His Ch. 04

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When she returned home, she undressed and lay on the bed. She was wired from the excitement of being led in the restaurant. She had no idea previously how stimulating it could be to demonstrate her submission in such blatant ways. She found her fingers touching and caressing her legs and then moving between them, as she thought about how it must have appeared to the other patrons.

She writhed on the bed with her passion, as she relived that humiliating, yet so exciting moment. She knew then without doubt that he would bring her out of her mundane world and into one that she had never imagined. She was ready and willing for anything he would require.

She flew in ecstatic bliss from orgasm to orgasm and finally collapsed, weary and sated, and fell asleep. Her dreams were vivid and active until she woke three hours later.

She fixed a light dinner and soaked in the tub. Candles and perfumes blessed her in this pleasure, and she was calm and relaxed when she finished and dried her body. She dressed slowly, being sure to make the best presentation when he came later.

She hummed as she readied herself. She was so absorbed that she jumped in surprise when the phone rang.

“I am late today. I want you to meet me at my place about 7,” he said.

“Yes Master. Shall I bring any dinner for you or may I fix you something there?”

“No. I plan to feast on you,” he responded.

A chill of excitement ran through her. Her hands shook as she placed the phone back on the table. She felt nervous deep in her stomach and she could sense her face flushing. She breathed deeply and begged time to fly.

Finally, she was at his door. She knocked twice and finally heard footsteps approaching. He opened the door. He wore black satin pants and a white linen shirt, open almost to his waist. She had never seen him dressed like this before. She stared for a moment, and then he took her hands and led her inside.

He had chilled wine ready. They sat and talked for a long time. It was very relaxing and she was happy for his interest. She excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she returned, he was gone. She sat for a minute and when he didn’t call or reappear, she walked around the room, looking at the books in the shelves and his paintings.

“Join me back here,” she heard.

She walked to the sound and found him sitting in his chair in the room she had been in before. She knew he was there for a purpose, and she suddenly grew anxious. He rose and led her to the bed.

“Lie down and relax,” he said.

She lay back, but was very tense and nervous. He sensed this and sat beside her. His hands massaged her shoulders, and soon he felt her muscles soften. She began to become comfortable and when he could tell she was ready, he stood up.

He went to the box and removed the ankle cuffs and cord. Her heart beat rapidly. kuşadası escort She prayed under her breath that he wouldn’t beat her with the paddle tonight, but she was silent and tried not to seem afraid.

“Remove your clothes,” he said.

She slowly sat up and began to unfasten her blouse and then pulled it out of her skirt and placed it on a chair. She unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it and laid it on top of the blouse. She stood before him in her bra and panties. She was still for a moment as he stared at her, examining her body and devouring her with his eyes.

He sat down in his chair and motioned for her to continue. She reached back and undid her bra snaps and pulled it away from her breasts. She dropped it to the floor. Her hands rubbed across the front of her panties, lighting touching her stomach and then her mound before slipping betwen her legs for a few seconds.

He shifted positions and crossed his legs as he watched. Her hands slid down the sides of her panties and she pushed them down, rolling them as they were lowered to her knees. She raised a leg and stepped out of them, letting them drop to the floor.

She stared at him as she sat back on the bed and slowly swung her legs up. She reclined flat on her back with her arms spread and her legs slightly open, waiting for him to take her. He sat for a few minutes more and then walked to the bed. He took her left arm and looped the cord around her wrist and tied it securely. He loosely tied the free end to the corner post of the bed on that side.

He went around the bed and secured her right arm in the same manner, but he moved her so that the cord wouldn’t have much slack. She was tied by her wrists to the bed and unable to roll over or move from that position.

He moved to the foot of the bed and pulled her left leg to him. He placed the ankle cuff on and threaded a cord through the eyelet and tied it. He pulled the loose end to the lower corner post and tied it.

He tied her right leg in the same manner to the opposite post.

She lay still, but she was breathing deep fast breaths. Her chest heaved and her face and neck and chest were flushed.

He sat back down and looked at her. Her eyes met his, and he could see she had willingly given herself to him tonight. There was no resistance in her look…only slight concern and submission.

“I am pleased with you tonight, and I want you to be pleased also,” he said.

He went to the bed and leaned down and began to kiss her feet and then moved slowly up her legs, being careful to cover every part of her with his kisses…wet lips moving and pressing against her. Leaving a trail of wet sucking marks as he kissed his way up her legs.

His hands carressed her and massaged her muscles and prepared her for his lips. She lay back, with eyes closed as he worked his kuşadası escort bayan sweet magic on her, and she was lost to all but that rich feeling that filled her body, soul and mind.

And he continued until he reached her upper thighs. She was full of anticipation as he came so close to her secret womanness. She bit her lip to prevent herself from begging him to touch and kiss her then. But he did not. He moved up her stomach and then continued his attentions up to her breasts.

She was becoming more excited as he kissed and fondled her breasts. His fingers and thumbs rolled her nipples and pulled and pinched them. His hands constantly moving and each touch changing and then changing again. Her breasts and nipples had never received such attention before. She squirmed as much as she could, her needs increasing with every kiss and lick and suck he lavished on her.

She felt herself building to orgasms and then felt her body shake as she climaxed. It was a strong, yet strange sensation she felt as the orgasms flowed through her body. She was cumming but still did not feel the complete release she needed.

He slowed down his activity as she moaned, and then he stood up and went back to the box as she relaxed and calmed down. He returned with a long scarf and a hand massaging vibrator. He sat beside her and began to caress her thighs and slowly moved to her pussy.

His hands massaged her legs, kneading the muscles of her thighs and relaxing her, yet making her tense from excitement as he moved up further with each circle of his hands. Soon he pressed his hand against her vulva . His fingers curled slightly and then slipped down between her legs, and into the wet opening between her labia. She gasped as she felt his fingers enter her.

She struggled to move, wanting him to go deeper and give her more then, but she could not. He slowly examined and explored her with his fingers. They traced her lips rubbing up and down the length both inside and on the outside. She felt his hands pulling her lips apart and his hot breath blowing across her tingling vagina.

And then she felt him rubbing and teasing her clit, bringing it up and out of it’s shroud, stiffening and hardening. His lips closed around it and he sucked and flicked it with his tongue and pulled it. She groaned and sighed as he worked on her. His fingers probed into her and massaged and carressed her inside and his lips and tongue bathed her lips and clit and then he sucked and kissed her lips and drank up the juices that now flowed freely from her.

She heaved and raised her pelvis, offering herself to him, and wanting more of his delicious pleasure. He sensed her needs and moved faster. His tongue darting in and out, flicking like a serpent’s, lapping and teasing her. His lips closing around her pulsing, throbbing clit, urging her on. His escort kuşadası lips kissing and loving her lips. His face pressed hard against her pussy, wet from her passion.

Then she began to buck uncontrollably in the throes of orgasms again, and this time she felt that complete release she wanted. Over and over she rose and fell with climaxes until she was spent, and she lay still. He rested his head on her stomach as she relaxed for a few minutes.

He sat up and when she had lost her sensitivity, he began to touch her again, slowly, tenderly. His fingers rubbed and massaged her lips and soon she was open and her pink wetness shone in the lights. He knotted the scarf, with little double knots about a half inch in diameter every two inches apart. She watched him work, not certain of his plans, but thrilled at the prospect of something new.

When he was finished, he returned to her pussy and again touched her, exciting and reawakening her passion. He placed the end of the scarf inside her lips and pushed it inside with his fingers. He slowly worked the entire scarf, one knot at a time inside her. She felt a soft fullness she had never experienced before.

He strapped the hand massager on his right hand and turned it on. The humming sound filled the room. She watched as he made ready. He smiled at her as he reached down to her. She felt the vibration immediately, as he began to massage her vulva, again pressing down on her mound and then moving across her labia, down between her legs. His hand retraced every inch of her pussy, along the lips, around her clit, up her thighs, and inside her slit.

She shook and vibrated without control as he massaged her. She lay back and gave herself over to the power of this new play, and she was washed away again by climax after climax after climax. She lost all sense of time and reality.

And when she had become too sensitive for his touch, he stopped and withdrew his hand and let her rest. He leaned down and kissed her lips, ….calm, slow, loving kisses.

In a few minutes, he got up and unfastened her restraints and helped her up. She sat at the edge of the bed.

“I have to leave for an errand now”, he said. “After I am gone, I want you to remove the scarf in your own private moment. Pull your legs together and slowly pull the end of the scarf so that the knots will pass through your lips one at a time. Take your time, for it may be intense.”

He stood up and kissed her and left the room. She sat for a few minutes gathering her composure and then started to dress. The scarf inside her was heavy on her mind. She was satisfied already, but she wondered what sensations would be caused from the scarf. She couldn’t wait any longer, and did as he said.

When the first knot passed between her lips, she almost fainted. She was swollen and sensitive from the manipulation he had given her, and she felt the pressure against her lips magnified. She continued pulling and each knot wracked her until she thought she would explode. She collapsed and fell asleep.

When he returned, he covered her with a blanket and let her sleep until morning.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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