How I Had Fun

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I want to share my experience of learning how to have fun. In these troubled times, with a pandemic virus, it’s important to be able to plan for the future when things return to normal. I’ve had to adapt this summer but I hope you can enjoy hearing about my 18th summer, a few years ago.

I was never the prettiest girl at school but I did OK. Lots of boys liked my auburn hair and I had boyfriends and dates. I had a job collecting glasses in a pub over the summer. The customers were mostly middle aged men. They were a boring if polite bunch. They all smiled when they saw me and I never worried about anyone pinching my bottom.

Towards the end of the summer I knew that I needed to get away and have some fun.

My grandmother had told me about her teenage years and how miserable they were. She had no choice about where she went, who she met, or even who she married. She had only ever had sex with one man and when we had a chat she told me to take advantage of my freedom. I agreed with her.

I set out to get as much fun as possible on as little money as possible. I bought a train ticket to Southend on Sea, got a cheap hotel room, and implemented my plan: have sex with as many lads as possible, in as controlled a fashion as possible, ankara escort in my week away.

I decided against fancy lingerie. Once a man’s decided he’s happy to have sex with you, he only wants to take off your knickers, he doesn’t want to admire the quality of the lace. Fullback cotton supermarket knickers would be perfect because they are comfortable and have a nice wide gusset to absorb any spunk that drips out on my way back to my own hotel.

Because I wanted to be in control I decided to focus on attracting men during the day and getting them to take me back to their hotel rooms before the evening started. Men in full control of themselves are better than men who’ve been competing to drink more than their mates.

On my first day I put on a nice summer dress and went out and found a nice looking chap. I decided I liked the look of him so just went up to him and asked his name. Jason was happy to chat and I correctly guessed that he was from Hull. I asked him if he could take me somewhere more private and soon enough we were in his hotel room.

I took the pillows from his bed so I could kneel on them when I undid his shorts. I lowered them down and released his cock and little shrubbery of blond pubes. Below escort ankara them were a nice looking cock with what I consider a beautiful foreskin: a full inch of overhang. I love it when a man has some extra overhang. It ensures a lovely masculine aroma and means you’ll have a tasty experience when you put it in your mouth.

I put Jason’s cock in my mouth and I was not disappointed. As he stiffened up his foreskin retracted slightly but not so far that I left his cock head uncovered. And that meant I got to play with it, licking under it and pushing it backwards and forwards with my lips. That got his precum flowing and I soon had a beautiful taste sensation going in my mouth.

But I didn’t want the full experience there. I wanted it between my legs.

Jason didn’t disappoint. He shared my goal and was happy to move to the bed and squeeze himself into my very moist opening. It was great to feel that gliding sensation as he moved in and out. That first time didn’t last long but did end with me feeling him spasm as he squirted his gametes up and into me. Then to feel the warmth from his seed as it spread out.

He pulled out and rolled over. I pressed my arms down into the bed and lifted my torso up into the air, doing a ankara escort bayan kind of shoulder stand, so gravity could help move Jason’s cum deeper inside me. It’s possible it’s the cum coating my cervix; I’m not sure. But this move often triggers a second orgasm. It’s not as deep but lasts longer.

As I felt it coming on I lay back down and shuddered and trembled again as Jason lay beside me.

I wasn’t going to let him get away with just one fuck, so when I was recovered I moved down to his cock again. This time I could taste his cum and my own juices on it when I sucked him back to life. Soon enough I was kneeling down and he slipped inside me from behind – the juices from our previous experience making things a little easier this time.

I think I wore him out that afternoon. He was snoring when I left, despite it not even being 6 o’clock!

I could feel my knicker gusset getting more slimy as I walked back to my hotel, as his cum kept leaking out of me and was smeared around. It was great to lie down on a towel on my own hotel bed and stroke myself to orgasm repeatedly as I felt the last of his cum leak out and trickle down my bum.

I managed to get repeat performances from six more lads who were in Southend for some summer fun over the next six days. When I got home I told my grandmother what I’d done and she told me how proud she was, that I had the freedom to take myself away on holiday, pick the men I liked, and to leave them when I wanted.

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