It all started with a rumor

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Big Tits

I run through the door into my English class just before the teacher comes round the corner. I had nearly been late. Again.
I rush to sit next to my best friend Olivia. Olivia is small for her age, with golden hair, brown gold eyes, nice ass and 33D sized tits…..n- not that I have ever really checked her out or anything. Olivia and I are both 16, but don’t have boyfriends despite being in what the boys consider the ‘top 10’ of the girls in their year.
“Where were you Lindley?!” Olivia hisses as Ms. Blake walks through the door.
“I had to go to the bathroom” I reply in a hushed tone “why are you freaking out?”
“I wanted to talk to you about something before class began, I guess it can wait till lunch.”
Ms. Blake turns around and looks at the two crossly.
“If you two don’t shut up I’m going to give you detentions.”
And with that the we look down at our books and carry on with our lesson.

Me and Olivia have known each other since we were born. Our mothers gave birth the same night, one room apart, and they met up around the ward. They soon became close friends and they practically raised us together. I, now age 16, have ochre red brown hair (which I dyed to be more red), chocolate brown eyes, 24C tits and an equally nice ass to Olivia’s. The two of us have rather toned legs and stomach as we are quite athletic, and both have tans from hanging out at the beach, though my tan is more brown.

At lunch the two of us walk over to the spot we usually sit, we don’t really sit with any other people.
“So what did you want to talk to me about?” I ask having been growing unbearably curious since English.
“Well…….” Begins Olivia uncertainly. “ I overheard these two girls talking about us….”
“Aaaaand?” I push, I’m starting to get irritated, she’s never bursa eskort like this.
“Well they called the two of us l…. Lesbians” She looks up at me with hurt yet slightly curious eyes.
I let out a little gasp, I mean I didn’t think that just because we’ve never dated any guys before, we’d be called that.
“Did they say why they thought that we were…. That” I say still feeling shocked.
“Well, one of them said that we never date boys, and we always hang out with each other, and we don’t sit with anyone else.” She speaks kind of nervously, must just be because she’s hurt.
“Well… Don’t listen to them, they’re just being ass-holes” I say with one of my playful smirks.
“Yeah, they’re bitches anyway” She replies smiling one of her one in a million smiles, but I can’t help but think that she’s acting a little odd.
“Tell you what, how about you come over to my house this afternoon and stay over, since it’s Friday.” I suggest. “We haven’t had a sleep over in ages!”
“Hey yeah! That sounds like an awesome idea!” She says, finally starting to act herself again. “But I don’t have any clothes with me” She frowns.
“Don’t worry about that you can just share mine.” I say, since we’ve known each other since forever it’s nothing unusual.
“Okay, I’ll meet you at the front gate after last period.” she smiles.

And with that we had both unknowingly sealed our fates.

“Mum I’m hoooome” I call out.
“Oh hey sweetie… Oh! You brought Olivia over” Mum says surprised as she comes down the hall to greet us. I live in a pretty nice house, it was originally all one story with two bedrooms but Mum needed an office so they had an extension built into the house and now my room is upstairs. My Mum and Dad split up when I was three, so it’s just her and me, and bursa escort bayan sometimes my Mums boyfriend Jerry.
“I was going to have Jerry over tonight, but I think I’ll go to his instead” Mum says with a wink, and saunters off into her room at the other end of the house.
“Hey Liv lets go to my room” I say and start to walk off.
“’Kay” She says trailing behind.

When we get up there, Mum shouts to us that she’ll be back around midday tomorrow.
“I ordered you guys two pizzas, they should be here in a bit!” she hullers up at us, and then she’s out the door.
“Wow” Says Olivia smirking at me.
“What?” I ask.
“Your Mum sure likes to let us know what she and Jerry are doing” She says a little blush starting to form in her cheeks.
“Yeah, I think she just likes to show off to me since I don’t have a boyfriend” I say, I’m a little exhausted from P.E. So I let out a short sigh.
“Is that such a bad thing?” Asks Olivia.
“Is what?”
“That you don’t have a boyfriend?”
“Well…. Um…… I don’t know, I guess if I don’t want to be called a lesbian it is.” I say, why are we even talking about this? I wonder.
“Did it bother you that they called you that?” She asks sliding a little bit closer to me on the bed, she’s looking at me in a strange way.
“Well, yeah, I mean….. I-I’m not like that so…….” I trail off, my mouth is starting to go dry.
“So you’ve never thought about another girl like that before?”
She says, inching a little closer.
“Well, um…” I lie. To tell you the truth, I once thought about what it would be like to kiss Olivia, but then when I realised what I was thinking I banished the thought. Still, it popped up in my mind once or twice again.
She smirked at me “I’ve known you for long görükle escort enough to tell when you’re lying”She says. She’s really close now, I can feel her breath on my cheek.
“L-Liv.. what’re you doing?!?!” I start to say she brings her hand onto my stomach and then slowly starts to slide it up to my breasts.
“Well, after hearing them say that about us, I started thinking “well why not?” And with that she starts squeezing my breast. I let out a soft moan, and she smiles at my reaction. Suddenly in a swift motion she’s on my lap facing me with her legs wrapped around me, and she’s looking into my eyes with a look of both passion and unbearable desire. I take one look at her, and get filled with a weird
sensation, my pussy is starting to get wet. I inch my face closer to hers, and then with a sort of hunger, press my lips to hers. We both open our mouths and our tongues start to explore one another. I slide my hand down to her breast and start to squeeze, first uncertainly, and then more confident. She starts moaning into my mouth, I’m getting wetter and wetter by the minute, and I can tell she is too. I roll her onto her back, and then start kissing down her cheek, and bite her neck gently. She lets a short mewling little sound and gasps.
“H-hey Th-thats…….. not…… fair” She says in-between moans. I lick up and down her neck, biting and then sucking.
“Why not?” I mumble half hearted to hear the answer, because I’m so concentrated on what I’m doing.
“My….. neck……weak spot.” She gasps.
“Oh really” I say, starting to smile.
Just then there’s a knock on the door downstairs. We bolt upright, blushing madly.
“Th-thats probably the pizza guy!” I say, a little annoyed and a little jittery from the sudden adrenaline boost.
“Yeah” she says, sounding disappointed.
“Well, I.. Uh better go and get the pizza and pay him. I look into her eyes and I see a little pleading in them.
“We can finish this later” I say, and lean down and kiss her. Then I go downstairs and get our stupid pizza.

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