Itty and her Hoss Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the tale of Itty (of small titties) and her man, Hoss (like in hung like a…well…you know what). This story focuses on Brynn’s anal indoctrination and subsequent addiction. It goes without saying that if you haven’t read the first part, you might want to.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Oh, my god, Brynn, dinner was fantastic…my favorites!” sighed a satisfied Hector as he hugged his lovely wife from behind as she rinsed the dinner dishes. “The carnitas (slow-roasted/pulled pork) served with Mexican rice, refried beans, guacamole, and tortillas were…like the way my mom makes them. In fact, if I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was eating dinner at her kitchen table. Yummy…”

Pressing herself against the rather muscular body of her husband of a year, Brynn admitted, “I hope you appreciate it that while you were out fishing and carousing with the boys, I was imploring your mother to teach me how to cook some of your favorite dishes, my spoiled Chicano lover.

“At first she was reluctant. I mean, I would be too. Here’s this ‘gringo’ young woman who has stolen her eldest son away…and doesn’t know how to cook the simplest of Mexican dishes. However, in the end, it was our shared love for you, you spoiled brat… and her knowing that I shamelessly cater to making you happy, that made her give into my request.

“But it wasn’t easy. Your mom knows so many recipes ranging from the simple to the complicated. In the end, we agreed to focus on your favorite dishes which were tonight’s dinner. But after that decision, it still wasn’t easy since your mom has no written recipe…and cooks by tasting and adjusting as she goes along. But in the end, I think I got it…”

“I’ll say you’ve got it,” whispered an amorous Hector as he lightly kissed the nape of Brynn’s neck and shoulders while slipping his hands skillfully under her loose midriff top to slowly fondle his wife’s small but enticing braless breasts. “You make me so damn horny, Itty (Brynn’s high school nickname derived from her itty-bitty titties)…God, I love feeling your little inverted nippies ‘pop’ when I gently roll, pinch, and tug on them…”

“Oh, Hoss (Hector’s nickname for being so well-hung),” mumbled Brynn as any dishwashing was forgotten as she pressed herself against her husband’s bulging manhood, “you know how sensitive my teeny-weeny nippies are. If you keep that up you’ll make me drench my panties…that is if I was wearing any. Right now, my pussy juices are beginning to trickle down my inner thighs.”

“What? No bra…no panties…has my Irish wife gone ‘commando’? What a shameless little fuck-slut I have married….it makes me want to…”

“Want to do what, my seemingly forever horny Chicano lover? Do you want me to spin around and drop to my knees before you so that I can give head to someone’s massive man-meat, and then suck you off? Or do you want me to stand facing you and let you lift a leg of mine so that you can fuck the hell out of my snug hot Irish twat? Or perhaps, a certain depraved Marine captain would like to have his innocent wife bend over and thrust her buns back so that he can ream her a new asshole?

“Why doesn’t it come as a surprise that my perverted husband would choose that last option? Ha! But not so fast, mister. There ain’t no way that this is going to be some fricking…what’s that military acronym….yeah, BOHICA…’Bend-Over, Here-It-Comes-Again.’ The last time you just crammed your big fleshy Bangalore torpedo between my buns, I saw stars and thought I would die…or at least end up in the hospital emergency room.”

“So, what do you have in mind, wife of mine? What do I have to do to put you in the mood for some booty banging…God, I love your buns…to firm and rounded…and these hips of yours…ummm, ummm?”

“Ummm, kissing me like that is a start…ummm…yeah. Oh, yes, and feeling me up too…ohhh…and stripping off my top… and my shorts too…so that I’m standing here in my birthday suit. Hey, wait, Hector, wait! Draw the damn curtains! What the hell? I don’t want to put on a pornographic show for our neighbors!

“Hey, wait a minute! Why am I the only one who is buck naked in our kitchen? Let’s get you out of those clothes before we go any further. Hmmm, I love to run my fingers over your buff chest and arms. And, oh yeah, no matter how many times I’ve seen and sampled this beautiful manhood of yours, you make my mouth water. Ummm, makes me want to drop to my knees and suck some dick like the cheap ‘puta’ (Mexican for whore) that I’ve become. But…no…wait…you’re supposed to be turning me on…not me turning you on.”

Taking Brynn into his arms, Hector passionately until she melted in his embrace, molding her nakedness against his. When a moan of utter satisfaction escaped her lips, Hector gradually dropped his head, letting his lips blaze a lazy molten path down her exposed neck and upper chest to the gentle mounds of her small breasts. His rasping tongue swirled slowly Maraş Escort around her puffy areolas before inhaling these delicious delicate nipple morsels into the vortex of his mouth.

“Oh, my God!” exclaimed Brynn as her sensitive inverted nipples jutted rigidly from their fleshy tit slits, “My nippies are so hard and achy! You’re making my pussy juices dribble from my swollen hairless pussy.

Hector quickly dropped to his knees and lifting one of Brynn’s long legs, draped it over his shoulder before plunging his face between her inner thighs. “Oh, fuck! That feels so goddamn great! Lick and suck my puffy hairless cunt lips, Hoss…oh, yeah…just like that! Oooh, how I love it when your stiff tongue plows my hot wet slit…oh, oh, oh…swirling around my stiff love nub.

“Shit! Just cram and pump a finger into my twat! What an eye-opener? Can you hear my squishy pussy juices being churned by your pumping finger? Oh, fuck, oh, fuck! Is that another finger? Damn it, Hoss, you’re going to make your Itty cum really soon…don’t stop…don’t you dare stop! Faster, you bastard…oh fuck…I’m cumming, you are fucking bastard. Arrghh! Arrgghhh!! Arrggghhh!!!”

Hector grabbed his wife’s spongy buns and pulled her to him and thrust his face between her inner thighs as she bucked in the throes of her violent climax, humping his face wildly. When Brynn was reduced to a quivering mass of succulent flesh, he quickly spun her around so that she was bent over the sink. Yanking her hips back to his, Hector let dark flanged head slide down the crack of her delicious buns until it nudged the brown pucker of her anus. Without hesitation, Hector anally took his wife, slowly but surely pressing into her asshole.

A pitiful child-like cry escaped Brynn’s exposed throat as her back arched and she threw back her head when Hector pushed once again to breach her spasming sphincter ring. Brynn groaned breathlessly, “It’s a good thing…I knew you would want to… butt-fuck me…and took the time to give myself an enema…and lube my ass really good… before you came home.

“But, God, baby…you’re so goddamn huge…oh, honey, you are stretching and filling me up,” Brynn panted hotly. “But…ooh damn…you feel so fucking good! Ooh, yeah, Hoss, you are the only guy whom I have let butt-fuck me. Give it to me, honey! Fuck my ass good!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Brynn realized what she had just uttered, she had to gasp in surprise at how far she had come. It hadn’t always been like this where she willingly took her husband’s monster repeatedly between her buns and actually enjoyed the feeling of her asshole being slowly and tightly stretched around the girth of her lover’s huge cock. Before Brynn had married Hector, she had been a confirmed anal virgin who got squeamish when her behind was touched during sex.

Yet, it was natural and a matter of time before Hector discovered in his exploration of his new wife’s fascinating sensual body, her anus’ incredible sensitivity and untapped potential that lay between her creamy buns.

“What is it about you, Brynn, that has changed from the first time we met? Your deliciously tempting body…God, I can’t resist you…is subtly different…more alluring…”

“Well, since I got on the pill I’ve gained some weight. However, I can attest that the pounds haven’t gone to my teeny boobies. Instead, my butt and thighs have gotten…a bit ‘fuller…but thank God, I’ve got the height so that the extra padding isn’t noticeable.’

“Yeah, now that you’ve mentioned it, your butt cheeks are…rounder…more ‘pronounced’…and jiggle more when you walk…especially naked around the house. No wonder my dick keeps popping full hard-ons…”

“Hoss, that cock of yours is always primed and ready to go…penetrating me. It’s like some kind of fleshy sexual-seeking missile that homes in on some orifice body. It’s a good thing that I am just as horny as you are and…”

“Has my Itty ever taken a hard-on shoved between her irresistible buns?”

“No! And I intend to keep it that way! The guys whom I had affairs with wanted… begged…to be the first…heck, some would be satisfied in just wedging their dicks in my asshole…and not going all the way in. However, none ever did.”


“Because…” stammered Brynn who for the life of her couldn’t think of a rational reason for her anal virginity. Finally, she blurted out, “Cuz it’s dirty…like in totally gross. Plus, if I had a hard time taking you big chorizo in my cunt, what makes you think I could take you booty-banging my tiny tight virgin asshole?

“Trust me, you can. If you’re willing, you’ll take ‘all’ of me up your butt and love it.”

“What’s this? Why is it only now after I’ve married you that I’m finding out just how sexually twisted you really are?” Then after a brief pause, Brynn asked, “Hector, have you ever… sodomized…a woman before?”

“Yes, and enjoyed each anal encounter thoroughly. However, to be honest with you, the Maraş Escort Bayan women with whom I engage in sodomy, were…well-broken in…although my size took some adjustment. Let me just say that whether a veteran at being butt-fucked or an anal-virgin, it takes time to prepare an asshole and more so cultivate the willingness… the desire…to be sodomized.”

“Well, get your sick Mexican mind off of my butthole! It ain’t going the happen…no way, Jose! Have I made myself perfectly clear?” Brynn’s Chicano lover didn’t say a word because he let his lips, tongue, and fingers do all of the talking. Before long, he had her delirious in erotic pleasure as she squirmed under his brawny body, giving as good as she got. Thoughts of being sodomized vanished when his big fat dick penetrate and stretched her sopping wet twat, banging Brynn to one hell of a mind-rending orgasm.

Hector was sly and patient when it came to getting what he wanted. He knew that a full-frontal (or in this case, rear-end) assault on his lover’s last bastion of virginity would be strongly resisted and possibly cost him Brynn. However, in the ensuing love sessions, he went about the anal seduction as a lover would.

Under the guise of letting Brynn exercise more control over their lovemaking. Hector often had his willing lover straddle his hips and slowly sit down on his throbbing fleshy hard-on, letting her take him at her own pace. For greater control and stability, he would have Brynn lean forward to grasp his shoulders while she rocked back and forth, grinding her hairless cunt and jutting stiff clit against his groin.

Hector somehow always managed to grab her buttocks, squeezing a rounded bun in each hand. In massaging her behind, he made it a point to gently stretch her puckered anus, opening it as he did so. Eventually, the fingertips of his hands found their way to either side of her brown pucker that had become well-lubricated with her copious amounts of pussy juices, and his digital manipulation brought a twitching of her butt and the soft moans to her lips.

“Ah, honey, what are you doing to my behind?”

“What? Me? Nothing much…I just can’t resist playing with it…rubbing your pussy juices around your tight little asshole…oooh, you give me such a fucking hard-on.”

“Hoss, you always have a stiff dick! I thought I told you that there ain’t no way in hell that you’re going to butt-fuck me. It’s dirty…obscenely perverted…and something that I’m not about to be forced into….”

“You know that I would never force you, babe,” mumbled Hectors as he placed little red love bites on Brynn’s creamy white rounded buns. “Fingering your butthole isn’t exactly butt-fucking. It’s just some innocent foreplay…that’s all.”

“That’s all, my ass! Errr, perhaps I shouldn’t have used that particular phrasing. But…”

“But what? Be honest. Does me fingering your cute butthole feel bad? Well, does it?”

“Well…now that you’ve asked, no, it doesn’t. It’s just that back there is…dirty…and..”

“Yes, I know. But nothing in love is dirty or forbidden. Look, you suck on and swallow my cock…God, how I love that…and don’t you love me eating your delicious wet pussy and licking up and down your cunt slit? Come on. Be truthful…”

“Ahhh, okay…yes, I love deep-throating your man-meat…I love when you go down on me…you make me so fricking horny. And I must admit that when you massage my buns and indirectly tug on my asshole…and when you play with it…it is somewhat…aahhh… ‘stimulating. But that doesn’t mean I want you shoving your big fat dong between my buns…you’ll rip me apart!”

“That’s what you said when you saw my cock before we first made love…” smile Hector to Brynn’s chagrin. “Now, you don’t seem to have any problems mounting it and taking up that hot wet snatch of yours…or taking it hard and fast doggy-style.”

“But my vagina stretches and adjusts to your size. My butthole isn’t going to…”

“Yes, it will. Not to be gross but have you ever taken a good look at the size of your turds after you take a dump? They are a lot bigger than you clenched poophole… and a lot bigger than…say, this middle finger of mine. I bet I could worm this finger into your ass and make you moan and groan like a bitch in heat. If I can’t, I’ll grant you one wish within reason. What do you say, little girl? Are you up to the challenge?”

“God, Hoss! You sure are persistent, you sick Mexican, when it comes to playing with my Irish anus despite me telling you repeatedly ‘no.’ You won’t stop, will you, unless I let you try?”

Then seeing the shit-ass grin on her lover’s handsome face, Brynn sighed in exasperation, “Okay…I’ll let you finger my butthole…BUT…if I don’t whimper like some cheap white trash…you’ll stop fingering my behind and pay up on my wish. Deal?”

“I said that I give you a wish within reason…so what would be your wish?”

“Hmmm. Let’s see. Okay. I know you love having Escort Maraş your whopper of a cock shoved down my throat or up my pussy…and if given the opportunity, crammed between my ass-cheeks so that you can hose me with gallons of your funky spunk. Well, if I win, I’m going to hand-jive you…yeah, I know you’ll like that…except instead of cumming inside of my body, I’m going to have you cum all over yourself. Yep, like a Mexican ‘Moby Dick’…and for five…yes, five…times.”

“Oooh, you’re a cruel Irish bitch…who loves to torture your loving man who is only trying ‘expand’ your sexual horizons. What? Am I trying to back out of our deal? No way! I’ll just have to resolve to try harder…so that I don’t lose…heh, heh, heh.”

Brynn remembered how she had expected an immediate ‘full-frontal-assault’ (or more so ‘rear’) and was astonished at how deliberate and patient her tanned-skinned lover was. Hector’s anal campaign began with him cajoling her into doing a disposable enema to clean out her lower gastro-intestinal tract and to prevent any disgusting “accidents.” Of course, each enema was preceded by digital lubrication. Hector adeptly persuaded Brynn of the necessity of easy enema nozzle insertion and should not be considered stimulating in any way or form.

Yeah, right. Ultimately, Brynn came to accept and although she would never admit it to Hector, she even looked forward to her lover’s fingers massaging (but never entering) her virgin anus and the squishy feeling of lubrication between her butt cheeks especially when part of their lovemaking. That’s why when he finally inserted his finger into her asshole, it came as a complete surprise.

“Ohhh, yeah, honey, lick and suck my teeny-weeny boobies…yeah, like that! You’re the only guy who is turned on by my titty-mounds…and loves teasing out my little love pebbles…God, they are so sensitive! Suck my itty-bitty-titties like only you know how to do.

“God! You’re making me cream… I so damn wet…so squishy…my juices are flowing out of my hot twat… and then between my butt-crack. Oh, yeah, damn, squeeze my hairless twat…hard like you’d do a sopping-wet sponge…ohhh, yeah!”

It was in the moment that followed that Brynn threw back her head as a low guttural moan escaped her lovely lips as Hector pressed his stiff middle finger into her wiggling lubricated asshole. “Ohhhh, what the hell?” cried out Brynn as never before experienced raw carnal shot through her trembling form as she was penetrated deeply. “Oh, my fucking Lord, ‘yes!'” erupted from her throat when Hector twirled his embedded finger in her asshole and then began to slowly finger-fuck her.

“You like this, don’t you?” taunted Hector as his snake-like tongue flicked on her stiff clit that protruded from her bald pussy slit. “How about another finger?” and without giving his addled a chance to reply, he wormed a second finger alongside the first. The anal sensation was incredible, and all Brynn could do was spread her long shapely legs wide to give her lover better access to her asshole, and moaned like a bitch-in-heat when he took it.

“Does Itty want her Hoss to sodomize her?” For a while, it was as if Brynn hadn’t heard the lewd request made of her as she pulled Hector’s face from between her legs to kiss him hotly. But when Hector slowly but firmly finger-fucked her behind, she had to groan, “Damn, that does feel good!”

“My cock up your butt would feel much better.”

“Oh, I don’t know…your fingers aren’t the same as your full-on erect monster. You’ll tear me apart…”

“I’ll go slow…and use plenty of lube…and stop whenever you want me to…I promise.”

“Oooh, I shouldn’t…but your anal stimulation is…’stimulating’…and if I know you, Hoss, you’ll be after your Itty’s virgin ass until you get it. Oooh, alright…I’ll try it…but be gentle…”

Hector was, and Brynn couldn’t remember how she managed to take all of his raging cock up her rectum. She remembered building pressure as his dick head pressed steadily against her rubbery anal orifice and a twinge of pain. Then there was this unbelievable sensation as her spasming sphincters were tightly stretched around Hector’s penis girth, followed by sudden relief when he slipped through. With each gentle nudge, an incredible fullness in her gut grew until his hairy groin ground against her smooth behind. Judging from her whines and whimpers, Brynn knew that sodomy would become a regular part of their lovemaking.

And boy, did it. Tubes of lube soon found their way around the house for those unpredictably lustful and spontaneous kinky anal sessions. After a good coat of lube, a randy Hector literally jumped his wife for some serious ‘fudge packing.’ This should have grossed Brynn out, but instead, doing the ‘dirty deed’ (literally and figuratively) made her feel sinfully wicked and damn perverted; something she had never been.

However, when Brynn got that certain itch deep in her butt that only a long hard dick could scratch, she flushed her rectum before greasing it with a heavy coat of lube. Then when the right moment arose, she easily slipped into her innocent little girl persona who nonchalantly bent over in front of her hubby and got some eye-opening rear-end action.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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