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I surveyed my reflection in the mirror, casting a critical eye over what I saw. You had been away and I wanted you to feel that I had made an effort to be attractive for you on your return. My skin had a pale golden sheen in the soft light of the bedroom; helped by the attentions of the razor earlier in the bath and the lightly scented moisturiser I had applied only minutes before. I ran an inspecting hand over the efforts of the razor. My legs, underarms and pussy were smooth and soft as a baby’s skin.

Attention went next to my hair, naturally unruly. I frowned at it in the mirror before acknowledging that I had managed to encourage it to look at least as if it was intended to sit this way. I smiled as I realised it already looked as if male hands had found their way into its honey, corn silk strands. Just as well to have a cut that did that on purpose, since every other haircut I ever had, ended up looking that way through the ministrations of those loving, talented, knowing hands.

Briefly I inspected the rest of the picture I presented. Full breasts, already stiff, rose pink nipples, curvy hips, long legs and those ever present freckles, somewhat paler now it was winter, but still shades darker than the rest of my skin, full sensuous lips, which were already aching for your kiss, and blue eyes, which were currently signalling the war going on inside. They sparkled with slumberous fire whilst showing vague lines of fatigue.

I sighed. To dress or not to dress? I checked the time – 11.40. You wouldn’t be back until after 12. A tiny smile played at the corners of my mouth as I realised that the lingerie would be best kept for tomorrow night. When you got back, all either of us would be interested in would be touching, holding, lots of kissing and probably not a whole lot of foreplay, before falling onto and into one another. The speed and intensity of my readiness for you never fails to take me a little by surprise.

Finally decided, I grabbed one of your old work shirts, I like sleeping in them. I also like how sometimes you take your time over the buttons, and, at others, consign them to the “used to be clothing” category by ripping them open. I slid my arms into the pale blue cotton and did up the bottom four buttons, leaving the top three open and a large amount of cleavage consequently in view. I slipped into bed, snuggled over to your side where faint traces of your scent were still available to me and closed my eyes for a second. Very soon now and you would be here… *****

I became aware of a weight around my waist, and an insistent suckling on the nape of my neck, making my back arch and pushing my bum instinctively against the hard heat I could already feel pressing against there. ‘Arrived,’ I thought, ‘you’re here safe’ and drifted back towards sleep.

‘Mmmm.’ In response to the wonderful, drugging, languorous sensations pulsing through me, making my limbs heavy and warm, I slowly floated back to wakefulness, my entire being responding to the heat and the insistence of your mouth on mine, the play of your tongue encouraging my own to dance, and with no hesitation I opened my lips, and allowed my nature to take over, my mouth flirting against yours, my tongue demanding more strength and more heat from you, pushing you to dominate me and make me entirely yours. My hands moved to go around you and pull you close. ‘What the…?’ My eyes flew open in shock.

Male laughter, knowing, deep and sensuous.

“Hi, Honey, I’m here.” You looked down imperiously on my stunned face.

Every sense was now on alert, flooding languorous limbs with adrenalin, making them tense, ready for fight. My wrists were securely tied to the headboard! Blue eyes round and enormous with shock, my gaze flew to your face. The man I love so well, straddled over me, very aroused, very solid and, judging by the expression on your face, not overly happy with me. I struggled to swallow, mouth suddenly very dry. As I examined my predicament and saw the material of my own scarves biting into my wrists, I wondered what I had done.

“Confused, sweetheart?” Your tone was more than a little acid. You cocked your head to one side, as if mocking my confusion. Fake concern was etched on your face as you continued,

“Poor baby! She doesn’t understand why this is happening…”

Then you took hold of my left breast in your right hand and very slowly increased the pressure on it. You squeezed it so hard that your fingers almost managed to curl into a fist with my tortured flesh inside it.

“Unnhhhh.” Despite myself I let out a low, breathy moan of pain. As you lessened your grip and then removed your hand from my breast, the marks of your fingers left a livid print on the creamy skin, as if it felt you still had me in your grasp.

From Betist lowered lashes I watched as you sat back; seeming to admire the artwork you had wrought on my body. You were smiling your satisfaction that you had my complete attention.

“It is very simple, Darling. You see, I find it unacceptable that I drive for this long to come to you, and you can’t even be bothered to stay awake to welcome me.” I heard you sigh and saw your expression as you shook your head, before your gaze travelled over my body, working down from my startled face and then taking a very long time to come back up and reach my own now shameful, downcast gaze. I longed to tell you how I had prepared for your arrival, but the words were stuck in my throat and I knew it was true. I couldn’t even stay awake to show you how much you had been missed.

You inhaled deeply, making me very aware of the weight of you on my hips.

“I think, sweetie, we need to revisit the basics. You need to learn all over again just how bad it can hurt when you fail to please me, as well as how lovely it can be for you when you show me that you belong to me. Actually, we both know how much you enjoy it all, but I have a feeling you won’t be overly keen on this lesson.” You laughed then. A hard, clipped, cold sound.

“Well, at least not initially. Incidentally, feel free to struggle. I really think I’d rather like that.”

I swallowed convulsively at the dark fires I could see burning in your eyes. I hadn’t seen this in you for a long time, and I remembered exactly how pointed your lessons could be.

Despite myself, I felt a shiver of anticipation, and became aware of an ache growing deep inside me. I flushed in shame, which you must have caught because you began to laugh again.

“Are you having fun yet, my darling?” As you enquired, you took my left nipple between thumb and forefinger and pinched – hard. Immediately and with no thought I twisted to try to release it from your grip, but you know me well and just moved with me. The pressure on that most sensitive part of me merely increased beyond what I ever thought I could bear. A moan escaped from me, though I tried to bite it back.

“What’s that you say? More? Do the other one too?” I could see your dark head cocked to one side, questioningly. “Certainly sweetheart, anything for you…” But instead of immediately moving your other hand to my right breast, the pressure lifted from my left. And you twisted your upper body away, lifting the pressure on my hips. It was over, relief flooded through me.

“Thank you,” I whispered meekly, only to falter when I caught a glimpse of what you had reached for.

“Oh,” you chuckled, “You are so very welcome.”

Both hands returned to my left nipple, busying themselves with the clamps you had lifted from the bed. You seemed to be watching my expression intently as you got it into position,

“Are you ready for the pain, baby? Here it comes,” and then immediately you released your hold on the spring holding the clamp apart. A rush of white hot, needle sharp pain coursed from my already tender nipple, sending screams of sensation up my spine, and causing me to catch and hold my breath with the effort of not making a sound.

You seemed to drink in the sight of me like this; riding the waves of pain you gave me so generously. I could see that you noted how the fire in my own eyes spiralled almost out of control. I wanted to be such a good girl for you, even if you couldn’t tell me right now if I was.

Right then I needed as much as wanted my punishment. Something in me also sensed that you needed to be sure that I remembered that pleasing you was my purpose. I felt you grow harder as I responded to your wonderful hurts on me. I hoped that you would have my mouth on you soon, but I wasn’t to have that yet. You had a devilish glint in your otherwise forbidding expression…

My left nipple was being pulled down by the weight of the chain that allowed it to be connected to its fellow on the other end. I noted your teasing expression as you lifted the chain until it was taut and then drew circles in the air causing my nipple to follow in miniature the arcs you were making.

Then, oh my, I almost screamed in frustration as you lowered your mouth until you could concentrate a breath on the very tip of my ravaged flesh, and very lightly flicked your tongue over it. Millions of electrical pain and pleasure circuits were galvanised into action, sending hot currents of sheer sensation through me in almost unbearable waves. A long, low moan of excitement came from me at that.

This seemed to make you more focused and the expression that settled on your beloved countenance was one of decision and determination, almost grim. Your hands busied Betist Giriş themselves in repeating your earlier ministrations, only this time on my right nipple. Again, before releasing your hold on the spring, you focused on my face, seemingly satisfied with the apprehension you could see shining through the pleasure you had given.

“Ready?” You cocked your head a little. Slowly and beseechingly, I shook my head in response.

“Ah, good.” You let go your hold. Again, you seemed to drink in the vision of me being hit by the sensations you had offered, then watching me try to breathe through the wash of hurt that coursed through me. I became very aware of how strongly your cock twitched against my belly, harder than ever now.

“Do you like your punishment?” You asked me. The words were clipped and angry, but not shouted. You spoke in normal tones and were all the more commanding for it.

I shook my head in response. I could tell that this was inadequate by the hiss of your indrawn breath and then feeling your hand snake out, round to the back of my neck, pulling my hair, forcing my head back and my chin to be thrust upwards, making my back arch and bringing my already tortured breasts into contact with your chest. The heat coming off them was blistering. Yes, I loved it.

“If I ask you a question, you will do me the courtesy of answering me. Am I understood?” You breathed against my ear and you pulled a little harder on my hair as you finished. I rushed to answer you in a breathy whisper, which was all I could manage, but I didn’t want to anger you any more than I already had.

“Yes, I understand and … I’m sorry.” There were tears forming at the corners of my eyes. Despite this, I felt the response of your cock to my words. God, I feel so wet and desperate for you when you make me recognise I am this vulnerable.

Instead of letting go my hair, I felt you pulling a little harder and felt the rush of longing to open myself entirely to you as you did. I wonder if you saw the leap of flame in my eyes as you did that? I was desperate to simply beg you to bury yourself deep inside me soon, or I knew I would simply tumble over the edge into orgasm as soon as you graced me with the feel of you moving inside me.

“Right, we’ll try again. Do you like your punishment?” Your gaze bored into mine, daring me to answer you truthfully, equally daring me to answer you untruthfully. Either way I could not win.

My tongue flicked out, wetting my suddenly very dry lips, and I risked a look directly into your eyes as I answered.

“I love it.” I breathed shakily. Whether it made you more or less angry, it was only the truth. I could feel the moisture in my pussy and the deep pulling ache in my lower belly, crying out to be taken, claimed and shown that you were its, and my, master. Unable to risk seeing whether this displeased you, my lashes lowered and I held my breath, waiting for your pleasure.

“Show me, slut, open your legs for me, oh, and your mouth. Now!” Your voice was a little rough, betraying a little of your own urgency for the first time. A thrill rushed through me at that. With no hesitation at all I opened my mouth for you and spread my legs as wide as I possibly could, my hips automatically pushing upwards in mute invitation to you. I felt you shift, settling your weight again on my hot, aching tits, and as I felt your cock push into my eager, now watering mouth, I also felt three of your fingers plunge into my fevered cunt.

Instinctively, both sucked at their offerings, the walls of my pussy trying to pull your fingers deeper, my hips raising to try to encourage you to take me more forcefully, my head going back as I sucked and licked at your wonderful, delicious cock, telling you I wanted all of you taking me as plainly as I could. I wanted you to use me, fuck me and ride me until I passed out from the sheer sensations you lavished on me. A moan of loss escaped from me as you withdrew your cock so very slowly from my hungry mouth.

“Who’s pleasure is important here, my Angel?” As you asked, your bum ground on my hot, aching breasts, causing fresh flash floods of delicious agony to wash over and through me. I raised my gaze to your own piercing stare before answering,

“Yours Sir, only yours.” I held your eyes as you nodded your agreement and then commanded me to open my mouth again. I thrilled at the grunt of satisfaction as you plunged your full length into my mouth and down my throat. I feasted on the sight of your eyes closing and your head tilting back as you fucked my face. This only made me more desperate to pleasure you. I sucked harder, then, as you slowly withdrew a little, I sucked harder making sure licked the gorgeous head of your cock any time you withdrew it long enough for me to do so, I moaned my joy as I was rewarded with the intoxicating nectar or your excitement.

Without warning you pulled put of me, and moved away. You undid my right wrist restraint and whispered in my ear,

“Turn over, my sweet little whore. Present yourself to me.”

“Yes Sir.” I murmured and rolled onto my stomach, before raising my bum and bringing myself onto my knees so that my back was arched and my pussy, wet, oh so wet, and hungry was in now plain view. I couldn’t help but wriggle a little in an attempt to assuage some of the ache deep inside me.

“Good girl.” You soothed, as you moved between my widespread thighs and pushed smoothly and deeply into me. I couldn’t help but moan in ecstasy as you did.

“Thank you, Sir.” I gasped. You instantly rewarded me with several deep, stretching thrusts that seemed to almost split me in two. Without needing to be told, I pushed back on your wonderful tool, wanting all of you, for all it would hurt to have that much of you.

“What do you want slut?” you queried of me, as you rode me deeply and careless of my hurts.

“I want to please you, Sir.” I managed to concentrate on answering through the fog of pleasure you surrounded me with.


My left bum cheek was stinging and red hot with the force of the slap you landed. You pulled out of me a little, driving me wild as you gave me only a couple of inches of your glorious cock and held it there, immobile, whilst your hands had locked on my hips preventing me from pushing back onto you.

“Nice answer, but not entirely true, I think!” You plunged briefly into me, and made me sigh in sheer pleasure, “Try again.”

SMACK, this time on my right bum cheek and every bit as hard, making me yelp.

“Quickly now, slut. I lose patience.” Your tone was irritated, making me rush to answer you.

“I want to please you, Sir, but I also want to be fucked senseless” I breathed, trying, despite your iron grip, which had returned the instant you had delivered your blow, to move my hips in a way that allowed me to feel more of you than you currently allowed.


“Good girl. How about you fuck me instead? Show me how much you love cock. Make it obvious exactly how cock hungry you are, what a dirty little slut you are.”


“Come on, bitch, ride my cock. Show me.” You thrust your entire length into me and allowed your grip to lessen, although your hands rested lightly on my hips, making me feel claimed.

I did as you asked, my back arching onto the long, thick, hot hardness of you, hips rolling, pushing back and pulling forward, getting lost in the rhythm of my own need. Eventually, you decided enough was enough. Your breathing was laboured and the scent of our arousal was heavy in the air. The noises of my excitement were loud in the dimmed light of the bedroom, as was the rhythmic thumping of the headboard against the wall and then I groaned in ecstasy as your hand found my hair, pulled my head back and you began to seriously pump yourself in and out of my greedy cunt. I was desperate to come all around you, milk you dry. Despite myself I could feel the contractions begin, and your cock swell even more at the response from me.

“Beg me, Angel, ask me nicely for what you want.” You ground out, slamming into me, almost tipping me over the edge.

“Please Sir, allow me to cum all around your cock, let my cunt milk your cum from you, I beg you” I managed,

“Certainly, my little cum slave, have your cum for me, and take all of mine.” With that you began to truly fuck me, harder and harder, allowing me to be swept away, for my pussy to let go and my orgasm to pulse through me. I groaned in satisfaction as I felt you spray your own seed deep inside me, in seemingly endless spurts.

“Mmmm, thank you, Sir” I offered as I eventually and regretfully felt you pull out of me, You laughed, undid my remaining restraint before pulling me into your arms, and bringing your beloved mouth down on mine and giving me a thorough and tender kiss.

“This is going to hurt you, Angel,” you whispered, “but I’ll kiss it better”. You took the clamps in both hands and undid them at the same time. Your mouth instantly went to my right nipple salving the rush of pain, suckling there until the blood flow returned to normal and the agony became a deep, warm ache. Meanwhile your hand maintained a pinch on the left nipple until your mouth could repeat its ministrations there. My hands cradled your head as you tended to my grateful tits.

Eventually you raised your head from its work to gaze into my eyes.

“You know, Angel?” You smiled, “I believe I should do some late night shopping more often. What do you think?”


To all of you who took time to vote and/or give feedback to my first attempt, a big thank you. It’s good to be appreciated. Please let me know what you think of this offering. Constructive criticism is very welcome.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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