Jillian , Tessa

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Jillian had been great friends with Tessa. They were inseparable and probably best friends. If Tessa didn’t already have an apartment across town, they would have been roommates. But since they regularly stayed overnight at each other’s place, it was like they already were. Jillian was petite, with short wavy black hair. She envied Tessa, who was tall, gorgeous, and had long, straight auburn hair. Jillian knew men checked them both out, but maybe they checked Tessa out more!

She was expecting Tessa for dinner. Jillian always loved cooking, and cookbooks were her weakness. So every now and then she’d follow an interesting recipe and make Tessa her guinea pig. Most of the time it turned out great. Of course, the few disasters were always made better by Tessa. She’d cheer Jillian up or make jokes or pay for dinner. Best friends ’til the end! Jillian had just finished when she heard the doorbell.

She rushed to the door and opened it. There was her supermodel-quality friend. “Tessa!”

“Hey, girl! I’m not late, am I?” She reached out to hug Jillian.

“No way. I just finished.” Jillian hugged Tessa tightly and showed her in. They went into the dining room, where the plates were already set up. Jillian served her new creation, mini beef Wellingtons with rosemary potatoes. It was a big hit with her buddy. Soon they were in the living room, sipping on some supposedly good-year wine.

“That was fantastic, Jill. I mean, one of your all-time best!”

She laughed and drank more wine. “You’re just saying that. It’s not as good as that chicken cacciatore I made last month.”

Tessa shook her head. “Babe, I love ya, but that cacciatore wasn’t your best. But this was awesome. If you were gay, I swear I’d marry you in a heartbeat.”

Jillian always knew Tessa was bisexual. She made little jokes like that many times. Jillian never got offended or minded. Usually she’d joke back. “Hey, if you could cook, too, we’d be a couple.” They laughed a little. They went over their week, glad it was the weekend. After a long discussion of work and family issues, Tessa grew quiet. “Hey, Tess, penny for your thoughts.”

She smiled and shook her head a little. “Nah, it’s nothing, sweetie.”

“Hey, now, since when did we keep secrets? Best friends ’til the end, right?”

“It’s just silly.”

She sat next to Tessa and patted her knee. “What kind of friend would I be if you couldn’t tell me anything at all?”

“Promise you won’t get mad?”

Jillian crossed her heart like little kids always did. Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t anything horribly wrong. Tessa always told her the really bad stuff quickly.

“Jill, honey… for a long time I’ve had the biggest crush on you.” Jillian was taken aback. She never thought much about Tessa’s flirty jokes, but apparently it was more than that. “But, hey, I know you’re straight so I never acted on them.”

Jillian was a bit shocked. She never thought that would be Tessa’s little secret. Then she realized she still had her hand on Tessa’s knee. She looked at her, eye to eye. “Well, honestly, I’m flattered.”

Tessa raised her eyebrows and cocked her head. “You serious?”

“Yeah. Face it, some gorgeous Amazon goddess says she has a crush on me. Anyone, male or female, has to be flattered if someone like you said she had the hots for them.” She smiled. “You did say the hots, right?”

Tessa giggled a little, sounding relived. “Oh, yeah, the hots.”

“Um, can I ask you a question, since we’re being so honest and all?” Tessa nodded. “Do you, uh, ever, um…” She didn’t know how to ask such a personal question.

Tessa grinned. “You Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort asking if I play with myself and think of you?” This time Jillian nodded. “Yeah, sweetie, I do. Kind of more and more often. In fact, pretty often lately. You’re a hot little thing.” Jillian felt her face and neck getting hot. “Jill, you’re blushing!”

“I can’t help it! But, hey, if you ever want to, you know, do it here, that’s fine. I’ve always wanted to masturbate with a close friend.”

Tessa winked at Jill. “Be careful what you wish for. Maybe you’d be surprised.”

“Would you be willing, Tess? The thought of us both playing with our pussies might be fun. Even for a straight chick like me!” Tessa lowered her head. She said that may not be the best idea in the world. When Jillian asked her why, Tessa said she had a bigger secret. One that may break up the friendship. “Tess, nothing will break us up. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Instead of saying, Tessa stood up. She turned around and removed her shirt. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her skirt and panties. With no warning, she pulled them down. Jillian had to admit to herself that she actually enjoyed Tessa’s bare back and ass. She had a great shape and one terrific toned butt. But when Tessa turned around, Jillian was beyond shocked.

Tessa had a penis.

No mistaking that.

She had seen her share of dicks, but never on a girl. Her eyes couldn’t seem to leave that part of Tessa’s body. It was a fully formed dick, no question about that. “You’re… you… oh my God…”

“Yeah, I’m pre-op transsexual.”

Jillian continued to stare at the shaft hanging between her best girlfriend’s legs. It was a beautiful, wonderful cock, but it was on a girl! She didn’t know what to say or think.

“Look, Jill, I’ll get dressed and go home. You don’t have to call.” She reached for her clothes.

Jillian couldn’t speak or move for what felt like hours. But she gathered enough energy to shout, “No!” Tessa jumped and dropped her clothes. She stood straight up, frowning, her head lowered. “Sorry for shouting, Tessa. Don’t leave. Please. Please stay here.”

“But you’re not comfortable with this. I can tell.”

“No, honey, it’s… it’s a shock, that’s all.”

Tessa sighed. “First I tell you I have a crush on you, then you find out I have a penis. Maybe I should leave.”

Jillian swallowed. Her voice wasn’t working, so she could only muster a whisper. “No, don’t.” She slid off the couch and onto the floor. She got up on her knees, which put her in front of Tessa. “No, please don’t go.” She let her instincts take over. Her hands started sliding up Tessa’s legs. They were so soft and smooth. Tessa took good care of herself. She caressed the toned muscles, moving her hands up her best friend’s long legs. As she ascended those lovely legs, she moved over her thighs. Soon she had her hands on Tessa’s firm, round ass. Something made her kiss Tessa’s hip. “Please don’t leave, Tessa.”

“I won’t, Jill. I won’t go.” Her voice was quiet and shaky.

Jillian gently massaged Tessa’s ass, watching her dick swell. It grew long and thick. She put one hand on her balls and massaged them, too. Tessa gasped. Jillian felt a hand lightly rest on her head. She already knew what she wanted to do. She watched Tessa’s cock grow to a beautiful size, pointing outward. Jillian kissed from the base up to the glans, and then let the head pop into her mouth. Tessa gasped again, her knees almost buckling.

She put her hands on Tessa’s ass. Slowly but surely she put half of Tessa’s cock into her mouth. For some reason, Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort she marveled at the feeling of such an erection in her mouth while holding such smooth buttocks. Looking up, the view was completely different. She was used to seeing a man’s flat chest and face, but now she saw fabulous breasts and a beautiful face looking down on her. Her pussy started getting creamy. She felt the moisture quickly building!

As she sucked on her girlfriend’s cock, she saw Tessa’s nipples swell. She reached up and gingerly took a tit into her hand. Lightly pinching the nipple between two fingers, she felt it harden. Tessa’s dick was throbbing in her mouth. It was now wet with Jillian’s saliva, letting her lips glide back and forth. Jillian had sucked her share of cocks, but for some reason this seemed to turn her on so much more. She looked at Tessa’s face. She was looking into Jillian’s face, her eyes half closed, and she had a little smile on her face. She looked so gorgeous. Never before had Jillian experienced such a lovely view.

Tessa gently took Jillian’s head and tried to ease her away. Jillian moaned, fighting it. She was loving this new feeling. But Tessa smiled more and said, “Jill, baby, I want to fuck you. I want to feel what it’s like to be inside you.”

Jillian thought she’d come at hearing that. Slowly pulling away from Tessa’s cock, she let it fall from her lips. “Only if you promise to let me give you a full blow job some time!”

“I promise. If I didn’t need to fuck you so bad, I’d be in heaven, coming inside your mouth.”

Jillian stood and took Tessa’s hand. She led her into her bedroom and quickly took her own clothes off. Getting into bed, she awaited her friend. Seeing Tessa standing there, her pert breasts and massive hard-on for her, drove her crazy. She reached down and rubbed her pussy. It was already so moist. Her fingers teased her labia, sending little jolts all over her.

Tessa took her cock in her hands. Jillian watched her slowly stroke herself. She couldn’t take her eyes off Tessa now. Here was her best friend in the world, who she’d always considered the most beautiful woman, standing next to her bed, naked, with a penis! And what a glorious penis it was. She hadn’t seen such a wonderful dick on most guys she’d been to bed with. It was a long, thick one. And she was going to have it.

“You don’t have to stroke it, sweetheart. I’m waiting for you to slide inside me.”

Her breathing quickened as Tessa approached. She tickled Jillian’s pussy with her fingertips, and then tasted the dew. She moaned and smiled. Then she held her dick and touched the tip to Jillian’s slit. They both gasped slightly. “You sure you want this, Jill?”

“More than anything. I’ve never been more turned on than I am right now. Please fuck me. I am so wet, because I want you inside me. Right now, I’m yours.”

With a gentle motion, Tessa slide her glans inside Jillian, who inhaled sharply. Her eyes fluttered as Tessa penetrated her. Her cock spread her open and entered her. She moaned as she glided inside Jillian. They looked into each other’s eyes as more and more of Tessa’s rod entered her pussy.

Jillian was on fire, every nerve firing now. Her pussy was being opened by her best friend. She held onto her hips, pulling her closer, feeling her cock enter her. Tessa’s body was so soft, and it just turned Jillian on even more. Slowly Tessa penetrated Jillian, and then finally her entire penis was inside Jillian. Her hands moved over Tessa’s smooth hips and to her ass. She licked her lips and said, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me, please.”

Tessa Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort smiled and pulled her hips back. Her dick withdrew from Jillian’s pussy. Then she slowly pushed back, starting to fuck her best girlfriend. Jillian wrapped her legs around Tessa’s, smooth legs touching other smooth legs. They both felt heat emanating from between their legs, feeling each other’s heat adding to their own.

They both started breathing deeper and a little faster. Jillian was holding Tessa’s butt as she started pumping in and out. Her own hips rose to meet the taller girl’s, and she was pulling Tessa each time. As Tessa fucked her, she let one hand rise over her hip, to her tapered waist, and up her back. She’d never fondled a girl like this, but it felt so right. She felt Tessa lower herself, and soon Jillian was in heaven. They found a good rhythm, and soon they were slowly making love.

Jillian started caressing the back of Tessa’s neck. Gently pulling her, she let their lips touch. She immediately opened her mouth for a deep kiss. Kissing each other, they felt their breath on each other, lips pressed together. Each woman felt she was the lucky one, fucking such a lovely creature. Their naked bodies intertwined, best friends fucking each other. Her naked, smooth body pushing against another naked, smooth body. Right now, there was nothing more natural than two gorgeous women making love. Both felt right, as if they had waited for ages for something so wonderful to finally happen.

Their breasts were also touching, and Jillian could feel Tessa’s hard nipples pressing into her own tits. She had never fondled another girl’s tits, but now was her chance. Cupping one of her friend’s breasts, she held it for a few seconds. This was a new feeling, holding another woman’s breast. She massaged it, then held the nipple between her index and middle finger. Tessa moaned. She started massaging her tit and nipple, all the while being fucked so well.

Jillian could feel Tessa’s erection fucking her pussy. She had spread Jillian’s pussy open, her large cock rubbing the inner walls of Jillian’s pussy. She was so aroused, having such a beautiful penis inside her, her gorgeous girlfriend’s body atop her, and being fucked like never before. It was almost too much.

“Tess, honey, I’m… I’m gonna come.”

“Go ahead. I want to feel you coming on my dick. Please, baby, come for me.”

She let go. Soon her pussy was spasming, milking Tessa’s cock. She tried pushing her hips into Tessa, but she couldn’t. She was coming too hard to do anything but grab Tessa’s round ass and pull her into her own hips. Tessa groaned, almost a yell, at this feeling. Jillian’s pussy was doing wonders to Tessa.

“Oh, God, Jill, I’m almost there.”

“Squirt all over me. I wanna see you come, sweetheart.”

Tessa rammed Jillian a few more times, and then withdrew. Jillian quickly took her cock and started stroking. Her own pussy dew served as lube. Her hand slide up and down Tessa’s shaft. Tessa loudly yelped, and her hips jerked forward.

Jillian held her girlfriend’s dick as it erupted. Thick white cream shot forth, forming a line all the way up to her tits. Spurt after spurt landed on Jillian’s body, making white lines on her skin. Tessa was panting hard, holding onto Jillian’s legs. All too soon, the juice began dribbling out. Jillian continued jerking Tessa off, the come pouring over her hands and onto her mound.

Tessa lay next to her friend, who was licking the cream from her hands. Tessa licked some of her come from Jillian’s pussy. They then kissed, sharing the sticky fluid. Jillian was rubbing some of it into her belly, and Tessa helped by rubbing it into Jillian’s tits.

“You know, Tess, I think I have a crush on you, too.”

“Glad I told you about it!”

“Now I have to teach you to cook.”


“Remember what I said? So we can be a couple.”

“Oh, Jill. I’m sure we can teach other a lot of new things.”

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