Housemates Ch. 01

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One week. Alexander had just one week before he officially started his studies at the University of Oregon. Currently he was texting his friend Logan who was joining him at UO while also trying to finish pack his things. Today, he was moving to his new future residence and he was both nervous and excited. Excited because he’ll be finally away from home and nervous because he was moving in with his sister’s boyfriend. As a good will gesture to his sister, Brayden suggested the idea as he only lived about half an hour’s bus ride away from campus and Alexander’s parents quickly accepted the offer to save on the room and board expenses.

But what was really bothering Alex was the fact the he has had a crush on Brayden from the time they met two years ago and no one knows. Alex zipped up his suit case with a heavy sigh and placed it on the floor. He walked over to his standing mirror and grabbed the belt that was hanging over it. As he was putting it on he looked himself over in the mirror. Alex was 5’10” with light brown hair and he currently has it tapered with his natural curls at the top. He has a boyish face which his sister compares to Tom Holland, and he even has the body to match.

That, he owed to his uncle. When Alex first came out at fifteen, his sister fully embraced him. Even though they are five years apart, they were always close. His parents on the other had didn’t react so well. They didn’t call him names or threatened to throw him out, but it could’ve gone better. As one of the plans make him “normal” again, his dad sent him off to his uncle for the summer in hopes that it would do the trick. His uncle owns and runs a gym but twice a week he would also use one of the studio spaces as a karate dojo.

Fortunately, his father’s plan didn’t work but surprisingly, Alex enjoyed his time with his uncle and when that summer was over, he would travel every weekend to train with him. His uncle even convinced his dad to set up a home gym in their basement. Alex ran his fingers over his chest as the memories came back to him. Then there was a knock at his bedroom door.

“Xan?”, it was his sister Jessica

“Come in”.

“Aren’t you ready yet?” she asked as she entered his room.

“Yeah; I just have to put on my shirt.” Alex took a plain black T-shirt from his bed and pulled it over his head. “Why are you in a rush?”

“I’m not in a rush.”

“Yeah you are. The sooner we leave here, the sooner you get to see your boyfriend”

“This has absolutely nothing to do with Brayden.” Jessica didn’t even try to sound convincing. They laughed at her lack of effort.

Since Brayden lives about 2 1/2 hours away, Jessica and Brayden arranged to meet in person on weekends. Sometime she would travel to see him and other times it was the opposite. She would usually leave on Saturday mornings and come back the Sunday evenings. But since Alexander had decided to leave on Friday, this meant that Jessica would see Brayden one day earlier than usual.

Alex grabbed his suitcase and duffel bag from the floor. “Grab that backpack from the closet door please?”

“Sure.” Jessica swung the backpack onto her right shoulder.

When they got downstairs, their mother was waiting by the door. Their dad was called into a last minute meeting at the firm, so he wasn’t there to see Alex off.

“Please don’t cry mom.”

“I’m not crying”, she said while wiping tears from her eyes.

Alex let go of his suitcase to give his mom a hug. “I’m only about a couple hundred miles away. And besides, you and dad are visiting next week.”

“I know. It’s just that you’re 18 and all grown up now. It happened so fast.”

“I know. But I have to go.” Alex gave his mom another hug before going through the door.

“Be safe and tell Brayden hello for me.”

Alex packed his things into his sister’s Prius and waved at his mom while getting in.

“Are you ready?” Jessica asked as she started the car.

“Yeah, lets go.” And Jessica checked her rear view mirror before moving off.

As they drove, Jessica played her usual road-trip playlist which mainly consisted of Dua Lipa, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Alex is mostly an alternative type of person but he found himself tapping his foot while the music played. When his sister pulled over at a gas station to get some snacks, Alex took over the driving. Almost three hours later, they pulled up Bycasino to their destination.

Brayden lived in a two bedroom townhouse in your typical suburban area. Jessica parked behind his Chevy truck in the shared driveway with the townhouse next door. While Alex took his things out of the car, Jessica went and rang the doorbell. After about a minute, Brayden opened the door. Alex looked away as he kissed his sister. Brayden then came over and greeted Alex .

“Hey Xanny,” he said with his arm around Alex’s shoulders. Xanny. Alexander never liked that nickname but from Brayden, he accepted it.

“Hey Brayden.” Alex tried hard not to blush as Brayed smiled at him. Brayden was 6’1” with shoulder length wavy black hair, emerald eyes and had a 5 o’clock shadow. His skin was an olive tone, showing his mixed heritage. His dad was white and his mom was Latina. He was wearing a white T-shirt that was one size too small, showing his muscles underneath, a black pair of jeans and black flip flops.

“Let me get that for you.” Brayden took Alexander’s suitcase and entered the house with Jessica behind him and then Alex. “Welcome to your new home away from home.”

Alex’s parents have been here before but this is the first time for Alex. The bottom floor was an opened plan. A wooden staircase was to the right wall and to the left was the living room with a four chair dining table after and the kitchen at the rear. There was a door at the back right head, which Alex assumed lead to the backyard.

“Down here is pretty simple,” Brayden gestured around the room. “The washer and dryer is behind the staircase and there’s a small patio through the back door.” Then they went upstairs.

“Right ahead is the bathroom; to your left will be your room; the door adjacent to us here is mine and that small door there is storage” Alex nodded as Brayden spoke.

Alex opened his bedroom door and looked around, It wasn’t as big as his own back home, but he was pleased. Along the left wall was a queen sized bed and a bedside table. To his immediate right was the closet space and the opposite wall had a desk with an office chair and a small bookshelf next to it. The far wall had a window overlooking the backyard and it was fitted with a window seat.

“Thanks a lot for doing this for my brother,” Jessica said while running her had through Brayden’s hair.

“It was no problem at all. I repainted the room; your sister told me you liked green. And I got the desk and and chair in case you wanted to work here. A printer is in the storage closet if you need it.”

“Thanks. I really appreciate this,” Alex said.

“No problem.”


Alex had unpacked his things and texted Logan with an update on his move. Then he went downstairs to watch a movie with Brayden and Jessica and have pizza that Brayden had ordered. When the movie was over, Alex returned to his room but Brayden and Jessica stayed downstairs. He had not too long fallen sleep when he heard a door opened and closed. He assumed it was Brayden’s. He was drifting back to sleep when he heard another sound. Alex’s eyes widened when he realised what he was hearing. It was his sister’s moaning. It was evident that she was trying not to be loud, but it was obvious that she and Brayden were currently taking part in a sexual activity.

The thought of Brayden possibly being completely naked in the room just next door made Alex’s cock grow in his shorts. He ran his had over the length before completely pulling it out and giving it a tug. A soft moan escaped his lips. He ran his hand up and down his shaft, giving a light squeeze at the head. Some precum seeped out and Alex caught it with his thumb. He brought it to his lips and licked the precum off. Alex continued to tug at his dick and gyrate his hips on the bed.

While he jerked himself off, he ran his left hand along his torso stopping at his left nipple to give it a squeeze. Another soft moan escaped him. He removed his shorts and now he was completely naked. He licked his thumb and index finger and moved over to his right nipple. Alex closed his eyes as the sensation ran through his body. Now he was pumping his fist with his cock, completely lifting his hips off the bed as he drove upward into his hand. The thoughts that he was having now weren’t anything new. He had imagined having sex with Brayden many times before. Alex considered himself mostly a top but at Bycasino giriş the odd moments, he would bottom for the right person. Right now, he wanted that person to be Brayden.

Alex moved his left hand down his body and stopped to give his balls a squeeze before moving on to his ass. He lifted his legs, exposing his hole and rubbed his hand along his entrance. He brought his hand to his mouth and sucked on his middle and ring fingers before returning to his asshole. Alex pushed his middle finger inside to the first knuckle and bit his bottom lip as he slid it in and out of his ass. When he reached the second knuckle, he slid his the other finger in. Alex fingered himself as he jerked off; but he wanted something more filling and he knew exactly how to get it.

Alex got out of the bed and walked over to his duffel bag in the window seat; his hard 8 inch dick sticking out in front of him. He still had some clothes in the bag but he moved them over, revealing what he was really looking for; his toys. When the seldom moments came around that Alex wanted to be fucked, if he couldn’t get any cock, he would resort to a couple of these. Or if he was just up for some simple ass play. Right now, he was looking at an 8” dildo, a 7” rechargeable vibrator, a rechargeable vibrating butt plug and a 3-piece regular set. He took out the dildo and got his lube from a side pocket.

He went back to the bed and raised his legs in the air again. He squeezed some of the lube onto his hole and his fingers. He began to finger himself again as he prepared himself for what was to come. He could hear the bed in the next room creaking now and his sister moaning with Brayden giving small grunts in between. They had given up on trying to hide what they were doing. But Alex didn’t mind as he imagined that it was him that Brayden was driving his cock in and out of. When he felt like his hole was ready, he put some lube on the dildo and spread it along its length.

Alex placed the head at his entrance and gently pushed it in. He gasped as it entered. He slowly fucked himself, pushing more and more inches in with every stroke.He was almost half way in when he started jerking himself again; and the harder he jerked his cock the harder he fucked himself. He had almost all the dildo in when he felt his balls tighten. A few more strokes and cum exploded from his cock. He tried his best not to make any noise as he rode out his orgasm. As he tried to catch his breath, he looked down at him self and his chest and abs were covered in cum. He had some on his hand and he licked it off.

Brayden and Jessica were quieter now but Alex could still hear the bed moving at intervals. Alex eased out of his room and tiptoed to the bathroom to clean his self up and to wash his dildo. He was only seconds back into his room when he heard Brayden’s bedroom door open. There were footsteps and giggling and a “shhhh” from his sister. Not long after, Alex had fallen asleep.


The next morning Alex was awaken by a knocking sound. He groaned as he turned over on his side, his eyes opening slowly as the noise continued. When he got his bearings, he realised that it was a jay at his window. He got out of bed and reluctantly strolled over to the window and shew the bird away. He walked over to the bedside table and checked the time on his phone. It was 8:45 am. He grabbed his toiletries and bath towel and headed to the bathroom.

It was a few minutes after 9 when Alex went downstairs. He saw Brayden in the living room talking to someone on the phone in Spanish with a bit of English in between. His sister was in the kitchen at the stove frying what smelt like bacon.

“Good morning Xan,” Jessica said while taking the bacon out of the frying pan.

“Good morning sis.” Alex sat on a stool by the island.

“How did you sleep?”

“I have to get accustomed to the new mattress but it was good. What about you?” Alex was setting his sister up.

“I slept good also.”

“I bet.” After a pause he added, “You wouldn’t happen to have been woken up by moaning or a bed creaking or anything like that?”

Alex watched as his sister went completely red. A Cheshire grin came across his face. At that moment, Brayden walked over.

“Good morning Xanny.” Alex acknowledged him was a short wave. “How did you sleep last night?


“That’s good. Jess, my mom said hello.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Bycasino güncel giriş Jessica said a bit too high pitched.

“Is something wrong?” Brayden asked. Alex leaned in on the counter top, waiting for his sister’s response.

“Uh… Um, Alex heard us last night.”

“Heard us?” His eyes widened when he realised what she meant. “Oh. Sorry about that man. We tried to umm… but… yeah… sorry man.”

“It’s no problem. I traveled with some earplugs so I used those.”

“Right.” Brayden ran his hand through his hair. “Well I’m sure when you officially start school, you’ll be having girls over here every night.” Jessica’s eyes widened at his comment.

“Eh, I doubt that.” Alex said.

“Oh don’t be modest. Look at that face.” Brayden lightly slapped Alex’s cheek. “You’ll have all the girls running after you.”

“Breakfast’s ready!” Jessica said in a rush, trying to change the subject. Brayden took a plate of bacon, scrambled eggs and french toast from Jessica and got a bottled water from the fridge. After kissing Jessica on the cheek, he went over to the dining table.

“Sorry,” she mouthed to Alex.

“It’s OK,” Alex whispered. “He doesn’t know.” Alex and Jessica got their plates and went to the table.

After breakfast, Brayden and Jessica took Alex shopping. Alex mainly bought food items and some things for school. On Sunday, Brayden took him around the neighbourhood before Jessica left to return home.


It was the middle of the week and Alex was siting in the sofa chair with his laptop when he heard Brayden’s truck pull into the driveway. He looked at the time on his laptop and it was 6:20 pm. It was later than the usual time Brayden came home from work. Brayden works for Troy’s Towing and Mechanics as a supervisor at one of their nearby branches.

When Brayden entered, he to took off his shoes at the door and began to unbutton his uniform shirt. Alex couldn’t help but watch as he took his shirt off. Alex preferred little or no hair but the way Brayden’s hair contoured along his chest and abs made Alex’s mouth go dry. Brayden’s v-cut was so deep that it demanded that you look at his crotch. Alex obliged. He followed the trail with his eyes and stopped at the print to the right of his zipper. Alex started to grow in his pants. Brayden unsnapped his jeans and began to unzip them. This is when Alex realised that Brayden hadn’t noticed him yet.

“Brayden,” Alex tried to say calmly.

“Oh shit!” Brayden jumped. “Alexander! I didn’t see you there.”

“I figured. Given the strip show I just got.”

Brayden gave a sheepish smile. “Sorry about that. I still have to get accustomed to not living alone anymore.”

“So you always strip naked at the door when you come home from work?”

“Strip naked, yes. At the door, no,” Brayden chuckled.

Alex was trying his best not to look down. But when Brayden wasn’t looking directly at him, he took a couple quick glances. Brayden hadn’t completely zipped back up his jeans and Alex could see the top of his trimmed pubic hair. It was also obvious that Brayden wasn’t wearing any underwear. This made his dick throb. He hoped that the laptop and the way that his legs were folded hid his erection.

“How was work?” Alex asked, trying to keep his eyes on Brayden’s face. That didn’t really help either.

Brayden sighed. “Hectic. There was a 6 car pile up on the OR-126 and there was still some other repairs to do.”

“I saw about the accident on Twitter. Luckily no one was severely hurt.”

“Yeah, luckily. Did you eat already?”

“I did. I cooked spaghetti bolognese. There’s some still on the stove if you want any.”

“Thanks man; I’m hungry.” Brayden rubbed his abdomen as he spoke. His hand stopped at the top of his jeans. Alex wondered if he was ever going to close them back. “Well I’m going to shower first and then eat.” Alex responded with a nod watched as Brayden went up the stairs.

After a few seconds Alex sighed and sat back in the chair. He reached under his laptop and gave his erection a squeeze.


He got up with his laptop and went to the bottom of the staircase but stood out of sight. He waited until he heard Brayden go into the bathroom and then quickly ascended to his room. He placed the laptop on the desk and then went over to his duffel bag. He tugged at his dick as he opened it. This time, he took out his vibrator.


Writer’s note: Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever submission. I hope you liked it and want to read more. If you want, rate/favourite it and leave a comment. Feedback is appreciated. Many thanks, FrankieJunior

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