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I was the bachelor of the office. No big deal. Thirty three years old. My life was solely composed of working or working out. I had mostly gotten the results I wanted. Eighty a year with benefits, insurance, the whole package. After work I’d go to the gym and train for a fight that would probably never happen. I stood six-foot two at 195 lbs of muscle, and even dressed business-casual my sleeves were clinging to my arms.

If you asked me about women when I was twenty-three I would have coughed and pretended you didn’t say anything. Now it was pretty easy. I’m glad I got to know the difference. I had a type. I generally liked my women thick. When you’re in the shape I’m in that meant pretty easy pickings. But something happened a little while back, something I never would have thought would happen: I got bored. I got tired of the little lies: “No you don’t look fat. Yeah I like your politics. You’re the only person I’m talking to.”

My sex life peaked when I was half a loser; when you’re attractive enough to fuck but too low for her friends to see you with, that’s when you get the most ass at the nightclub. These days, as soon as I slept with a woman she was calling me back the next day, practically expecting a wedding ring. Couldn’t do it anymore. So I took my contacts out and put my glasses back on and went back into work.

When my coworker Kenneth asked me to watch over his house in Avalon, I didn’t make a big deal out of it. He was going on a camping trip and needed someone to feed the dog. His place was a lot nicer than my apartment on the South side and I needed the time to work on my spreadsheets for work, I had a whole quarter that I needed to balance in Microsoft Excel. Three days. No big deal.

I pulled up to his driveway around 7:00 PM. Parked my Chevrolet Challenger Demon right next to his Jeep Grand Cherokee, its trunk flung open, Kenneth hauling camping gear back and forth while his middle school kids sat in the back seat. “Finally here, thank god,” he said.

“Sorry, had to hit the gym. Got the keys?”

“Here you go.” Kenneth handed me the keys to the house. His house was the kind of place a governor would tell people he lived in. Two floors of old brick and warm yellow light. Nice neighbors. Nice school district. His wife brought the last of the bags from the doorway. She had the gait of a woman who was used to being overweight. Besides the few extra pounds, she looked good for fifty one.

“Hi David,” she crooned. His wife gave me a familiar hug, squeezed my deltoid as if to take stock of me. Kenneth was too old to be jealous. “It’s so nice to meet you.”

“You as well. Thanks for letting me crash here.”

She laughed. “Anytime. Come on, I’ll show you inside.”

Kenneth’s wife showed me the pantry for the dog food, the living room, and the master bedroom. The house reminded me of my childhood except that the pictures were of strangers. There was one photo on the fridge that caught my eye.

“Who’s she?” I pointed at a graduation photo of a young brunette. Perfect teeth, brown eyes, busty even in her gown–probably Kenneth’s kid though. Simmer down.

“Oh, that’s Casey,” she said. “She didn’t want to go camping with us, said she’s ‘allergic'”. She made air quotations for effect. “So she went to spend time with her friend over at Southern.”

“That’s tragic,” I replied dryly.


Forty minutes later and Kenneth and his family were on the road, and I was free to enjoy his 4K TV and blu-rays. Die Hard, The Matrix, Apocalypse Now. Theatrical or Redux? I thought to myself. Better feed the dog first. Santa Paws, or Santa, for short, was a white labrador that even an asshole like me could get to like. I didn’t even get the movie started with all the petting he was getting.

After Martin Sheen had killed Marlon Brando it was time for a shower and maybe some spreadsheets. I went upstairs to use the master bathroom and noticed there was a door left open on the second floor. I peeked in. It was clearly Casey’s room. Pink walls. Clothes everywhere. Next to her door was a hamper of dirty laundry. A bra strap was hanging out.

This should have been the stop sign for me. It’s one thing to help myself to the TV. Creeping on his eighteen year old daughter’s room was completely different. I decided to spare myself just this one indiscretion and see what this girl was packing under that gown. I picked up the bra and turned it over and my jaw nearly Mardin Escort hit the floor. 26H. No fucking way. That’s skinny and top heavy. There’s no way she had an ass.

Finally, a moment of clarity overcame me. What the hell was I doing here? I put the bra back in the hamper and went to take my shower. I made it a steamy one. When I was done I didn’t put my shirt back on, I just put my legs through some basketball shorts. I admired myself in the mirror for a bit. Six pack abs were not easy at this age.

As soon as I came back downstairs I knew something was amiss. In the kitchen Santa the dog was running in circles and yapping.

“What?” I asked the dog. Stupid.

And then a shadow appeared at the stained window by the front door. The lock turned. Did Kenneth forget something? Why would he turn around to come back here at midnight?

The door opened and she came in. Casey. She looked like a fucking rapper’s white girlfriend. She was in the sort of slutwear you only put on when you’re going to a Halloween party or a Latin club. Full makeup, foundation, eye liner. Her breasts were barely being held by a midriff with no straps. Her waist went inwards like an hourglass and her hips opened up wide. She stared at me. “Oh shit,” she said.

“Hold up, you’re not supposed to be here,” I said, puzzled.

She almost got mad, and then she looked me up and down. Taller than her by five inches, muscles everywhere. “Neither are you, who are you? A stripper?”

“I’m your dad’s friend. He asked me to look after the house.”

She rolled her eyes. “Ugh. Of course he would do something like that. Well, I’m Casey.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you. I’m David.”

She closed the door behind her and walked past me into the kitchen. Jesus Christ, I couldn’t have been more wrong about her butt. Her ass was squeezing out of some high trim booty shorts. Ridiculous. I looked around for my shirt but it was probably upstairs. “So I’m guessing you didn’t make it to your college huh?”

Casey went into the fridge and came out with two bottles of liquor. “No, that didn’t work out. So I’d figured I’d at least come home and chill out alone.”

I raised an eyebrow. “You chill out alone dressed like that?”

She looked down at her ample cleavage. Then she laughed. “Yeah, I was at the club for a bit.”

“Which club do they let you into? You’re eighteen and you look even less.”

“Club Dominica. They don’t ID you if you dress like a whore.”

“Pffft. Well I hope you had a good time. I guess I can call your dad and get out of here then, I’m pretty sure you can feed the dog.”

“Aww, don’t let me drink alone.” She raised the bottle of Ciroc to me.

I sighed. “There’s no way you’re allowed to just come home and drink your parents’ liquor.”

“As long as you’re not a tattletale.”

She was pretending to be an airhead but I knew she was a little smarter than she was letting on. She never had any plans to begin with, her “trip” to her friend’s college was probably just a ploy to get the house to herself and have a party. I wasn’t gonna say that part out loud. “Okay, one drink,” I said. “But let me put on a shirt.”

She smiled, somewhere between tipsy and drunk. “But you look like Joe Manganiello in Magic Mike. You don’t need a shirt.”

And an awkward silence. I kept looking at her tits. They were supple and her huge nipples made two dark outlines in the kitchen light. I felt my cock stir. Fuck, I thought. Think of something to say before this little girl sees you getting hard.

“Come on, let’s drink,” she said.

“Sure,” I replied, resigned. I came closer to her. She smelled like vodka and perfume. Her lips had soft pink lipstick. Whore’s lips. How many boys were going to use those slutty lips when she goes to college this fall, I thought, against my better judgement.

We each took a shot in the kitchen. My intrusive thoughts were killing me. Her perfect skin, her supple breasts, her tiny nubile waist, her fat ass, no man could withstand this torture. And it just kept getting worse.

“Do you play sports?” she asked.

“No.” I said. I was trying to be as lame as I could right now. This wasn’t just somebody’s daughter, it was Kenneth’s daughter. Who I work with. It was a principle to not flirt with a little dumb girl like this. But I’d never felt my flesh tempted like it was with this little teen.

“Really? All that working out you must do for those Mardin Escort Bayan arms and you’re just doing my dad’s boring ass job?” She laughed. “I bet I could figure out a good way to use them. Look at those veins, god damn.” She put her tiny hand on my biceps and I instinctively flexed.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed. “It’s hard as a rock.”

I thought she was talking about my dick at first and my face went red with humiliation. Suddenly I was that lame 23 year old in business school again. She was laughing and squeezed my arm again. “You wanna watch some TV?”

I composed myself before she could notice. “Sure. What do you like, 90-Day Fiance or some shit like that?”

“No asshole,” She said playfully, and led me by my arm to the couch. “I’m a Love and Hip-Hop girl.”

“What the hell is Love and Hip-Hop?”

“It’s this show where the wives of rappers and basketball players complain about who’s messing with whose man and like, it’s scandalous A.F.”

“Scandalous A.F…” I said, making no mystery of how confused I was. At least the small talk was keeping my semi-hard dick in my basketball shorts. There was no reason for me to be here. But here she was, on the couch next to me, our arms touching with a bottle of vodka. Just watch the show. Act normal.

We talked about my job and her upcoming semester at college. Then we took two more shots. Dear god, this TV show was awful. I saw a rapper I knew on the TV and pointed. “Oh shit, is that Yung Joc?”

“Yeah, he’s on here.”

“Damn…” Then I realized that her hand had moved down to my thigh. When she saw me looking she chuckled.

“Wow, your thighs are so huge. You must squat like a thousand pounds.” She squeezed my left thigh just like she did my arm. Firm lean tissue. She gave my inner thigh another squeeze. “Damn, you’re so hard everywhere dude, you need to be like Mr. Universe.”

“Hold up there,” I said, panicked.

“Why, you think I’m gonna accidentally squeeze your junk?” She laughed and then she put her hand even closer inside, and gave a dominant, vice grip. She gasped, the cute ditzy act vanished, replaced with actual shock. She was holding on to my rock solid boner under my shorts.

I froze. Ready to spend the rest of my life in jail or something like that. Then she laughed again, more performative than before.

“Jesus, you’re dick is huge!” she said. “How big is that?”

“Seven and a half inches.”

She bit her lip. “Well, I got a dildo that’s like eight so at least I know I can take it.” She had full eye contact with me now.

I was on autopilot, ready to give in and treat her like every other slut. I looked at her right back in the eyes. “I don’t think you can.”

“Yeah, well I guess I gotta show you.” She began to probe around the tent in my shorts, until she came up to the head and began to rub my glans and frenulum with her tender hands.

I let out a deep sigh. “God, that feels so good.”

She pulled the leg of my shorts up to my waist and exposed my throbbing cock, pointing towards the ceiling like a compass and begging for more. She turned slightly and leaned over. I saw the crown of her head, her brown hair falling and draping over my cock and my legs. I saw nothing. And then her head came down and I felt a hot sensation on my head. I felt two wet lips take me in. My frenulum being massaged by a warm, wet tongue.

She shifted and put herself fully on her knees, perpendicular to me. I looked over her head to see her exposed back and the whale tail of her short shorts being consumed by her ample ass. I grabbed it with my left land while she kept sucking me into her mouth.

She kept going down and I could feel my cock curve into her throat. Her larynx. It a tight little pocket to get my head into. And then she came up and I could feel my cock almost get cold as her big lips slid up off it. And then she came down again.

“Oh god,” I moaned.

Her head began to pick up speed, and soon she was coming up and down like a piston, a gawking noise of flesh and saliva coming out of her mouth every time. She’d let her lips ajar to get what little air she could and then put them tight around my cock again.

Her back had spaghetti straps holding her shirt together and I took my left hand off her ass to undo it. Every time she came up and down with her mouth I was losing a little bit of sense.

She finally needed air. She came up and gasped, two mouthfuls Escort Mardin of spit fell out over her bottom lip and her face was stark red. “You’re so big daddy,” she said between her panting. My cock was shining from her worship.

I had to fill this teen. I grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her on her back, almost effortlessly, her hands holding onto my shoulders. “Yes, daddy.” she said.

I put my hands all over her slutty body and my arms bulged as I began to tear everything off. Buttons, fabric, didn’t matter. I ripped her shirt off and she let out a moan.. Another when I just split her pathetic shorts open. Her skin looked like baby fat, unblemished by age or tattoos. Her huge tits fell a little to her left and right side each, her dark areola and fat nipples staring up at me.

I pulled off her Victoria Secret panties and her legs consented. Didn’t wanna damage the merchandise. Her shoes and socks. Then she was stark naked, eyes closed. I looked at her hairy cunt. I could smell it from here. She had to have been aroused since the kitchen. I grabbed the base of my dick and rubbed the head over her clit.

“Mmm…” she said.

I finally pushed my cock down and slowly leaned in until it began to go inside. Her pussy was slick and tight. I kept waiting for my cock to stop going in, to hit some wall. It kept going.

“Oh fuck,” she cried. I wasn’t even in all the way. Finally I’d fed her pussy the last centimeter of dick I had and I could just about feel her cervix. “Oh, daddy. It’s so big.” She grabbed each of my biceps and held them in a tight grip.

I swung my hips back and withdrew almost every inch of cock I’d given her and then I thrusted back in, making sure we felt our hips touch. “Ungh!” she cried. “Just like that.”

I began to fuck her hard. Her legs went over my forearms and I balanced myself by grabbing onto her shoulders. Every time my cock went into her there was a clapping noise from the impact. She let out a slutty grunt every time. Every thrust I made was sending her deeper into her primal desire to breed. The same as me. She put her hands on my moving chest, feeling every bit of my pecs. My nipples. She put her hands on my abs and seemed to inspect every single one as if to admire their perfection.

Her tits went up and down with each stroke. I was getting hypnotized by them. Nipples up, nipples, down, up and down, a wavy ripple of flesh passing each time I slammed my cock into her. Her pussy walls were massaging me, and six inches inside her there seemed to be an even tighter hole that was beginning to coax my body into surrendering my seed. I could feel my glans being held hostage by the deep end of her pussy, her hungry cervix demanding my thick semen if I ever wanted to have my cock back again.

Every thrust, every clap, every moan from this slut drove me deeper into a tunnel of unbridled lust. My higher functions were shutting down. I’m dissociating. The moans are still there and her skin clapping is faint but all I can think about is how satisfying it is every time my dick gets to the back of this sluts’ fuckhole and I feel that tighter niche grind on my glans. I can’t hold this back for long. My body is priming for orgasm and so is hers.

“You’re gonna make me cum daddy,” she cried.

“Come for me baby,” I grunted.

“HHNNNG-” she began screaming as her walls collapsed on my cock and fully coaxed out my climax. I grabbed two handfuls of her tits and let out a primordial roar as my entire body was obliterated with waves of the sweet catharsis I’d been craving since she got there, since I was even born, my cock unloading dollops of cum inside and then even more ropes shooting out. She let out a moan for each thundering pump she felt inside her raw cunt. I fell on top of her and she held me, both of us panting like dogs. We sat like that wordlessly for 10 minutes.

Soon, I lifted my hips and we let out one more moan together as my shrinking cock pulled out of her. Both of our cum was running from her flayed pussy lips onto the couch. She just sat there taking deep breaths. She wasn’t even looking at me when she panted: “That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.” Complete earnestness.

“Yeah. Me too.” I stood and lifted her up like a child and carried her, legs draped over my arm. She was almost catatonic.

I carried her up the stairs. I carried her into her bedroom with the pink walls. I lifted the comforter on her queen size mattress and tucked her into bed.

“Good night, Casey,” I whispered.

“Good night, David…” she said, softly. I walked out to the hallway and shut the door behind me. I went downstairs to feed the dog and fell on the couch.

Fuck, I thought. This is just the first night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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