Lake Pleasantview Adventures Pt. 08

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The past 2 weeks had flown by in a whirl of celebrations with locals on the big news of their pregnancy and in preparation for Nicole’s sister coming over for a visit.

When Rebecca and Samuel had discovered the news one evening, Samuel took Matt aside and reminded him about the traditions regarding the fountain.

“What do you mean, I can’t go back?” Matt asked without trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

“Nicole’s pregnant Matt, the rules are clear, you cannot return into the water. I must say that I never expected you guys to get pregnant this soon.” Samuel explained.

“So you’re saying I’ve got this long foreskin now, thanks to the ‘magic fountain’, and now I won’t be able to go back in a year and have my dick enlarged properly to grow into this trunk?”

As Matt spoke he held up his dick to emphasize how his long foreskin dangled off the end.

“Afraid so Matt.” Samuel replied with a pained expression on his face.

Matt was shocked by this news. He had been dealing with his weirdly long foreskin and the new love making routine with his wife while knowing that it was temporary. How was Nicole going to take the news that her husband was stuck with a short dick and overly long foreskin?

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Nicole were in the house where Rebecca was admiring Nicole’s growing baby bump.

“You’re coming along nicely.” Rebecca observed.

As she ran her hand over Nicole’s lower abdomen through the hair that led out from her pubic region, she noticed how Nicole’s labia seemed to hang out way more than she ever remembered.

“Are you still using that cream I gave you?”

Nicole’s eyes went wide and she blushed.

“Yes, everyday just like you said.”

“Well I think it’s done its job now wouldn’t you say? You guys are expecting.”

“I guess so, yea. There’s not that much left anyway. I’ll probably just finish it off, if you don’t mind?”

Rebecca now looked surprised. “Not much left? How much of the stuff did you use?”

Rebecca leaned in closer and pulled Nicole’s dangling lips out from the forest of pubes.

Nicole felt embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

Rebecca stretched out Nicole’s lips out to over 4 inches.

“Well! You certainly made, uhhh progress. You have some of the longest lips I’ve seen, and quite dark too.”

Rebecca let go as she noticed there was moisture leaking out onto her hands from Nicole’s ever wet pussy.

Rebecca stepped back and looked Nicole over again.

“Did you put cream on your nipples?”

Nicole nodded.

“Alright well that explains these two saucers.” she said indicating Nicole’s massive brown areolas.

The areolas covered half of the front of her H-Cup mams and the two inch teats at their ends looked like they had already nursed a few babies.

“Rebecca, can I tell you something?” Nicole said, sounding timid.

“You’re addicted to the cream?” Rebecca said in anticipation.

“How did you..”

“I’ve seen it before. The effects of the cream can be pretty, sensual and exiting. It’s not just men that obsess over enlarging their, equipment you know.” Rebecca explained.

“So you’re not upset?”

“No no, not at all, but you are pregnant now, so I would say the cream has done its job of enticing your husband.

Just promise me you won’t go looking for more once you finish the cream you still have left, alright?”

“I promise!” Nicole blurted out relieved.

The two hugged briefly in a tsunami of breast flesh and then returned to the men.

Nicole had asked Kate to join her in a shopping trip the day before Bianca, Nicole’s sister arrived.

She had been living in the nude for so long she wasn’t so sure about which clothes would still fit her.

They arranged to meet up outside the Gap store.

Kate arrived a few minutes early and was standing outside waiting for Nicole to arrive.

She was wearing one of a few dresses she owned and used on days like this or when she needed to go shopping in the world outside of their nudist community. Her large J-cups sat tightly in the maternity bra she wore and her summer dress came over her large bust and hung down to her knees. It always felt wrong to wear tight restrictive clothes after being free and in the nude for long period.

Kate noticed a woman walking up to her in a very unflattering hoodie and sweat pants. The woman was obviously not wearing a bra, evident by the way her huge tits wobbled about.

Kate realized this woman was Nicole!

Nicole’s hair was tied back into a long pony tail and she smiled nervously at Kate as she approached.

“Hi Kate.”

“Hey hey! This your first time back in the world of the clothed?”

“It’s been a while, is it that obvious?” Nicole joked, knowing full well how poorly her outfit sat on her.

“Matt usually gets the month’s groceries. I honestly think this is the first time I’ve put on clothes since we arrived at Lake Pleasantview.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you fixed up real quick.” Kate winked at her

“So what kind of güvenilir bahis outfits do you need?”

“Honestly, everything.” Nicole admitted.

“I’ve kind of outgrown all my old clothes, even my underwear.”

“Gosh alright. Let’s start from the inside out then. There’s an underwear shop just over there.” Kate pointed.

“Ohh I just remembered that there’s a nice lingerie store a bit further in the mall as well. We should get you some nice things there. I’m sure Matt would appreciate some sexy underwear, seeing as you want to be clothed the whole time your sister is visiting.”

“I’m not so sure about the lingerie Kate, have you seen my body lately?” Nicole asked rhetorically.

“My boobs are bigger, and heavier than ever and I’ve got this baby filling out my stomach.”

“Nonsense! You are a walking testament to female fertility, you need to own it.”

Nicole wasn’t too sure about that last comment, but Matt definitely seemed to appreciate her figure.

Kate asked Nicole to go grab a change room, while she choose a few items for her to try on.

While waiting in the change room, Nicole removed her big hoodie to let her large boobs hang free and her ill-fitting sweat pants, with no underwear underneath. Nicole cursed her horny pussy which was already leaking down her leg. Did she have time for a quick orgasm before Kate returned?

Kate yanked the curtain to the change room open and gave Nicole a fright where she was standing with a tissue trying to dry her leaky pussy. Nicole was sure a few other shoppers outside the change room got a good look at her naked form, but she was used to people seeing her naked after the past few months.

“Alright, here we go.” Kate said handing Nicole the first bra and matching panties.

“I had to guess your size, so we can start with this and I got a few larger ones also.”

The lacy blue bra seemed very small to Nicole, but she tried it nonetheless.

“O my! Well that’s definitely not going to work.” Kate said as she saw that the cups of the bra didn’t even cover Nicole’s huge areolas. “Your nipples are pretty massive Nicole, I must say.”

Nicole looked at the label on the bra, which read 34-F.

“I know, it’s crazy how big they have gotten lately.”

They tried another few pairs and eventually settled on an H-cup bra that could at least cover most of her nipples.

Her dark areolas still peeked out at the top.

The panties were a different story. The ones that covered her luscious ass did little to hide her large pussy.

She had hair sticking out the top and sides of all of them and her thick labia either bunched up uncomfortably inside the panties or bulged out the sides.

After 20 minutes of trying different underwear, Nicole had a pile of wet panties lying in a bunch, that she was not willing to buy, they all were just too uncomfortable.

Kate agreed that the panties were definitely a problem, but insisted that Nicole at least take a few pairs in case she needed them.

“These are all pretty, uhh wet already Nicole, so might as well just take a few.”

“I guess you’re right, might as well just wear them to stop this dammed leaky tap between my legs while my sister is over.”

“Do you think it’s the pregnancy or something causing you to, like be this moist?” Kate asked trying not to make Nicole more embarrassed than she already was.

“Can I confess something to you?” Nicole asked.

“Sure of course, anything.”

Nicole looked at her friend for a second, biting her lip.

“So I’ve been using that cream Rebecca gave me, and well it work and made my pussy lips larger.”

“Alright..” Kate nodded.

“And well, obvious Matt enjoyed the results, we’re pregnant and having more sex than ever.

The problem is just that the stuff also made me much more sensitive, down here.” She said, reaching down and grabbing a handful of pussy.

“That’s what I guessed, when I saw what you were packing when we started. Many of the other woman in Lake Pleasantview also used Rebecca’s secret cream. I suppose, you just used a bit more than usual.”

“I used it on my nipples also Kate!” Nicole said sounding more desperate.

“Look how big they are, a bra can barely even hide them. It just feels so good and I’m horny all the time.

And when I get horny, I want to use more cream.”

Nicole sat down on the bench in the change room with her face in her hands.

“It’s alright, you’re pregnant, and your body is giving you a rush of hormones. You’ll get better at dealing with your new libido over time.”

“You think so?” Nicole said with hope in her voice.

“Yes! Definitely, and until then we can help each other out. Let me help you get more comfortable.”

Kate winked at Nicole and pushed her down to sit on the edge of the bench in the change room.

Nicole knew where this was going and opened her legs wide for Kate.

Kate pulled open Nicole’s dangly pussy lips with one hand and the other made into a fist, she pushed into her sopping hole with little resistance.

Nicole güvenilir bahis siteleri leaned knack and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of relief that she needed.

Kate moved her fist in and out of Nicole’s large cunt with more speed and tugged forcefully on her labia.

She hoped that no one outside the changing room could hear the wet sloshing sounds emanating from their fisting session.

Kate was pumping some ways past her writs, faster and faster while Nicole’s hairy snatch leaked previously onto the floor beneath.

Nicole bit down on her arm as she came to stop from screaming out loud, while Kate had to block the spray of womanly nectar shooting out of the vagina in front of her.

They both just stayed in that position, with Kate’s arm buried up Nicole’s hole and waited to see if anyone heard them and was coming to bust them. No one came.

“That should hold you over for some time.” Kate said extracting her drenched fist.

“Thanks Kate, you’re the best.” Nicole said standing on shaky legs and donning her ill-fitting outfit again.

Both ladies got cleaned up as best they could, left the changing rooms and paid for the clothes.

They did get a few odd looks from the cashier who had to handle the soiled underwear.

They stopped at a few other shops to get Nicole some casual wear. Most consisted of a loose top with a skirt and dresses.

All the pants they tried on made a pretty obvious camel toe and her moisture seeped through them pretty fast.

Despite that they ended up getting a few jeans and jean shorts, just in case.

Their last stop was at the sex shop to buy Nicole a few new toys.

Nicole was already using a very large 15 inch dildo that her hole had gotten accustomed to, but she longed for that tight feeling again.

The shop didn’t have anything in the size Nicole wanted but after asking the owner, they were presented with a few novelty XL dildos that were mostly meant as jokes for bachelorette parties.

Nicole and Kate went along with that premise and said it was a gag gift for someone else.

Nicole decided on a giant black dildo that was 16 inches long and 6 inches wide with a big bulbous head that was probably 7 inches at the widest point.

Kate also talked Nicole into getting some labia jewellery in the form of little clamps with chains attached to them.

Nicole wasn’t able to try them on but was assured that they would feel great hanging off her enlarged pussy lips.

Nicole’s sister Bianca and husband John were on their way over and would be arriving any minute now.

Matt was feeling pretty comfortable in clothes again and thankful for the fact that he would not have to explain his awkwardly long foreskin to his sister-in-law. He was dressed in a plan shirt and shorts with sandals.

Nicole was wearing one of her new dresses. It was a red and white floral design with sleeves that came down halfway on her arms. The dress ended just above her knees. The top part, which had a v-cut, revealed a good amount of cleavage and she had to adjust it every few minutes to stop her pink bra from showing. Her massive tits which were squashed into the J-cup bra barely contained her massive assets and her wide areolas peeked out over the edges every chance they got. Unfortunately even the bra and dress could do little to hide her fat nipples that were visibly poking into the material.

“This is so uncomfortable.” Nicole complained as she showed Matt her outfit.

“You look good love, just a few days of this and then we can hang around naked again.”

Nicole gave him a hesitant look. “I am seriously considering we just tell them about our nudist lifestyle and get it over with. They might even be open minded enough to shed their inhibitions and clothes for one weekend.”

“Alright, well let’s just see how it goes first. A lot has changed since the last time we saw them.”

Their discussion was interrupted by a knock on the front door.

“That must be them.” Nicole walked over to open the door, noticing how much her boobs wobble about in her bra.

Nicole pulled open the door to reveal her older sister and husband.

“Nikky!” Bianca shouted as she threw open her arms for a hug. “Nikky…?” She repeated frozen in place with her arms extended.

“Yes, it’s me!” Nicole laughed nervously.

Eventually Bianca stepped forward and embraced her sister in a squishy hug against a tidal wave of boobs.

“You’ve changed! Like a lot.” Bianca said still trying to wrap her head around her sister’s new appearance.

“I know, I’ll tell you everything, later.”

Nicole greeted John, who looked just as surprised.

Bianca commented on how at least Matt was still the same person they knew.

Seeing Nicole stand next to her sister, most people would not judge them to be sisters. Bianca had short dark hair and was slightly taller than Nicole. She had a respectable 34 C-cup bust, similar to what Nicole used to be with a slim waist and athletic legs.

Nicole’s form was dominated iddaa siteleri by her large breasts and her wavy golden hair was a stark contrast to Bianca’s dark hair.

They all sat in the lounge and had some drinks.

Bianca asked about their new house and the surrounding area.

They explained how relaxing it was living here and working from home for Matt.

“And just look at how tanned you are now, you guys probably spend a lot of time at the lake.” Bianca remarked.

“I get there fairly often, Matt a bit less, with his work and all.” Nicole explained.

“And how far along are you sis? You seem to have, developed a bit already.” Bianca motioned to Nicole’s busty figure.

“Maybe about 2 or 3 weeks now. It’s probably not all baby growth, you know this country living has been good for my figure.” She joked.

“Alright, well you look really healthy. I think I see now what people are always going on about pregnant woman having a glow.”

“Thanks B, it’s probably just the heat you know.” Nicole blushed as she lied. If only Bianca knew the real reason Nicole looked so flushed. Nicole was actually feeling very horny at that moment and trying to contain her urges. She and Matt had not had sex yet that morning, they were too busy preparing for their guests.

“So Matt, how’s work going?” John asked

“Great actually, Nicole doesn’t really need to work if she doesn’t want to. It actually works out well now with the baby on the way.”

“I get that, and are you fine with being a stay at home mom Nikky?”

‘Stay at home mom’ wasn’t a career Nicole would have picked for herself a short time ago.

“I guess I am. It makes sense to wait another year or two before joining the working world.”

“Suppose that makes sense.” John agreed.

“This area is really nice, I think we should come over more on holidays.”

“Yes, you definitely should. And you haven’t even experienced the lake or met the neighbors. Everyone is really great here.”

Matt laughed nervously and tried signalling to Nicole not to get carried away and reveal too much about the nudist colony they were living in, but she seemed not to notice.

Nicole excused herself for a bit to go to the bathroom.

What she actually wanted to do was take care of the burning need between her legs.

Matt showed Bianca and John the guest room where they would be staying for the weekend and gave them some time to settle in.

After unpacking, Bianca needed to relieve herself after the long ride over and knocked quickly on the guest bathroom door that was closed. She entered a moment later without waiting for a reply and got another big surprise for the day.

Bianca had to take a few seconds to properly understand what she was witnessing in front of her.

Nicole was seated on the toilet, leaning back with her eyes closed and an expression of pure ecstasy on her face.

Her dress was pulled up to her stomach to reveal her naked lower half. Below her navel was a hairy trail that got messier the further it went. Nicole had her one hand on the bottom of a giant 16 inch, super thick black dildo. The top end of the dildo was buried somewhere in her gaping hole and she was pumping it in and out.

Nicole’s other hand had a firm grip on her meaty labia and were yanking them hard in rhythm with the dildo action.

Sexual lubrication was basically pouring out of her sopping hole into the toilet below.

Nicole took a few seconds to realize someone was standing in the door. After making eye contact with her sister she panicked and shouted. Bianca’s shock subsided for a moment and she regained control of herself after which she also started shouting as she retreated away from the horrors in front of her.

Nicole quickly covered herself up as best she could and hid the dildo in the cabinet.

‘Crap! This is not how I wanted to have my sister find out about my recent developments.’ She thought to herself biting her lip.

There was nothing more to do now but just come clean to Bianca about some of the secrets of her and Matt’s sex life.

The two sister had always been very open in the past and had had no hold ups about seeing each other naked, but Nicole had a whole lot more now to be self-conscious about in front of her sister.

A few minutes later Nicole found Bianca and John sitting on the bed in their room whispering to each other.

“Hey guys, can we chat for a bit?” Nicole asked slowly pushing open the door all the way.

They nodded with serious expressions on their face and made space for her on the bed.

“Alright, so B probably already told you what she just saw John?”

John nodded.

“Firstly Matt and I are very happily married and we have a very exciting and fulfilling sex life.”

John and Bianca winced a bit at this explicit bit of info, but they had to understand everything.

“We have become pretty liberal with our nudity and things we get up to lately. We spend most days walking around completely naked. As do a lot of other people in Lake Pleasantview.

Now I am sorry you had to see what you did, but I have needs and need to get some relief a few times a day.”

“A few times a day?” Bianca spoke up “Is it the pregnancy, are your hormones making you more horny or what?”

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