and lying on her back. Her legs were splayed. Her heels rested on her lover’s ass and she drew him to her as he thrust. Her powerfully built boyfriend was also naked. He was on top and making love to her. She was fucking.

Jan groaned every time Ike drove his steely dick into her wet pussy. Her internal spring was wound tighter and tighter with every thrust. The attractive, eighteen-year-old woman was hot and sweaty. Her heart was racing. Her breathing was ragged. She didn’t care. She wasn’t thinking about any of that. She could feel an orgasm building, and that was what she focused on.

“Oh, my God! This feels so good,” Ike said. “Can we switch to doggie-style?”


The couple rearranged themselves. He inserted his penis and pounded her ass. She slammed her plump bottom into him. They fucked fiercely, forcefully and frantically. They drove each other to intense heights of pleasure.

“Oh, God! Oh. Oh!” she cried out as she climaxed. Her vagina clamped down on his dick. He continued to plow her and came big time.


They froze. They looked like an erotic sculpture. He was buried deep inside her. Neither moved, spoke, or breathed. They were lost in the joy of their orgasms.

After his dick finished firing off, he slid off her and slumped on the bed. She lowered her head into a pillow and then, fell on her side. He spooned her soft body. They basked in the afterglow of great sex.

Minutes passed. Then, she got up, went into the bathroom, peed, and cleaned up. She returned with a washcloth. She tossed it to him and said, “Here. Clean yourself.”

While he did, she slipped on her bikini style panties and picked up her bra.

“You don’t have to get dressed. My folks are at the Millers’ New Year’s Eve party. They won’t be home for an hour and a half at the earliest.”

She put her bra on and said, “We have to talk.”

“This sounds serious,” he responded in a teasing manner.

She sat on the bed and said, “It is. We’ve been dating for almost two years. Since we were sophomores. You were my first serious boyfriend. I gave you my virginity on my eighteenth birthday and I’ve never regretted it.”

She paused, took a breath, and said, “There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll give it to you straight. I want to see other people.”

Ike sat up. His jaw dropped. He appeared to be stunned by the news. “I love you. You’ve told me you love me. We just had sex and you say you want to break up?”

“I do love you. I’ll always love you. You’re a great guy. The problem is you’re the only guy I’ve dated. Not counting silly games of spin the bottle or awkward moments in my early teens, you’re the only guy I’ve kissed.”

“And the only guy you’ve slept with?” he asked.

“Absolutely. I never cheated on you. You’re the only person I’ve been naked with. The only person I’ve had sex with.”

“I can say the same things. You were my first. You’re the only girl I want. I thought we’d get married after college and have kids.”

She reached out, gently stroked his face, and said, “I know. That’s one of the great things about you. You’re big and strong. Handsome. Loyal. Honest. Trustworthy. You’re great…”

He interrupted her and said, “That’s not what someone says when they break up with you.”

She took a deep breath to settle herself and said, “The whole ‘It’s not you. It’s me’ is a cliché, but it can be correct. What we’ve had has been wonderful, but I wonder what other boys are like. A nagging voice inside me keeps asking ‘What am I missing out on?’. You may not want to go out with other girls, but I want to spend time with other people.

“I haven’t acted on this feeling, but it grows stronger every day and someday I will. There’s a whole wide world out there. I need to explore it. I’m breaking up with you today before I act on these feelings. It would devastate me to cheat on a good man like you. You deserve someone who cherishes you and thinks of nothing but you.

“I’m breaking up with you before I break your heart. Before I tarnish what we’ve had.”

This was a lot to take in. Ike looked like he’d been sucker punched in the stomach. He mumbled, “We just had sex.”

“Yes, and it was wonderful. I wanted to end on a high note. It’s a metaphor for our relationship. It’s been great. I wanted to thank you for everything. We’re both eighteen. Both seniors in high school. Now we can both experience our last semester without limitations.”

She pulled on her shirt, socks, jeans, and shoes. Tears streamed down her face and she said, “I know this is completely unexpected. It’s not fair. You’ve done nothing wrong. Believe me when I say I’ve thought long and hard about this. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but, I believe, I had to do it.

“I may get my comeuppance, and discover that you are the best, and regret that I tossed what bursa escort we had away, but I’m driven by some force, some need deep inside me to discover what is over the hill and around the bend in the road.”

She stood to go and said, “Please respect my decision. Don’t call me. You don’t deserve this and I don’t deserve you. Good luck. I’ll let myself out.”

She grabbed her coat, ran from his bedroom, and out of the house. She sobbed as she drove home. Ike lay there stunned and confused. He cried. A part of him died that night.

^^^Friday, January 1^^^

At 11:30 a.m., the doorbell rang. Ike called out, “I’ll get it.” He opened the door, and as he expected, it was his best friend.

“Hi, Keith. Come in. The den’s all set up. I’ve got chips, dip, drinks, and hoagies.”

“Awesome.” The eighteen-year-olds walked toward the den.

“Hello, Mr. White, Mrs. White, Julie,” Keith said when he spotted Ike’s parents and older sister in the kitchen. “There are some great football games on today. Anyone going to join us?”

“No,” Mr. White said. “Elly and I have been invited to the Johnson’s to watch the Sugar Bowl. By some miracle, his school’s in it this year.”

“I’m not really into football,” Elly White answered. “I’ll be visiting with Mrs. Johnson.”

“She’s more into football players than the game,” Julie said. She teased her mother by adding, “Mom and Dad met in college. She was in the marching band and dad was on the football team. It was love at first sight. Mom fell for the guy with the tight end.”

Her father blushed and corrected his daughter. “I was a tight end. That’s the name of my position.”

“Dear, Julie got is right,” his wife said. Everyone laughed, except for Mr. White. He said, “Har. Har.”

Ike and Keith went into the den, sat on the sofa, ate, and watched the first game. During a commercial, Ike said, “Jan broke up with me last night.”

“She did? It’s over?” Keith said. “Wow! I don’t know what to say?” Keith shook his head in disbelief and then added, “I’m sorry for you. I know how much you liked her.”

Ike nodded. The commercial ended. The guys watched the game. The rest of their conversations were related to football.

Mid-way through the fourth quarter of the Rose Bowl, Keith said, “This game is a blowout. I’m going home to get ready for my date with Bunny. Thomas is throwing a party. We’re going. Why don’t you join us? I’m sure Thomas won’t mind.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think so.”

Ike walked Keith to the door. He was home alone. His sister was out with her community college friends and his parents were at a party.

He went into the kitchen and got a glass of iced tea. He returned to the den and watched the rest of the football game. After the game, he turned off the lights in the room and found an action movie to watch. It wasn’t one of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s better ones. He fell asleep around midnight.


Jon White dropped his keys trying to unlock the front door. When he bent over to pick them up his wife, who was behind him, goosed him.


“What’s the matter, big boy! Usually, you like it when I jostle the boys.”

Her husband picked up his keys. He unlocked the door, turned on the light, and they went inside. They took their winter coats off in the foyer. After he hung them in the closet, he turned to his beautiful wife, and said, “You’re in a playful mood.”

“I had champagne.”

“I see,” he said with a smile. He embraced his wife and they kissed passionately. He stepped into her and pinned her against the wall.

“Oh,” she groaned as he manhandled her.

He captured her hands and brought them above her head. One of his big hands was able to capture both of her slender wrists and pin them against the wall. Then, he kissed her long, sensitive neck and groped a big, soft breast.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned. Her body shivered.

Ike heard a noise and woke. His eyes popped open. He looked around and saw nothing from where he lay on the den’s sofa in the dark. He heard low voices but didn’t catch what they were saying.

“Mmm. Am I going to get lucky two nights in a row? You screwed me in the hall bathroom at the New Year’s Eve party,” Elly said. “Can you perform again so soon?”

Jon kissed her hard on the lips and drove his hips into her belly. He broke the kiss and hissed, “Do you feel that? That’s going to be inside you soon.”

“Promises. Promises.”

He kissed the teasing bitch again. He still held her hands above her head. With his free hand, he reached under her skirt and slipped a finger through a leg opening of her panties. He fingered her pussy and said, “Your words may question my ability to fuck you senseless, but your wet pussy proves your body hopes it’s true.”

“Oh. Oh,” she moaned as he rubbed her hungry cunt.

“Mom? Dad? Is that you?” Ike asked. He got off the sofa and walked in the dark toward the voices. Light from the foyer spilled into the den and allowed him to safely make his way. He stepped into the hall and said, “It is you. Why are you hanging out in the bursa escort bayan foyer?”

Just before his son’s eyes set on them, Jon released his wife’s hands and pulled his finger out of her pussy. The pair faced him. His father said, “We had a great time at the party.” He hid his slick, shiny finger behind his back.

His mother smoothed her hair and said, “What a surprise to find you here. It’s date night, I thought you’d be with Jan.”

“Jan and I broke up. Actually, she broke up with me.”

“Oh, no,” Elly said and she came to her son. “How are you?”


His mother hugged him and said, “I’m so sorry. Do you want to talk about it?”

“No. I’m still raw. I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed.”

“Your father and I are here,” Elly said and she squeezed him. “To talk or do anything we can to help.”

“Thanks,” Ike said. He went up the stairs. His parents followed him. Each went to their bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Elly and Jon began to undress. He sat, took off his shoes and socks, and said, “Poor kid. How long did they date?”

Elly stepped out of her dress and said, “They dated for nearly two years. Slept together for four months. Since her birthday. They waited until they both were eighteen.”

He took off his pants and asked, “How do you how long they’ve been having sex?” Then, he removed his shirt.

While she answered, she unhooked and took off her bra. Her breasts wobbled as she rubbed the strap marks on her shoulders. “You talk to the kids about sports. I talk to them about everything else. I’m making sure we don’t have grandchildren until our kids are married and out of college.”

She shimmied out of her damp panties. He tossed his undershirt and boxers on the floor.

Jon was naked. His long, hard penis pointed toward his wife’s belly button. “It’s a damn shame they broke up. She’s pretty and has a great figure. I found her mouth attractive. She has wide lips. A generous mouth like Julia Roberts.”

Elly was naked. She pulled down the bed covers and said, “Yes, she’s an attractive girl. Can we be done talking about her? Maybe you can focus on the naked woman in front of you!”

“You know, you’re the only one for me. You have been ever since we met.”

He moved to her quickly. They embraced and kissed. They fell into bed. She sucked his dick. He ate her pussy. And then, they fucked. It was as hot and exciting as it was the first time they did the deed over twenty-five years ago.

While his parents made love, Ike went through his bedtime routine. He brushed his teeth, changed into his pajamas, and went to bed. Soon, he was asleep.


“Ohhhhh!” Ike’s whole body shivered. “Your mouth feels so good on my cock!” he said.

He smiled and glanced down at Jan. She was naked, on her knees, and giggling joyfully. She said, “I love sucking dick. Whenever I hear a girl say ‘I don’t like giving blowjobs’, I want to shout, ‘Bitch, it’s fucking amazing to hear your guy moan, to see him tremble, and to know you’re causing it.'”

Jan slipped his prick back into her mouth. She looked up at him with her big, baby blue eyes as she pleasured him.

He was sweating and close to climaxing. He stepped back and pulled his dick away from her. “Damn! Enough! I don’t want to cum that way. I want to fuck you.”

She teased him and said, “You can’t because I’m going to fuck you! Get on the bed. Lay on your back. I’m going to be on top.”

He didn’t argue. The naked teenager climbed on the bed. His thick, hard, heavy cock rested on his belly.

Jan smiled, stood and came over to him. She looked hot as shit! Her dirty blond hair hung loosely around her shoulders. Her plump breasts bounced as she moved. The high beams were on. She had erect, pink nipples centered in her large areolas.

He scanned her body: beautiful boobs — check, trim waist — check, slender, shapely legs — check, and the piece de resistance, her pussy, her perfect pussy, shaved and glistening with her moisture — CHECK!

She knelt on the bed and knee walked to him. She lifted her right leg to straddle his hips and paused.

“Come on, babe. I’m ready,” Ike begged.

“I’m not sure you deserve it,” she said in a teasing manner.

This was a game they played. Ike knew what was expected of him. He said, “Oh. How about you plant that delicious cunt of yours on my face and see if I can earn the privilege of having sex with you.”

“Okay, but there’s no guarantee.” She crawled on the bed, straddled his head, and lowered the sweetest part of her onto his mouth.

“Oh, God!” she cried out as his tongue lashed her sex.

“Mmm,” he moaned loving the way she tasted. He thoroughly explored her folds. Then, he curled his tongue and thrust it into her cavity. He drew out her nectar and rolled it in his mouth like it was a fine wine. Next, he circled her button with the tip of his tongue.

“Oh. Oh. That’s wonderful,” she cried as his tongue found her clit.

He continued his superb efforts and the good feeling inside her built and built. escort bursa When she was close, she climbed off and impaled herself on his rock hard cock.

“Oh!” they cried out in unison.

“I love your pussy. It’s as hot as a furnace.”

“I love the firmness of your dick and the way it spreads my flesh. You’re filling a void I didn’t know existed.”

She rode him purposefully. He grabbed and squeezed her bouncing breasts and thrust into her.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” she cried as she climaxed.

“Awl. Fuck!” he groaned as he came. His dick spewed its seed.

Ike woke to the sensation of an orgasm.

“Huh. What?” he mumbled as his dick pulsed and fired off.

“Crap! That dream of me and Jan having sex has made a big mess,” he said. His bed sheets, pajamas, and his body were coated with his cum.

He got up, took off his soiled sleeping gear, and tossed it on the bed. “I’ll deal with this after I shower.” He pulled up his top sheet to hide the mess.

He walked down the hall to the bathroom, shaved, showered, and brushed his teeth and hair. He wrapped himself in a towel and returned to his bedroom. He found his sister, Julie, in his room. She was in her sleeping attire. It was legging and a soft, cotton, long sleeve t-shirt. Both pieces were decorated in a crossword motif. They had the familiar grid pattern. Some of the white squares had little numbers. Other squares were solid black.

“Morning, brother. Look at you! All cut. Nice six-pack. You’re a walking billboard for heterosexuality.”

“Thanks. Still playing for the other team?” he teased her.

“Fifty:fifty. It depends on my mood and the opportunities,” his sister answered honestly.

“Today’s laundry day,” she announced.

She picked up his laundry baskets, brought it over to her brother’s bed, set it on the floor, and reached for his linens. She yanked off the top sheet and saw a large wet spot in his bed. The smell of cum assaulted her nose. She wrinkled her nose and said, “Gross!”

“Sorry, sis. Leave my sheets and pj’s. I’ll deal with them.” His face was as red as a beet.

“Why didn’t you put a towel under Jan’s ass when you fucked?” She stormed out with his laundry basket. She left his soiled sheets and pajamas behind.

Julie went down the hall to her parent’s room. She knocked and called out, “Laundry lady!”

“Come in. It’s just me,” her mother answered.

Julie entered the room and went into the bathroom to get the dirty clothes out of the hamper. Her mother was stepping out of the shower. Her naked body glistened due to the particles of water on her skin. Her heavy breasts swayed as she moved. Elly patted her boobs dry with a towel.

Julie snickered and said, “Do you need me to hand you a second towel? Those are some big boobs.”

Elly took her right hand, cupped, and hefty her pendulous right breast. Her boob was bigger than her hand. “You and your brother are responsible for this. I was a modest B cup before I breastfeed the two of you.”

Julie looked at her modest breasts and said, “Is there any other situation where a woman gets a grade of “A” and is devastated? When I get a “B” on a paper in Ms. Street’s English class, I’m ecstatic. When I see the “B” on my bra tag, I’m sad. I feel like an underachiever.”

Her mother nodded her head and then said, “I might need that second towel for my butt. It’s huge!”

She turned her body and showed her daughter her rear end. Julie looked at it and was temporarily speechless. She saw bite marks on her mother’s ass.

“Hey! Girl code requires you to argue with me,” Elly said. “You’re supposed to say ‘It’s fine. Stop worrying’.”

“Ahhh,” she stammered and then said, “Mom, your butt fine. The problem area is on the other side.”

“What? Where?” Elly turned so her front faced her daughter.

Julie said, “I can see you eat right and exercise. Your body is tone and fit. Mom, you’re beautiful, but you need to do something about down there.” She pointed at her hairy pussy.

Elly said, “What? I trim. I don’t understand why you and your generation insist on removing your pubic hair. It’s natural and a badge of womanhood. I remember how excited I was when it started coming in. I was eleven.

Julie played her ace and said, “It’s more hygienic.”

“Oh, please. You’re not fooling anyone with that line. What you mean is you think you’ll get more oral sex. No one has ever said they wouldn’t go down on me because I have pubic hair.”

“I see. So how many people have gone down on you?” She gave her mother a wicked smile.

“Oh, you’re horrible.”

Julie laughed and went to the clothes hamper. She transferred the dirty clothes to her basket, left the bathroom, and went into her parents’ bedroom. She tossed the bedspread aside to get to the linens. She pulled off the top sheet and saw a giant wet spot.

She cried out, “Is everyone in this house having sex except for me!”

Elly had finished drying herself. She poked her head out of the bathroom and said, “What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. Your sheets are soiled and you have bite marks on your ass. When I went to get Ike’s sheets, I found them covered with jism. You and dad and Ike and Jan must have been going at it pretty heavy last night. And I’m not sleeping with anyone!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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