How Did He Get Here

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It all started at Margaret’s work. She and Jenny, her best friend, would spend hours in Jenny’s office watching guy/guy porno on the internet while playing with themselves. This went on for months until Margaret had to see it firsthand and decided to turn her sweet, gentle husband, Tommy. She was sure that he was at least bi-curious and that it wouldn’t be difficult to get him receptive to MM play.

That night she started her “campaign” by sucking and stroking his steel hard cock, stopping just short of taking him over the edge, pinching the base of his cock until he had cooled down and starting over again.

All during this process she pressed him to tell her what he really wanted, what his deepest fantasies were. She kept this up for weeks prior to his finally answering her. She had already shared her fantasy — that of watching two guys getting it on — and wanted to know his; no, insisted on knowing his.

He finally caved in after her continuous pressure and told her he had wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. Her response was, “Hah, I knew it!”

This seemed to satisfy her because she let him cum. However she proceeded to feed him his cum from her fingers, thrusting them in and out of his mouth while he licked and sucked on them, all the while teasing him about sucking on a hard cock that was fucking his face.

Her learning this changed the nature of their lovemaking and sex play. She constantly whispered in his ear while they were making love, asking him how he would like to be sucking a big hard cock right now. She knew it was working because his erection would get harder inside her, providing confirmation of his interest.

At other times, when she was feeling devilish, she would have him lie on the bed while she stroked his achingly hard cock. Again, bringing him up and stopping short of his climax while asking him about the feel of a big cock sliding into his mouth.

She would keep him on edge, shaking and pleading to cum for over an hour at a time. Finally she resorted to tying his hands to the headboard and his feet to the frame at the foot of the bed to keep him from thrashing.

When she finally did let him cum, she made sure her fingers were coated with his ejaculate and fed it to him, thrusting her fingers in and out of his mouth while telling him to suck hard and make that big cock cum.

This had the effect of making his cock hard again as he sucked her fingers.

Here he was yet again, naked, blindfolded and tied to the bed while she is off somewhere. He could get out of the ties but that wouldn’t be part of the game so he waited.

Finally, she comes tearing in to the bedroom bubbling with excitement. She lifts up his blindfold and shows him a black plastic bag. “What is it?” he asks. She replies “It’s a present for you” as she slips the blindfold back down over his eyes.

He can hear her rustling as she undresses and takes her “present” out of the bag. He feels her sit on the bed. She takes a little bit of lube and works on his nipples, which makes him jump and squirm.

They are a hot line to his cock which gets hard instantly. Saying “ooh look, what do we have here?” as she slowly slides her lubricated hand down his cock.

She then proceeds to spend the next hour repeatedly bringing him up and letting him cool down. When he can’t stand any more, she gives him a few rapid strokes and he explodes into her hand, which is cupped over the head of his cock. When he is finished, she wipes the cum all over the end of the nine inch slim rubber cock she has just purchased.

Next she tells him it is time to open wide and get his present, sliding the cum covered cock into his mouth. She says “isn’t it wonderful? It feels like a real cock, doesn’t it?”

He can only mumble as she works the rubber cock in and out of his mouth, fucking him with it. While she is fucking his throat, she is having him repeat “I want to suck cock” in between thrusts.

His cock gives him away again as it stiffens with the mouthfucking he is receiving.

She suddenly pulls the cock out of his mouth and slides it into her now wet pussy. After sliding it in and out for a bit she stands over his now hard cock and lowers herself onto it. Once he is completely inside her, she puts the rubber cock back into his mouth, eliciting a moan from him as she does so. Now that he has cum he is able to last much longer and she rides him to several delicious orgasms while thinking about watching him suck a real cock. She decides that it is time to make it happen.

While he is enjoying her talented cunt squeezing his hard cock, he realizes that he is able to take the rubber cock all the way into his throat, without any gag reflex, a fact that she is not yet aware of.

Finally, she can’t cum anymore and rises up off of him and asks him “how do you like your new cock?”

Sliding it out of his mouth, he says that it feels like he thought a real one would feel. Her reply is “wait until you feel the real thing, it is Çeşme Escort even better.”

She has been thinking about who she can get to provide the cock for Tommy to suck and may have the answer. She had been asking Jenny, her girlfriend at work, about a guy in Purchasing that she occasionally goes out with.

According to Jenny, she and Mitch are not an item but he has a large cock that stretches her nicely and he cums buckets. Not only that but he can cum more than once.

So when she has the urge, she lets him know and they have an evening out. As a bonus, Jenny thinks Mitch may be bi because gay guys are always hitting on him because of his massive cock.

On Tuesday afternoon, Margaret and Jenny catch Mitch in the copy room and proposition him. If Mitch will let Tommy suck his cock, Margaret will let him fuck her. (If Jenny’s description is accurate Margaret thinks she is getting the best of the deal — watching Tommy suck Mitch’s cock and then having it fill her.)

Mitch, who has been “interested” in Margaret for months, goes for it immediately and it is set up for the following Saturday night at 8PM.

Margaret is so excited she can hardly wait for Saturday. When she gets home that evening, she is bubbling with excitement and won’t tell Tommy her “secret.” Instead, after dinner, she ties him to the bed and spends almost two hours working on him without letting him cum.

She tells him that if he ever wants to cum with her again, he is not to “relieve” himself but to save it for Saturday night — no cumming.

With that, she unties him, rolls onto her side, slides her sweet ass up against him and fingers herself to a climax while instructing Tommy lightly pinch her rock hard nipples.

This went on for the rest of the week. By the time Saturday came around, Tommy had a serious case of “blue balls” and was so horny that he almost couldn’t stand it.

FINALLY it is Saturday! Tommy still doesn’t know what his surprise it but Margaret did let slip that he would get to cum since he was so good about saving it for her. He was as eager as a new puppy and could hardly control himself waiting for his “surprise.”

At last, it is 7PM and Margaret takes Tommy upstairs to get ready. She tells him to take a shower and to give himself an enema because she wants him squeaky clean, inside and out. While he is cleaning up, she gets one of the large pillows and puts it on the floor about 4 feet from the side of the bed.

When Tommy comes out of the bathroom, drying himself with a towel, she hands him the blindfold and tells him to put it on. When it is on and comfortable, she helps him kneel on the pillow. Then she gets some fluffy red yarn and after telling him to put his hands behind his back, ties his wrists together, slips a pillow behind his knees for him to sit on, and ties his wrists to his ankles, effectively immobilizing him.

As she is doing this, she is telling him that she doesn’t want him to be changing his mind. Next she gets out the lube and starts stroking his cock that is hard and ready to explode at any moment.

By now, he has figured out that she must have found a cock for him to suck; it is the only thing that would have her so excited. He feels a little apprehensive about this. What if the guy is rough with him while he is tied up like this?

Then he hears the doorbell. She gets up and wiping her hands on a small towel tells him not to go anywhere because she will be right back. “As if I could, the way she has me tied up,” he thinks. She slips on her robe and goes to the door.

He can hear voices and what sounds like kissing. A couple of minutes later, they both walk into the bedroom. He recognizes Margaret’s footsteps but the heavier footsteps that accompany her are a mystery.

She starts to ask him questions about what they have been “practicing” these past weeks.

He mumbles an answer which triggers a slap on his shoulder and the command “speak up!” He repeats that he has been practicing sucking a cock. She asks him why? He says he wants to know what it feels like.

So you like the idea of sucking a hard cock until it cums in your mouth? He stammers “I ddon’t know, I think so.

Well, she says, “Here is your surprise; I have a nice big cock for you to suck.” “But first, I want to sample it” and pulls the now naked Mitch on top of her, saying “oooh” as he slides into her.

He gets 3-4 thrusts in her tight pussy and then she pushes him off, telling him that she can’t wait to have him cum inside her but this is about Tommy getting his present.

Saying “Tommy, your surprise is ready for you” she positions Mitch in front of him and tells him to give Tommy what he has been begging for.

As Mitch started to feed Tommy his cock, she told him to take his time, go slowly and to hold off as long as he could before unloading in Tommy’s mouth. She wanted Tommy to “savor the moment”.

Tommy is completely immobile and has no choice whatsoever. Çiğli Escort She tells him that he is a cocksucking machine, a red pantied cum, nothing more.

With that she kneels next to Tommy and slowly strokes his hard cock in time with Mitch’s’ thrusts into his mouth. And just to keep him on edge, she occasionally uses her fingernails to lightly scrape Tommy’s nipples, which have him squirming and jumping almost instantly.

In the meantime Mitch quickly realizes that he can bury his 10+ inch cock completely in Tommy’s throat without causing him to gag on it, and oh does it feel good!

Then he reaches down with both of his hands and grabs the sides of Tommy’s head. Tommy could not have pulled away even if he wanted to. He starts moving Tommy’s mouth back and forth over his cock and thrusting deep into his throat at the same time.

The hard softness of that huge cock filling his mouth was wonderful. When Mitch pulled out, Tommy worked his tongue around and around the head of his cock, delighting in the way it felt and tasted. He was in heaven.

He licked down Mitch’s cock to his balls and sucked each one into his mouth, swirling his tongue around them as he sucked. Mitch pulled his head back up and drove his cock into Tommy’s mouth.

Tommy never thought he would love sucking a cock the way he did. His whole world was that wonderful cock filling his mouth and throat. He managed to breathe through his nose and to take a breath when Mitch pulled his cock out of his mouth.

Mitch’s holding his head as he fucked his mouth allowed Tommy to completely surrender to the sensations of having his mouth fucked hard. He didn’t want it to ever stop, it felt so good.

After a few minutes that felt like an hour, Tommy could feel Mitch’s cock start to swell in his mouth and get harder than Tommy thought was possible. At this point, Margaret was having trouble keeping up with the pace of Mitch’s fucking Tommy’s throat, and was stroking Tommy’s slick cock as fast as she could.

Suddenly Mitch started to pump his cock harder and faster into Tommy’s throat, holding his head immobile as he came closer and closer to cumming, pounding his cock into Tommy’s mouth faster and faster.

He said “Eat this cocksucker” and came deep into Tommy’s throat. Then, pulling out slightly he continued to pulse his thick cum into Tommy’s mouth. Tommy could feel the jets of cum hitting the back of his throat, forcing him to swallow quickly to get it all.

At that moment Tommy exploded in Margaret’s hand, in perfect time with the cock exploding in his mouth. Jennifer was right. Mitch continued to cum in gobs and gobs.

Tommy’s climax was enough of a distraction that his mouth quickly filled with Mitch’s hot sticky spunk which then began to seep out of both sides of his mouth, faster than he could swallow.

Tommy continued to suck on Mitch’s softening cock, trying to pull the last bit of sweet cum out of him.

Mitch asked him “how does it taste? Pretty good huh?” Tommy just nodded his head yes, not wanting to stop. Mitch went on to tell him that he doesn’t drink coffee and had some fresh pineapple a couple of hours ago and that’s what makes his cum taste good.

Tommy reluctantly let Mitch pull his cock out of his mouth, not wanting to let go of it for an instant. Saying “yes, your cum does taste good.”

Margaret then brought her hand up to Tommy’s mouth and fed him his own cum. Once he had cleaned her hand, she wiped it on the towel and, using the scissors that she had ready, snipped the yarn holding Tommy’s hands and feet.

Now it was her turn. Watching Mitch fuck Tommy’s mouth with that huge cock of his made her sooo wet and she couldn’t help stroking her hard clit in time with the action.

This was her fantasy right here in front of her. She could hardly wait to have him fucking her as hard as he fucked Tommy’s throat.

She held Tommy’s arm as she helped him straighten up and guided him to lie on his back on the bed. Once he was comfortable, she tucked the small pillow that was behind his knees, underneath his head to raise it up a bit.

Then she got on the bed, facing his feet, with her very wet pussy over his mouth. Next she asked Mitch to fuck her from behind so Tommy could lick his balls and her clit.

Since he was not completely hard, he slid his cock into Tommy’s mouth, telling him to “get it hard for your girlfriend,” which he promptly did, enjoying every inch of Mitch’s cock.

When he was good and hard, he pulled out of Tommy’s hungry mouth and slowly slid it into Margaret’s very wet pussy. She moaned as he gently pushed into her, which went up in volume as Tommy started to suck on her erect clit. She was in heaven.

Tommy had the best view of Mitch’s cock filling his wife and just looking at it made his mouth water; he wanted to suck it so much more. He contented himself with sucking and tonguing Margaret’s erect clit, which had her gasping with each thrust Foça Escort of Mitch’s cock.

It wasn’t long before she started cumming, rolling from one orgasm to another, gulping for air and getting louder with each climax. Finally, she called out “Stop!” She simply couldn’t take any more.

Mitch slipped out of her and into Tommy’s hungry mouth. Margaret straightened up and kissed Mitch, telling him that it was wonderful.

She went on to ask him if he would like to fuck a virgin ass. He lit up with a big grin and asked “Do you have one in mind?”

She said “yes, but we have to get him ready.” With that, Mitch pulled out of Tommy’s mouth and moved him so he was bent over the side of the bed with his feet on the floor. He pressed on Tommy’s back to hold him in place while Margaret slipped a towel under him and took off his red panties.

Then Margaret took the yarn and wrapped Tommy’s wrists together, tying them so they were completely immobile and cut the yarn, leaving his wrists bound. Next she ran the yarn back and forth between the legs of the bed until she had five or six strands which she tied off.

Then she took the end of the yarn, threaded it between his wrists and tied them to the yarn stretched between the legs of the bed, leaving his arms stretched out in front of him.

She threw the skein under the bed to the other side and walked around to the other side, tied the yarn around Tommy’s leg and threw the skein back under the bed. Retrieving it, she wrapped it around the strands connecting the legs and threw it back under the bed. Going back to the other side, she pulled it tight and tied his other ankle. Now he was really immobilized.

Once Tommy wasn’t going anywhere, she went to the nightstand and got the rubber cock and the lube, some of which she worked into his ass.

Tommy started to object so Margaret told Mitch to straddle his arms and feed him his cock. He got up on the bed, grabbed Tommy’s hair and lifted his head back so he could shove his cock into Tommy’s mouth, effectively quieting his objections.

Once Margaret had enough lube worked In to Tommy’s ass, she lubed up the rubber cock and worked it in, rotating it and working it around in a circle to stretch his ass. Soon he stopped resisting the intrusion and began to meet her thrusts as she slid it deep in his ass.

In the mean time Mitch is working his now hard cock deep into Tommy’s throat, giving him just enough time to breathe between thrusts. Margaret nodded to him and said “he’s ready.”

With that, Mitch pulled out of Tommy’s mouth and came around the bed where Margaret stroked some lube onto his hard cock.

Telling Mitch “remember, he’s a virgin,” she guided his cock to Tommy’s ass and held it there as Mitch slowly pushed his cock in.

Tommy gasped and cried out “No, no, it’s too big!” Mitch replied “it’s OK, I’ll go slowly,” as he applied steady pressure with his cock.

He told Tommy to relax and it would be easier. With the slow and gentle pressure of Mitch’s cock, it wasn’t long before it went pop and was past Tommy’s first ring.

Mitch stopped and let Tommy get used to being stretched, telling him just to relax and let it in. After a few minutes, Mitch started rotating and moving in and out just half an inch at a time to get Tommy used to his cock. Gradually he went deeper and deeper into Tommy’s ass.

It took at least ten minutes to get it in past Tommy’s second ring. Once he was in that far, sliding it in the rest of the way was relatively easy.

He still had to go very slowly and when he was finally all the way in, he started to pull back and Tommy gasped “Oh, oh, no no no, it hurts!”

Mitch told him to relax and try to suck his cock in as he pulled it out, it would be easier that way.

He kept pulling back and soon had his cock all the way out of Tommy’s ass. Now he told Tommy to push out as he pushed his cock in. Sure enough, it was easier for Tommy to take the entire length of Mitch’s cock.

He kept moving very slowly in and out of Tommy’s ass until Tommy started to respond to Mitch’s movements. Then he gradually went faster and faster as Tommy met his thrusts with more and more force.

Finally, Mitch grabbed Tommy’s hips and really pumped into him, fucking his sweet virgin ass as hard and fast as he could. Since he had cum earlier, it took quite a while for him to come up but he eventually did. Tommy’s pushing and pulling hard with the muscles in his ass really felt good on his cock.

Tommy’s cock was dripping a steady stream of precum and he wanted to stroke it but couldn’t, tied the way he was. It wouldn’t be long before Mitch came even though he slowed way down to try and prolong the pleasure.

It was only about four or five more minutes until he just couldn’t hold it and with a roar, unloaded in Tommy’s ass, pulling hard on his hips while he buried all 10+ inches of his cock in as deep as he could.

Meanwhile, Margaret was pulling and twisting Mitch’s nipples while he was fucking Tommy, which added to his pleasure but made it hard to concentrate on thrusting until she got the timing right, pulling hard on his nipples just as he pushed into Tommy’s ass; this caused Mitch to thrust deep and hard in response, violently driving his cock into Tommy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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