Jenn , Tom Ch. 03

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Tom stared out the tiny window of the airliner, seeing neither the passing clouds nor the way the sun gilded them. Even as the plane continued climbing, his thoughts were already at cruising altitude, with the amazing way his wife kissed him. It was like touching the center rail or something.

On second thought, no it wasn’t. No, it was like nothing else he ever experienced. Jenn liked to joke that his lips were his biggest erogenous zone and that wasn’t too far off the mark. He was surprised to find his fingers were tracing the outline of her kiss.

The coach-class seat was becoming progressively less and less comfortable. Tom put his folding tray in the down position and tried to think about something else, think of a distraction. Of course, the jet hadn’t reached cruising altitude just yet, so he couldn’t dig out his laptop. It would have been nice to watch a movie or listen to some music.

“Or add to the sex journal.”

The thought came unbidden. The sex journal was an idea he had years ago but never felt comfortable mentioning to Jenn. It wasn’t really a sex journal so much as a stroke journal, a diary of the fantasies he had or thought up. Tom completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago.

That was when he found it again, tucked away in a folder he completely forgot about. He hid it two years ago, when they started trying to start a family—no sense in splitting his focus. It was weird to read it again. It was weirder still to see the number of times his fantasy from the “night of firsts” appeared in various ways, where Jenn takes one or more lovers who turn her into a sex-drunk slave.

And then there was his perennial favorite, the one that dominated his dreams for the past few weeks: the fantasy when Jenn finally grants his wish to take her ass. Just thinking about it made Tom shift uncomfortably in his seat again. Despite Jenn’s revelation that she wanted to try it during their “night of firsts”, they hadn’t yet—at least, not with his cock. Two very well-lubricated fingers were as far as they got so far. Tom was concerned that perhaps his enthusiasm for the idea might have scared her although she swore that wasn’t it. But if that wasn’t the reason, what could it be?

Tom sighed, drawing a curious look from the passenger next to him. Well, no matter: he’d waited this long. A little longer wouldn’t hurt. Still, watching her prance around this morning in those sweats didn’t help matters. The sight of her as she bustled about this morning was almost unbearable. The knowledge that under her sweats she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing was torture, but nothing compared to the torment of his conviction that she was masturbating on the drive home.

Did she let herself cum, or would she prefer to draw it out, prolong it until she got home? Would she find the present he left for her in the shower? Would she fight to keep her orgasms silent, or would she throw the doors open and let her cries of ecstasy ring throughout the house?

A familiar stirring in his jeans forced Tom to debate briefly whether one could join the mile-high club flying solo, but he reluctantly thought better of it. Given the commotion beneath the tray, it was probably for the best that he remain seated and not draw any attention to himself.

Just then, the captain announced that they reached cruising altitude. Before the pilot even got to mentioning that it was now OK to use electronic devices, Tom had the laptop out and booting up.

He had a lot of writing to do.

– – –

Tom was in the hotel room, unpacking. The flight was blessedly uneventful; hailing the taxi, unusually painless. He spent most of the ride to the hotel finishing a particularly complicated fantasy he had the other day.

Jenn was naked on her hands and knees on their bed, facing away from him and putting on a show. With one hand she was slowly sliding a dildo in and out. Her moans were coming faster now but muffled slightly by the domino mask she was wearing. It wouldn’t be much longer.

Tom was squirting more lube onto his cock, then onto and in her anus.

“Oo, baby, I want you to pop that cherry,” she moaned.

His only response a grunt, he got up to her and slowly bursa evi olan escort eased in the head of his cock. He paused, letting her become accustomed to it, then slowly slid a bit deeper. After another inch, Jenn’s breathing got a bit faster and her dildo play came to an abrupt halt.

“Gently now, baby,” she murmured. “I’ve only had two fingers there until now.”

Tom gradually went deeper, half inch by half inch, until Jenn’s back arched suddenly and he heard her sharp intake of breath. He stopped for a minute, after which Jenn slowly began pushing back against him. Tom added more lube and gradually resumed easing himself in.

“Yes…” she breathed. “Yes, slowly…o yeah…that’s it,” she cried as finally he fully impaled her. “Mm…God, but that feels good,” she cooed. “I love how huge it feels in me!”

Tom began slowly, using loving, tender strokes, applying more lube until he slid in practically without any effort. “Am I hurting you?”

“God, no! Fuck me harder! Punish my ass with your cock, baby!”

“Yeah? You want it harder? Bet you’d…like one in your pussy…at the same time…wouldn’t you?”

“Mm…and one for my mouth!”

‘Ah…so you liked that story from the night of firsts.”

“You mean when you watch me…God, yes, like that!—service a group of men?…When I suck and fuck—harder, baby!—any cock in front of me? While I—mm!—cuckold you before your eyes?

“That’s what I want, babe…seeing you as…a cock-craving whore! I need to see your pussy filled—with other men’s cum. Cum dripping down your chin, leaking out of your whore’s cunt, oozing out of your ass.”

“Mm…I want you to see me…get that way!”

With a shout, he exploded deep inside her but kept pumping away, even as his lungs burned with the effort, even as Jenn cried, “O my God, don’t stop! Don’t stop, baby!” The sensation of his cum shooting deeper inside her than ever before sent Jenn over the edge as she collapsed, the sound of her panting all he could hear, all he wanted to hear.

Tom looked up from his wife’s ass, still full of his cock and was surprised to see a young naked man standing there now. Very dark complected and dark haired, he looked Latino–or perhaps Brazilian? He looked at Jenn, then at the stranger. The smoldering lust in his eyes the brightest light in the dark room. Without a word, he climbed up onto the bed and presented his semi-flaccid cock to Jenn, but even at half-staff, the stranger was easily bigger than Tom. Without missing a beat, Jenn purred in admiration of the man’s beauty and his cut member and took it in her mouth. The sight of his beautiful wife sucking the stranger’s quickly-hardening member was really improving his recovery time. Jenn signaled her appreciation of Tom’s stiffening cock by pushing back against him, greedily grabbing for more of him.

“Do you want him to fuck you, babe? Do you want the stranger’s cock?”

She paused long enough to gasp, “God yes! I need him in me, need his big dick!”

Tom grabbed her hips and began pumping away at his wife’s ass as she worshipped the stranger with her mouth. She had one arm wrapped around his hips as the other rubbed and pinched at her clit. Tom lengthened his strokes, savoring the tightness of his wife’s rectum.

Tom slipped out of her as she continued treating herself to the stranger’s dick. Reaching blindly for the bedside table, he pulled out a vibrator and sank it as far as he could in her pussy. As it slid home, Jenn stiffened and a moan escaped from around the handsome stranger’s manhood.

Tom seized his wife by the hips and with an eagerness he didn’t know he was feeling, slipped right back into his wife’s ass without any resistance. He could feel the buzzing from the vibrator and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

The stranger’s face was flushed and soon began gasping for breath, signaling that he was close to orgasm. He grabbed her hair and using it for leverage, began fucking her face. Jenn was whimpering from the three-way assault of the vibrator in her pussy, Tom in her ass and the stranger in her mouth.

Finally, the stranger pulled out of her and showered her face as she gasped altıparmak escort for breath, getting several mouthfuls of his cum in the process. Jets of his hot essence plastered her sweat-dampened hair to her face. She cried out as Tom felt her ass contract around him, and that in turn hastened his own orgasm.

She was delirious now with ecstasy, screaming, “Pound my ass, baby! God I love the taste of his cum! Fuck my ass harder! Stretch it for me! I want him to—o God o God—”

Husband and wife came together in a duet of ecstasy as the stranger’s cum ran down her chin and breasts.

Tom went to the toiletry bag and pulled out the panties Jenn gave him. He always carried a pair on business trips, to remind him of what was waiting for him when he got back. It was a pretty good incentive: so far, no trip to date lasted any longer than expected.

For this trip, it was a simple pair of cotton bikinis with thin, horizontal gray and white stripes. Tom crushed them to his face, inhaling deeply of her lingering musk.

Smiling, he threw the panties on the pillow, unpacked the computer and started it up. He connected to the hotel’s network without any trouble, thankfully. Glancing at the laptop’s clock reminded him to change the time zone, but upon doing so realized it was later than he thought. As if to punctuate that thought, his stomach roared rather than rumbled.

Too hungry to sort through the restaurant options, he picked up his room cardkey and headed for the hotel restaurant.

– – –

One steak later, Tom was sitting at the bar, enjoying his second gin & tonic when the phone rang. Looking at the display, he saw that it was Jenn.

“Hey honey!”

Jenn chuckled. “Thanks for the present you left me, baby, but you forgot something.”

Frowning, Tom pondered for a moment. “Forgot something—crap, don’t tell me…”

“Yep: you forgot the batteries!”

“Damn it! So…did you take it for a ride?”

“Not only did I take it for a ride—hey, where are you? Are you at the hotel bar?”

“Yeah, but I can talk. Why?”

“You definitely just want to listen to this, honey.”

A knowing smile began to spread across Tom’s face. “Listen to what?”

“I was playing with myself the entire drive home from the airport,” she began, and Tom shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “The whole way home, either I had a finger in me or was stroking my clit while I thought about you.”

Tom was unable to speak, couldn’t trust his voice. A passing server smiled at him. Tom’s eyes latched onto the sight of her breasts jiggling and once she passed, the sway of her hips. He imagined what Jenn would look like in those pants.

“Then I got home and jumped in the shower. I was fantasizing and you’ll never believe what I did because of it.”

Hoarsely, he asked, “What did you do?”

“Well, do you remember that dildo you bought me?”

“Of course I do! I love watching you use it—”

“Ah, but you don’t know where I used it.”

Almost whispering now, Tom asked weakly, “Where?” He knew exactly what she meant but he had to hear it from her mouth.

“O, baby, I took that dildo, got it nice and wet and fucked my ass with it.”

“You’re kidding me…”

“I wouldn’t kid about that, honey. Mm…I can’t wait until you’re home because you’re going to fuck my ass until you fill it with your cum while I use a vibrator on my clit. And then you’re gonna do it again.”

Tom frantically motioned to the bartender for the check.

– – –

The hotel room door flew open as Tom almost fell inside. Once safely within the confines of his room and the door closed, he kicked off his shoes and threw himself on the bed, fumbling with the headset to the phone with one hand, his belt buckle with the other.

“God, baby, I can’t wait until I can ravage you again,” he moaned. “And you definitely deserve a ‘tongue lashing’ for the way you were teasing me at the bar.”

“You can go right on threatening me baby, but until you’re here, that’s all it is,” cooed Jenn.

Finally getting his belt off, Tom undid his fly and wiggled out of his jeans and boxers. He couldn’t remember the last time gemlik escort his cock felt so big.

“So, are you stroking it for me, baby?”

“Yeah…just got the jeans off,” Tom panted. “So what are you wearing?”

“Mm…right now, the only thing I’m wearing is that new vibe stuffed all the way in me. I’m just lying on our bed and waiting for you to be ready before I turn it on—”

“—I’m ready now!”

Tom could barely hear muffled buzzing in the background, just behind his wife’s gasp. Swallowing hard, she continued, “Baby, you sure can pick ’em…”

“So you like it?” Tom couldn’t help grinning.

“Like it? Damn, if I were single, I’d marry it!”

“So tell me how it feels!” Tom picked up his pace as he jerked himself off, imagining what it would look like to watch Jenn using the new vibe.

“Mm….well, uh—it’s on and the tip is rotating and the clit part is—o God!—doing the most amazing things…” Jenn swallowed hard again and continued, “Holy shit, Tom, the shaft does something too?!”

Tom knew he was getting closer to shooting, knew it was gonna wind up all over his shirt, the bed, possibly the carpet, and didn’t care. Just hearing Jenn grunt and moan while he pictured her fully enjoying her new toy had him so turned on he didn’t care about the mess. He needed to hear his wife’s orgasm.

“Oo, honey, this thing is amazing!” she cried.

“Tell me what you’re doing,” pleaded Tom.

“Can’t…concentrate,” she panted. “O God, I love you, honey!” Then, the volume suddenly dropped, but he could still hear her, moaning in delight with each aftershock.

He began stroking harder now, using his left hand to pinch and tug at his nipples. The tightness in his gut told him it wouldn’t be much longer now as his sweat dampened the sheets.

“Mm…that was amazing,” Jenn purred. “I dropped the phone because I needed one hand on the vibe and was fingering my ass at the same time…I bet it looked amazing. I know it felt amazing.”

Picturing it already, Tom grunted, “I can’t wait to see the real thing…o God…o honey, I love you!” as jagged white-hot jets shot across his stomach and the bed.

“Oo baby, that sounded great,” cooed Jenn.

“It was,” he confided breathlessly. “God, it’s everywhere!”

“Shame it has to go to waste over there. See, if you were here, we could have done something more creative with it.”

Tom smiled. “I’ll see if I can’t shorten this trip.”

“Good. If you take too long, I might just elope with this new toy!”

They both laughed breathlessly. “Mm…I hate not being able to snuggle,” observed Jenn sadly.

“Yeah, me too. I’m working on it, though.”

“Better be.”

“Hey, I can’t let you run off and become a bigamist!”

“Better hurry, then!”

They laughed together, two time zones apart but curled up together in spirit. “I love you,” Tom slurred.

“I love you too, honey,” murmured Jenn. “Hey, don’t you fall asleep on me—”

“Hmmm? No, perish the thought,” came back his mumbled response.

There was a rustling noise that filled the phone and Tom yelped at how loud the new sound was. “Ow! What the hell was that?”

Giggling, Jenn replied cheekily, “Well, I don’t want you falling asleep just yet so I rubbed the phone against something. When you get home, I’ll show you.”

Swallowing very hard, Tom noted that his cock was standing proudly at attention. It had to be the fastest damned recovery time he’d had in a decade. “No…” he whispered slowly.

“Well, you’ll just have to get here to see if I’m lying or not.”

Swearing sulfurously, Tom practically shouted, “All right, damn it, that does it: I’m sending you some attachments by e-mail.”

Even though he couldn’t see her, Tom could hear his wife raise an eyebrow as she demanded, “Really? And what are these attachments?”

“You’ll see,” he fired back.

“Well, maybe I don’t care if you won’t give me a hint…”

“It’s a sex journal,” he blurted out before realizing it. God, what had he just said?! But Jenn’s response surprised him.

“Well, now, that certainly sounds promising…”

“You have no idea, honey,” Tom taunted.

“Well, I guess now I’ll have to read it—damn it, that’s my mother calling. I should take this.”

“OK, but check the e-mail. You won’t be disappointed. I love you, honey.”

“I will. I love you too, Tom.”

As he flipped his phone shut, Tom realized just what he’d said.

The whole journal.


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